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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Those Libyan Elections

by Felix July 15 2012
A headline in the Guardian, July 14 : Mahmoud Jibril seeks coalition with Libya's Islamists after his poll win makes it clear that this was the "wrong result" in a bogus election in which there were no candidates with links to the past Government.
"Nobody saw this coming," said Dirk Vandewalle, a US academic and former adviser to UN special envoy for Libya, Ian Martin. , i.e. democracy producing the wrong result. Normally this needs a post-election "correction". So Mahmoud Jibril, who trounced the Muslim Brotherhood party, "Justice and Construction" is now seeking a grand coalition. No mention of Abdelhakim Belhaj of the Al-Watan , or Homeland or Libyan National party in that article. So what is he up to?
Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi of Brasenose College Oxford also mis-read the tea leaves: Rethinking Libya, July 12 2012, The American Spectator: It appears that I underestimated the stigma associated with ties to foreign powers for Islamists (i.e. Qatar, and its sycophantic media channel, Al-Jazeera...) However, Bloomberg noted on July 10, U.S.-Educated Academic Leads Early Libyan Election Results: “The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t doing as well in Libya, as they don’t have the same grass-roots organization as in Egypt or Tunisia to gain and mobilize support,” Emad Mostaque, a London- based emerging-markets strategist at Religare Noah, said today by e-mail. “Voting in Libya has gone along tribal and familial lines......Abdurrahman Sewehli, leader of the Union for Homeland party, which came in first in the coastal city of Misrata, yesterday ruled out working with Jibril, saying he had been too close to the previous government. However, as Tony Cartalucci noted also on July 10, in The Libyan Election Farce,All candidates [are] neo-imperial candidates It is instrtuctive to note the nonsense spouted by Fox News on July 7,before any results were known Outcome of Libyan elections could spell trouble for US: According to news reports this week, the emir of a US-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization [Belhaj, my reading of foreign being US in this context...] is edging closer to securing a leadership role in Libya’s new government.
They pretend they don't want it, but deep down they do. Watch Belhaj pop up in the coalition. As the New York Times reported back in September 2011, Islamists’ Growing Sway Raises Questions for Libya, Mr. Belhaj has become so much an insider lately that he is seeking to unseat Mahmoud Jibril, the American-trained economist who is the nominal prime minister of the interim government, after Mr. Jibril obliquely criticized the Islamists. . Insider??? Where, with whom? To continue with the article by Rod Nordland and David D Kirkpatrick: “Jibril will be gone soon,” one aide to Mr. Belhaj said. And Mr.[Ali Al-] Sallabi [now leader of Belhaj's Al-Watan party] said that Mr. Jibril, along with the American-educated finance and oil minister, Ali Tarhouni, were ushering in a “new era of tyranny and dictatorship,” Al Jazeera reported.
Stop press. As Umar Khan has pointed out, The Future of Libya after elections, July 13 2012, FIKRA, the Jalil - NTC deal just prior to the election entrusted the law making part of government to an equal three-way split of 60 seats divided between the three old divisions, thus sending the balance away from Tripoli region, a sop to the federalists of Benghazi. Also, Widely believed to be a result of bargaining ["imput" from the Brigades no doubt], a minister from each of the two cities [of Misrata and Zintan] was awarded the influential roles of Minister of Defense and Minister of the Interior". How this move will reign in the militias remains to be seen. Only 62% of voters could be bothered with the election, many having no choice they liked, and Belhaj has gone to Tunisia to meet the Ennahda Movement as his Muslim Brotherhood claim 50% of the invidual seats in Libya.


  1. #Libya: Although #Jibril called for a “grand coalition”, Sawan's JDP appears reluctant to participate http://blog.inkerman.com/index.php/2012/07/13/libya-passes-latest-test-in-democracy-but-how-will-jibrils-winning-moderate-party-fare/

    Sawan’s words are dangerous. Thuwars, or revolutionaries, in places like Misrata are deeply suspicious of the U.S.-educated Jibril, and Sawan’s remarks are riling them up further. “His comments are alarming,” says Omar Bakhet, a former U.N. diplomat working in Libya on a reconciliation mission for the European NGO International Democracy and Election Assistance.
    “It is almost as though Sawan is encouraging a hit on Jibril,” protests an Alliance adviser who requested anonymity. “They aren’t the kind of things you should be saying when things are so volatile and every able-bodied male has a couple of Kalashnikovs.”

  2. http://sjlendman.blogspot.nl/2012/07/washingtons-man-in-tripoli.html
    In early 2011, reports suggested Jibril urged Western intervention to oust Gaddafi. After bombing began, he reportedly met Senator John Kerry (D. MA) in Cairo. 

    He outlined his vision for Libya’s future. Kerry chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Jibril also met Clinton and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. 

    Washington wants Libya transformed its way. What it says goes. Opposition won't be tolerated. Jabril was installed to assure it.

    He heads Libya's so-called National Forces Alliance. Democracy isn't part of its agenda. Washington tolerates it nowhere.

    One analyst described his dead banker eyes. He's a technocrat, an imperial tool. Before he defected, he headed Gaddafi's National Planning Council and National Economic Development Board. Other ministers reported to him. 

  3. Mahmoud Elwarfally, the rebel "prime minister" speaks before the Brookings Institution declaring the Libyan rebellion was a natural product of "the globalizational process."



    Mahmoud Jibril with his friend & business partner, Bernard Henri-Lévy, in conquered Tripoli.

  4. Attacks, abductions, boycott & bloodshed 'pave way' to Libyan democracy


    About six months before the conflict erupted in Libya, Mahmoud Jibiril actually met with Bernard-Henri Lévy in Australia to discuss forming the Transitional Council and deposing Colonel Qaddafi. [4]


  5. Good article, good comments, thanks. I read it all but have no comment. It's hot here today.

  6. Perhaps the most important issue related to Libya's phony election is the support it received from well-known newspapers. The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The London Times (or is it just Times?) praised the election.

    Of course, the election wasn't legitimate, and it makes sense to explain why--in an article, not a comment. The explanation is for people who did not follow the war. Maybe the article could be titled "The Top Ten Reasons the Libyan Election Was an Exercise in Bullshit"!

    That the editorial boards are willing to advance such absurd notions as the election in Libya was democratic says a great deal about how little freedom of press there really is.

    If there is no truth, there is no democracy.

    Art Bethea

  7. Belhaj is the one to watch, I suppose.

    - Aangirfan

  8. Sorry ... New Video about Gaddafi [ in ambulance ] was release today. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1f9_1342464674 This Misratas are UNPEOPLE ... Sub-Humans

  9. Mahmoud Jibril, head of the National Forces Alliance (NFA), has formally refuted allegations of inappropriately close relations with the US and Qatari governments in a statement posted on his official Facebook page.

    The criticism follows a visit by the US Deputy Secretary of State, William Burns, to the NFA headquarters during his recent visit to Tripoli, which Jibril has insisted was purely for the purpose of conveying his congratulations to the alliance.


    Mischievous speculation had taken place in various media outlets as well as on social networks that ‘”the Americans were here to appoint the next government”, and had gone as far as naming the first deputy prime minister, Mustafa Abushagur as the preferred US choice for prime minister.

    Dr.Mustafa Abushagur ‏@MustafaAG https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/1878816509/DPM2_normal.jpg
    We have decided in our cabinet meeting today that the weekend will be Friday and Saturday starting tomorrow.

    1. APRIL 19: The head of the National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, met with Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini. Following the meeting, Frattini announced that “a meeting of the international contact group on Libya in Rome early next month would discuss ‘legal instruments to allow the sale of oil products’” as well as funnel assets owned by Qaddafi to the rebels

      During the meeting, Jalil also told the Italian foreign minister that 10,000 people had been killed and up to 55,000 wounded in the conflict so far.
      APRIL 14: On Thursday, rebel opposition council member Suleiman Fortea said that “The West must take fresh action to stop the killing of civilians in Misrata and consider arming Libya's rebels or sending troops."

      After meeting with French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Fortea stated, "It's not possible to leave it like this. They have to protect people with any means, whether they have to go on the ground, go with different weapons, different machinery or supplying weapons to the local people, to the army in Libya.

      Ousama Abushagur, a 31-year-old Libyan telecom executive :
      APRIL 13: Opposition forces have obtained access to Qaddafi’s cell phone network and have reestablished their own communications, with the help of Ousama Abushagur, a 31-year-old Libyan telecom executive who first drafted the plan. The new network will provide “more than two million Libyans their first connections to each other and the outside world.” Abushagur says that he “drew up a diagram on the back of a napkin for a plan to infiltrate Libyana, pirate the signal and carve out a network free of Tripoli's control.” The United Arab Emirates and Qatar have subsequently assisted in purchasing several million dollars of telecommunications equipment. (Wall Street Journal)

    2. Dr. Abushagur :The commercial environment in America sets the gold-standard for openness and transparency, and we could certainly benefit from the expertise of American firms to make improvements in these areas.




    3. The president of RIT Dubai is returning to his homeland to serve as the deputy prime minister in the newly liberated country of Libya.

      Mustafa Abushagur, president of RIT Dubai, returns to his homeland to rebuild government

      The National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) hosted a business luncheon featuring Libya’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mustafa Abushagur on June 4.

      The discussion drew a crowd of over 150 American business and government leaders to the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC.



    4. To these historical elements, let’s add that a meeting was held in Cairo,
      the second week of February 2011,
      around John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Bernard-Henry Levy, figures like Mahmoud Jibril Libya (then number two in the Libyan Jamahiriya government) and Syrian personalities like Malik al-Abdeh and Ammar Qurabi.


    5. Mahmoud Jibril keeps parroting the line that"too many powers wanted Ghadafi silenced" as if he wasn't a willing facilitator of their mission

    6. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201207-A10904/libye-les-libyens-reclament-emir-qatar-verite-mort-general-younes-juillet-2012.html

      30/07/2012 : In Benghazi the demonstrators demanding the truth about the murder of Abdelfateh Younes ask the emir of Qatar :

      Who has killed général Abdelfateh Younes ?

    7. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/07/30/libya-the-main-accused-of-the-murder-of-general-abdelfateh-younes-escaped-from-prison-30-july-2012/

      30 July 2012, Benghazi, the main accused of the murder of General Abdelfateh Younes, the rebel Aboukatada Afhgani escaped from prison.

       Bearded men who presented themselves as battalion commanders came to see him. They gave him clothes to change.
      He withdrew the prison uniform and went out with them from the front door. The prison guards discovered that his cell was empty and escaped. 

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AClJ9SNCJ_E&feature=BFa&list=ULv6hodGxwTOc

    In selling Libya’s elections as free and fair, the media have had little to say about a report by Amnesty International published as Libyans were preparing to vote: ‘Libya: Rule of law or rule of militias?’ (July 2012), based on the findings of an Amnesty visit to Libya in May and June 2012.



    Meanwhile, many wealthy Libyans who fled the country during the civil war had yet to return, Abushagur said.

    Dr. Baghdadi mahmudi during his transfer from Tunisia to Libya in a helicopter . Whether justice can fall lower?




    URGENT! Mock Trials Have Begun In Misrata For Sheik Khalid Tantoush, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, General Mansour Dowe
    These trials are not lawful or fair by any standard. None of the prisoners have legal counsel. All of them have been subjected to torture throughout their many months of detention. These trials will only lead to execution of innocent men.


    Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne
    #Benghazi MIlitairy Court tried a group #Gaddafi thugs Sentencing them between 8 to 12 yrs Large amount martyrs families present not pleased

  11. Mr. Jibril joined the Muslim Brotherhood.

    It was in this capacity that he placed his coreligionists, Brothers Wadah Kanfhar and Yusuf al-Qaradawi, in Al-Jazeera .


    and Syria's banned Muslim Brotherhood


    Is there any reason why so many libiyan gangs are killing in Syria?Who is sending them?

    In the following Arabic-language video former head of the Tripoli Brigade, Mehdi Alharati, reportedly carries out an attack at a Syrian government checkpoint.



    Derna fighters in Syria , groups from Zintan, Misrata, Tripoli, Benghazi too

    RT @FreeBenghazi Reports/rumour:375 fighters from (Ghot Alshaal, Derna, AlSeraj) #Libya left yesterday for #Syria (to join #fsa forces)

  12. Mr. Jibril joined the Muslim Brotherhood.

    It was in this capacity that he placed his coreligionists, Brothers Wadah Kanfhar and Yusuf al-Qaradawi, in Al-Jazeera .


    and Syria's banned Muslim Brotherhood


    Is there any reason why so many libiyan gangs are killing in Syria?Who is sending them?
    In the following Arabic-language video former head of the Tripoli Brigade, Mehdi Alharati, reportedly carries out an attack at a Syrian government checkpoint.



    Derna fighters in Syria , groups from Zintan, Misrata, Tripoli, Benghazi too

    RT @FreeBenghazi Reports/rumour:375 fighters from (Ghot Alshaal, Derna, AlSeraj) #Libya left yesterday for #Syria (to join #fsa forces) /19 july 2012

  13. How Qatar is taking on the world





    19, July 2012, : in this article qatar does try to upgrade his image :

    There are no Machiavellian plans afoot to support the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region


    david B. roberts, doha office of the royal united service institute for security & defence,qatar

    1. -La chute de Tripoli filmée en studio au Qatar: M. Abdeljalil avoue le mensonge.
      The fall of Tripoli filmed in Qatar studio's ; M. Abdeljalil admitts the lie

      -Security Company in Qatar Make Models Analogous to Buildings and Places in Syrian Cites to Fake Videos on Situation in Syria


      -Wahabi army funded by Qatar

      @3. 00 : 2.500 recruted : the hardcore is made up of 1000 members of the islamic fighting group in Libiya which fought Khadafi & 1000 Iraqi islamists

      @ 3.25 qatar has airlifted them to the southern Turkish city antakia

      @ 3.40 top commander of the group : Bel Hadj


      -Qatar is now playing a disorder game in northern Mali, financial and military supporting of AlQaida veterans that are creating havoc in the country

    2. On 24 February 2011 opposition politicians, former military officers, tribal leaders, academics and businessmen held a meeting in the eastern city of Al Bayda.

      The meeting was chaired by Abdul Jalil, who quit the government a few days before.

      The delegates stressed the importance of the national unity of Libya and stated that Tripoli is the capital city. يمكن Mustafa Abdul Jalil لها تأثير على Abu-Bakr al-Mansouri ?

      They discussed proposals for interim administration with many delegates asking for UN intervention in Libya. The podium at the meeting displayed the pre-Gaddafi era flag of the Kingdom of Libya (1951–1969)

      On 25 February 2011 AlJazeera reported that talks are taking place between "personalities from eastern and western Libya" to form an interim government for the post-Gadaffi era.

      On 26 February, it was reported that Abdul Jalil was leading the process of forming an interim government, to be based in Benghazi.Mr Abdul Jalil stated that "Gaddafi alone bore responsibility for the crimes that have occurred" in Libya, he also insisted on the unity of Libya and that Tripoli is the capital.

      The efforts to form an alternative government have been supported by the Libyan ambassador in the United States, Ali Suleiman Aujali. The Libyan deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Ibrahim Omar Al Dabashi, has stated that he supported a new alternative government "in principle


      the current NTC leader and long term CIA favorite, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, twice upheld death sentences by firing squad against a Palestinian doctor, Ashraf al-Hujuj, and five Bulgarian nurses


      C'est le n° 1 du CNT, Moustapha Abdeljalil, qui a accéléré l'exécution des prisonniers condamnés à morts à Abou Slim
      This is the No. 1 CNT, Moustapha Abdeljalil, which accelerated the execution of death row prisoners in Abu Slim


      Abduljalil’s enthusiastic support to widespread privatization of state enterprise



      Adbuljalil’s xenophobic nationalism not garnered any serious criticism fr any Western supporters.

  14. July 13, 2012 : Jibril is presented in this article of the UAE-based Al Qassemi as critical to Qatar and critical to the role of Al Jazeera


    Sultan al-Qassemi, the UAE-based writer who tweeted a revolution. Photograph: Richard Adams/Guardian
    Dr. Abushagur, president of RIT Dubai, returns to his homeland to rebuild government

    1. http://warisacrime.org/content/sham-libyan-elections

      Abdurraheem el-Keib replaced him.
      He's a businessman and prominent Tripoli family scion.
      He taught at the UAE's Petroleum Institute. Oil giants fund it.

      Libya Al Ahrar: Al Keib: “I swear to you, we will get those sleeper cell one by one” #Libya #LYElect

    2. 21 july 2012

      Report #libya : #benghazi militia have publicly hanged a man they claimed was #Gaddafi supporter political persecution continues

    3. The National Front was founded in May this year when the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) was dissolved.

      Muhammad Yusef Magaraif, who had hitherto led the NFSL, was elected as the head of the party in a conference held in Benghazi.

      Their most pressing national-security concern has been to keep those affiliated with Gadhafi out of public life—

      It remains unclear what burden of proof the committee used to determine guilt.

    4. Asma Magariaf ‏@LibyanBentBladi

      Unconfirmed reports of assassination of sulaiman Buzreidah, former member of Qaddafi's internal security, in Benghazi due

    5. The old NFSL was established as a resistance organisation against Qaddafi in 1981. It was established on a simple two point agenda: the removal of Qaddafi from the power and the establishment of institutional democracy in Libya. The organisation had a military wing that was behind many failed assassination attempts on Qaddafi.

    6. A Darna, les frères musulmans ont préparé une liste noire de 900 militaire et policier pour les exécuter.

      Une fetwa a été déclaré pour tuer toute personne qui a été sous le drapeau de la Jamahiriya.


    7. 17-year-old girl reportedly found shot dead in Tajura and female teacher killed by gunmen in Derna two days ago.

    8. Guess who is motor of NSFL Party :
      HRH Mohamed Hilal El Senussi is the grand nephew of King Idris, the last king of Libya, who was overthrown by Col. Ghadafi. Contact him at mohamed.senussi_1@gmail.com.

      HRH Mohamed Hilal El Senussi is the grand nephew of King Idris: I recently returned to my homeland in Libya for the first time in 41 years


      Senussi : "In Benghazi alone, more than 380 young unarmed protesters sacrificed their lives before elements of the armed forces could be compelled to change sides, thus tipping the balance in favor of the liberation of eastern Libya from the forces of the dictator.

      In Baida, over 100 perished in the hands of Ghadafi-employed African mercenaries from Chad, Niger and Mali, prompting local police forces and members of the army to break ranks from the regime to protect their unarmed countrymen. "

      Several opposition spokesmen produced the paradox of racial/racist hysteria and humanitarian intervention.

    9. The NFSL/National Front party according to Magaraif has strong support in Amazigh and Tebu areas, as well as eastern Libya :
      Friends with Tebu's Fezzan & theLIBYAN OIL:

      Properly handled, Cyrenaica and its ally, Fezzan, could easily decide to remove Tripoli from the Libyan federation.


    10. Mohammed Ali Abdallah, the deputy secretary-general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya Speaking about the trial of Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi:

      There is enough evidence against him for him to receive the death penalty.”


      “Saif is a big fish but there are many small fish still at large.
      We have to establish the credibility of our judicial system in order to go after the rest of them.” :

      fatwa derna : killing list of 900 ppl who had been with the Jamahiriya.
      Cairo, 30 July:Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr confirmed Egypt ready to hand over all associates of the Qaddafi regime

    11. Inkerman Insights ‏@inkermangroup , 1 aug 2012

      #Libya: yet another attack in Benghazi, as unknown man fired RPG into the Military Intelligence Building located in Fuwaihat Area
      Inkerman Insights ‏@inkermangroup

      Actually most of these attacks appear to be targeting Gaddafi symbols and Gaddafi-era indivduals

    12. The blast took place hours after gunmen stormed a jail in Benghazi and freed Islamist militant Salem al-Obeidi,
      the suspected killer of former rebel chief Abdel-Fattah Younis, according to a second security official.


    13. 1 aug 2012 :Fourth huge explosion in #Benghazi today, and reports that Turkey's Embassy offices in Benghazi being targeted!! #Libya

    14. @LibyanBentBladi looks like a continuation to the deteriorating security situation in the city, 4 explosions today. Intelligence HQ targeted

    15. https://twitter.com/NewsBalkan/status/230643255564451840/photo/1

      #Libya #Benghazi today -suffocating in their #NATO -imposed democracy. What a joy to live there in postGaddafi nowdays

      Great #Alqaeda flag in the middle of #Benghazi, stupid #NTC and Temp Gov that's why we need dame army loyal 2 country


    16. Worrying signs of lawlessness in Libya , August 1, 2012


      Seven Iranian Red Crescent members were abducted in downtown Benghazi yesterday. Today there were bomb blasts and a jail break.

      The steady drumbeat of problems is worrying. If it isn't dealt with, "rat-a-tat-tat" can transform into "boom."

    17. Libyan Mahmoud Jebril, political leader of winning Tahaluf - Coalition says explosions in #Benghazi are of those rejecting the elections. /2 aug 2012
      Libyan Justice Minister Ali Humaida Ashour : there are no suspects in this investigation at the moment
      , but as I said previously, investigations will reveal all.
      30/07/2012 : In Benghazi the demonstrators demanding the truth about the murder of Abdelfateh Younes ask the emir of Qatar :
      30 July 2012, Benghazi, the main accused of the murder of General Abdelfateh Younes, the rebel Aboukatada Afhgani escaped from prison.

      August 1 : gunmen stormed a jail in Benghazi and freed Islamist militant Salem al-Obeidi

    18. Mahmoud Jebril: if these actions (bombings in #Benghazi etc) go on Libya will turn into a Somalia or Irak. #Libya / 2 aug 2012

    19. STRATFOR: Murders of intel operatives in Benghazi are preliminary steps to escalate calls for autonomy to a military offensive for secession

    20. http://www.stratfor.com/sample/analysis/assassinations-libya-target-former-gadhafi-officials

      In recent weeks, unknown assailants in Benghazi have launched sophisticated attacks targeting ex-members of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's Internal Security Organization, including several who defected from the Gadhafi regime and fought for the rebels in Libya's 2011 revolution

      The Benghazi assassinations have been the most coordinated and effective campaign of attacks to take place in Libya in the post-Gadhafi era

    21. The Benghazi assassinations have been the most coordinated and effective campaign of attacks to take place in Libya in the post-Gadhafi era :

      -Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour,
      Mr. Lamine Manfor El Menfi was killed tonight in the Bayda area after a shot of fire targeting his car, which was reversed. He died instantly.

      -Dr. Fathi Jahani of Benghazi Medical Center has been shot by unidentified individuals after dispute w/ unelected head of local council/16 5 2012

      -Mohamed Eljarh ‏@Eljarh /8.14 pm / 21 june :Judge who has been involved in Gen. Younis' trial was shot dead today in #Benghazi #Libya

      Al-Jazwi was investigating last year's murder of a defected long-time aide to the dead dictator Gaddafi

      The Libyan Observatory for Human Rights said the National Transitional Council was responsible for the killing of judge Jumah Hasan al-Jazwi in Benghazi.

      -On Saturday night, former military intelligence chief Col. Suleiman Bouzz-Redah was killed while on his way to a mosque in Benghazi. He left the regime of Moammar Gadhafi and joined the rebels who overthrew the longtime ruler in a civil war last year.

      -Assassination attempt, Haftar this time.. what the hell is going in Benghazi?

      -@Eljarh some lady got shot yesterday here in 21/search/%23Benghazi" #Benghazi lastnight too. My aunt was close to getting shot this morning / 30 july

  15. allies on Libiya's east border :

    Libya’s Minister of Labor, Mustafa Rujbani,
    told Egypt’s Al Ahram that his country plans to recruit ONE MILLION WORKERS FROM EGYPT



    1. Positive(+)Libya ‏@PositiveLibya

      Want #libya to settle down > arrest G thugs in #egypt ! #Libya can never prosper with those criminals around !

  16. allies on the west border :

    Mr Ghannouchi - then, as now, Tunisia's leading Islamist ideologue - sought refuge in Britain


    Before ending up in Canada in 1992, Zrig spent time in Gaddafi’s Libya and in Turabi’s Sudan,

    Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of Ennahda to which Zrig belongs, and the Sudanese Hassan Turabi, are two important leaders of the international Muslim Brotherhood network.

    In the case X (Re) 2000 CanLII 21343 (IRB), it is reminded that Rachid Ghannouchi considers Hassan Turabi “to be his teacher and friend” (section 5.3.6) and that both men do belong to an Islamist International (section 5.3.7).


    1. 30 july 2012 #Tunisia #Libya Ras Jedir border crossing continues to be Closed for the 8th day #Dhehiba and #Wazen Border Crossings are open

  17. One analyst described his [ Jibrils] dead banker eyes. He's a technocrat, an imperial tool.

    -Youssef al-Ramis, a leading Brotherhood figure, rejected the allegations, but acknowledged that the group might not win big in elections.

    -Hisham Kreskshi, a leader of the party founded by Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood, said.....

    - Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Sawan now rejects any idea of a deal with Jibril.

    -Among Mr. Jibril’s most vocal opponents were the militia leaders from Misurata who emerged as a powerful force in the interim government because of their aggression in the fight against Colonel Qaddafi.

    The Misurata tribe has a rivalry going back generations with Mr. Jibril’s Warfalla tribe, who killed a hero from Misurata during the pre-World War II  fighting against the Italian occupation of Libya.

    -Another area of caution is the threat from extremists, either from Salafist militants,
    or from hard-line supporters of federalism

    -NTC has yet to hand over authority, something it has promised to do either on 06 or 08 August 2012, amid rumours that current NTC president  Mustafa Abdul Jalil may be reluctant to do so.

    1. One analyst described his [ Jibrils] dead banker eyes. He's a technocrat, an imperial tool:

      About six months before the conflict erupted in Libya, Mahmoud Jibiril actually met with Bernard-Henri Lévy in Australia to discuss forming the Transitional Council and deposing Colonel Qaddafi. [4]

      He described Qaddafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project as “crazy” in minutes and documents from the National Economic Development Board of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. [5]

      Jibril strongly believed that the Libyan masses were not fit to govern themselves and that an elite should always control the fate and wealth of any nation.

      When the problems erupted in Benghazi, Mahmoud Jibril immediately went to Cairo, Egypt.

      He told his colleagues that he would be back in Tripoli soon,
      but he had no intention of returning.

      In reality, he went to Cairo to meet the leaders of the Syrian National Council and Lévy.

      They were all waiting for him inside Cairo to coordinate the events in Libya and Syria.

      This is one of the reasons that the Transitional Council has recognized the Syrian National Council as the legitimate government of Syria


  18. the new libiya of stooges, traitors, defectors & profiteers have gained till now :

    Tens of thousands were killed.

    Vital social services were lost.

    Imperial control replaced Jamahiriya governance.

    Pre-2011 Libya no longer exists. 


    Paradise until the war': foreign medics tell of the Libya they lost



    أحياء ليبية تئن تحت وطأة الفقر

    50% of Benghazis below poverty-line.
    Despite fact East has 80% of Libya's oil & #Libya is 5th largest oil producer


    1. The STRONG MAN has been killed and the WEAKMEN are in power ,
      see the results :


      Libya Now Democratic Paradise -- Or Not Actually

    2. report #libya : #BBC report finally admits that #benghazi is now full of poverty and begging and prostitution .. All money is gone.

  19. Report #Libya : #Tripoli and #Sabha and #sirte #zawiyah #Baniwalid #misrata #zewara largely rubble after a year of NATO devastating bombing

    Report #Libya : #NTC Official said that #Baniwalid tribes and #sirte tribes will be excluded from Benefits and reconstruction.

    Report #Libya : #NTC official admitted that There was no Enthusiasm for elections and turn out was very low.


    Despite the lack of coverage by western corporate media the carnage continues in the failed state of Libya as various factions of CIA-supported terrorists vie for control of Libyan resources that they can sell to NATO nations for a piece of the action in the booty from this mass theft of the wealth owned by Libya's people in Gaddafi's Libya.

    Genocide of Black African workers, murder and rape are the consequence of NATO's "humanitarian" intervention. The resistance refuses to let the dream of democracy die and fights on for jamahiriya and the Green Revolution that Gaddafi championed.


  21. The new Libiya on the side of Israel?

    In an interview with Israeli Channel 10 today Defense Minister Ehud Barak confirmed that he has ordered the military to prepare for a full-scale invasion of neighboring Syria, with the goal of seizing weapons from the Syrian military, currently embroiled in a civil war.

    A Libyan citizen, Hazim M., announced that he worked and collaborated with scores of armed terrorist groups in Syria, with training on explosive devices manufacturing and exploding.


    Derna fighters in Syria , groups from Zintan, Misrata, Tripoli, Benghazi too

    RT @FreeBenghazi Reports/rumour:375 fighters from (Ghot Alshaal, Derna, AlSeraj) #Libya left yesterday for #Syria (to join #fsa forces)

    New Libyan state - Barqa - owned by Bernard Henry Levy - declares its existance

    The book called Sarkozy Sous BHL

    How philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy convinced French Pres. Sarkozy to take the lead in the Libyan intervention

    1. https://twitter.com/syriancommando/status/227042868232089602/photo/1

      Dead African non-Arab mercenary burnt by #FSA filth as not to identify him.

      A hallmark of some groups?

    2. The real hero of the Libyan people : BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY


      Mr. Lévy brought Mr. Jibril, who was staying with him,
      to the hotel,
      spent a few minutes with him and Mrs. Clinton,
      then left the room as the two spoke for nearly an hour.

    3. David Cameron Given Hero's Welcome


    4. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jul/26/british-pilots-drones-libya

      Between April and October the Predators conducted 145 air strikes in Libya, the Pentagon said. It is not known how many missions were flown by the British, or how many targets were destroyed by them.

  22. A Short List of HUMAN RIGHTS in the NEW LIBIYA


  23. Political repression in 'free' Libya

    The imperialist media heralded the July 7 elections in Libya as proof of a new, democratic state. They scarcely noted, if they did at all, that by the NTC’s own admission nearly 40 percent of eligible voters boycotted the elections.

    Additionally, all members of the former government who did not defect to the side of imperialism were prevented from running for office. Scores of Libyans were excluded from the list of eligible voters because of their support for the Jamahiriya government.

    Earlier this year, the NTC proposed a “glorification law,” which made praising the Gaddafi government or criticizing the anti-Gaddafi uprising an offense punishable by up to life imprisonment.

    While the law was nullified in June, its effects remain. Teachers in Libyan schools are afraid to discuss the last 42 years of their country’s history for fear of reprisal, and there are reports that history textbooks have been censored in accordance with the law.

    The reality unfolding in Libya is yet another illustration of the “freedom” and “democracy” that U.S. and NATO bombs deliver.


    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRLyffW8faQ&feature=player_embedded#!
      @ 1.37 : this bloodshed was worth it!!

      Mahmoud Jabril of Libya, the Criminal


      question : why the man can't talk with his eyes open?
      @ 12.00/12.11/@12.43/@12.59/
      @ 14.32 talks about al- Assads fate


    2. Amnesty noted more problems impacting on the credibility of elections:

      ‘Public criticism of the thuwwar [revolutionaries], who are widely hailed as heroes, is uncommon.

      Even officials, activists, journalists, lawyers and victims of human rights violations who privately acknowledge the prevailing lawlessness and abuses committed by the thuwwar do not raise their concerns in public, fearing reprisals. Their fears are justified.’


    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6i-pTh6WAE&feature=player_embedded

      During a visit to Libya in May and June, Amnesty International found that hundreds of armed militias continue to act above the law, many refusing to disarm or join the national army or police force.

      In a new report 'Libya: rule of law or rule of militias?', Amnesty International says that nearly a year after Tripoli fell to the revolutionary fighters (thuwwar), ongoing violations -- including arbitrary arrests and detention, torture including to death, impunity for unlawful killings and forcible displacement


      Human Rights Worse After Gaddafi

    4. Political repression in 'free' Libya

      The Libyan Ministry of the Interior announced… Saturday a ban on all unlicensed protests, which some believe will include strikes as well. All / 16 july 2012

  24. immunity to the ‘thuwwar’

    Patrick Cockburn cited Amnesty report researcher Diana Eltahawy's view that ‘things are not getting better’

    Eltahawy commented that in May the ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) passed a law giving immunity to the ‘thuwwar’ for any act they carry out in defence of 'the 17 February Revolution' last year


  25. http://www.presstv.ir/usdetail/167548.html

    US' immunity for Libya mercenaries aim to protect American war criminals





    @ 1.07

    1. US' immunity for Libya mercenaries aim to protect American war criminals


      US Libyan Mercenary Plans Syrian Kony2012 Style Psy-Op (Matthew VanDyke PsyOp)

  26. @ felix :


    Farewell, Alex, My Friend ,

    Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012

  27. #Libya: NTC officials say they will officially hand control of govt to the newly elected leaders on 06 August amid a historic ceremony

    Mahmoud Jibril’s National Forces Alliance has swept aside its competitors


    Mahmoud Jabril of Libya, the Criminal @ 1.37 : this bloodshed was worth it!!
    Tens of thousands were killed.


    Nato has been bombarding pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya for six months now,
    since 31 March 2011 in Operation Unified Protector.

    the total number of Libyan personnel was estimated at 76,000

    Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: August 23, 2011 : 20,000 Sorties, 7,541 Attacks


    1. NATO has proven it has the capacity to kill thousands of Libyan soldiers from the skies, but it cannot “convey honor and legitimacy” to the rebels under its killer wings.

      “They are little more than extras for imperial theater, a mob that traveled to battle under the protective umbrella of American full spectrum dominance of the air.”

      The incinerated bodies of her soldiers have secured Libya’s place in history.


  28. Jibril at Brookings 2010


    24 FEBRUARY 2011 : The international community and Libyans abroad should be encouraged to think about the best system for a post-Qaddafi era.



    March 9, 2011 . We would send large numbers of Special Forces (SF) and CIA paramilitary operatives into Libya



    Send in the dogs of war: Mercenaries could help the rag-tag rebels say UK generals/march


    [S]pecial forces operations FROM Britain, France, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt & the United Arab Emirates


    1. http://sp.rian.ru/international/20111206/151889582.html


      actually admitted it was Mahmoud Jibril that was the source of the accusations


      "I honestly believe that... certain members of the existing National Transitional Council don't want these people to stand trial," Jalal al-Galal, a former spokesman for the NTC,
      told Al Jazeera.

      "Because they might implicate some members who are in the NTC."

    2. "Because they might implicate some members who are in the NTC.":

      #Benghazi Demo this evening from #TibestiHotel 2 MartyrSq General #Younis Relatives and others demand #NTC discloses TRUTH b4 handover 2 LNC

      Assassination attempt, Haftar this time.. what the hell is going in Benghazi?

      Major NTC General #KhalifaHfter survived from an assassination attempt today in #Benghazi #libya

  29. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=20120709&articleId=31824

    Wall Street proxy Jibril of "National Forces Alliance" presumed winner.


    Pro-U.S. Candidate Slated to Win Sham Elections in Libya




    25 july 2012
    I got a short panic phone call from Tebu tribe in al Kufra. Under heavy fire. 4 kidnapped.

  30. Pauvre Libye des barbares/ Poor Libiya , owned by barbarians


    -Tajoura. She was killed by three bullets. Taken to hospital. The doctor believes her age is 17 years. She had no identity documents.

    -A former official of Homeland Security was killed aftera car bomb exploded in the region Hadaik in Benghazi.

    -A Misrata, the CNT Chairman and his deputy have resigned.

    -In Tripoli, near the hospital Hadaba e Khadra, a group of Misrata rebels hv beaten two young Libyans. They stripped their clothes , remain them in underwear. They were filmed with laptops, the vids were removed afterwards. These are the victims:
    Mr. Khaled Messaoud Zarouk
    Mr. Tahar Fassile Chibani



    -A teacher shot and killed (July 26, 2012)
    Najiya Astita. Her body was thrown between the trees at Ouedi Naka at the entrance to the city. Her car was stolen.

    -At Darna, the Muslim Brotherhood have prepared a blacklist of 900 military and police for execution. A fatwa has been said to kill anyone who was under the flag of the Jamahiriya.

    -A video showing the people of Taouerga placed in concentration camps!

    1. 26/07/2012 / Poor Libiya , owned by barbarians

      -A young local man of Ben Gchir was kidnapped for 3 days by strangers. He was found slain today in the region Ouedi Rabie.

      -A road Police Officer Omar Salem Tarchi Warfalia was kidnapped by the militias of Misrata.


    2. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/weekend/2012/0225/1224312358425.html

      The Libyan-Irish building a post-Gadafy country *

      Libyans constitute one of the biggest Arab communities in Ireland.

      Since the 1960s, Libyans have come to Ireland for professional or educational reasons, and many have stayed on, often marrying Irish citizens.

      A significant proportion of the Libyan community in Ireland sought political asylum here from the 1990s on.

      Several Libyans with connections to Ireland played prominent roles in last year’s uprising.

      These include Mehdi al-Harati, commander of the Tripoli Brigade, one of the main rebel units that led the advance on the Libyan capital in August.

      The men who served under al-Harati included several from Ireland who left jobs as engineers and doctors to join the revolution.

      Many others with Irish links, some with dual citizenship, fought in some of the fiercest battles of the war, treated the wounded at front-line hospitals or ferried humanitarian aid to some of the worst-affected areas. Now, a year after the uprising began, many Libyan-Irish are helping mould post-Gadafy Libya.

      Some work as ministers or interim government officials; others are setting up political parties as Libya’s nascent democracy takes shape; still more are trying to demobilise the militias that emerged during last year’s conflict. Many others are helping with reconstruction work and helping the revival of the country’s economy.

    3. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/07/28/world/meast/syria-libya-fighters/index.html
      Libya rebels move onto Syrian battlefield

      Another fighter is Housam Najjair. He is 33, al-Harati's brother-in-law,

    4. Some work as ministers or interim government officials; others are setting up political parties as Libya’s nascent democracy takes shape:

      Coordinated by al-Harati and his Irish-born brother-in-law, Husan al-Najar, a building contractor from Dublin,
      the Tripoli brigade rapidly recruited a core of English-speaking Libyan exiles from Ireland, Canada, the UK and the US.

      Libyan-Irish Mehdi al-Harati, ex-cmdr of Tripoli Brigade, is leading 6,000-strong Liwa al-Umma brigade in #Syria. More in tmrw's @IrishTimes



      Those guys are totally independent from the Free Syrian Army.

      Many of them spoke good English, with Birmingham accents.

      According to them, a large flow of international fighters have crossed the borders with Syria during the past few weeks.”


    5. http://uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.nl/2012/08/militias-from-libya-leading-creation-of.html

      Militias From Libya Leading Creation Of Terror Brigade Against Government Of Syria


      Former Deputy head of the Military Council for Tripoli, Libya. 1.31 and onwards Al-Harati and Al-Mashri during the formation of Ummah brigade.


      1.20 Name: Abdulhakim Al-Mashri. Nationality: Libyan. One of the leaders of the Tripoli revolutionaries in Libya.

      "4- Abdul Hakim Ibrahim al-Masri /Atman/ was killed by the indiscriminate shelling."


      درعا عتمان لواء الثورة الشهيد عبد الحكيم ابراهيم المصري

      around 90” terror attacks, which “can be attributed to organizations that are close to al-Qaeda or jihadist groups,” were carried out in Syria between the end of December and the beginning of July.

    6. The Libyan-Irish building a post-Gadafy country :


    7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHERBg-X1Zs&feature=youtu.be

      @ 3.39 : mohamed al huraizi of the scum tnc : free the siriyan people

      Syria Hundreds of Libyan Mercenaries take up arms to overthrow President Assad.

  31. Libya: The NTC cannot investigate what it's a part of. Grand corruption & treachery brought it to power; the same will remove it from power.

    1. The NTC cannot investigate what it's a part of. Grand corruption & treachery brought it to power; the same will remove it from power:

      Mustafa Abdel Jalil:
      ''The Libyans are being cleansed by Gaddafi's air force,''
      said Mustafa Abdel Jalil, head of the rebel national council.

      ''We asked for a no-fly zone to be imposed from day one.


    2. ought to raise more questions, for anyone who is a free thinker and values the importance of skepticism.

      What determination did Gaddafi’s opponents have to see this struggle through to the end, by their own efforts?


      peaceful transition of government powers;



    3. 29, 2011 Libya's NTC urges more NATO air strikes

      Ahmed Hamza,Scotland :The infantry [= rebels] cannot move in because whoever tries gets taken out." What we really need is more strikes from NATO


    4. Mustafa Abdel Jalil:
      ''The Libyans are being cleansed by [Gaddafi's] air force,''


    5. Abdeljalil, chairman of the Libyan national transitional council, said that Qatar has spent over two billion dollars for the revolution in his country, revealing for the first time that the release plan of the capital Tripoli has been prepared in this Gulf oil monarchy


      Qatar supports the Islamist movements and the vision of building a system based on the Arab Sharia as a mode of governance.

    6. 29, 2011 Libya's NTC urges more NATO air strikes :

      Libya children as they grow will learn truth , Daddy what did you do in 2011 ?

      I killed my fellow Libyans , cut their throats , hung them

  32. Live not safe in the new Libiya :


    People are not safe in #Libya. Store owner was killed and shops burned.

    1. While constant chaos created by these “international armed militias.” 

      The Libyans hoped that after the vote, to calm down a bit this aggression, but the reality is that everything has continued the same.


      Organ trafficking in Misratah is standard practice, as this man who has been interviewed and filmed explaining that he was locked in jail Misuratah, then went to the hospital, then released him. I felt so much pain and did not know what was wrong so I went to the doctor and saw that he was missing a kidney. Misuratah
      He asked what had happened in the hospital, but was told that they had not touched his kidneys until he managed to tell someone the truth. There is a line direct air traffic between Misurata and Malta.

  33. What is happening in Libya is not a revolution but a bloodshed. Innocent people are taken during the day and at night and thrown into jail for no reason. This is not a revolution but is a crime against humanity to destroy our country, there is no such thing called the 17 of February revolution in Libya, it is only killing people according to Al-Qaida methods.

    We have direct eyewitnesses to prove to anyone that one person was cooked in a pan until he passed out in hot water but this is just a tiny fraction of the daily torture and the killing and the kidnapping of people for no reason.

    American soldiers are still in Libya today training the thugs on how to torture and kill people in jails, and under direct orders from cretin countries such as the state of Qatar and the NATO states.

    We urge and demand from all international groups and organizations of the human rights to interfere in time to save our people and to stop the killing by the thousands for no reason and to put themselves in our shoes and see how does it feel when your son or father is dead and we demand an immediate intervention.

    We invite all of you out there to join us on September 1st of 2012 to aid us in stopping the killing machines in Libya and to stop bloodshed. Enough is enough.


  34. American soldiers are still in Libya today training the thugs on how to torture and kill people in jails, and under direct orders from cretin countries such as the state of Qatar and the NATO states:


    LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES - Minister denies any foreign military presence in Libya

    The Foreign Minister, Ashour Ben Khayal, has denied the existence of any foreign military presence in Libya.

    1. LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES - Minister denies any foreign military presence in Libya

      1 aug 2012 :

      Alaeddin Muntasser ‏@misrati_free
      MoD letter stating that the Bani Walid brigade of thugs registration declined and is now illegitimate http://fb.me/DHdfl0LM
      LibyaFromFrance ‏@LibyaFromFrance

      Wow really obvious that heavy fighting occurred here.
      And NATO intervened a lot too. #BaniWalid

    2. The Foreign Minister, Ashour Ben Khayal, has denied the existence of any foreign military presence in Libya:

      Libyan official: U.S. drones seeking jihadists in Libya

      A senior Libyan official told CNN that the U.S. is flying surveillance missions with drones over suspected jihadist training camps in eastern Libya because of concerns over rising activity by al Qaeda and like-minded groups in the region but said that to the best of his knowledge, they had not been used to fire missiles at militant training camps in the area.

      The official said that one militant commander operating in Derna, Abdulbasit Azuz, had complained that a drone strike had targeted his training camp in the east of Libya. Last month, there were reports of explosions outside the Derna area in the vicinity of the camps, according to a different source.

      The CIA's covert drone strike program is rarely publicly acknowledged. It has been widely reported that drones have been deployed to target militants in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

      The U.S. flew drones for a while after the NATO intervention in Libya to monitor chemical and biological sites, US military officials tell CNN. But the officials would not comment on whether drone flights were ongoing.


    3. The Foreign Minister, Ashour Ben Khayal, has denied the existence of any foreign military presence in Libya:

      8 aug 2012 :Large numbers of NATO troops guarding Tripoli tonight with Attack Helicopters making themselves heard .

    4. While some people are cheering the handover in Tripoli :
      What an amazing atmosphere in the #Rixos! Libya Libya Libya ppl were chanting, when MAJ handed over the power officially.

      other do not :

      RT @ChangeInLibya Not only did AJA abandon us 2day they totally ignored ceremony on main chann. If MB won majority we wldn't hear end of it

      And many people have no reason to :

      TRIPOLI, Aug 8 2012 (IPS) - Pregnant women miscarrying due to mistreatment, detainees mainly from sub-Saharan Africa denied adequate food and water.

      Small cells crammed with 80-100 detainees subjected to arbitrary justice by Libya’s volatile militias, politically persecuted Somalis forcibly repatriated to Mogadishu, and hundreds of boat people dying trying to flee Libya for a better life in Europe.

      Such are the conditions of Libya’s approximately 80,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) post the revolution.

      The refugees comprise Libyans ethnically cleansed from towns and cities due to their perceived support for former dictator Muammar Gaddafi, and those who have fled the continued fighting between rival militias across the country.

      Economic and transitional migrants, and those seeking political asylum from neighbouring countries are amongst the 80,000 being held in 25-30 detention centres and refugee camps run by the government, militias, the army and the police.



      Libyans can kiss free health care, free education and free electricity goodbye. The IMF says all these "non-performing subsidies" must go..

  35. We the people and the families and children of waged and detainees in Libyan prisons address you this letter, and invite you to investigate and intervene in our cases that has been ignored by most of the international news agencies.
    And to which the Libyan authorities turn a blind eye.


    That our children reach their numbers to tens of thousands languishing in the prisons of Benghazi and Misurata and Tripoli and others for more then a year and they exercised the most heinous crimes against humanity.

    And hold the international community and the organizations responsible for what happens to our children and our families and warranted that the repercussions of a serious life-threatening and threatening stability and peace in our country and the world.

    Because it is our right to pursue all avenues to protect the lives of our children and defend their dignity and their humanity and their rights.

    We thank you for your cooperation and your understanding of the conditions of our sons and relatives of prisoners in Libyan jails
    Signature: the people and the families of the sons and waged in Libyan prison

  36. 28 April 2012 / NFSL Mohammed Ali Abdallah [ Ad darrat ] :
    There is too much at stake.
    We all want it to be a model trial.
    It should be televised.

    There is enough evidence against him [saief] for him to receive the death penalty.

    We have to establish the credibility of our judicial system in order to go after the rest of them.”

    PRE-TRIAL CHAMBER I/31 July 2012

    159. There also appears to be a strong popular sentiment, directed to the public
    that Mr. Gaddafi should be killed rather than tried in a court of law.


  37. PRE-TRIAL CHAMBER I/31 July 2012
    83. The Commission further found that evidence submitted by the NTC in support of its
    allegations conceming the use of mercenaries had incorrectly designated Libyan
    nationals as mercenaries.^^

    Notably, the Commission noted that this unreliable evidence originated from the Prosecutor's office in Benghazi, which was the same office responsible for initiating proceedings against Mr. Gaddafi.

    Black Libyans Make Their Stand in Sirte and Bani Walid - Glen Ford
    HRH Mohamed Hilal El Senussi :

    In Baida, over 100 perished in the hands of Ghadafi-employed African mercenaries from Chad, Niger and Mali, prompting local police forces and members of the army to break ranks from the regime to protect their unarmed countrymen.


  38. National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) Mohammed Ali Abdallah

    Mohammed Ali Abdallah Ad darrat,He is the second of seven children to Ali Abdallah Addarrat & Fatima Senoussi


    Mohamed Hilal El Senussi is the grand nephew of King Idris /Sheikh Ahmed Zubair


  39. No democracy can function without an open media.

    Yet the National Transitional Council has passed laws prohibiting free speech, article 37 says that Libyans can be jailed for “Speech that glorifies Kaddafi, insults Islam, insults the revolution, and lowers the moral of Libyan citizens”.1

    News Anchors who stopped going to work in protest have been forced to return to work at gunpoint and report news that they don’t agree with.

    The Libyan television stations broadcast through NileStat have been taken over by the NTC, Qatar, and western media outlets.2 A fair election with 3,000 candidates is impossible without free media and an open public discourse.


    Aside from the restrictions on media there have also been severe restrictions placed on who can qualify for office.
    The NTC reserves the right to arbitrarily deny any candidate.3

    Additional requirements include: members of local councils, leaders of the people’s congresses, people’s committees and related groups.

    The people’s congress was open to all Libyans as the foundation of their system of direct democracy, 4 so denying participation to members of the people’s congress basically denies all politically active people in Libya.

    Anyone who had taken part in protest against the revolution is also restricted.
    Considering the massive pro-Gaddafi demonstrations in Tripoli, Sabah, Al Ajaylat, Ziltan, Zawiya, Azizia, Sirte, and elsewhere 5 this eliminates millions of Libyans from eligibility.

  40. where are Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), the International Press Institute (IPI) and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) now ?:



    Libya's Forgotten Man‏ : Abdallah Ali al-Sanussi al-Darrat:

    May 13, 2010 Libya Gets Seat on U.N. Human Rights Council

    Reporters Without Borders reminds us that the beginning of the end for the HRC's predecessor, the Human Rights Commission, was when Libya was elected as its chair in 2003.


    3. Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR)


    LLHR is foreign-based, with headquarters in Geneva. LLHR ranks were active in organizing the 2011 uprising.

    Libya's Forgotten Man‏ : Abdallah Ali al-Sanussi al-Darrat



    Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), the International Press Institute (IPI) and Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

    Libyan journalists in exile have also been targeted and even killed, says ANHRI.

    "It seems that President Qaddafi, after he overthrew press freedom in Libya, has started to focus his attention and experience toward prosecuting Arab journalists outside his country.

    Thus, we all have to stand by these journalists, in order to preserve what is left of press freedom in the Arab world," ANHRI says.

  41. On August 8 a so-called transformation of power took place in Libya where the NATO-installed National Transitional Council (NTC) "handed over power" to a body named the General National Congress (GNC).

    However, with the country still being ruled by numerous rival armed gangs it isn't clear at all who is going to transfer which power and to whom they are going to transfer it.

    The NATO-backed GNC has a mandate that will expire in June 2013 and during this time it has to appoint(!) a new government and to draft, ratify and adopt a new constitution which should pave the way for the next Western-style elections.


    The people who elected this puppet GNC are the same criminals, terrorists, extremists and other filth that sought to overthrow the free democratic Jamahiriya government since its establishment.....

  42. 9 aug 2011 :

    9 aug 2012 :

    #Libya Mohammed Magarief, a good friend of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, was appointed as a head of the newly elected interim assembly. 9 aug


    National Front Party led by Mohamed el-Magariaf, won 2 seats
    26.3% [ of 40 % : 80 seats out of 200]

  43. -The old NFSL was established as a resistance organisation against Qaddafi in 1981. [Sudan]

    It was established on a simple two point agenda: the removal of Qaddafi from the power and the establishment of institutional democracy in Libya.

    The organisation had a military wing that was behind many failed assassination attempts on Qaddafi.

    -Their most pressing national-security concern has been to keep those affiliated with Gadhafi out of public life—

    It remains unclear what burden of proof the committee used to determine guilt.

  44. Some other members of NSFL :


    Salem al-Hassi, involved in bid to assassinate Gaddafi 1984, appointed as intelligence chief
    Salem al-Hassi intelligence chief is among the elements of National Salvation Front,


    Mustafa A.G. Abushagur (in Arabic - مصطفى ابوشاقور غيت ابوشاقور

    Abushagur became involved in the creation and leadership of several opposition groups, including the National Front for the Salvation of Libya

    On November 22, 2011, Abushagur was named the Deputy Prime Minister of Libya.
    Two days after being named Deputy Prime Minister,

    Mohammed Ali Abdallah, the deputy secretary-general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya Speaking about the trial of Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi:

    There is enough evidence against him for him to receive the death penalty.”


    “Saif is a big fish but there are many small fish still at large.

    We have to establish the credibility of our judicial system in order to go after the rest of them.”


    Opinio Juris » Blog Archive » How Do You Know the Libyan Government is Lying? Its Lips Are Moving


  45. some problems keep on popping up in the craddle of democracy :

    Attacks on Mashashiya, Warshafena, Gaddafa and Tawarga tribes are clearly increasing in frequency and scope in Libya. :

    -At Darna, the Muslim Brotherhood have prepared a blacklist of 900 military and police for execution. A fatwa has been said to kill anyone who was under the flag of the Jamahiriya. :

    10aug 2012 /Gunmen shot dead Libyan army general and high-ranking defence ministry official Mohamed Hadia on Friday in the eastern city of Benghazi, one of his sons told AFP.

    Hadia is the latest of dozens of security officials murdered in Benghazi, especially of officers who had served under Kadhafi.

  46. some more victims of the democracy in 2012 :

    Asma Magariaf ‏ @LibyanBentBladi :
    -Dr. Fathi Jahani of Benghazi Medical Center has been shot by unidentified individuals after dispute w/ unelected head of local council /16 5 2012

    -Asma Magariaf ‏@LibyanBentBladi :
    -Unconfirmed reports of assassination of sulaiman Buzreidah, former member of Qaddafi's internal security, in Benghazi due

    -Les rebelles du bataillon Bachir Saedaoui ont arrêté le président du CNT local de Bouslim oum Dermane, le rebelle Gniwa.

    --Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Lamine Manfor El Menfi was killed tonight in the Bayda area

    -Libyan judge Jumaa Hassan al-Jazwi , 21 june

    -Hamza Saleh Almismari , Buraq Air pilot tortured and murdered
    - zawiya , 6 aug

    -#Libyan Commander Mohamed Hadyia reportedly assassinated following Friday prayers in #Benghazi

  47. some victims 2011 :





    0.39 , Hisham Buhagiar, a carpet seller from Tripoli, is in charge of Libya's hunt for Colonel Khadafi


  48. http://frontpagemag.com/2012/ryan-mauro/al-qaeda-islamists-seek-sharia-state-in-syria/#.UBERCR1Y06w.twitter

    17 seats secured by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party


    The Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Sadeq al-Gharyani Joint Declaration on Syria:

    Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Qatar) ;Sheikh Sadiq al-Gharyani (Libya)
    Dr. Ghaith Mahmoud al-Fakhiri (Libya) ; Sheikh Hamza Abou Faris (Libya
    Dr. Ali al-Sallabi (Libya) ; Dr. Salim al-Sheikhi (Libya)
    Dr. Salim Jabir (Libya) ; Dr. Salim al-Sallabi (Libya)
    Dr. Muhammad Abou Sidra (Libya) ; Dr. Nasir al-Umrani (Libya)


    #Libya's Grand Mufti Al-Ghariani said in June that #Iran-ian #Shiites were trying 2 convert ppl in #Libya #7KidnappeIRC

  49. His Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs himself, Hamza Abu Faris, has indeed admitted during an interview on April 15 to the Libyan press, that most mosques in Libya, Tripoli to Benghazi and Sirte in Misrata, was now under the control of Imam Salafists


    the removed imams of libiya :

    -Report #libya : Protests continued today For Sheik omran Saleh who was brutally tortured and Hung naked..he condemned NTC Torture of people


    Tentoush said that he and 12 other progressive Imams were traveling to Benghazi to discuss a peaceful end to the conflict.

    They stopped for tea at a guest house in Brega--- and NATO dropped a bomb right on top of them, killing 11 of the 13 Imams, who had embraced Islamic reforms that empower women's rights and modernity.



    Mufti Tantoush in the grip of rebels

  50. The liberal National Forces Alliance of Mahmud Jibril, who served as premier during last year's conflict, won 39 on its own.

    It can also counts on the support of a centrist party led by Ali Tarhuni, who held several key posts during last year's revolt, and which won two seats

    RT @ChangeInLibya Not only did AJA abandon us 2day they totally ignored ceremony on main chann. If MB won majority we wldn't hear end of it





  51. Ahmad Ashour is the Co-Founder and the Manager of AlJazeeraTalk website, which was launched in June 2006


    Jazeera, I want to deliver this information,
    I confirmed it personally, on my responsibility.

    "Prediction "

    AJE 25 Aug 2011 10:41 : Who will lead Libya? JIBRIL

  52. Mohamed al-Megaryef, a founding member of the Libyan National Salvation Front,

    defeated liberal independent Ali Zidane in a run-off by 113 votes to 85 in the 200-member General National Congress.
    Ali Zeidan’s turn, a self-appointed spokesperson from Libyan League for Human Rights


  53. Political parties were allowed to contest just 80 of the seats.

    The majority of the assembly's 200 seats were set aside for independent candidates, many of whose loyalties and ideologies remain unclear but who are being wooed by various blocs

    Report #Libya : No name figures in Libyan Parliament are all stooges for genocidal Militia brigades or Leaders of Militia brigades

    report #libya : According to Tribal leader speaking at meeting More then half libyan people were not even registered as tribes were left out

    Mohamed Eljarh ‏@Eljarh
    political parties showed that they can be the way to move #Libya forward as it reduces effects of regionalism and tribalism. #lyelect


    Libya is no longer admired for its high standard of living in Africa, but rather feared for its Jihadis, torturers and sham politics.

  54. Also contentious are the roles longstanding exiles and former regime officials should be allowed to play in the transition and in the future;

    These include the choice between various strands of conservative and Islamist political thought on the role of Islam .secularism enjoys little support outside an elite group of former exiles.

    as well as whether there should be a centralized, decentralized or federal system.


  55. With British backing, Idris as-Senussi proclaimed an independent Emirate of Cyrenaica in 1949.



    Idras did nothing to stop NWO pedophiles from raiding Libya for sex slaves.
    A threat to his kingdom was his failure to produce a surviving male heir to succeed to the throne.

    In 1956, Idris designated his brother's son, Hasan as-Senussi, as crown prince.


  56. 2011 / 2012
    A conference of about 3,000 delegates in Benghazi installed Ahmed al-Senussi, a great nephew of Libya's former king, as head of the new Cyrenaica Provincial Council. [3] 




    Sheikh Ahmed Zubair al-Senussi is a relative of the late king and was the longest-serving political prisoner during the Qaddafi regime.

    towards greater autonomy for Cyrenaica



  57. Since the NTC was a self-appointed body,
    it was not surprising that members of the old elites would select one another to lead it, given the close links the former elites had maintained while in exile.

    The family of Mohamed Montasir (NTC member for Misrata) played a similar role in Misrata. 

    Abderrahmane Suweihli, from a family that historically rivaled the Montasirs in Misrata, has contested Jibril’s leadership and established himself as an alternative candidate for prime minister.2

     Jalal and Salwa al-Dagheili (defense minister in the NTC’s ‘executive bureau’ until the formation of a transitional government in November and NTC member for legal and women’s issues, respectively) come from a family that was closely associated with the Sanusi

    so was the family of NTC member Ahmed al-Abbar.

    The list goes on.3


  58. Members of the non-aristocratic Libyan intelligentsia and business community, long exiled in the West,
    also featured prominently, such as the executive bureau’s Information Minister Mahmoud Shammam or Oil and Finance Minister Ali Tarhouni.

    “Mahmud Shammam, a well-known Libyan expatriate journalist who edits Foreign Policy’s Arabic edition.” Foreign policy is a division of the Washington Post http://www.foreignpolicy.com/about_us

    Libya TV started broadcasting from Doha on 30 March. Its founder, seasoned media man Mahmud Shammam, calls it "a voice for free Libya."


  59. Several major developments shed light on the continued absence of centralized control.

    The first was the assassination of Abdelfattah Younes on July 28. :

    Even at the seat of the NTC in Benghazi,
    the command structures remained split between the defecting units of the former army, headed by Maj. Gen. Abdelfattah Younes and later Suleiman Mahmoud;
    a coalition of revolutionary brigades (Tajammu Saraya al-Thuwwar) loosely linked with the NTC,
    and controlled by a diverse group of former officers in the monarchy’s army,
    businessmen and Islamists;

    as well as brigades that acted outside both frameworks.29


  60. The general's friendship with Gaddafi dated from 1969 when he joined a group of fresh-faced army officers in deposing Libya's king.


    Soldiers loyal to Jalil from the 17 Brigade, Benghazi's elite unit, had surrounded Younis's house in the late afternoon.

    Then in the evening, Jalil said at the press conference that "with regret" he had to announce the death of general Younis.

    Jalil had initially said the body of Younis had vanished, but it was paraded, together with those of a colonel and major killed with him, before mourners in Benghazi's Tahrir Square.

    Hours before his death was made public, Younis was rumoured to have been arrested and detained in Benghazi by members of the NTC over links he had supposedly kept with the regime.

  61. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/29/abdel-fatah-younis-death-libya

    Mohammed Agoury told the Associated Press that he had been present when rebels from the February 17 Martyrs' Brigade came to Younis's operations room and took him away for questioning.

    In an accusation that reflected growing rifts in the rebel movement, Agoury said the group had killed Younis and dumped his body outside Benghazi.

    Another account, reported by the rebels' Radio Misrata, said Younis had been killed after being attacked in a Benghazi hotel room, where he had been installed by the authorities after being summoned back to the rebel capital on Thursday for questioning.

    The report said Younis and two aides were dragged from the room by gunmen and later found burned and riddled with bullets on a city street.
    It said the identities of the gunmen were unknown. Neither Agoury's nor the radio station's report could be confirmed.

  62. 2012 :Libyan Justice Minister Ali Humaida Ashour : there are no suspects in this investigation at the moment

    , but as I said previously, investigations will reveal all.

    The leader of the Libyan land forces, Khalifa Hafter, survived an attempt on his life, Saturday July 28 2012 in Benghazi.


  63. Mohamed Eljarh : the Supreme Security Committee that is viewed by many to be the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya

    Ali al-Sallabi, an influential Islamist scholar closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, has repeatedly directed fierce attacks in the media against leading NTC representatives, including Mahmoud Jibril.

    His brother Ismail is one among several key leaders of revolutionary brigades in Benghazi and has also called for the NTC’s cabinet to step down.

    Another brother, Usama, has attacked former members of the regime on the NTC during sermons attended by thousands in Benghazi.5


  64. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxqgtTdjFBs

    Greater Middle East Project -

  65. Those who do not know “ Mohamed Magarief ” the U.S. CIA agent


    btw : is there smb who can mention a Libiyan party?

    I just see exile parties as the Tarhuni, the Gamaty, the Jibril, the belhadj party and the Magarief party

    1. http://epinoiasphere.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/west-vs-the-rest-which-version-of-spin-do-you-believe/

      The majority of members in TNC, are not, themselves, Libyans

  66. http://www.who.int/quantifying_ehimpacts/national/countryprofile/libya.pdf

    @FromJoanne wat do mean lifeWillGoOn ?U mean Iraqi style? Ppl wished this has never started, come on guys walk in Tripoli and speak to ppl




  67. Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:51pm EDT
    (Reuters) - A car belonging to an Egyptian diplomat was blown up near his home in the eastern Libyan city Benghazi on Monday, a day after deadly bomb attacks in the capital Tripoli blamed on supporters of deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi.

    A homemade device exploded under the vehicle of the Egyptian consulate's first secretary Abdelhamid Rifai in one of the city's most affluent neighborhoods but no one was hurt, security sources told Reuters.



    There have been 14 successful assassinations of former regime officers in Benghazi so far this year, as well as a significant number of failed attempts.

    Grand Mufti issues fatwa condemning assassinations of Qaddafi-era officers
    16.8 2012

  68. The following report describes how 32 people were arrested after government spooks monitoring a conversation between “Gaddafi loyalists” in a chat room identified them.

    They were allegedly discussing the recent twin blasts in Tripoli.

    This conversation purportedly occurred on Paltalk.

    Many similar discussions have taken place on this service over the past few months.
    Not one was ever genuine.

    Paltalk is an American owned and operated social chat room. It earned notoriety in April of 2011 when a SANA report divulged that the US based chat room was responsible for the dissemination of propaganda against Syria.

    It stretches all credibility that the Libyan Resistance would use an enemy operated chat room to share their stories with a global audience knowing that they are being tracked and traced.

    The Libyan Resistance do not use chat rooms or other unsecured channels of communication. Neither do they broadcast their activity.



    1. The following report describes how 32 people were arrested after government spooks monitoring a conversation between “Gaddafi loyalists” in a chat room identified them. :

      who is behind this news?

      “It was extremely disturbing”, Mohammed Eljarh told the Libya Herald.

      “I was listening to them talking about the attacks before they actually happened.


      the Libya Herald :
      Assistant Editor @LibyaHerald, Libya Correspondent @TheTimes & Associate Fellow @HenryJacksonSoc





    2. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201208-A11222/libye-intervention-docteur-hamza-touhami-aux-sujet-des-attentats-tripoli-benghazi-aout-2012.html

      Ce sont des attentats effectués par la branche intégriste des rebelles et celle de la Qaïda.


      Report #Libya : More Splits emerging among Militia's after Choices by Abd jalil .. some believe Internal fighting is responsible for bombs

      Report #Libya : Alarabia confirms Brother of Abdulhakim belhaj "alqaeda" was kidnapped held in Prison .. heavy clashes ensued in #tripoli

  69. Libya New President Says Country Needs Foreign Companies

    Tripoli, 15 August 2012 (TP)
    ", Libya's outgoing Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keeb told :

    "We are seeing the birth of a new Libya that is as beautiful as the waves of the sea :

    Panel Examines Libya’s Media Future
    Tripoli, 15 August 2012 (LI)
    One day after the naming of Libya’s new president, a panel of media experts, led by Everette Dennis, dean and CEO of Northwestern University in Qatar, assessed Libyan progress toward the creation of a media system that fits and serves the needs of its people.

    EMC Corporation Appoints New Libya Head

    EMC Corporation has announced that Mohamed Talaat, currently the General Manager of EMC Saudi Arabia, will now also manage the company’s operations in Egypt and Libya.

    Talaat, who is based in EMC’s offices in Riyadh, will continue to report to Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager responsible for EMC’s sales efforts in Turkey, Emerging Africa and the Middle East (TEAM) and Europe East.

    Talaat brings more than 20 years of experience in enterprise IT solutions and business management to EMC, having held a number of senior positions in the region.
    Prior to joining EMC in 2010 as General Manager for Saudi Arabia, Talaat spent four years at Microsoft Saudi Arabia as Regional Director, Strategic Alliances, Middle East and Africa and more than 12 years at Oracle Egypt.

    Saint James Hospital in Tripoli :

    While business has not yet reached pre-2011 levels, the hospital has now reached between 75 and 80 per cent of the business it was seeing before the revolution, according to Mr Muscat.


    Pharmaceutical seller and business lobbyist Mario Debono –
    who was very vocal and active throughout the crisis –
    compared the situation to Iraq, post-Saddam Hussein

    Meanwhile, he said, businesses were being terrorised in a different way, primarily by criminals roaming the streets with guns.

    “The problem is that there are many criminals running free and they are terrorising business people: going up to them with guns and demanding money.” :

    @ 4.23 : 1200 prisoners was set free on the 21st of august & today also 500 prisoners
    Colonel Hisham Buhagiar, commander of the anti-Gaddafi forces, said 28,000 prisoners had been freed so far,

  70. 20 aug 2012

    Sudanese Detainees Abused in Libya Prison

    Sudanese detainees in Libyan prisons face poor food and health conditions and receive inhumane treatment from prison authorities, one of the Sudanese inmates told Radio Dabanga.

    He added they prefer to die than to live under these conditions.

  71. More than 100 tanks have been seized from a militia loyal to Libya's ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi as authorities hunted the perpetrators of a double car bombing, the interior ministry has said.

    http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2012/08/201282415813211951.html …

    After 26K NATO airstrikes who deleted L army,whatUthink of that? Libya seizes 100 "green" tanks

    There was nothing in #BaniWalid.Tarhuna 12killed (last 2days fighting with tanks&heavy artillery)

    Last 2 days AlOwfiya brigade fought against the so called Libyan army=NTC mercenaries.#Tarhuna

    Libya’s newly imposed so-called General National Congress (GNC) met yesterday after taking a break for the end of the fasting month of Ramadan and the Eid holidays.

    The GNC members were quickly brought down to earth with a bang as they were met at the GNC entrance by demonstrations, including by the families of those that were killed by the Eid car bomb on Sunday which targeted the occupation regime forces. Some demonstrators had attempted to forcibly enter the GNC building.

    Not only that, but at least two members of the media were taken away for ‘questioning’ when a scuffle broke out following the unexpected departure of Congress speaker Mohammed Magarief, a long-time terrorist who lived in the USA and received funding for many decades from the CIA in order to fund terrorism in Libya.

    After meeting for a couple of hours, GNC head, the long-term terrorist Mohammed Magarief left in a hurry and the media were informed that he was to attend a meeting of Libya’s National Security Council.

  72. “We know that Gaddafi loyalists are behind these bombings” says a source close to the country’s newly elected president Muhammad Muqaryef.
    In the last few months, the security services have intensified the campaign against the late dictator’s loyalists in strongholds such as Bani Walid and Tarhuna


    ibnmukhtar86 Anas El Gomati
    Ecstatic at the capture of Saif - Tripoli has risen with so much passion and joy again. After Mo'ammar and Mutassim, third times a charm?


    “It’s easy for the government to blame Gaddafi supporters for the violence,” explains Anas El Gomati, Director of Governance and Security at Al Sadeq Institute. But the real culprit is government negligence he says. “It’s a case of violence in a vacuum.”

  73. The new democracy in the new libiya :


    the barberians of misrata have destroyed a mausoleum , 25 aug 2012

    the rebels have attacked the houses of families Douibi & Ati.
    The women are crying & shouting out loud there are no men [anymore] for their defending

    #Zliten #AlQaeda scum from #Darna joins forces with local Militias in order to attack pro-Jamahiriya families, many women+children exposed.

    there is also a brain washing campaign to show ppl whats going on is ok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99hjThvvqTY&feature=player_embedded
    The clashes in zliten actually didn't start yesterday it started during Eid when two men fought over a selling spot prior to al-Mazar festival.
    Some Libyan analysts believe the government has found a convenient scapegoat in the disgruntled loyalists.

  74. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiBhhAnmfYk&feature=youtu.be

    أنباء عن استعداد 12 ألف جندي أمريكي لدخول ليبيا !!!!!

    Reports prepared 12 thousand U.S. troops to enter Libya!! 27.8.2012

  75. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201208-A11264/libye-parlement-libyen-confirme-presence-qaida-libye-aout-2012.html

    Libyan parliament confirms the presence of Al Qaeda in Libya (August 28, 2012)

  76. Bab El Aziziya is Occupied by the Qataris


    1. Mabrouk oil southwest of Sirte is managed by the Qataris.

      They come directly from Malta to the platform. They do not pass through airports. The platform is monitored by the rebels.

      A large convoy of Qaid Darna goes to the city of Zliten.

      “But, probably, most frequently, conflicts occur over oil,” Mr. Satanovsky continues.
      Now, in a situation of a total chaos, nearly everyone in Libya is trying to seize control of the oil.”

  77. Tripoli 29 august :

    Articles with scapegoating content :

    Mel Frykberg :Shortly before Gaddafi was killed, Abu Salim was flooded with weapons in a last ditch attempt at resistance against the revolution.
    Libyan intelligence also alleges the group was in possession of another seven bombs, one of them intended for another Tripoli hotel. Documents linking them with one of Gaddafi’s sons,


    (Frykberg is a McClatchy Newspapers special correspondent.)


    Veteran Gaddafi oponent Hafed ALGwell: the story unfolding in #Libya is much bigger than just the destruction of the shrines..the future.. : This strand of Wahhabi zealots worked very closely with the Gaddafi regime


    HEADS UP : will this new Fatwa - http://www.twitlonger.com/show/j34h0o - spell the start of armed conflict between Islamic groups in #libya ? --

    1. http://gulfnews.com/news/region/libya/minister-warns-against-armed-islamists-in-libya-1.1067639

      August 29, 2012 Tripoli: Interior Minister Fawzi Abdul Ali has warned that Islamists amount to a “major force” in Libya both in terms of numbers and arms, following a surge in violence including attacks on shrines.

      “These people are a major force in terms of numbers and the equipment they have in Libya,” said the minister as he reversed a decision to resign that he had taken after accusations of lax security.

      “These people have arms and big groups. We must not close our eyes to this,” the minister told a press conference on Tuesday, ruling out a head-on confrontation with Islamist hardliners.

    2. #Tripoli: According to reports, amid raid SSC forces seized weapons as well as discovered a number of “pro-Gaddafi” propaganda materials

      #Tripoli: Emerging reports that SSC forces arrested a “secret cell” of pro-Gaddafi forces in the Abu Salim district

      Egyptian workers targeted in Abu Sleem district in #Tripoli. #AlJazEgypt

      Rebels attacked the houses of strangers on the road to the Chouk in Tripoli. They murdered a Somali and 7 Egyptians.

  78. Thanku4theAnger
    Confirmed: The so called the Anti-Crime unit of the Interior ministry are ones removing Shaab shrine in Tripoli with SSC present

  79. http://vimeo.com/user1234485

    who has joined the witch hunt right now :

    Sharron Ward (@KatalystProds) :
    Saadi Gaddafi may still be running these destabilizing campaigns just as the new Congress strives to build up the nation.

    Statement just issued PLEASE READ!
    What they want to say Saadi Gaddafi was Wahabi or Salafi suporter ?


  80. http://www.scoop.it/t/seif-al-islam-al-gaddafi/p/2576493180/66-11-restoration-of-the-rights-of-membership-of-libya-in-the-human-rights-council-un-humanrights-libya

    "United Nations A/RES/66/11
    General Assembly
    Distr.: General
    8 December 2011

    Decides to restore the rights of membership of Libya in the Human Rights Council.
    60th plenary meeting
    18 November 2011

  81. Libya’s newly elected General National Congress (GNC) reversed its decision within 72 hours regarding the level of pay it should award its members.

    The GNC had decided last week to award its members the equivalent remuneration package as that of the prime minister, including an extensive benefits and expenses package for housing, travel and health insurance.

    The current prime minister Abdurrahim Al-Kib has chosen not to be paid a salary. However, his deputy prime ministers are currently on LD 11,000 per month.


  82. Muslim extremists, whose political representatives did poorly in the July elections, have embarked on a violent campaign to rid Libya of anything they consider heretical to their strict interpretation of Sunni Islam.


    Libya is a nation full of potential, one whose young, relatively liberal population sits atop some of Europe's most desired oil reserves
    4 september
    James W. Foley ‏@jfoleyjourno
    #Tripoli #Libya ranks 7th Economists 10 Worst Cities 2 live in. Guess didn't ask residents #Aleppo where it ranks now http://soc.li/izHp35e

    Having been starved for months on end, the strongest resistance centers in various Tripoli districts, Sirte, Bani Walid and other centres which were deprived of water, medical assistance and any other means of survival, are taking revenge upon rat centres.


  83. Hussam Muntasser ‏@Proudlibyandoc :the best assessment of what happened during this war, is how the Libyan people perceive it.

    Hussam Muntasser ‏@Proudlibyandoc : no foreign intervention occurred in Libya before March 19. when G forces were bent on eliminating B

    How Disinformation Works: The Example of Libya
    i wouldnt even send a dog to get treated by a libyan doctor.

    @Proudlibyandoc Most #Libyans i spoke to in #Libya are against Militia and #NTC .. NATO bombed into submission

    if it was 100% popular uprising,how come Libya resist 8 months under NATO strike with eliteforce on ground


    No Signs Of Libyan Healing - Now Its Ex-Gaddafi Supporters Living In Mortal Fear

  84. unrest in Tarhuna : the loyalists who were accused by paranoia gnc of seizing 100 tanks didn't cause any trouble :

    A militia group known as Katibat al-Awfiya, led by Colonel Abu Ajela al-Habashi, whose members hail from the Tarhuna region, was tasked with supervising the camp


    The sources revealed that Colonel al-Habashi currently enjoys close ties with Major General Khalifa Haftar, who was supposed to assume the post of Commander of the Libyan Army after the victory of the revolution.
    However, Major General Yousef al-Manqoush was instead chosen for the post, prompting Haftar to again return to his voluntary exile in the United States.




  85. Evidence of torture by US, #renditions to Libya shows scope of #Bush admin abuses; far broader than acknowledged http://bit.ly/P3AR35

    Iraq :
    admin abuses; far broader than acknowledged :

    Libya - nothing but brutality. Torture scenes in the GNC's prison!


    Viaje al infierno de los refugiados en las prisiones libias:

    Libio torturado y degollado por cnt otan

  86. growing number of salafi's & jihadi's in Libiya :

    Salafists have recently recruited more than 300 young rebels in the town of #Ubari.


    = UBARI and Radical Islam in Libya - According to a tribal leader in the western desert, Salafists have recently recruited more than 300 young rebels in the town of #Ubari.

    They have become disillusioned since the revolution and have no jobs, and radical Islam channels their frustrations and grievances [PositiveLibya]


    "#Syria, #Aleppo / Syrian Army besieges #Libya-n Sam… No choice left, surrender or death." http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=437685072945156&set=a.242820505764948.65483.242800112433654&type=1&theater

    Former Libyan Al Qaeda fighter now FSA commander defended his presence in #Syria, by saying "The Syrians didn't want to do it, that's why"
    Housam Najjair. He is 33, al-Harati's brother-in-law,

  87. "teachable" :

    What Daalder and Stavridis also found "teachable" was that NATO or its allies could disregard the Convention against the Use of Mercenaries and use the al-Qaeda-associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group as infantry, while abusing resolution 1973 to wage an aerial war against the Libyan military.


    France built a military base on Libyan territory
    French military experts began to study a project to establish a French military base, on Libyan territory, specifically in the outskirts of the Libyan city of Sirte, on the road towards oil rich Ras Lanuf.


    human trafficking:

    SABRATHA - in the Zawiya District, yesterday morning found the bodies near the coast. Welcome to pro NATO paradise

  88. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQp8nOx_dn8&feature=youtu.be

    Libya is Broke and Broken - MB Gaining Control - Green Soldier

    James Wheeler ‏@wheelertweets
    #Libya: Timing of Senussi handover, considering reported quid pro quo ($200 million) and PM campaigns, worth investigating. No coincidences.

    L'arrivée de Abdellah El Senoussi en Libye (vidéos) (6 septembre 2012)

    RT @GihanTadreft #ICC ordered #Libya to handover #Senussi to the international court #news
    The regime has said it wants to convict Senoussi for Abu Salim prison alleged massacre in spite of the fact that no massacre has ever been shown to have taken place at the prison.

  89. On Sunday 11/13/2011, the heads of Misurata Militia Abdullah Naker and Zintan’s militia Abdulrahman Souweli formed an alliance to overturn any new government which does not assign them the positions of defense minister and head of the army
    Indeed, when the new interim government of Libya, headed by Abdurrahim al-Keib was unveiled, on Tuesday 11/22/2011, Mr Keib gave the post of defence minister to Osama al-Juwali, the local military commander of the western town of Zintan
    and The interior ministry went to Fawzi Abdelal, one of the Misrata rebel leaders, whose fighters captured Muammar Gaddafi in October, exactly as they demanded.

    Commander of the Front (R) Colonel Abdul Salam Jadallah, Libyan Secretary of Defense (C) Jalal Aldgaly and spokesperson for the United Revolutionary forces (L) Fawazi Bokatif
    attend a ceremony honoring the field commanders of the Eastern Front in Benghazi October 29, 2011. REUTERS/Esam Al-Fetori (LIBYA - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY)


  90. On 4 octobre 2012 :

    Abushagur nominated Omar al-Aswad as interior minister
    while Abdelsalam Jadallah al-Obeidi was named as defence minister.
    From Benghazi, a former military officer, Obeidi defected early in last year's uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.


  91. Obeida Ibn al-Jarah brigade

    One of those accused of involvement in Yunis’ slaying, Salem Obeidi,

    is being held at the prison. He is said to come from Derna.

    Bukatif said that the Obeida Ibn al-Jarah brigade, which an NTC member mentioned earlier as a potential culprit, was not part of the rebel body

    Abu Obeida al-Jarrah Brigade was in charge of internal security in Benghazi, essentially operating as a secret police force.

    It was also reported last night that two other men connected to the killing were also being held at the prison. On Wednesday, however, only Obeidi appeared at a military court in Benghazi at the start of his trial on murder charges. 
    According to military prosecution spokesman Sulaiman Al-Ramali, sixteen others, mostly soldiers, are also accused but have not yet been caught.

    The tribal elders and leaders of the Werfella people of the deceased Younis insist on a fellow Werfella tribesman taking up his position, succeeding their fallen hero as commander-in-chief of the NTC's nascent army.

  92. And when instead they turned their guns on the United States mission, American security officers and the Libyan authorities did not call for help from any formal military or police force — there is none to speak of — but turned to the leader of another autonomous militia with its own Islamist ties.


    “We had to coordinate everything,” said that militia leader, Fawzi Bukatef, recalling the first phone call about the attack that he received from the mission’s security team.

    The Libyan government, he said, “was absent.”

    Fawzi Bukatef ,leader of “the Martyrs of the Feb. 17 Revolution Brigade.” This is a local Libyan militia led by Fawzi Abu Kataf, who has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    -Wissam Buhmeid, the commander of the Tripoli government-sanctioned Libya's Shield Brigade, effectively a police force for Benghazi, maintained that it was anger over the Mohamed video which made the guards abandon their post.
    Wanis elSharif, former Dep Mini responsible for security in #Libya & Hussein BouHmida, ex-Head Natl Security #Benghazi, refusing to step down


    -“Now, the big question is: What is the next step? And it’s not clear,” said Fawzi Wanis al-Gaddafi, the head of Benghazi’s Supreme Security Committee, a loose coalition of militias under ostensible Interior Ministry control, who, according to Gaddafi, number more than 16,000 fighters.
    -On paper, the various militias fell under the umbrella of the Union of Revolutionary Forces, which answered to the rebels’ minister for defence

  93. Libyan "new" proposed govt: 13 of 23 ministers incl PM AbuShaqur, ministers/deputies from fmr govt / exec office

    The government said on Monday it was replacing the civilian leaders of February 17 and another powerful Benghazi militia that operates its own jail, Rafallah al-Sahati.

    The leaders of the two militias, among the most powerful men in the country, are to be replaced with uniformed army colonels, putting their forces fully under the army chain of command.


    Members of the new national congress, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the continuing investigation, acknowledged with frustration on Tuesday that Ansar al-Shariah members had not been questioned and remain at large.

    Privately, militia leaders complain that detaining Ansar al-Shariah’s leaders and fighters could mean a bloody clash within their own close-knit community.

    Ansar al-Shariah
    Abushagur said on Sept. 20 that eight Libyan nationals had been arrested in connection with the killing of the four Americans and that Ansar al-Shariah, an Islamist militia, was one of the groups thought to be involved.

    Following the protests, the group and another militia, the Abu Selim brigade, said they had disbanded and vacated their bases in Derna, east of Benghazi.

    Nevertheless, Ansar al-Sharia and other Islamist militias have bases elsewhere in eastern Libya, notably around the coastal city of Derna, known across the region as a major recruitment centre for fighters who joined the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

    Many of the groups, most of which either have Islamist links or tribal or regional ties, played a key role in last year’s uprising against Muammar Qaddafi.

  94. The NFA, led by wartime rebel prime minister Mahmoud Jibril, has 39 out of the 80 party seats in the 200-member assembly.
    The remaining 120 seats are in the hands of independents.


    Mahmoud Jibril has claimed that an international intelligence agency orchestrated the killing of Muammar Qaddafi and not Libyan revolutionaries as previously thought.

    Jibril’s comments are likely to generate controversy amongst Misratans already suspicious of the NFA leader, whom they accuse of being too close to Bani Walid.

    Jibril hails from the Warfallah tribe, whose seat is Bani Walid, where Shaban was captured in July.


    He/Shaban had been dispatched to the western town after two prominent journalists were taken hostage there. He was shot and allegedly suffered severe torture whilst in custody, and died from his wounds on Tuesday in a hospital in Paris.

  95. Is there a danger that Libya is becoming ungovernable?

    check the fat man sabri malek of the democratic party @ 19.42 :
    we support the revolution in Siriya :

    Khadafi was in the way to use WMD to his people ,the fat lyer says
    Libiya must become secular , the man continues

    Oct 3, 2012


    @ islamic foundation , london, april 2011

  96. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8_C52mR7UY&feature=youtu.be

    لحظة اقتحام المؤتمر اللاوطني

    Storm in National Congress



    You will find the petition below, thank you for signing it, THE HEARING IS ON THE 8 OF OCTOBER!!


    1. ibnmukhtar86 Anas El Gomati

      Ecstatic at the capture of Saif - Tripoli has risen with so much passion and joy again. After Mo'ammar and Mutassim, third times a charm?


  98. 8 oct 2012 The UK man , former coordinator UK-TNC ,
    juma al gamaty
    has been kidnapped
    and was thrown naked out of a car on the road to the airport


    TALKING about MERCENARIES @ 2.10/24 FEB 2011 : GAMATY

    Guma_el_gamaty Guma El-Gamaty
    by ChangeInLibya
    Rumour Gadhafi is willing 2 go 2 S Africa but his sons remain! Read our lips G and all sons r one package they r all criminals and must go!!

    Libyan lawyer Abdellatif El-Gamaty is one of the lawyers that filed the lawsuit against Nilesat. He just spoke to libya.fm

  99. 'Gaddafi’s regime looks like a beacon of light compared to the current govt'

    RT: The siege of Bani Walid started because the government wants to arrest the suspected murderers of the man who's thought to have captured Colonel Gaddafi. The town failed to hand them over – but is the siege an appropriate response?

    Patrick Henningsen: Not in a civilized, normally formed country.

    But as we know, Libya is anything but civilized and formed in a normal, organic fashion.

    The ruling party in Libya right now is an amateur government.

    It’s an artificial creation of the west in the post-Gaddafi regime change plan.

    So this gives you an indication of how they’re governing in this country and certainly there is no stability in Libya compared to before the NATO bombing and destruction of their country.  

    RT: The residents of Bani Walid are appealing to the UN for help.

    Is that a good move?

    PH: I don’t think they’re going to get much help from the UN, seeing as how the Untied Nations is the co-architect of this post-Gaddafi Libya.

    They’re half responsible for this sort of fraud that was imposed by the UN resolution in 1973, which was starting with the no-fly zone which turned into a bombing zone and a free-for-all for NATO countries.

    It doesn’t surprise me that the UN will be ineffectual because I can’t see one instance over the whole globe – over the whole geopolitical spectrum worldwide – where the UN has done anything of any value in the last decade or two.

    They’re a complete failure and they’re controlled by their number one funder, which is the United States, and its ‘Mini me’ – Britain.

  100. #Libya: Rumours NFA leader Mahmoud Jibril may replace #Abushagur as pm.

    Another reported favourite is Ali Tarhouni, former Oil & Finance Min

  101. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/10/08/170908/libya-militias-lay-siege-to-pro.html?storylink=addthis#.UHP2AMsPIWI.twitter

    The Libyan government remains weak and riven by factions that led to the dismissal Sunday of the prime minister by the General National Congress.
    Mustafa Abushagur was fired on a 125-44 vote after he submitted 10 names for top government posts.

    Most of those names belonged to members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Abushagur’s own party, the National Front of Salvation of Libya, while there were no nominations from the National Forces Alliance, the secular group that won most of the votes in July’s parliamentary elections.


    Islamic groups, namely the Muslim Brothers Ihkwan Al-Muslimin and Salafiya formations like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG),
    have become increasingly important for the political processes in Cyrenaica and Libya

    Mustafa A.G. Abushagur (born 1951), an anti-Qaddafi academic has lived in the United States since 1975. He is a professor of electrical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and founding president of RIT in Dubai. After the murder of Qaddafi, Abushagur was made deputy prime minister in the US-created transitional government. He became the so-called “first elected prime minister of Libya” on September 12, 2012.


    The Muslim Brothers rely on a high degree of organisation and on foreign support from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey and exile communities in the United Kingdom.

    They can also adapt to the conservative understanding of Islam in the Libyan society.
    Thus they have gained significant influence in the NTC and they are already dominating several political fields such as defence and law

  102. 10 oct 2012 “I said to him,‘Don’t run because if you win bad things will happen’” such Bosidra, Islamist scholar, warned Jibril against running for PM..




    @KatalystProds @HodaAH Mohamed Bo Sidra one of the longest held prisoners in #Libya he is an Islamist, was adviser to #MAJ during ##TNC era.


    2. Egypt’s Muslim Brothers: Egypt has always been sensitive to what happens in Libya, with which it shares a long land border, and contiguous seas. Now, however, with the Muslim Brothers taking electoral power in Egypt, the momentum which began in early 2011 from Cairo by the Brothers to support their colleagues in Libya

    (and particularly NTC Chairman Jalil) has been compounded.

    There is reason to believe that the Egyptian Armed Forces may oppose this extension of the Muslim Brothers network into Libya, but at present the military itself in Egypt is under siege and has more important pressures with which to contend.

    In the meantime, the porous Egypt-Libya border means that a free flow of weapons and cadres can occur (including a flow of weapons from Libyan stockpiles to Egyptian supporters of the Brothers).


  103. 5 Jul 2012 Mustafa Abu Shagour, currently interim deputy prime minister, of the Muslim Brotherhood, taking the prime minister's role.

    8 oct 2012 Mustafa Abushagur was fired on a 125-44 vote after he submitted 10 names for top government posts.

    Most of those names belonged to members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Abushagur’s own party, the National Front of Salvation of Libya,
    while there were no nominations from the National Forces Alliance, the secular group that won most of the votes in July’s parliamentary elections.

  104. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2011/03/17/save-the-libyan-rebels-but-do-we-know-who-they-are/

    March 17, 2011 “It’s just a matter of time,” Mohammed Bosidra says, “It’s not a problem, and this government will be recognized by all countries, even in the West.”
    For Bosidra, a lawyer who is close to the Islamists and who was imprisoned for twenty years, radical Muslims are the only force capable of preventing the formation of a cabinet.

    But Abdul Hakim al-Hisasady, the voice of Libya’s Islamists, has given his go-ahead.


    Suleiman Abdul-Qadair, the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] in Libya
    Abdul-Qadir added: “As for us, we are part of the heroic Libyan people who continue to write heroic epics for freedom and dignity, after so many people have been killed and honors violated, let alone all this destruction and devastation caused by this regime, led by Gaddafi, against the helpless Libyan people

    CNN recently posted an article titled “Energized Muslim Brotherhood in Libya eyes a prize” which analyzes the potential role of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood in the future of Libya.

  105. Belhaj, a businessman who lived with his wife and children in Manchester until returning for last year's revolution, accused NDA leader Mahmoud Jibril of using unfair campaign practices for his victory,


    Belhaj, who is due to travel to Cairo on Wednesday to congratulate Egypt's president, Mohammed Morsi, on behalf of the NTC, on his election win last month, blamed the poor image of the Brotherhood spun by the Gaddafi regime for the poor showing in the polls

  106. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-q_b4sTYr2F8/TYpNiKrvpjI/AAAAAAAAEK8/EEtqlK2K8B0/s640/350x.jpg


    New Libyan PM has strong India links Released: 17/10/2012 Libya's new Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, a career diplomat has strong India connections.

    62-year old Zeidan shot into prominence when he was sent to work in Libyan embassy in India in the late 1970s alongside the Ambassador Mohamed Yousef el-Magariaf, Al Jazeera reported.

    For more news and information visit: http://libyabusiness.tv/news/video/libyan-oil-corp-denies-its-agoco-unit-cut-output Copyright © Libya Business TV Limited

    Both Zeidan and el-Magariaf hit the headlines when they defected in 1980 to form the National Front for the Salvation of Libya.

    Zeidan a local council member of the city of Tripoli and a member of Libya's National Assembly was elected the new Prime Minister in a televised count, just a week after the last PM was dismissed in a vote of no-confidence.

    The career diplomat shot into prominence as the revolt against late former dictator Muammar Gaddafi gained ground.

    Then based in exile in Geneva, Zeidan played a prominent role in seeking support for the rebels from the west.

  107. Ali Zeidan, a representative of the council who is based in Europe

    Ali Zeidan doesn't live in Libya he is based in Munich and he worked for oil company having business in Iraq.

    Ali Zeidan, a Europe-based envoy (appointed by who ?) for the Libyan National Transitional Council, and Mansour Sayfal-Naser, a member of the Libyan Human Rights League !!, speak to the Associated Press in Paris, Monday March, 21, 2011.



    Hanan Ghosheh ,May 8, 2011 
    The interim government continues to face hurdles in securing international recognition.

    It has established diplomatic ties with a number of countries, but has been officially acknowledged by only France, Italy, Qatar and Kuwait.

    The United States and Britain have been more cautious in their approach. While both nations are participating in the UN-sanctioned military strikes and have increased their engagement with the council by sending diplomatic emissaries to Benghazi and pledging "non-lethal assistance", they have stopped short of formal recognition.

    So what are they waiting for?

    According to Mr Zeidan, the hesitation stems from domestic political constraints.

    The US president, Barack Obama, has begun his re-election campaign, while Prime Minister David Cameron presides over a delicate coalition.

    They are already smarting from experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, so a misstep in Libya could prove costly to their parties and careers.

    But in the long run, "they have no other choice", Mr Zeidan said. "It is just a matter of time."
    Hanan D Ghosheh is a Libyan American activist who has launched several petitions in favour of US support for the Libyan opposition

  108. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-jTjCcRZLZAE/UHsbxk5V_sI/AAAAAAAAKA8/6AYKJTG1EWw/s320/Ali+Zeidan+Libya+PM.jpg


    Zeidan is indeed a spokesperson of Benghazi terrorists. And he is the same Zeidan who, on March 23rd, stated: "In future oil agreements, we will remember those who helpd us" (by bombing more!).



  109. http://garizo.blogspot.gr/2011/03/puppet-show-in-libya-has-been-set-here.html

    3. Mr. Ali Al Issawi ( Essawi) (center in Foto above)

    A political and education Libyan who was born in the city of Benghazi in 1966.
    Has a PhD in pivatisation obtained from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest Romania.
    He occupied the position of Minister of Economy, Trade and Investment in Libya, and was the youngest minister to fill such a post.

    Before taking the ministerial position, he founded the Centre for Export Development in 2006 and became the first Director General for it. He also assumed the position of Director General for the Ownership expansion program (privatization fund) in 2005.

     Ali Al Issawi, former ambassador to India and one of the first Libyan diplomats to have raised the banner of revolt against Muammar Gaddafi since 20th of February , is the rebels' choice to reach out to the world. 

  110. The money invested abroad can now, in effect, be stolen and used to pay the Halliburtons of the world for repairing the water treatment plants, building new hospitals in a privatized healthcare system, setting up a fee-based education system, and so forth, privatizing everything in sight as well as giving their own economies a shot in the arm.

    With its austerity program, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) can now move to turn Libya from a creditor nation that once loaned money to other countries into a debtor nation with an impoverished population..

    Control of Libya’s high-quality oil and access to more of it.

    Providing a gateway to all of Africa, Libya is a strategic asset for the Pentagon’s AFRICOM program.

    For a variety of reasons, water is now becoming a precious commodity throughout the world.

    Under a privatization plan, water will now be sold to the people of Libya, and possibly bottled for sale in other parts of the world.


  111. Control of Libya’s high-quality oil and access to more of it.


    2010 The European Union is heavily dependent on Russia to meet its vast and growing demand for oil and gas supplies. Given Russia's massive hydrocarbon resources and geographical proximity, EU-Russia interdependence is likely to endure for many years. However, expanding energy cooperation with North African oil and gas producers – Algeria, Egypt, and Libya is certain to reduce Europe's vulnerability and improve its energy security. This essay examines the emerging energy partnership between the European Union and North African states.
    The geopolitics of energy: Europe and North Africa

  112. Control of Libya’s high-quality oil and access to more of it.

    Abdeljalil Mohamed Mayuf, spokesman of Arabian Gulf Oil Company,said:

    Dr Mayuf, you have spent more than two decades working in the Libyan oil industry.


    Abdeljalil Mohamed Mayuf: I started working for AGOCO in the early nineties.
    In Qaddafi’s Libya the oil sector was under very strict control of the state.

    But AGOCO supported the revolution from the start by providing moral and financial help to the rebels.

    We gave them food, transportation, shelter. From the start we were the revolution’s driving force.

    The »AGOCO revolution«?
    You may say that. We have made everything possible for the revolution to succeed, including most of the financial assistance needed.

    We were selling oil already in March, even earlier, from February 21, from the very beginning.

    Did it take long to find buyers?

    Not really. People were willing to help us.
    From all over the world – traders from America, Switzerland, other countries.
    We still work with them today because now we are importing oil products to the country, not only selling oil

    An »oil trader from Switzerland« – do you mean Glencore? Yes, Glencore, and Dutch company Vitol.


    The first Vitol shipment of diesel, benzine and gas was delivered to Benghazi on credit.

    But Libyan oil officials say that they could not afford to pay off the bill before the second shipment was delivered.
    So Qatar stepped in with another loan in May.


  113. Control of Libya’s high-quality oil and access to more of it.

    11/10/2012 Plans to radically enhance the size and power the National Oil Company in Benghazi have been put on hold following protests from employees based in Tripoli.

    The move would have effectively given the Benghazi branch full powers to run the oil sector in eastern Libya, where some 80 per cent of the country’s oil production is located

    NOC Workers Union in Tripoli complained that the move represented an unacceptable shift towards federalism in Libya by creating separate NOCs in the east and west.


    Moving on to the future Libya: what role, do you think, will the NOC play in the national oil sector?

    Abdeljalil Mohamed Mayuf : Actually, I don’t see the NOC playing any role at all.

    In fact just two months ago we’ve petitioned the Transitional Council to abolish the NOC and, instead, create a Ministry of Oil and Gas.



  114. #LIBYA #RT #Urgent .. Said a source #familiar with #Tripoli airport that all the families of government officials and the National Conference two days left in the direction of the #United Arab Emirates, #Qatar and #Turkey


  115. Did they bring them abroad to a secret torture prison ?

    Via Zangetna Mrs Abdullah Sanusi & Baghdadi Mahmoudi have been displaced by helicopter from #Tripoli to an unknown destination #Libya #Libia

  116. Source Central Bank of Libya confirms transfer 5 truck loads cash to Mitiga base for transfer to aircraft /10.30 am 22 october

  117. http://twitpic.com/ayf5gw

    All Libyan leaders have US passports. Except for Jalil (Turkish) & Hajj who has many in different names #Libya

  118. I quote myself 49,6 %


    the number was based on registered voters; when applied to number of eligible voters, it's only about 50%

    Libyans abroad and a few at home MENTALLY COLONIZED backed a coup wanted by Sarkozy&UK even more than US

    And it's not clear how the over 1 Mio Libyans outside of Libya were counted

    Unbelieveble msm said that the elections were a success

  119. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMvjKPMdTG4

    The Most Powerful Person In Libya

  120. The GNC regime said the existence of resistance forces in Bani Walid is a threat to the pro-U.S. government in Tripoli. Interim GNC President Mohammed Magarief claims that forces loyal to the former government have “infiltrated the organs of the state, maybe even its leadership, and are plotting” against the NATO-backed counterrevolution “with the help of others who are abroad.”

    Magarief denied allegations that the attacks against Bani Walid were based on tribal conflicts.

    That an area perceived as a stronghold of Gadhafi supporters has been placed under siege clearly illustrates the major fear of the U.S. and its surrogates — that the resistance to the GNC regime will escalate and take on an anti-imperialist character.

    The GNC regime has failed to rein in the militias, which terrorize the population and engage in all types of corruption. Unemployment and poverty are escalating, and the imperialist states that instigated and financed the overthrow of Gadhafi and the destruction of the state are primarily concerned with the theft of oil from Libya, which has the largest known reserves on the continent.


  121. James Wheeler ‏@wheelertweets
    #Libya: Ali Aujali's nomination as Foreign Minister is one of the reasons for the GNC protest at the Rixos tonight

    We have this habit "hey abushagur, u were shit deputy PM, come be PM"... "hey aujali u were shit corrupt ambassador, come be FM" #Libya

    In any case the vast majority voted for NFA, but other groups with a fraction of votes get the posts


    #Libya Congress Right now: 60 members Hajj absent 10 in UK 20 in Canada 10 Dismissed by Integrity Commission 2 resigned

  122. statement of #GNC president #Magarief at the end of the unbelievable voting session says "let the whole world watch us"

    March 10, 2011 @ the Elysee presidential palace , Ali Zeidan

    Both Zeidan and el-Magariaf hit the headlines when they defected in 1980 to form the National Front for the Salvation of Libya.

    1. "let the whole world watch us"

      Misrata National Front Party , Mohamed Ali Abdullah Addarrat


      The National Front Party is the successor to the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, an anti-Gaddafi resistance movement founded in 1981.



  123. The new Cabinet faces the herculean task of reigning in a mushrooming number of armed groups, filled mostly with former rebel fighters who defeated Gadhafi's forces during last year's eight-month civil war.

    And he is the same Zeidan who, on 2011 March 23rd, stated:
    “In future oil agreements, we will remember those who helped us” (by bombing more!).


  124. 31 october 2012

    Libya: Revolutionaries surrounding NGC will issue a televised statement soon,dissolving NGC&nullifying Ali Zaidan Government?
    for latest news on GNC attack tonight turn on Alwattaniya, the official channel.. oh wait, they are playing music, again #MediaFail

  125. Where is #Libya heading...: Gunmen control Headquarters of Parliament. via AlArabiya

    All I am hearing is militias unhappy with Zeidan's cabinet have stormed GNC building tonight.. exact identity remains unknown

  126. 1 nov 12.45 am
    #BREAKING: Reports about evacuating Rixos Hotel in #Tripoli from #GNC members #Libya


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