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Monday, July 30, 2012

Abu Salim Hospital Massacre: Named Vicitms

July 30, 2012
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Among the reported victims of the Abu Salim Hospital Massacre, there are only a few, to our knowledge, that have been given even an alleged name in the available reports. The total number of corpses isn't even clearly known, reported from around 80 to 200 or more, but most likely the 164 reported later on. As the images so far reveal, most of these victims are dark-skinned. One of those is clearly a Caucasian/Arab male, darkened with decay, but many of the other dark bodies appear to be their original color, and seem to be of sub-Saharan and sub-Maghbrebian African stock (although many of these were just as likely Libyan nationals as African foreigners).

Those few who've been named (more perhaps to come):

African Foreigners
The UK Daily Mail’s reporter mentioned “a litter of the dead’s ID cards” to be found next to some of the bodies at the front of the hospital. “Two of them revealed that 21-year-old Mahaamat Cherif, from Chad, and Saidou Massatchi, 31, from Niger, would not be going home … they cannot even try to explain why they fought for Gaddafi.” [DM1] Nor can they explain if they fought for Gaddafi as opposed to doing manual labor.

A Cop
Andthony Shadid (R.I.P.) and Kareem Fahim for the New York Times said “the relatives of one victim, Abdul Raouf Al Rashdi, a 33-year-old police officer, said he had been killed by a sniper several days earlier in the Hay Andalus neighborhood.

The Hotmani Clan
Al A’an, a channel from UAE, had a segment on the hospital, posted on Aug. 27, apparently filmed the same day, early afternoon (the piled bodies are already powdered with lime). The still below shows that interview of interest here, with those bodies behind. The man says his cousin is one of them.

A friend with Arabic skills helped understand this interview, and even followed it up with the followinguseful research.
The guy at 1:07 says that he recognized his cousin among the dead people found in the hospital. His cousin is Musa Saleh al Hotmani (موسى صالح الحطماني). Then he says another one of his relatives is missing, Abdel Mola Mohamed Al Hotmani.

Didn't find much when I searched Musa Saleh Hotmani. When I searched Abdel Mola, I found this list. Abdel Mola is number 247 on the list. It says he was last seen on August 21 in the neighborhood of Gurgi, in Tripoli.

Also this : http://www.lost17.ly/online/index.php?city=1&orderby=aname&start=50 with a picture of Abdel Mola, and his birthday (the second name on the list).

This pro G page says that after Abdel Mola was killed, his corpse was burnt and buried in the desert, with other rebel corpses so that the families of these fighters don't ask for compensation from the NTC.

I also found this (video) interview with the family. They talk about Abdel Mola (father's nephew), they say that he's still missing. They say that Mohamed (not Musa) was found dead in one of Tripoli's hospitals.

So I searched Mohamed Al Hotmani. This page http://www.libya-alyoum.com/news/index.php?id=21&textid=3378&page=31 says Mohamed Saleh Al Hotmani (no 33) corpse was found in Abu salim hospital and that Abdel Mola is still missing.

A facebook page dedicated to Mohamed Saleh Al Hotmani.
So are Musa and Mohammed the same person, or did two Hotmanis wind up dead at the hospital? Incidentally, my own (Google) translation of the text at the second-to-last link (pops up when you click the name) shows it was apparently just added, on July 19, and says something like:

Martyr Mohammed Saleh Alahtmana born in 1989 of the population of Tripoli area Ain Zara came out in demonstrations in Tripoli and then joined Bthoar [Thuwar, rev. fighters] the mountain in the city of Alzentan and his cousin missing Abdul Mawla Alahtmana Vkaddo during the battle to liberate Tripoli on the morning of 22 \ \ 8 in rapid area Abuslim and Osma found the body of the martyr day 27 \ \ 8 inside a hospital Abuslim

If Osma/Osama is the man on the video, then Mohammed Saleh and Musa might well be the same.


  1. Osma is lying!

    It is unlikely his rebel cousin was ever a patient at the hospital.

    The pile of bodies in the video is mainly black Abu Salim residents killed by rebels at roadblock on the bridge over the 2 Ring Road – located right behind the service building. It is unlikely his cousin is there either.

  2. My inclination is he's lying, but...

    there is at least one caucasian-featured body there (truly blackened with decay) - it's the one with his arm chewed up, looking like the long-haired last-days Gaddafi warriors I've seen dead in a few other spots. (Mackey Frayer's executed special forces guy is another one - see here).

    Anyway, these stories are all confused. I have it in the report like this but summed up shorter, and that's probably all I'll be doing with it.

  3. He might have had a relative who was an expert of the zintan area :

    There is one with a sword Almgarhh told them he knew someone expert in this topic area and is Yousif Saleh Alahtmana

    the full story of the arrest of Saif al-Islam


  4. some Alahtmana of the maktoeb blog :

    176 /Mohammed Abdul Mawla Alahtmana /29 /Abuslim

    247 /Mohammed Abdul Mawla Alahtmany /Island TB / Qrjy / (21/8)

    261 /Muhammad the light of the light Alahtmany /32/Brega 15/8/2011


  5. -same blog has in Abu Saleem Hospital :

    ASH : مستشفي ابوسليم

    503 / 17 aug / صبحي ابوعبدالله عمر رجب
    296 / 20 aug / خيري الهادي
    362 /مهند ابوحميرة القمودي

  6. -many names claimed missing in yarmouk/shed

    some familiair names :

    398 / Mohammed Ahmed Ragab Ahbich
    244 /Essam Gibran Ahbich /32 /Yarmouk prison

    514 /Zeliten (19/8) /62/Judge Joseph Salem/Prisoner camp Thurs

    194 / Judge Joseph/1980/Camp Thurs trait Al Furjan

  7. Garance La Caisne wrote on September 4 2011 for Le JDD Le Journal du Dimanche, Plongée dans un ancien quartier kadhafiste:
    C’est à quelques ronds-points de là qu’Abdel Saleh a disparu, le 20 au matin, avant l’offensive sur Tripoli. Rebelle armé, habitant le quartier, Abdel était en voiture avec son cousin Mohamed el Othmani. A 7h, l’homme de 30 ans a passé un coup de fil à son frère : "je ne suis pas tranquille, l’endroit n’est pas sûr". Depuis, personne ne l’a revu. Son oncle vient pour la troisième fois à l’hôpital d’Abou Slim. Dans le hall, il vérifie la liste des malades transférés dans un autre établissement. L’hôpital ne fonctionne plus. Pendant les combats, il a accueilli temporairement des blessés et a servi de morgue. C’est d’ailleurs là que l’oncle d’Abdel a retrouvé le corps de Mohamed, criblé de balles.
    "It's a few roundabouts away that Abdel Saleh disappeared on the 20, the morning before the attack on Tripoli. An armed rebel, living in the neighborhood, Abdul was driving with his cousin Mohamed El-Othmani. At 7am, the 30 year old man had a phone call to his brother: "I'm not quiet, the place is not safe." Since no one saw him. His uncle is for the third time in the hospital of Abu Slim. In the lobby, he checks the list of patients transferred to another facility. The hospital no longer works. During the fighting, it hosted the wounded and temporarily served as a morgue. This is also where the uncle of Abdul found the body of Mohamed, riddled with bullets."

    1. "The guy at 1:07 says that he recognized his cousin among the dead people found in the hospital. His cousin is Musa Saleh al Hotmani (موسى صالح الحطماني). Then he says another one of his relatives is missing, Abdel Mola Mohamed Al Hotmani."
      relative of ? :

      Ala Othman Ben Othman


      @ felix : I don't agree with the hospital as morgue :Pendant les combats, il a accueilli temporairement des blessés et a servi de morgue.:

      most of the victims were in their beds when killed.
      When you are a dead body y will be brought on a guerny to a basement with special storage places

    2. not a benothman : but indeed hotmani :

      Mohamed Saleh Al Hotmani

      (Dirar Alahtmana 07/19/2012)

      Martyr Mohammed Saleh Alahtmana born in 1989 of the population of Tripoli area Ain Zara came out in demonstrations in Tripoli and then joined Bthoar the mountain in the city of Alzentan and his cousin missing Abdul Mawla Alahtmana Vkaddo during the battle to liberate Tripoli on the morning of 22 \ \ 8 in rapid area Abuslim and Osma found the body of the martyr Day 27 \ \ 8 inside a hospital Abuslim

      Dirar Alahtmana


      Favor of the man Alahtmana Report Saif Gaddafi ‬

  8. @ felix : what a brilliant find.

    Abu Salim Hospital Massacre: Unnamed Victims :

    Deaths of Libyan soldiers, however, were never reported by Western news corporations as deaths of human beings.
    At best, there were veiled references to the ‘degrading of Gaddafi’s military capability’ or of ‘Gaddafi’s capacity to attack civilians’.

    The latter is particularly odious. Soldiers have become, it seems, not human beings – people with lives, feelings and families – but merely the ‘capacity to attack civilians’.

    Barely six weeks into the invasion, British officials were already boasting that NATO had killed over 35,000 such human beings (in the usual euphemistic way, of course – “We estimate that [Gaddafi] has around 30 per cent of his ground forces capability remaining,” is how one British official put it, after estimating an initial ‘capability’ of 50,000).


    More Than 200 Executed by Gaddafi Mercenaries in Tripoli (Libya) Aug. 21, 2011 طرابلس

    gadafis mass grave 300 dead bodies in bir al uosta tajura

    gaddafis mass grave 700 dead bodies found in gargerish tripoli


    08/23/11: The Miami Herald reports that as the battle in Libya appeared at stalemate, it was an open secret that foreign military advisers were working covertly inside the country providing guidance to rebels and giving tactical intelligence to NATO aircraft bombing government forces.

    A helpful dr apparently assisted Nato :


    a vid filmed at the surgery room of the rebels just before the invasion of tripoli, a dr in contact with Nato



  9. @ felix : not the right page : looking for our mansoura wigwam , I did find a benghazi look-alike :

    mansoura wigwam


    AJA reporter: These explosions targeted the “green book studies centre” in Ben Ashour close to television and media buildings #libya#feb17”


    1. Thanks h - had forgotten about that. For the time being, here is another shot of the Benghazi Green Book Center* on a blog, Ian's "An Englishman Abroad". (he has some interesting pictures of Misrata "before" here

      ...still looking
      *Also known as the Revolutionary Committee Headquarters

  10. @ felix : besides the wigwam in the link I gave before and the hilsum goula vid y can't find proof of a building like that in tripoli.

    just found this comment in yr link :
    Aisha says:
    April 9, 2011 at 12:05 am
    There is a building just like that in Misrata.

    Little bit far thinking :

    150 bodies were found in misrata &
    a truck with 25 bodies is in the way, acc to dr moez from mitiga hospital . 24 aug?
    But the survivor of 2 massacres ,our el hadi , survived a school execution & was also freed on 20 aug by rebels

    In the shed it was said there were ordinary people inside, besides a judge.

    I return again to my question : which people were so important that they needed to be burned 2 times beyound recognition?

    And did the first burn happen in misrata?

    1. An organisation ,Voices of Justice Voices , which seems to know evth of all the events :



      عدد ضحايا المجزرة وصل إلى 150 شهيد
      28 Aug Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
      *GRAPHIC* Mahmoud Mokhtar Zadam tells how he survived a horrific massacre at Yamouk Camp on Thursday in Tripoli... http://fb.me/LP49WdFn
      25 Aug Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
      Video Of Abu Salim Prison as it is being liberated by Freedom Fighters http://fb.me/TpfA30tj
      List of names of prisoners released from Abu Salim. This list has telephone numbers. We hesitated posting it with... http://fb.me/tDWn5CjF
      Dr Moez tells Sky about execution of 17 prisoners in the Abusleem district. http://fb.me/tvzRwjjD
      Last Video of Dr. Ali Durat arrested by Gaddafi units. His body found tortured and killed http://youtu.be/GEUrVHWkFXE http://fb.me/VhqhbfpX
      180 slaughtered including children at the al-Yarmouk military base in south Tripoli. http://fb.me/PYlItNN5

      Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
      Libya: pro-Gaddafi forces left 29 detainees in hot metal containers - 19 died http://fb.me/FfNyt6g2

    2. Defender © 2011 Sidney Kwiram/Human Rights Watch / Salah Marghani, human rights activist and lawyer in Tripoli who works to reveal the truth about human rights atrocities in Libya past and present

    3. http://topsy.com/www.change.org/petitions/amnesty-international-please-advocate-for-prisoners-rights-in-tripoli-one-signature-one-voice

      IT IS NOT OVER! THOUSANDS YET TO BE ACCOUNTED FOR. Today the Libyan National Transitional Council affirms that it has a list of over 57 000 names of...


    4. http://i46.tinypic.com/euq6aq.jpg
      Libiya outreach

      group of international human right activists

    5. the tripoli prisoner leads again to :

      Vee we bas ‏@venus_elrayes

      http://www.mafqood.org/ a page for missing in libya @LibyaNN @libyatv @TripoliPrisoner @Libya17Feb @Ben_Mussa @LibyaFeb17_com plz RT
      Retweeted by TripoliBenghaziYouth

    6. all these organisations working together shaping a tale resulted in :

      Tripoli, 16 August 2012:
      Libyans and Americans share a bright future together. Since returning to Libya as ambassador in May 2012, one of the most rewarding aspects of my work has been to meet so many Libyans who welcome close ties with the United States.  And now we can add one more area to our deepening partnership.

      I say :
      The dead cannot ask for justice, it is the duty of the living to do

    7. felix ; there was smt with Anas Ahmed Bettamer, do y remember what? [Coventry , England.]

      By Bettamer Anas Ahmed Bettamer

      abundance of food in misrata , 1 june 2011


      burned bodies in sacks are not their martyrs , not the white clothes for muslim burial


      It is hard to belive .. there`s a chopped man in this bag ..!!

    8. http://culturereport.epochfilms.com/post/4236132649/libyan-rebels-flickr-photostream

      Epoch Culture Report

      March 31, 2011 at 1:05pm
      Libyan rebels' Flickr Photostream →
      Please be warned this is a gruesome and harrowing account of raw photographs of dead/mutilated Libyan rebels that shows the power of social media.




    9. Coventry visitor


    10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/45577838@N08/5625216733/
      By Bettamer Anas Ahmed Bettamer

      This photo was taken on February 21, 2011 using a Canon EOS 400D Digital.

      Contacts :

      Contacts : -Currently: ليبيا الحرة, libya

      Website: http://www.facebook.com/BB.RR.QQ
      Groups (1)
      Global Photojournalism; Politics, News, Protest, and Culture 173,982 photos, 12,100

    11. wonder who caused all this damage , on 21 feb 2011 ,evb in the khatiba was killed too at that date :

      By Bettamer Anas Ahmed Bettamer

      This photo was taken on February 21, 2011 using a Canon EOS 400D Digital.

      Two days earlier, on 16 February, it was also reported that Islamist gunmen, with the help of a defecting army colonel, stormed an arms depot in Derna and seized 250 weapons and an assortment of 70 military vehicles. During the raid four soldiers were killed and 16 wounded.[15]
      By the end of 18 February, the only place that still housed a significant number of Gaddafi loyalists in Benghazi was the Katiba compound.

      The colonel of the officers of the armed people named ADNAN ALNUEASIRI /
      عدنان النويصيري joined the forming and providing them with the Bakazfah" RPG "and three machine guns and 70 or so Kalashnikov assault rifle."

    12. burned bodies in sacks are not their martyrs , not the white clothes for muslim burial :



      It is hard to belive .. there`s a chopped man in this bag ..!!

      According to the humanitarian group, the bodies, in an advanced state of decomposition,

      stacked in the abandoned building, and placed in bags,


  11. some more organisations who wrote about what happened in Libiya :

    He should have died in prison, said Susan Cohen of Cape May Court House, N.J., whose daughter was among the Syracuse University students on the flight.

    "The fact that he was able to get out and live with his family these past few years is an appalling miscarriage of justice. There was no excuse for that," Cohen said Sunday. "He should have died in the Scottish prison. He should have been tried in the United States and faced capital punishment."

    lockerbie connection syracuse university

    1. more alleged crimes , that in reality happened in another way :

      Early in 1984 an American oil multinational with known, direct intelligence links to the CIA opened an office at 8 St. James Square in London SW1: the same corner of St. James square as the Libyan People's Bureau located at number five.

  12. Bashir Sewehli of the Libya Youth Movement


    As the military phase of the Libyan Revolution is quickly being driven to a successful conclusion, many, including this diarist, are looking forward to the end of the NATO mission in Libya.

    And it would appear that it's air combat mission is winding down.

    According to their own reports, NATO hit 2 targets in all of Libya on Monday, 22 targets on Tuesday due largely to a spurt of air strikes over Zuwarah[8] and Ras Lanuf[6], and 10 on Wednesday.

    However, there is another urgent mission that it is hoped that NATO can undertake that probably more clearly falls under its mandate to protect civilian lives than anything it has done so far.

    NATO can save many lives right now if they can assist the overwhelmed hospitals of Tripoli with MedEvac and treatment of the wounded ASAP.

    I just saw Bashir Sewehli of the Libya Youth Movement on AJE making this request.

    I decided to use today's diary to echo it.

    Action Item: Please tweet this request to NATO @NATO


  13. Dr Ahmed Sewehli: says systematic rape beyond Misrata - Full interview

    Dr Ahmed Sewehli Head, Misrata Psychiatry Team Misrata, Libya

    Dr Ahmed Sewehli, a spokesman for Libyan Doctors Relief,

    Sheikh Albishti been killed over 20 years ago by Gaddafi men

    In newer blogs 8000 women are raped and dr Dr Ahmed Sewehli,Head, Misrata Psychiatry Team,Misrata, Libya, urge :

    Do please ensure that you coordinate all mental health work in Misratah with Dr Ahmed.

  14. *

    @ 0.13 Farj Swehli, commander Misrata brigades

  15. http://archive.libyafeb17.com/2011/03/abc-radio-interview-with-ahmed-sewehli-son-of-kidnapped-abdulrahman-sewehli/

    Abdulrahman Al Sewehli Press


    London 'Quds Al-Arabi' of Ahmad Masri said Abdul Rahman Swehli candidate for prime minister of the Government of Libya

  16. Ahmed Sewehli :

    On 2 March a human rights group declared that 6,000 people had been killed in the crackdown on protesters. If we were to put this number in relative terms to the population of Britain, it is the equivalent of 60,000 lives lost (Libya has a population of approximately 6 million).



    reporters without borders saraya swehli

    جرائم اللجان الثورية والقدادفه قتل جريح بدم بارد
    shooting a person by unknown snipers


    reporters without borders saraya swehli

    About 1000 of prisoners were found on a farm close to Ein Zara prison in a deplorable state,

    including 6 Martyrs,

    as well as about 9000 others being held under the petroleum engineering building.
    RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley
    #Tripoli: About 1000 prisoners have been found on a farm close to #EinZara prison. #Libya #Feb17

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5fH7MzTAWI&feature=plcp

    Alqirdavy crimes and mercenaries in Libya

    جرائم القردافى ومرتزقته فى ليبيا

    Happened in Libiya or Iraq as suggested in comments? And by whom?


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