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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Abu Salim Hospital Imagery - Catalog

June 15, 2012 
(last update July 24)

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This post will gather all visual references to see what clues exist ... along the way, some analysis will be included in a seaperate post.

Satellite imagery and its clues Google maps link for Abu Salim hospital. Below is the cool graphic I made from it, with areas of interest labeled-A-F. A and B are further established by other imagery listed below. The other areas not so much, if at all. Special emphasis on looking for stray bodies - reporters were shown about 80 of them, nearly all black men. There should be more caucasian casualties as well, and reports of 200 bodies or more total. If the satellite imagery shows any of these, that would be interesting. It might - see areas D and F. 
Area A = The northwest out-building, with strange black doors (see PB19) in front of which app. 20 bodies were piled. Satellite image taken after body removal.
B = front loading area and northwest drive, where many empty gurneys were left after body removal. At least 57 are visible, with others perhaps still underneath the covered promenade. 
C = Apparently two gurneys, empty. Perhaps these were two "high-value" patients rolled out a side door and driven off for special treatment, leaving their beds behind 
D = A whole lot of something - possibly garbage/debris, possibly bodies the media wasn't taken to. 
E = Surrounding street, southwest corner - of possible interest, something messy happened on the street back here. 
F = A back loading area, quite possibly usually used for garbage pick-up. The apparent garbage bags piled here are of the scale to be human bodies, at least 25 of them if so. 

Interior locations will be placed as soon as we get hold of a reliable floor plan of the place. Not expecting that. 

Videos For a pretty comprehensive list, I thank Petri and his Abu Salim hospital playlist at Youtube. Here are most of them, if not all: 

[VAA]"In the area of ​​Abu Salim, dozens of bodies in front of and behind the... في منطقة بوسليم، عشرات الجثث امام وخلف المستشفى by alaantube 
[VBS] (new link when available) 
 [VC1]Bodies abandoned in Tripoli hospital by ikon589 (CNN video) 
[VC2]Grim face of war in Libya by ikon589 (CNN video) 
[VCT] CTV, Canada (load third video down on the right) 
[VE1] Parents find missing boy in Abu Salim by Euronews 
[VE2] Tripoli hospitals full of wounded and almost out of medical supplies by bonanza91v

[VJ1]Trauma at Abu Salim hospital by AlJazeeraEnglish 
[VJ2]1Bodies found in Tripoli hospital by AlJazeeraEnglish 
[VLD] A Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital [graphic] by LockerbieDivide

[VRT] RT Spanish


Alfred de Montesquiou, Getty Images, Aug.26.
[AM7] pile outside

Bejamin Lowy, Getty Images, Aug. 27
[BL5] blood and a bottle of blood !?!
[BL6] three bodies on gurneys, outside
[BL7] Pile ouside, lime-covered
[BL8] pile outside
[BL9] Evacuee
[BL10]Cleanup -blood

Bruno Stevens
Tripoli, Libya, August 26, 2011.About 100 bodies are recovered in Abu Salim Hospital before being transfered to a functionning morgue in another Tripoli hospital. Details of what happened are unclear, but it seems most were wounded Khaddafi soldiers who were later executed on their hospital beds in what constitutes a massive war crime."
[BS1] Gurneys outside, cat
[BS2]executed man in the left bed (bottle of blood room)
[BS3]same room
[BS4]same room
[BS5] same room, detail on left bed, shot-through pillow
[BS6] same bed wheeled out, more bullet track marks
[BS7] patient in right bed uncovered
[BS8] same
[BS9] same outside, ID card shown
[BS10] outside, covered entryway, worker
[BS12] same
[BS15] same
[BS20]same, with bodies piled on a truck now
  [BS21] same
[BS21] doctors discussing a body, outside
[BS22] black victim outside, being uncovered
[BS23] same man inside, being wheeled out [BS24] Inside, dead man, light-skinned (torture signs?)
[BS25] inside, rolling [BS26]sick ward, dark, half emptied, one body close-up
[BS27]basement morgue, Aug. 27
[BS28] basement morgue, Aug. 27 [BS29] blood cleanup 1
[BS30] blood cleanup 2
Daniel Berehulak [DB1]Bodies on gurneys, loading area [DB2]same [DB3] same [BD4] same

David Enders/MCT

Francois Mori

Giulio Petrocco, AP via Scanpix
[GP1] basement morgue,low angle [GP2] bloody gurneys, late PM Aug 26 [GP3] body in bed [GP4] unhappy corpse wheeled out [GP5] Basement morgue, arm detail
Geoff Pugh  [GU1]pile, Aug. 26
Heidi Levine

Jerome Sessini, Getty Images, Aug. 26

Patrick Baz, Getty Images, Aug. 26:
[PB1] Evacuees
[PB2] Evacuees
[PB3] Evacuees
[PB4] Evacuees
[PB6] Same
[PB7] Same
[PB8] Same
[PB13] pile outside
[PB14] pile outside
[PB17] same

Ron Haviv, Corbis Images
[RH1] body in a bed, face removed (skeleton - possibly by an animal - see also unknown, below)
"The decaying remains of a body are seen in a hospital where numerous bodies were found abandoned after what appeared to be execution style killings, Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 27, 2011."

Seamus Murphy, Corbis Images, Aug. 26 
[SM2] pile outside

Teun Voeten/Panos Pictures /Felix Features, Aug. 27
[TV3] loading area
[TV4] loading area
[TV7] pile outside

Youssef Boudlal, Reuters, via Scanpix
[YB1] Pile outside
Yuri Kozyrev, Noor Images/Time
[YK1] pile outside, powdered
Unknown, Chinese page:
[UC1] Fuller-body view of the skeleton-face victim, well-decayed, left out in the sun for days before coming here. Skin and hair remnants suggest caucasian.


  1. There's five pages of photos , 82 in all, at Scanpix.no at this site, from various photographers.

    and some great photos by Seamus Murphy at Corbis

  2. Geoff Pugh of the Telegraph has five of his photos at Rex Features. Another one, in addition to GP1, is blown up at a different Telegraph page: Telegraph Review of the Year, no 30.

  3. Replies
    1. I had meant to look for more, but Jesus... thanks for clarifying I won't be giving index numbers to all of these. Maybe I will eventually scan them all and pick the most useful... In fact I'm sure I will scan at least some.

      Welcome back to prolifitude, Felix!

  4. From 0.34 in the video until 1.20 CTV National News: Janis Mackey Frayer reports Tripoli hospital turned into 'mass morgue', there is footage of Abu Salim Hospital showing limed bodies being piled into a drop-side truck,shy visitors and interview with shy doctor "probably 2 or 3 days ago...in their beds" (words put in doc's mouth). Published Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011 7:36AM EDT

    1. That video - I've tried to watch it before, same problem -it's some guy from the Cato institute talking while rebels celebrate in the background. Wouldn't mind seeing it, but it's not on Youtube by the same name anyway. Cataloging now.

    2. @Adam - no, you can see the Abu Salim video if you click onto the box on the right,third down, marked CTV National News: Janis Mackey Frayer reports. This brings up the correct video, under the same url. Her Yarmouk shed videos were similarly buried.

    3. Thanks, that was not an intuitive arrangement, but I should have figured it out. I see now it starts with the same place Euronews filmed, supposedly Yarmouk, where they loot weapons and leave by the same gate. Gives a wider view of the surroundings that maight make it placeable now. At the end, same area, where the orange tank top guy was detained. I think this was filmed the 26th, not the 27th.

      On the main subject, yeah, some useful footage of the two executed men she mentioned in the article, the mark on the wall, I now realize, right above that disturbing bottle of blood.

  5. from 5.41 in this InomineX video until 6.12Tripoli / Abu Salim: The "humanitarian" genocide, Libya there is some internal Abu Salim footage which has the watermark ليبيا - "Libya", a Libyan channel.

    Fortunately, Voltaire network has translated a France24 talking head report by Matthieu Mabin from Tripoli, August 26: Libye : "on assiste à une traque des derniers partisans de Kadhafi"
    Our colleagues have just returned after an all-night coverage at the main Tripoli hospital, reporting the arrival of a large number of gunshot victims, including elderly people, women and even children. The CNT has remained completely silent about this. No call to surrender has been issued. We are undoubtedly entering the saddest phase of the conflict and it is likely that the CNT and the rebels will have to account for their abuses [...].

    We have reached a degree of cleansing that appears to be totally out of control, mostly at the hands of the gangs from Misrata, the martyr city of Libya, which have come all the way to Tripoli to carry out their revenge. "


    1. I can't find any evidence that France24 visited Abu Salim hospital - extraordinary, really, since they also had Virginie Herz in Tripoli as a special correspondent. However, it did upload a video from Dans l'hôpital central de Tripoli, les blessés affluent from Tripoli Central Hospital on August 27.

  6. Adam - I think this is meant to be your [GP2] link.

    Incidentally, those Patrick Baz evacuee photos are very interesting. The silent fellow on the fancy pillow crops up in the videos, but not the chap in the bright blue track suit,PB1/2]. [PB4] is our old car crash friend in the Arsenal football shirt who seems to have a thumb injury too and who also appears lurking in the background of [PB3] These are key witnesses (if indeed they were ever patients there)


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