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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yarmouk Class of 11

by Felix
July 11 2012
Photos have appeared on the Facebook page of RABTA. None of the early witnesses seem to have made the photo call apart from Bashir, now sporting a broken arm. Where is Fathallah, and the rest?

The group :Association of Holocaust victims detained Yarmuk
Search for bodies of the martyrs and identified
Search for survivors of the massacre.
Punish those responsible for the massacre
Attention to families of the victims and survivors
.......ordering the group....
......That's better.
Preparatory meeting of group October 14 2011
Election of officials in Libyan Jihad Centre, December 13 2011.
Adnan Bashir Al-Sari عدنان بشير الصاري, President
Sabri Tahir Al-Tabal - صبرى الطاهر الطبال , Vice-president
plus other officials.
The minister for familes Nasser Jibril Hamid - ناصر جبريل حامد met Yarmouk detainees on December 29 2011. and officials of the Association, including Tabal and the Chairman, عيسى محمد ابو الخير Mr Aissa Mohamed Abu Al-Kheer. Described as the first visit of a high-ranking official to Yarmouk.
But who's the guy between I.O. Zadan and the man with cap and white slogan T-shirt? He has a front row seat opposite the UN.
Images of the , Naser Jibril Hamed, the Libyan minister for the Affairs of Families of Martyrs and Missing Persons may be seen on pages documenting his delegation's visit to Bosnia in May 2012:
Libya Minister for Missing Persons Discusses ICMP Assistance
[ICMP = International Commission on Missing Persons]
and also here
A close up photo is here, from the article of May 16 2012 in Aktualnosti ministara, Bosnia and Herzegovina "Minister for Human Rights and Rrefugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina Damir Ljubić received today Naser Jbreil Hamed Minister for Families of Deceased and Missing Persons of Libya."


  1. caustic : can't see the comments : side bar empty

    o now I see : everything is moved to beneath, normal?

    1. Correct. Thanks, Felix for a post on this. But now I'll have to see what got goofed-up. :)

      It's two separate photos, hm. Is Tabbal in there? (more later)

    2. That was strange, but easy to fix. Don't know why the first paragraph being centered threw everything off. Okay, actual comments later. Gotta run now. :)

  2. Association of Victims of distorted Guantanamo Yarmuk first preparatory meeting was interested in 10/14/2011 inhabitants of Holocaust victims and survivors. It was on 13/12/2011 AD in Tripoli, Libyan Jihad Center for the election of the following:

    Mr Adnan al-Bashir, President of the mast assembly

    Sayed Sabry Tahir drummer Vice President of the Assembly

    How was the election of Board of Directors of the Association are:
    Mr Mukhtar Abu Sunaina gift Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Mr Aqratm the Vice-President of the Board of Directors
    Mr Issa Mansour Abulkhair responsible financial
    Mr Amer Abuzeid Garisaah official media
    Mr: Fathi Abu Bakr ibn Aisha public relations officer
    Mr Omar Mohamed Ahmidan competent and martyrs of the missing file
    Mr Malik Ali beauty Bcan competent administrative
    As is declared by the Association for permission to operate issued by the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society under No. 218/2012 M ‬

    click on any photo

  3. if y click on a photo, y see a slide show

    more photo's of alleged victims & of visitors :
    Dr. Omar Salem Salhoubh is placed in the shed

    click on photo

  4. http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6

    felix , door at right side : was smth written on it before?


    1. looks like Hussein,Allah oo "na'm" Al-wakeel. Whatever that means.

  5. area






  6. shed,click on photo



  7. Isn't that Bashir's friend Ibrahim Omar Zadan in the first row, third from the right?

    1. More of a quiff, but looks like him, Petri. Check out the video on this FB page. I didn't realise that the tent was set up in the compound.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2HgcSpthPQ&feature=related

    0.22 several men held @ the base

    LIBYA UN Ban Ki-Moon Doesn't Tour Ethnically Cleansed Tawergha Or Condemn Black Persecution

    Is witness : abdel hadhi bishweya in the class of 11 ?

  9. I think the minister guy Hamed is the same as the guy at the Ban Ki Moon meeting. He'sthe kind of guy who'd be there, but they don't look much the same to me at all. However, the guy at the meeting does look like the guy in the reunion photo. I could see that next to him being IO Zadan, but I don't think it is.

    I do like how they've got a Black guy now. He must've had lots of brothers there who all didn't make it.


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