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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Houla, May 25: the Turning Point in Syria

May 27/28, 2012
Adam Larson/Caustic Logic

Note, Dec. 2014: This post is just early thoughts. The good material on Houla came later and can be found by following this link:
Houla Massacre (Syria) {Masterlist}

(otherwise last updated July 4, 2012 with minor edits Oct. 26, 2014)
July 4 "Houla" Massacre investigation progress:
A Discussion thread: Houla Massacre, Syria: What If?
An appeal and two starter articles at the CIWCL site
the appeal and the forum create the research wiki (still accepting members willing to dig in a bit and help)
That enables a featrued article at SyriaNews.cc, July 3.

The last was actually finished and published today, the 4th, but didn't want to make a point. But here I do. Happy Independence Day, USA. Long ago you stood up as a nation and said "we have a right to exist as a nation and reject foreign management." Some nations don't get to be so lucky, even today.   From the last link (prior to a possible edit of a few typos, which I'll just fix here, sory):
Do please realize now that if little Ali Al-Sayed is a fake, coached witness as he now seems, that suggests the opposite of what he says is more likely true. That means the people the West is increasingly arming and supporting are the ones who actually left a reported 49 children and 59 adults dead in Houla. It would mean the weapons people want more of sent were responsible for attacking the protecting army stations, and getting these monsters in close enough to slash throats, hammer heads, rape, mutilate, burn, and otherwise make of men, women, and children extreme examples sent out on Youtube. 
Besides propaganda fuel against the regime, this horror show might also have been designed to send a different signal within Syria, where people actually know more of what’s going on and have thought about it more deeply. Some evidence suggests the killings terrorized loyalist, Alawite, and other non-Sunni or non-rebel families into fleeing for their lives and limbs. That’s in lieu of joining or surrendering to the side that, increasingly, has a good chance of winning and hunting them down anyway.

After Houla and at least one copycat massacre, among an ever-increasing string of barbaric terrorist acts, it’s more urgent than ever that the world help Syria overcome the menace. Monsters are inscribing their bleak world vision on the flesh of the nation’s families, and the government’s defenses grow weaker by the week. But sadly, the brain-damaged “world community” is further than ever from helping at all, and is in fact pushing to escalate the horror until it manages to overcome all defenses and satiate itself at its own leisure.

And doubtless we’ll have plenty of witnesses along the way to deliver a version that upsets us less than the truth would.

Original article, initial thoughts, updated to June 2, below:
I don't keep up on the news, and Syria, while related, is off-topic here. But I just caught a CNN report on the protests against a supposed Syrian government atrocity, late on Friday (May 25), in the small town of Houla (or rather the Houla area, with the worst in Taldou). The readers hardly should need a re-cap of this amazing slaughter  - as in with blades - of over 100 people, half of them young children. Some number of Syrian protesters believe the Rebel claims of Assad forces authorship, and are protesting and, they say, being killed nowfor that. There's condemnation from self-righteous Western outsiders of the Syrian forces, its demonized regime, even the UN monitors who've been monitoring the gov't forces and still failed to prevent this massacre against civilians (meaning BY non-civilians, gov't forces)...

Who runs the morgue where all the bodies are laid out? Where was the rebel video of this to shock the world freely filmed? Is it it an area under rebel/terrorist gang control? Let's see.
Houla, Google Maps - about ten miles northwest of Homs.
Map, April 10 - it's between Homs and Rastan, partially controlled and totally controlled and hotly contested by the false-flagging Bosnian-Libyan style terrorists there. Suspicions bolstered.

The big question CNN and the corporate media salivating after Iran's oil will not want to ask: Who stands to benefit from a sudden slaughter-provoked panic in this rebel-held area? The government struggling to regain control of a country it has to live in, or the outsiders (who feel free to mangle and walk away as they've done in Libya) and the insurgents they support? Who would hack to death fifty children? Who stands to benefit from the responsibility to Panic (R2P) doctrine, when Syria's (and Libya's) enemies tend to control the process?

Islamists hack people up. Islamist provocateurs might do it in public, en masse, on children, if they want to upset people in a direction they find useful for destroying a nation. Libyans are involved here, since the NTC/NATO rebels took over Libya's plentiful ports, their exports include people much like the ones who almost surely caused the slaughter at Abu Salim hospital, perhaps 200 or more people shot in their hospital beds, throats slit, heads chopped off, government loyalists, local black people who were trying to flee, a few women and children included... this time they're in someone else's contry, perhaps more free to mangle and walk away like NATO does.

What this incident really needs now is an investigation. Heck, the hospital thing still hasn't gotten one, and this won't either. What it's supposed to get is panic, moral certainty, and strong action to overthrow the government and turn the whole country over to the armed militias of whoever, just like happened in Libya. It'll probably get something along those lines.

No bombing this time? Fine. It won't be so quick and decisive. Rather than 7-8 months bombing and then the years-long purges and skirmishes, it'll be a grinding three-year war, costing at least half a million lives. Followed by the purges and insurgency and bleed-over. Sound good? No. "The Arab Spring" is long over. Welcome to next year, with Syria still resisting. Time to acknowledge a few things.

Advice to Syrians 
The Libyan loyalists (a large and ignored percentage of the population, if not an ignored majority) were up against even more pressure by far, per capita, than the you guys are now. But if they had stood together stronger at Tripoli, or earlier, they could have stopped – or greatly slowed - even that onslaught. Some of them fought valiantly but too little too late, and they were slaughtered. Too many others caved in to fatalism, defected, fled, or surrendered. Now those who supported or served the former government are demonized and hunted down, imprisoned for rebel crimes against their colleagues, blamed on them, and often tortured to death well before any of the promised "fair trials."

 The world cannot sit by and watch – or help - this happen again. Nonetheless, it might. All citizens who support the government of Syria, or at least oppose the terrorists trying to destroy it, make an ever more united front. Bigger protests, armed militias – armed civilians fighting the armed civilians-boy wouldn’t that confuse the corporate media? Brainwashed civilians they’d say, so not civilians-government machines. Well, fuck them. Arrest the rats, confiscate their weapons. Get decisive. Isolate their strongholds, smash their border crossings and supply lines. Support and protect the locals in their effort to end the disorder and get on with a reasoned approach to settling the real grievances they have against the government.

 If the forces of "Free Syria" and chaos are allowed to win, as some very powerful people are trying to make happen, eventually, it could be over for you. Government soldiers, police, ministers and workers and prominent civilian supporters and volunteer defenders will pay. They’ll be the ones hacked up in ditches, languishing in prisons rape rooms, toenails pulled out, boiled alive, who knows? If you are to be killed for daring to oppose them, do it head-on, in battle, now or quite soon. 

 This is war, or at least a huge police operation that’s threatening to become one, so no doubt people will continue to die during the clean-up. The Syrian loyalists must remain sane and humane, killing as few as possible, detaining or abusing as few as possible, all the while documenting everything, showing the world the truth (even if it ignores you by and large). They need to know they’re losing, and start giving up and scattering.

 Don’t ignore the propagandists – answer them calmly and efficiently. But don’t waste much breath or time trying to argue with them.

 Advice to The World:

 Russia: they could use more some help on all fronts. Responsibility to Protect a state from anarchy and years of bloodshed and revenge and torture? Check.

 Iran: fuck the propagandists. Send technical support for border control. Keep this all between the Syrians to sort out or, if that fails, make sure both sides are bolstered by armed outsiders, the legitimate government with more. You could be a force for peace, preventing the grinding war from taking root. Not that you'll get the recognition you deserve from CNN and the like...

UN: Can you do your job this time, unlike with Libya? The inspectors do seem to be making some sense. Who do they feel has been trying to blow up the monitors in rebel-held territory? 

F-UK-USA/Israel/Rebel Libya/Saudis/Others: Fuck the fuck off. I wish I could flat out say “you will lose here,” but that’s not clear yet. I hope it does soon get that way. Above named parties - make it so.

Update May 29: From one of the great comments below, Houla one month ago, on the regime's last child-killing foray against civilians there. They selected a Syrian military officer and his entire family. For refusing to kill civilians, we presume? Here's a young boy of a loyalist family caught in the crossfire. Not in the sense of being hit by accident. No, someone decided to put bullets in each and every one of these brains they hated. And they keep coming back for more, especially now the child-killing is working in their favor.
June 2: A lot of typos and such above, little time. New info is coming out. Some links
Details on the Syrian investigation (called a "Blatant Lie" by Susan "Viagra" Rice)
A list of the victims, Google translated Lots of stupid shit about punishing the regime, broad acceptance the regime did the shelling, because they have such weapons for sure and the terrorists only might have them.
BBC has satellite images from the day after the massacre showing caterpillar tracks in the "suspected artillery position," suggesting tank-tread artillery was driven there the day before.
"All the images were taken on the morning of Saturday 26 May, within hours of the massacre ending."

So... why are the same tracks there on Google Maps' earlier, greener imagery from February 22 or earlier (not there in Aug 20 2010, there by Feb. 22, per Google Earth, and thanks Petri for looking that up). This might be a tree farm, a small one, with lots of little dirt roads for accessing the trees, to plant, water, and eventually harvest them. I don't see any reason to think it's a place where artillery's been driving at random amongst the trees for at least three months now.

Why do we suppose the BBC called them "telltale tracks," giving credence to private "military analyst" Forbes McKenzie? McKenzie "believes [these] are the caterpillar tracks left by a mobile artillery battery that fired on the civilian houses" and told the BBC "This would be standard Soviet bloc tactics, firing from woods and then withdrawing." Is this guy an idiot or a liar trying to "justify" war? I don't think he's an idiot.


  1. Houla has false flag written all over it.

    According to Walter Fauntroy, an ex-US Congressman and colleague of Martin Luther King, French and Danish Special Forces were murdering Libyans (Valencia Mohammed, “US Congressman Witnessed European Special Forces Beheading Libyans.” Posted on Mathaba 9 Sep 2011 http://mathaba.net/news/?x=628601).

    I haven't seen a refutation of this story. I cite it to suggest another possible source of the Houla killings: western mercenaries.

    Art Bethea

    1. Art! Thanks.

      Mr. Fauntroy... I've rebutted it, with the feeling it's not necessary, and a weird story. Same here. But it all comes out the same. The event, in the context, works FOR those who want to destroy the Syrian government. Anyone but them is the most logical suspect.

      I was just shaking when I heard this story earlier, and the fucking F-word and red letters and bolding are all needed. Big guns. This, sadly, could fail to backfire. The course of demonization is so locked-into that even this-especially this-when it's so obvious - might just HAVE to be a regime crime, no matter how insane that is, or turning the country over to these monsters in punishment ...

      to do anything else leaves two options:
      1) leave this massacre unsolved and unresolved and blame no one
      2) acknowledge some major fucking problems with the people we've been backing to take over. That's difficult.
      If the next one's even bigger, no dice. It's bye-bye Assad and hello terrorist mob rule over Syria for however long it takes to sneak tens of thousands more into Iran....


    2. Adam,

      I read/reread your rebuttal regarding WF. Sorry, but I was underwhelmed.

      WF's assessment that Qaddafi had 90% support is not believable. On the other hand, foreign forces brutalizing Libyans makes perfect sense to me: if people like the government they have, this tactic cowers them into obeying the new regime. Moreover, NATO basically murdered Qaddafi. Indeed, I think they knew the exact vehicle he was traveling in so as to not blow him up. If NATO was trying to kill him, it's only commonsense that NATO would have people on the ground just in case the lynch mob didn't do its job.

      Moammar's NATO-enabled lynching is roughly similar to what WF said he witnessed.

      Art Bethea

    3. Yeah, but it seems to be Misrata brigade thugs that did it. But who knows, maybe they took him to the secret place where the wicked white(r) people were trusted with the serious badness.

      A bit of snark, yes, but not to be mean. Mr. Fauntroy could be right, I don't know.

  2. This is directly related to the topic of beheadings – a known al-Qaeda execution method.

    In Ban Ki-moon's letter to U.N. Security Council on Syrian village massacre he uses the phrase “severe physical abuse”.

    Amal Saad-Ghoryeb says it is apparently an euphemism for beheading:
    Why It Is Highly Unlikely the Syrian Regime Was Behind the Houla Massacre

  3. bbc used a picture from iraq to show the massacre

  4. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v33/n22/hugh-roberts/who-said-gaddafi-had-to-go

  5. Cool new commentators, thanks. Petri, Sam1, howdy.

    BBC-I doubt they picked it themselves. I think an activist really did hand it to them,making them the liars. Not that there's any doubt lots of kids were slaughtered. Appears my own numbers were a bit high.

    I'd have to see more to know about beheading. I've also read that kids' heads were split open, by artillery with an uncanny ability to seek out juvenile craniums... I haven't tried to watch the videos, thankfully, no pressure to. I'm just popping in on the subject.

    RVA, good article, is off-topic. I bookmark it.

    On being locked into blaming Assad, and on the next one, it's about as I feared.
    "We are appalled at what appears to be credible reports that the Syrian regime has been responsible for the deaths of 92 civilians in Houla, including 32 children," said Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt.
    Credible how? Color me appalled. (BTW Mr. Burt has a hard time using plural form properly - reports appears, situations gets worse...")
    "The UN Head of Mission has been able to confirm the numbers and also that artillery tank shells have been used. If this is the case then it's an act of pure, naked savagery and we condemn it in the most strongest possible terms."
    INVESTIGATION is needed! Finding artillery was used, and making some stupid presumption that civilians (terrorist gangs, "opposition activists") cannot possibly own artillery , along with the one that civilians killed=non-civilians did it - that is not an INVESTIGATION. It's atrocity apologizing, atrocity-enabling, self-delusion and whitewashing, plus a good step towards realizing at any cost a stated foreign policy goal of leaving Syria in a useful state of anarchy.
    "We are not planning military action and we've already expressed our concerns in relation to putting more arms and weaponry in the area, but if massacres like this are to continue, if situations like this gets worse, then I'm not sure it's possible for the international community to say at this stage that no further action could possibly be considered in any circumstances," he said.
    Yes. Whoever did this, and we're sure without reason it's the side we're already demonizing, the government (and those who rely on it) will pay. If the Islamists can hack to death 200 or 500 people soon, war ON THEIR BEHALF, to put the slaughter-jackals in charge of ALL SYRIANS is all but inevitable. The worse they get, the more likely they are to win and continue killing at their own leisure with no more effective condemnation.

    That's Humanitarian responsibility to protect in a nutshell, isn't it?

  6. some vids about media lies


  7. http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=/watch%3Fv%3DmZOTDbUvRMo%26feature%3Dyoutu.be

    this happened in Houla back in April, an officer's family was slaughtered http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZOTDbUvRMo&feature=youtu.be
    Retweeted by Sophia

  8. #Houla is a part of #Homs where residents refused 2 take part in #FSA demos

    via Sophia

  9. http://stopwar.org.uk/index.php/middle-east-and-north-africa/1438-how-the-us-blocks-peace-plans-to-end-the-syria-carnage

    How the US blocks peace plans to end the Syria carnage

  10. And now we have the fake survivor who played dead...
    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/may/28/houla-massacre-survivor-boy-syria. Additional reporting by Hala Kilani
    What a set-up. "We are unable to independently verify the account" = fake.

    1. http://www.brlman.com/vb/showthread.php?p=114668

    2. Yeah, from "activists say" to "kids say the darndest things."

      His story has some problems, but nothing physically impossible. I give the writer credit for including this-almost all we need to know, if you think about it. Fifteen minutes he described the horror of his whole family slaughtered before his eyes:
      Throughout a 15-minute conversation, the boy remained calm and detached until he was pressed on how he knew the gunmen were pro-regime militia men, known as al-Shabiha. The irregular forces have been widely accused by residents of Houla of entering homes and slaughtering families. At least 32 of the dead are children and many of them appear to have been killed at close range.

      "They got out of tanks and they had guns and knives," he repeated. "Some of them were wearing civilian clothes, some army clothes.

      "Why are you asking me who they were? I know who they were. We all know it. They were the regime army and people who fight with them. That is true."

      Recalling the death and blood didn't bother him, it was question the political spin of his allegation that set him off. He's old enough to understand what the main point here is. Get the Syrian government attacked and destroyed by any and all means.

  11. The United States, France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland all took action on Monday to expel Syrian diplomats over Friday's killings in the Houla region.

    This face
    just isn't sad enough. They won't even talk to the victims. This means they expect them to be dead and dying soon. You don't want to hear the screams-expel all gov. people, cut off their media, and exclusively get your info from the "activists" covering for the slaughter jackals. Yes, Libya is a model to be called on...

    And Iran will be bigger bloodbath yet. Armageddon times, a-coming folks. Been good knowin' ya.

    1. David M. Tafuri, a partner at Patton Boggs LLP, is legal counsel to the National Transitional Council of Libya.

      Syria is the next challenge under R2P.


      Intervention in Libya was historic. It marked the first time that force was used under the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect. This was developed in the U.N. during the last decade

      Clinton and Rice worked furiously in the days before the NATO intervention to pass a resolution in the U.N. Security Council that authorized the use of force. Convincing Russia and China not to veto that resolution (both abstained) was an enormous diplomatic victory.

      Libya is now free of Qadhafi. Not one American life was lost in the mission. Libya has a new prime minister. He is a U.S. citizen, and lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years.
      The first mission authorized under R2P was a success.

  12. http://www.dampress.net/index.php?page=show_det&select_page=21&id=20473#.T8R1h3sBWYo.twitter

    ساطع ‏@sate3

    Our children are not mere numbers in the blood stock market. Names of the child martyrs who died in #Houla [AR] http://www.dampress.net/index.php?page=show_det&select_page=21&id=20473#.T8R1h3sBWYo.twitter #Syria

  13. Child slaughtered in #HoulaMassacre seen wearing a patriotic wristband, more evidence against the opposition militia? http://pic.twitter.com/CMKBznCa

    1. That was of course a mix-up. I'm wrong all over the place here as well-wrong date, approx. numbers-the use of blades is only coming out slowly - I caught it eraly by imagining what the CNN guy meant by dismembered children. Good guess. The Syrian ambassador to the UN (not expelled) describes it as similar to the GIA method in Algeria, familiar too from Az Zawiyah-eyes gouged, limbs hacked odd, burnt, etc.

  14. I was worried about the Russian stance with Lavrov's comment seeming to blame the gov. BUT I noted he blamed themmvia their "responsibility" to PREVENT these things, not resp. to not DO them. Big difference.
    Russians in Syria rip on that - the area in question was under rebel protection (which failed, even though THEIR positions were not shelled simultaneously with the shelling of Houla area)), according to the terms of the cease-fire.
    So how do they stop them with so mant hands tied behind their backs? Should be a precursor to increased support - The news says so, but that shipment was just before Houla, so we have to wait... Americans are furious.
    Clinton warned that unless unchecked, the deadly violence in Syria could lead to civil war or even develop into a proxy war... Proxy? Yes, "... because of Iran's support for the regime." Not the West's support of the false-flagging insurgency.
    US envoy Susan Rice on Thursday condemned "reprehensible" Russian arms deliveries to Syria as she stepped up US calls for increased international pressure on President Bashar al-Assad. The US ambassador to the United Nations also accused the Damascus government of a "blatant lie" by denying it was involved in a massacre in which 108 people were killed.

    Investigation: what's needed is a good map of Syrian army positions attacked relative to the different towns of Houla and of surrounding towns, especially the loyalist ones some say the killers came from the direction of, often saying just who they were, even as the gov. that supp. sent them denies it. Familiar from Kosovo...

    1. Sorry, changed thoughts halfway through-I had thought the Russians just now agreed to help more, but the weapons were allegedly shipped just before the massacre. And even that's according to aguess by "Human Rights First," (yet another advocacy group for putting whole nations of humans under terrorist control based on rumors and ill-founded presumptions), who tracked a ship carrying something with its "transponder" off to be sneaky.

      Keep the transponder on with the next shipments of weapons, monitoring equipment, advisers, troops if needed. Be open about your rescue of a nation from the liars and murderers of the West, who will be exposed eventually. Don't write yourselves into their shame just to avoid a temporary rift with those powerful and evil forces.

    2. Might I be over-doing it here out of sheer frustration? Mmmm perhaps.

  15. Navi Pilay: Making Sense so far.
    The UN's top human rights official is calling for the international community to support the Syria peace plan and a probe into the killing of more than 100 civilians in Houla last week.

    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay says without that, the country risks descending into a full civil war.


    Please continue to specify the peace plan (the Syrians are okaywith it then I am, tho I'm not familiar), NOT some twisting of that into gov. surrender.
    And emphasize INVESTIGATION, a good and fair one. Why are the US and UK and Rebels not calling for one, hm?

    Syria does one, US calls it a lie, with nothing themselves but some misread "reports"from "activists" and a bunch of sloppy reasoning, time after time, country aftercountry, and man, collectively, it's getting well into the millions killed, ins't it?

  16. Rice says "after her thorough investigation "in all likelihood” the governemne'ts forces were responsible “for the door-to-door killing of innocents execution style” just ahead of Kofi Annan's visit. She couldn't think of where to fit Viagra into it, but as soon as an activist says, her investigation is done and it's time for the heavy blows. That woman can see a lie a mile away. No fooling that sister.

    Fascist swine.

    1. see her on 0.52


  17. Auto trans late :

    Interview with gripping eyewitness Houla district Massacre in Syria: Armed Resistance monstrous and full of lies and deceit
    On 31 May 2012, a report published by independent journalist Marat Musin Anna News about what happened on that terrible Friday, May 25 would have happened in the Syrian places Taldo and Houla (1). In this post I give a summary of an interview with an eyewitness. Underneath is a list of commanders who were responsible for the massacres of mostly families who would have been unwilling to take up arms against the Syrian government.

    For previous articles related to this topic I recommend (2.3) to read.

    According to this notice have about 700 armed rebels from Rastan, Al-Houla in their power and have thereby taken the first families that were known to them for the Syrian government were ruthlessly murdered. The dead were then presented as victims of the Syrian army in order to increase international pressure for military intervention in the country. This manipulation was - as I said before in other articles - enthusiastically taken up by some NATO countries who want nothing more than the fall of the Assad government.

    On May 25, was shot at random by the insurgents. The journalists have images of how it was shot on the armored vehicles of the UN, nor the journalists themselves were shot.

    Following are excerpts from an interview with a resident of Taldo, where a massacre took place (4).

    "The bandits fired at the checkpoints of the army in Taldo, when the army fired while injured. The man who was later a mortar shell at the hospital shot hot Said Fayez Talha Al-Aksh and his family live in Taldao. Usually there were only fights after Friday prayers, but there was talk for days about the "H-hour" causing real chaos would result.

    Some armed men carried cameras and walkie talkies. On Friday, after the prayer was the attack on the checkpoint, the army deployed by Nidal Bakkour. Later, another checkpoint was attacked by men of the family Al-Hallak. They attacked the guard with the hills.

    Bakkour led a group of strangers that he called the guard to attack. Here, 25 slain attackers.

    Marat Musin: How can you know how many people were slain?

    When the UN observers arrived, the armed men collected the bodies and told them that the citizens were murdered by the Syrian army. I have heard they even claimed that these deaths were found in houses.

    Around 3:30 they have a high Sentry can take, here they still have a Syrian soldier by the throat cut and three high thrown down. This would still have said that he was a Sunni Muslim, whereupon the other would have said: "Ah, now you suddenly remember that you're a Sunni."

    At 6 o'clock the rebels had yet another checkpoint taken together with the police in Taldo. Opposite the police station were the houses where the families were massacred. It was known that the authorities supported these families. These were all children of the family of al-Sayed, 3 families and 20 children. They also killed all the children of the Abdul Razak family: 10 deaths.

    From the al-Sayed family have the family of the brother of Abdullah Al-Mashlab, the third person on 24 May in the Syrian parliament was elected, was assassinated. The next day they have his wife, his brother and three children were killed.

    At 7 o'clock, the Al-Farouq brigade, led by Abulrazak Tlass of the so-called 'Free Syrian Army along with about 250 men from the city of Rastan. He also had two other groups at him from Al-Qabo, directed by Yehya al-Yusef and another group from Falla.

    During the clashes, the armed men got instructions during interviews with the news channel Al-Jazeera extra gun violence to be heard. At night there was not shot.

  18. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/06/01/244097/houla-massacre-wests-new-chicanery/

    ‘Blaming Syrian govt. for Houla killings, another Western falsity’

  19. http://swampland.time.com/2012/06/01/the-obama-doctrine-syria-vs-libya-intervention/

    The Obama Doctrine: Syria vs. Libya Intervention


  20. AmnestyInternational ‏@amnesty

    #UNHRC must not shy away from making a direct recommendation for the #UNSC to refer #Syria to the ICC

    1 6 2012

    1. It keeps all the suits and lawyers in work too...win win.

  21. Russian arms shipment arrived in Tartous last Saturday. No further information.

    @Soldatovich MiG-35s have arrived

    1. Migs! Fly Zone! Go Syria! Chase the fuckers into the sea! They are not "the people," they are a few problem people of Syria plus outside fighter, terrorists, weapons, money, propaganda, pseudo-legal maneuvers, etc... . We know this, and as soon as the fantasy is dissipated, we can acknowledge it, guardedly.

  22. on Sukant Chandan website i found this it's interesting considering that's it's from Al- Jazeera the man being interviewed says that the two families that were slain were pro-goverment.

  23. In case it winds up being of interest, a discussion I'm trying to start on the side. Maybe the JREF "skeptics" and duh-bunkers have something we missed? Most of them surely agree with the establishment line.
    Houla Massacre, Syria: What If?

  24. http://www.syrianews.cc/syria-al-hula-more-questions-than-answers-690.html
    The massacre of Al-Hula delivers more questions than answers, while the Western powers are convinced in public that the Syrian government and army is responsible for this massacre, even when some details reject such a conclusion.

    Not to mention that such a horrible massacre is a benefit for the Syrian opposition and not for the Syrian government and President al-Assad. The real implementation of a ceasefire in Syria and the following political dialogue is not in the interests of some sides and e.g. the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) knows that such political talks are counterproductive to their (only) goal.

    To the question “Cui bono?”, the visit of William Hague to Moscow, Russia, could deliver a possible answer.

    From there, the article falls apart into a strange argument about the place name, which might have been changed by the media or something, with "Houla" apparently never existing before. Orwellian experiment in invention? Who knows. But the area is the same, that's being talked about, and the SANA site, after the investigation, refers to the "al-Houla Massacre." More specifically, it's a collection of towns, most relevant al-Shumariyeh and Taldo, "in the countryside of Homs province," where Google shows it, apparently using another name once. That happens.

    The rest gets better, but it's not amazing.

  25. Here's an article with lots of useful insights. Israelis worried about extreme Islamists taking root next door wrote it. The people of Syria are and/or should be afraid of the same thing, so it's a great confluence.

  26. You wrote while related, is off-topic here.

    Yes, this is very much related, but at the same time off topic.

    I have not been seriously following the story. There is nothing really interesting in the massacre. There has never been any doubt who is responsible, the Syrian "opposition" and their foreign backers. What is more interesting is the way the Western liars in the media and politics falsify the events. Nothing new there either. It only reminds me to question everything ever written in the English language.

    The real reason we do not need to look into this is that Syria has supporters that are able to put the facts straight and present them in clear English. The truth may be buried by the Western liar press, but at least the truth is out there.

    Libya was different. Libyans were so incompetent that they could not even get the facts across, not at least in the English language. It has been left to people like us, who cannot even speak Arabic.

    The whole war of aggression against Libya boils down to the al Baida massacre hoax. Someone should have set the record straight. I believe with Syria and Houla there are others that can do it.

    Then again, who ever starts working may be wasting there time. We could use half a year disproving every little lie invented by the Western media and their real masters. In the end it would achieve nothing. This is not about the truth. This is about "progress" and the inevitable course of history. No one can prevent the Third Reich from conquering the world!

  27. Here is a YouTube account that has been posting a large number of videos from Hula / Houla (whatever that may be) including "survivor" testimony from the massacre.

    The name of the account suggest that he may be more interested in "freedom" than in the truth. What is clear however, is that Houla seems to be rebel territory.

    There is more Houla material from this account: SyRev15Mar.

  28. Yep, it was the local rebel security forces whototally failed to protect their people, not the Syrian forces farher away, told to keep out, and shelled and killed anyway as the attack jappened.

    Just one more quick link to an okay article:

    Good words coming from Russia now. Some cited there.
    Alexei Pushkov, chair of the international affairs committee of the Russian parliament, the Duma, was more explicit: “We have very strong doubts that those people who were shot at point blank [range] and were stabbed, that this was the action of forces loyal to President Assad,” he told the BBC.

    “The shelling was probably the responsibility of the troops of Mr Assad, but the stabbing and point blank firing was definitely from the other side.”

    Good segue from "both sides responsible. Definitely trumps maybe, so to the extent the logic of "they teamed up?" matters, it's going to slide to "okay then, the opposition is probably responsible for both phases."

    Either way, the other side should not, in the mind of that Russian anyway, be put in charge of Syria's people. We of course agree.

  29. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMkpa9guxSM

    Suicide for Sale: Saudi Arabia gets cash for blood in Syria

  30. Hurriyah, sorry to leave you so alone in the comments lately.Felix on holiday, Petri busy somewhere, me cheesing out.

    Syria keeps me interested. A new link, on the heels of the follow-on massacre ten miles north at Mazra’at al-Qubeir
    It's supposed to be about defectors - from the rebel side- who were sickened by what they saw and spoke to reporter from the German daily FAZ, big paper. They say Sunni gangs are cleansing the Shiitie and Alwaite people from their areas and blaming the Alawite shadow armies, as we all suspected.

    Will be studiously ignored.

  31. Who supports financially?

    How can someone find a book and clothing store operate in London, continued to travel to Nicosia where activists to meet with several English and Arabic web sites possess, and constantly playing with the international press information from Syria? And that's just with volunteers? These are stories that nobody believes. The network of Mr Rahmane can not but be considerable financial and material support to achieve all this.


    For such controversial "human network" it is remarkable how traditional, serious media call on the controversial news Rahmane. Insinuations that never spot can be confirmed. The news is taken over by including Le Figaro, Libération, Le Monde, The Independent, The Guardian, BBC and The Washington Post. This international media compensate for their absence in Syria by recourse to propaganda videos from YouTube, that scene and put on anonymous witnesses never mentioned by name.

    Rarely was one whose spelling of the name, background and purpose are shrouded in a dense fog of his "Observatory of Human Rights" such uncensored access to our mass media to disseminate anti-Assad propaganda and lies such as "Gay Girl in Damascus ". We would at least pause for thought.

  32. What the hell is the "Houla Media Center?"
    (Guardian, CNN)

    The fact is, the massacre happened because the rebels and terrorist needed it for their propaganda war in the Western media. Did the Houla Media Center order it to happen?

    1. HMC? Probably similar to the "Homs media centre", that strange operation in which mysterious Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin allegedly died and where P. Conroy received mysterious wounds before an even more mysterious exit to London along with the only slightly less mysterious French woman Edith Bouvier.

  33. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine, Sunni "rebels" were responsible for the Houla massacre (credible, well-researched article): http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/neue-erkenntnisse-zu-getoeteten-von-hula-abermals-massaker-in-syrien-11776496.html

    If you can't read German, there's always google translate.

  34. http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/watch-syrian-rebels-take-control-of-missile-base/#more-40869

    WATCH: Syrian rebels take control of missile base

    Syrian rebels gained control of a military missile base near Homs, the Saudi news network Al Arabiya reported on Sunday. According to the report the majority of soldiers manning the base, including the Alawite commanding officer, defected.

    In response, the Syrian government forces pounded parts of central Homs province Sunday in a renewed push to regain control of rebel-held territories, and activists said at least 38 people were killed by shelling there over the past 24 hours.

    The main opposition group in exile, the Syrian National Council, elected a Kurdish dissident as its new leader in hopes of overcoming the disorganization and infighting that has hobbled the opposition since the popular revolt against President Bashar Assad began in March 2011.

  35. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/syrian-rebels-get-influx-of-arms-with-gulf-neighbors-money-us-coordination/2012/05/15/gIQAds2TSU_story.html

    Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination

  36. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxoNo3zUeF8&feature=youtu.be
    T West : the rise of Siriyan MB

  37. http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/nato-special-forces-in-syria-now-official/

    NATO Special Forces in Syria now Official.

  38. I've been following this somewhat with some astute readers at the Randi/JREF thread. FAZ's piece picked up by National Review

    A Daily Mail guy weighs in (a ways down: "The truth seeps out of Syria."

    Alex Thomson, Channel 4, was not shot dead by mystery snipers, and is now a powerful living enemy rather than a martyr for the rebels. Oops, better aim next time.

    Bad times on the propaganda front, but luckily the powers that be remain locked on track fro regime change, the opposition is still milking their allies' genocide for their own gain, and NATO special forces are apparently on the ground to help. Sad times.

  39. McCain Admits U.S. Armed And Equipped Libya Rebels Calls For Same In Syria Conflict
    Posted on June 16, 2012

    See http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31594.htm


    JUDY WOODRUFF: But would you also need some sort of ground forces in the area


    JUDY WOODRUFF: — because Assad’s forces are operating very much in the middle of the civilian population.

    SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: We would not. Putting U.S. ground forces in would be not only not appropriate, but counterproductive. We just need to arm and equip these people, the same way that we did in Libya.

  40. This is interesting:

    Russian Warning Shots
    by Thierry Meyssan, 11 June 2012

    In Turkey, opposition legislators have visited the Syrian refugee camps. They have confirmed the absence of more than one thousand refugees registered by the United Nations in the main camp and noted, by contrast, the presence of an arsenal in the camp. They have also demanded in Parliament that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reveal the rising amount of humanitarian aid being given to phantom refugees. The deputies maintain that the refugee camp is a cover for a secret military operation, sheltering in reality combatants, principally Libyans who are using it as a rear base. The deputies are asserting that the combatants are those who were introduced in the district of Houla when the massacre was being perpetrated.

    The story continues on the Libya–Syria connection:

    These revelations confirm the accusations of the Russian ambassador to the Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, according to which the Special Representative of Ban Ki-Moon in Libya, Ian Martin, had used U.N. funds destined for refugees to bring al Qaeda combatants into Turkey

    The UN Security Council document cited is this (page 8):

    6731st meeting – Wednesday, 7 March 2012, 3 p.m. – New York

    On the Agenda:
    The situation in Libya
    – Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (S/2012/129)

  41. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGma9ExcfdI&feature=player_embedded

    Syrian rebels took bodies from hospital to stage massacre - nun

  42. http://news.yahoo.com/syria-says-ready-evacuate-besieged-families-113836785.html
    Syria says ready to evacuate besieged families
    Syria's government said Tuesday it was ready to act on a U.N. call to evacuate civilians trapped in the rebellious central city of Homs for more than a week, but blamed rebels for obstructing efforts to get them out.
    Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, chief of the U.N. observer mission in the country, has demanded that all warring parties in the conflict allow safe passage for women, children and sick people who need to leave the city and other combat zones.
    #FSA refuse to release the civilians in ElHamidya & are using them as Human Shields, talks still going on with the authorities. #Homs #Syria

  43. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anCW_KO_gqA&feature=player_embedded#!

    Israel is apparently laying the groundwork for a possible military attack on Syria by alleging that Damascus could be using chemical weapons against the Syrian people.

    Tel Aviv has recently expressed concern about what it calls the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

    Israel says the weapons could fall into the wrong hands and that they may even be used by Syria to carry out an attack against Israeli forces.

  44. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=408047955900535&id=150741328326957


    There was a video going around claiming that a Syrian helicopter had "defected" to join the "Free Syrian Army". Fortunately for the general public, not everyone is as mentally unstable as them. A little research proved it was a helicopter in a museum:

    The website of the Ukrainian museum:

  45. http://www.rt.com/news/syria-un-mission-spy-mood-187/

    Syria UN mission headed by spy?

    A Jordanian UN observer in Syria says the head of the United Nations Surveillance Mission (UNSMIS) in the country is a spy. The monitor claims General Robert Mood is gathering critical coordinates and visiting military bases for his own purposes.

    ­The claims have appeared in Syrian state media, indicating that security circles have signaled their consent to publication in Damascus.

    Sources say Norwegian General Mood took his convoy to the city of Tartus last Friday, where no violence was reported. The group visited no less than four military installations of the Syrian Army there without any sanction through the General’s UNSMIS mandate.

    Moreover, the same Friday the convoy went to the Rastan area, where it did not drive close to the fighting zone, but went straight to the Syrian Army’s military installation, again without any apparent connection to Mood’s mandate.

    Syrians suspect that geographical data is being collected for purposes not related to UNSMIS – perhaps collateral data to already existing files. Syrian officials suspect furthermore that Mood might be looking for locations where Syrian authorities are keeping prisoners of war.

    All in all, many analysts are recalling questionable UN observer behavior in the times of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

    As to prisoners of foreign origin in official Syrian custody, UN observers are trying to find and supply exact coordinates.

    It seems all the German prisoners are German citizens, including foreign-born German citizens. All are employed by a German private security company based in Stuttgart.

  46. The report said a delegation from the Syrian anti-government militants is currently in Washington to talk about their requests for heavy weapons from the US government.

    In their meetings with US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and State Department Syria expert Fred Hof, the group’s leaders handed in two lists for approval: types of heavy weapons capable of confronting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s armed forces and selected targets of attack to destabilize the Syrian government.

    The sources added that most of the weapons have been purchased by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are ready for shipment.


  47. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC4IMs9dOlM&feature=player_embedded

    Students from Homs thank Syrian soldiers for protecting them

  48. http://www.moonofalabama.org/2012/06/cameron-obviously-lies-then-reuters-distributes-lie-as-news.html
    Cameron Obviously Lies - Then Reuters Distributes Lie As News


    On the Right Side of History

    by Sergey Lavrov

  49. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=31509

    "Private Security Companies" in Syria, Supporting Rebels: Foreign Mercenaries Detained

    After the capture of an ex-Guantanamo detainee in Homs as an alleged terror network mastermind, Syrian security is now researching this subject in-depth.
    In future, Syria may take some of these foreign elements to be dealt with in court under live TV coverage.

    Sources say at least 200-300 private security company employees are captured beside hundreds of foreign military and service personnel during the last 14 months of foreign terror provocation. Among them are Portuguese nationals, who are paratroopers – and about whom Syria is asking itself how they entered the country. During interrogation they claimed to have retired from army duty, which somehow contradicts in some cases how old they look. Sources add, that some of those foreign officials somehow settled in the region at least months before they started their terror campaign.

    Also 40-60 Germans are in Syrian custody, said the officials. According to these sources, the Germans were caught red-handed on the Syrian coastline as they were smuggling weapons supplies for the insurgents into Syria.

  50. CIA overseeing arms flow to Syrian rebels
    Published Thursday, June 21, 2012

    US intelligence operatives in Turkey are vetting the flow of weapons to Syrian rebels to ensure they do not fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda militants, the New York Times reported Thursday.

    The Times cited unnamed US officials and Arab intelligence officials as saying the weapons were being paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and funneled across the border by a shadowy opposition network.

    The weapons include automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some anti-tank weapons, which have allowed the rebels to fight back against the far superior forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    The Times said Central Intelligence Agency operatives in southern Turkey are overseeing the weapons shipments and gathering information on Syria's fragmented opposition.

    "CIA officers are there and they are trying to make new sources and recruit people," the Times quoted an Arab intelligence official who is briefed regularly by US counterparts as saying.

    The Times quoted US officials as saying they were considering stepping up aid to the rebels by providing satellite imagery and other intelligence, but had yet to take a final decision on the matter.


  51. nsnbc is investigating foreign involvement into the financing and delivering of illegal arms shipments to insurgents in Syria. nsnbc is encouraging any witnesses, whistle-blowers, and others with relevant evidence or documentation about the illegal arms trafficking to insurgents in Syria to come forward and contact nsnbc. If necessary, nsnbc guaranties the best possible protection of witnesses and whistle-blowers identity.

  52. http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2012/martinez210612.html
    Interview with Ammar Waqqaf Regarding the Crisis in Syria

  53. http://www6.almanar.com.lb/french/adetails.php?eid=69409&frid=18&seccatid=37&cid=18&fromval=1#.T-Sv2yR0r_c.twitter

    Leader of Free #Syria Army defects to Bulgaria taking with him millions from donations to 'Jihad' http://www6.almanar.com.lb/french/adetails.php?eid=69409&frid=18&seccatid=37&cid=18&fromval=1#.T-Sv2yR0r_c.twitter

  54. http://sana.sy/eng/22/2012/06/21/426904.htm

    Lavrov: British PM's Statement that President Putin Shifted his Position on Syria Not True

  55. Turkey paying for guns sent to Syrian rebels by CIA: Report

    Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are allegedly paying for weapons sent to Syrian opposition rebels through CIA operatives working on Turkish soil, the New York Times has reported.

  56. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/nato-backed-fsa-massacre-25-civilians-in-aleppo/


    Armed groups fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have killed 25 more civilians in the northern province of Aleppo.

    According to Syria’s official news agency, SANA, the massacre took place in Daret Azzeh area in Aleppo countryside on Friday and the victims had been kidnapped by armed gangs earlier in the day.

    Some reports suggest that the victims are all government supporters. Many civilians are still being held by the terrorists and their fate remains unknown.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZfaCwFdUyg&feature=youtu.be

      Plus De 25 civiles Massacrés par les Terroristes salafistes dans la banlieue d'Alep + 18.

  57. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/230073.html

    Rebels killed Western journalists in Syria, not Assad army

    A medical source says armed groups killed the two Western journalists in Syria, rejecting allegations that they died in government shelling, Press TV reports.

    According to a source working for the office of the medical examiner in Syria, a nail was found in the skull of US journalist Marie Colvin, which proves she was killed by a handmade bomb.

    The source added that Syrian doctors have not removed the nail from Colvin’s head so that US coroners can also find the real cause of her death.

    Syria has sent a report about the death of Western journalists to the Polish Embassy, which represents US interests in Syria following the closure of the US Embassy in Damascus last month.

  58. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZZwE97pyvU

    Jet Escalation: 'Turkey probing Syrian anti-air defense'

  59. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wvYxDcu3XXw
    Syria on Air: One-sided media spin behind insurgency trench warfare

  60. Syria has reportedly arrested more than 40 German nationals for attempting to smuggle arms into the country.

    An alternative news weblog, the NSNBC, cited a German journalist as saying that the German nationals are the employees of a "security firm."

    The weblog report further said that the Germans were detained while attempting to smuggle arms and ammunition from a cargo vessel in the international waters off the coast of Syria.

    The source added that the Germans are reportedly jailed along with over 300 other foreigners, among them Portuguese paratroopers.


  61. One of the prominent Green figures calling for Western military intervention in Syria is the former secretary of the Islamic Student Association (Tahkim Vahdat), Ali Afshari.

    Afshari was brought to the US in 2004 and in 2006, as a representative of the student movement in Iran; he spoke at a panel discussion organized by Senators Rick Santorum and Joe Lieberman at the US Capitol.

    He regularly publishes articles on web sites and online news agencies affiliated with the Greens, particularly those run by “liberal” student groups, and appears in Voice of America’s Persian-language programs.


    1. felixMarch 15, 2012 8:59 AM

      @leila_na, aka Leila Nachawati, Spanish born Spanish-Syrian Professor of Communiations at Carlos III university in Madrid is now turning her attention back towards Syria

  62. BBC on patrol with #Syria FSA. Watch video.. is this not exactly what we in Iraq , #Afghanistan, Ulster call terrorism? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-18580029

    1. That is a truly sick video.

    2. The article says "As the government attempts to extinguish fires in 1,000 places, it bears some similarities to watching the British and American fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

      When the FSA is squeezed hard in one area, it simply moves to another and quickly moves back to reclaim unoccupied land as government forces move elsewhere."

      When that happened in Libya, people died each time a city or area changed hands. I thinkin Iraq and Afghanistan too. It's a victory "we" have propped the rebels up enough to make that happen in Syria, too?

  63. La Russie n'a pas l'intention de fermer la base de la marine de guerre, à Tartous, en Syrie, a annoncé, lundi, à Saint-Pétersbourg, le vice-amiral Viktor Tchirkov, commandant en chef des forces navales russes.


    Russiya has no intention to close the Tartous base, said Viktor Tchirkov , commander of the Russian Maritime Forces on tuesday in St Petersbourg/lundi, 25 juin 2012 17:27

  64. #BBC has not written a word regarding the FAZeitung's report that the #FAS carried out the #Houla massacre.

    That the Syrian issue has blown back onto the Gulf was inevitable, such is the depth of regional and international interference in Assad’s beleaguered country - agendas from all parts of the Arab world being played out within its wartorn borders. But it appears that the Gulf and the Levant are in danger of fuelling each other’s sectarian and political problems. The biggest victim of course is the truth, which is that 19 deaths are not seen by foreign nations for what they are, a tragic loss of innocent lives, but instead viewed as a justification for suspicion and fear of others. A truly saddening outcome if ever there was one.

    1. A good-sounding piece, thanks. Clearly I haven't dropped this issue, but at this spot I have. I suspect the reason NATO puppets turned to the fighter jet bullshit a sign this false-flag massacre of babies bullshit wasn't working out clearly enough.

  65. UN report into the massacre of 108 people at al-Houla, Syria, due to be pubished tomorrow

    1. Groan... unless they pull some genius from thin air, it'll probably be weak and vague and suppport the war drive. Will require critiques, etc. Thanks for the tip, will watch for it.

  66. alex thomson ‏@alextomo

    UN Syria report: says al-Houla massacre of 108 could have been done by either pro or anti Assad militias

    1. Media Lens ‏@medialens

      . @alextomo Interesting, Gdn is reporting it thus: 'Syrian government loyalists "may be responsible"' UN reporthttp://tinyurl.com/7vjvtqf


    2. alex thomson ‏@alextomo

      @medialens true but UN equally saying anti-govt militia could have done it. And I speak as someone interviewed by UN on this.

    3. Media Lens ‏@medialens

      . @alextomo Thanks. Which makes that a very questionable Guardian headline. UN directly contradicting the instant media consensus on Houla.

    4. Good finds, Hurriya. Not at all surprised by the fake-liberal Guardian distortion.

  67. Charles Shoebridge ‏@ShoebridgeC
    BBC edits #Syria report, earlier reference to UN telling BBC #Houlamassacre could have been by rebels now removed..
    Buried deep within story about something else, BBC reports UN finds #Syria #HoulaMassacre could have been by rebels..


    Beaten, terrified prisoners held by FSA tell @SkyNews that FSA good, #Syria regime bad. Sky believes them, video here.. http://m.sky.com/skynews/article/worldnews/16253306
    page not available

    1. http://www.newssniffer.co.uk/articles/529675/diff/2/3

      This article is from the source 'bbc' and was first published or seen on June 27, 2012 07:30 (UTC). The next check for changes will be June 27, 2012 10:56

      The article has changed 4 times. There is an RSS feed of changes available.

    2. Charles Shoebridge ‏@ShoebridgeC

      @medialens Indeed, and UN publication delay likely caused by US, UK, France pressure to expunge possible rebel blame.. as media now doing.

    3. BBC headline now matches the Guardian's:
      Syrian military 'may be responsible' for massacre echoing the carefully selected words of P.S. Pinheiro from about 1.40 in the video.

  68. http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/61094000/gif/_61094872_turkey_syria_map464.gif


    Turkey :The aircraft was shot in international airspace

    1. http://nocheinparteibuch.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/nato-medien-verzerren-darstellung-zum-syrischen-abschuss-der-turkischen-f-4-phantom/

      Flight Analysys

  69. http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/nato-secretary-general-carefully-chosen-words-of-disinformation-as-war-intensifies/

    NATO Secretary General Carefully Chosen Words of Disinformation as War Intensifies

    After the consultations, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen held a brief Press Conference in which he condemned Syria for it´s supposed act of aggression against Turkey, stating that NATO did not expect that Syria would repeat such an act of aggression. Rasmussen then reiterated that it must be clear, that an attack on one NATO member is perceived as an attack on all NATO members, implicitly threatening that further violence or further deliberations might result in a response by NATO against Syria.

    1. http://networkedblogs.com/zjcn2

      Thursday, June 28, 2012
      Somebody should do a study to compare and contrast the language of Human Rights Watch on Syria versus its language on Bahrain. Very revealing. Just compare their language on Israel and you can see the determinants of the organization.

  70. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DegcuQ-S614&bpctr=1340912617&skipcontrinter=1

    الاخوان المجرمون يفتعلون مجرزه في بلدة قلعة الحصن حمص

    #FSA massacred the family of Dr. Ahlam Imad in the town of Al-Hosn Citadle in #Homs after threatening them

  71. #Syria: Brave Syrian soldiers slaughtered by western/zionist/GCC founded, armed, financed, trained FSA terrorists http://youtu.be/ZuhCD67LKPY

  72. http://networkedblogs.com/zgfvO

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012
    Secular heroes of the Western governments and media: meet the gangs of the UnFree Syrian Army

    "The commission said it had also received many reports of summary executions by antigovernment rebels, foreign fighters and people suspected of being informers or collaborators.

    A Free Syrian Army soldier told the panel that captured soldiers from the Alawite sect, from which President Assad draws strong support, are usually executed immediately, while soldiers from other sects are given the option of joining the opposition."

    Where are those journalists and idiots who insisted for months that the armed groups are secular and liberal and feminists? Where have they gone?

    1. http://angryarab.blogspot.nl/2012/06/scandal-of-new-york-times-paper.html
      Thursday, June 28, 2012

      Scandal of the New York Times:
      the paper doctored an article from yesterday to delete a reference (an admission really) by a Free Syrian Army soldier about executing Alawites

      Haisam sent me this: "It looks like the NY Times took out this entire section of their story. But if I search for the relevant string on google is shows it as being cached I guess it was too damning for FSA."

  73. http://german.irib.ir/nachrichten/politik/item/207905-piloten-des-von-syrien-abgeschossenen-f4-kampfjets-waren-amerikaner

    Pilots of the F4 fighter jet taken down by Siriya were Americans

    Gvt channel al-Dunya said that Russian experts had emphasised that the jet had a reconnaissance mission task from nato

  74. Un groupe de l’opposition armée a assassiné ce 27 juin 2012 trois journalistes syriens ainsi que quatre gardiens au cours d’une attaque contre les locaux d’une télévision locale.

    an armed opposition group have murdered on 27 june 3 Siriyan journalists and also 4 guards during an attack on a local tv station.


    Nos confrères Sami Abou Amin, Zeid Kohl et Mohammad Chammah travaillaient pour la chaine satellitaire Al-Ikhbariya TV.

  75. http://www.sana.sy/eng/22/2012/07/02/428824.htm

    An extremist group called 'Jabhat al-Nusra', (al-Nusra Front) which is affiliated to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the heinous attack against the Syrian al-Ikhbariya Satellite Channel and the massacre perpetrated against its staff.

    In a statement on its website on Monday, the Front said that its members broke into the building of the channel at 04:00 a.m. on Wednesday 27th of June after monitoring its entrances and the movement of its staff as they destroyed the building by planting explosive devices in it.

    The attack resulted in the martyrdom of three Journalists.

    1. http://www.voltairenet.org/a174840
      Video: Thierry Meyssan on the destruction of the Al-Ikhbariya TV channel

  76. http://www.ansa.it/ansamed/en/news/nations/syria/2012/07/02/Syria-Turkish-F16s-take-off-tensions-Turky-rise_7129831.html

    more Turkish F16s take off, tensions with Turky rise

  77. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAo_EbrZD5U&feature=youtube_gdata_player
    Video: Militants target a health care center in al-Gouta area in Homs. No reason is given for the operation #Syria http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAo_EbrZD5U&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  78. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/07/02/249021/10k-armed-men-enter-syria-for-civil-war/

    10,000 armed men enter Syria for civil war

  79. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/graphic-warning-atrocities-committed-by-natos-freedom-fighters/


  80. http://www.youtube.com/verify_controversy?next_url=/watch%3Fv%3D1gBZYdQIkBc%26bpctr%3D1341562408%26skipcontrinter%3D1
    Terrorist Groups called 'Free Syrian Army' Execute a Civilian

    #Syria terrorists throw man from window for being pro-government http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8ncjTWMrh0 #nato supported terrorism

  81. http://www.medialens.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=687:houla-massacre-update-the-un-report

    Houla Massacre Update - The UN Report
    July 05, 2012

  82. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Syria-24-English/298382103530912

    Follow https://www.facebook.com/pages/Syria-24-English/298382103530912 2 stay informd on anti #terrorism activities in #Syria

  83. http://www.prisonplanet.com/shocking-videos-reveal-truth-behind-syrian-freedom-fighters.html

    Shocking Videos Reveal Truth Behind Syrian “Freedom Fighters”

  84. Syria - My Own Investigation of the Houla Massacre, 3 of 3

    Gepubliceerd op 6 jun 2012 door AfriSynergy


  85. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8wdI_w-WXk

    Hillary Clinton Threatens Russia & China At 'Friends Of Syria' Meeting

    #HillaryClinton, mother of all Jihad?

  86. https://www.facebook.com/camille.otrakji/posts/246135088838863

    Libyan Irish Al-Qaeda super star Almahdi Alharaty fighting for democracy and freedom in Syria.

    1. Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fvF0mLR4Ls

      Otrakji seems to have hit a raw nerve with Paul Conroy who was in Libya with Marie Colvin...
      Paul Conroy ‏@reflextv
      More MI5 stuff, worth a laugh if not a little tedious. Give him some counter facts svp. http://fb.me/x94D0QBI

      6:54 PM - 27 Jun 12 via Facebook

      4 Retweets including....Kevin Patrick Dawes

      Camille Alexandre Otrakji:
      He is not a journalist and I am not into making "wild charges". And I am not a journalist for anyone either. I am just an independent Syrian Canadian and I am saying I am convinced he is British army/intelligence.

      Some fascinating comments there on that FB page, including one from Paul Conroy himself.

  87. http://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=ar&v=qxswNq1RXnk

    شيخ سلفي يدعو لقتل أطفال العلويين وإغتصاب نسائهم

    Wahabi sheiks gave permission "fatwa" for #FSA to kill alawi kids & rape their women. Is that Islam? #Syria

  88. http://www.ozyism.com/2012/07/us-hired-fighters-use-hospital-as-base.html

    US hired fighters use hospital as a base

    US hire Mercenaries in Syria are using hospital and other critical locations as bases to conduct terrorists attacks around the country. This causes a lot of suffering, forcefully removing patients and doctors, where will people go for treatment?

  89. Brown Moses ‏@Brown_Moses

    The Latest Weapons Of The Free Syrian Army: http://brown-moses.blogspot.com/2012/07/latest … ‪#syria

    Don ‏@Papakila :@Brown_Moses Nice. :)

    Christine Crowstaff London, United Kingdom
    Christine recruited Michelle to sign the petition | 6 days ago
    STOP SENDING ARMS TO THE ASSAD REGIME!--STOP THE BLOODSHED: To take Legal action against China, Egypt, Iran and Russia~

    change.org/en-GB/members/ … Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national …

    1. Very busy, BM. Full time occupation. Hates Lizzie. Loves the Guardian.

  90. Maximilian Forte ‏@1D4TW
    Good of George Grant to announce himself--seeing ties between Libya Herald, Henry Jackson Soc, Bechtel, NATO, Sky News, BBC, Al Jazeera, R2P

    Assistant Editor LibyaHerald George Grant :

    The Henry Jackson Society's international patrons include:
    James "ex-CIA boss" Woolsey, Michael "homeland security" Chertoff, William "PNAC" Kristol, Robert "PNAC" Kagan', Joshua "Bomb Iran" Muravchick, and Richard "Prince of Darkness" Perle.

    The Society is run by Alan Mendoza, chief adviser to the all-party parliamentary group on transatlantic and international security.

    The Henry Jackson Society is uncompromising in its "forward strategy" towards democracy.

    And Weiss is in charge of the message. The Henry Jackson Society is proud of its PR chief's far-reaching influence: "He is the author of the influential report "Intervention in Syria? An Assessment of Legality, Logistics and Hazards", which was repurposed and endorsed by the Syrian National Council."


  91. Latest Syria "Massacre" - Goebbelsesque Propaganda

    Surely if nothing "activists" have so far said about latest so-called "massacre," in Tremseh, Syria can be verified, it is impossible to "blame" anyone for the alleged deaths that are said to have occurred. Nevertheless, the Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, and many other mainstays of the West's corporate-run media machine ran with titles such as, "UN blames regime forces for Syria massacre" (AP), "Syrian regime condemned for Tremseh massacre" (Reuters), "Syria crisis: Tremseh 'massacre'" (Guardian), and "Syria unrest: Kofi Annan shocked at Tremseh 'atrocities'" (BBC).


    America’s Afghan Enemies And Syrian Friends Are The Same People

    Friends Of Syria” In Fact Friends Of Opposition

  92. The Syrian opposition: who's doing the talking?

    The Henry Jackson Society's international patrons include: James "ex-CIA boss" Woolsey, Michael "homeland security" Chertoff,
    The Henry Jackson Society's international patrons include: James "ex-CIA boss" Woolsey, Michael "homeland security" Chertoff, William "PNAC" Kristol, Robert "PNAC" Kagan', Joshua "Bomb Iran" Muravchick, and Richard "Prince of Darkness" Perle. The Society is run by Alan Mendoza, chief adviser to the all-party parliamentary group on transatlantic and international security.

    The Henry Jackson Society is uncompromising in its "forward strategy" towards democracy. And Weiss is in charge of the message. The Henry Jackson Society is proud of its PR chief's far-reaching influence: "He is the author of the influential report "Intervention in Syria? An Assessment of Legality, Logistics and Hazards", which was repurposed and endorsed by the Syrian National Council."


    1. wonder why comments disappear many times , is it a outside job or not permitted by admin. ? Like to receive message when it is not permitted and why.

  93. http://friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/the-truth-of-al-tremseh-massacre-told-by-its-residents/

    The Truth of Al-Tremseh Massacre Told by its Residents

  94. U.S.-backed Syrian Opposition Linked to Bilderberg, CFR, Goldman Sachs & George Soros

    U.S.-backed Syrian Opposition Linked to Bilderberg, CFR, Goldman Sachs & George Soros

    1. http://thenewamerican.com/world-news/asia/item/12084-us-backed-syrian-opposition-linked-to-bilderberg-cfr-goldman-sachs-george-soros

  95. http://www.zcommunications.org/what-is-really-happening-in-syria-by-tariq-ali

    Tariq Ali says we are witnessing in Syria "a new form of re-colonisation, which we saw in Iraq and in Libya

    The only way forward, in the interests of all Syrians, he says, is negotiation and discussion. But it is now obvious that the West is not going to let that happen because they are backing the opposition groups who are against any negotiation.

  96. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/senior-syrian-officials-killed-in-damascus-terrorist-attack/

    Left to right: Syrian Defense Minister Dawoud Rajiha, his deputy Assef Shawkat and Assistance Vice President Hassan Turkmani
    Four top Syrian officials have been killed in a terrorist bomb attack at a security building in the capital as armed groups fighting against the government step up violence in Damascus.


    Defense Minister Dawoud Rajiha,
    his deputy Assef Shawkat, Security Chief General Hisham Ikhtiyar
    and Assistance Vice President Hassan Turkmani were all killed in a bombing at the headquarters of the National Security on Wednesday.

    1. The Damascus Suicide Bombing

      Today's killing of Assad officials raises uncomfortable questions about the meaning and justifiability of Terrorism:

      Beyond the semantics, one already sees, on Twitter and elsewhere, substantial approval being expressed for the attack.

      Foreign Policy Editor Blake Hounshell referred this morning to “#thatawkwardmoment‬ [that awkward moment] when Westerners and secular Arabs cheer a suicide bombing.” U.N. analyst Hayes Brown similarly described ”that awkward moment in the UN Security Council where Western govts have to stop to think about whether to condemn a suicide bombing.”

      What makes it even more uncomfortable is that the U.S. Government itself has said that Syrian rebel forces have been “infiltrated” — at least — by Al Qaeda, meaning that the U.S. once again finds itself on the same side as its arch enemy, a side that is now using suicide bombs to kill government officials.


    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkFYdezND4k&feature=youtu.be
      Syrian Suicide Bombing Fulfills Hillary's Threat of "Catastrophic Assault" as Ben Rhodes Op Proceeds

    3. http://www.voltairenet.org/Syrian-Government-undeterred-after

      Syrian Government undeterred after martyrdom of top defense officials

    4. US dirty hands behind cold-blooded murders of top Syrian officials


  97. 2003
    For those still skeptical about the West, Israel, and the Gulf State's willingness to subvert and destroy nations throughout the Middle East solely for self-serving purposes, using any guise or lie necessary to accomplish their goals - readers are encouraged to revisit this 2003 Guardian article titled, "Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot," where a fully detailed agenda of destabilizing and pitting nations against each other was fully formulated. In fact, many of the dynamics at play then, in 1956, can still be seen at work and being openly manipulated by Western powers today.

    Media sources reveal details conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to "destroy" Syria

  98. http://www.infowars.com/shocking-videos-reveal-truth-behind-syrian-freedom-fighters/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Shocking Videos Reveal Truth Behind Syrian “Freedom Fighters”

  99. A Libyan citizen, Hazim M., announced that he worked and collaborated with scores of armed terrorist groups in Syria, with training on explosive devices manufacturing and exploding.

    Hazim M., specialized in explosive devices in the so-called Tripoli Brigade, added in an interview with 'Libya Now' News Agency, that he entered to Syria from Turkey illegally and started working with the armed groups in preparing and planting explosive devices targeting Syria Army personnel.

    "I worked also in the Syrian City of Hama with the so-called 'Amar Bin Yasser' battalion and was surprised to know that all members of the said battalion belong to Arab and Africa nationalities,'' said Hazim M.

    Hazim M. described blasted the ongoing killings and destruction by the armed terrorist groups, which consist of gangs and killers, Calling on Libyan and Arab fighters not to enter to Syria because the ongoing there is never a popular revolt.

    World Mathaba: Reports from social media networks confirm that many Libyan terrorists have entered Syria after the NATO-led overthow of the Jamahiriya government to join the armed terrorists who now seek to overthrow the Syrian government and to oust its president Bashar al-Assad. In the following Arabic-language video former head of the Tripoli Brigade, Mehdi Alharati, reportedly carries out an attack at a Syrian government checkpoint.


    On Tuesday SANA also reports that Algerian authorities have arrested a Tunisian terrorist on his way to Syria:

    The Tunisian al-Maghreb newspaper reported that the Algerian authorities arrested a Tunisian terrorist at Houari Boumediene Airport while on his way to Syria.

    The Newspaper reported that the terrorist Khaled Taeb was using a fake passport according to his confession in front of the Algerian investigating judge and that a member of the Salafi group to which he belongs gave it to him.

    The Tunisian newspaper added that an Algerian source said the arrested man is a university student and he belongs to a terrorist group, adding that he was assigned ALONG with another youth to recruit youths to work for the terrorist organization.


    Derna fighters in Syria , groups from Zintan, Misrata, Tripoli, Benghazi too /via felix

    1. Thanks for that. It caught my attention-dropped it in a discussion here:

    2. wish you were more here on the blog & Peti too


  100. RT @FreeBenghazi Reports/rumour:375 fighters from (Ghot Alshaal, Derna, AlSeraj) #Libya left yesterday for #Syria (to join #fsa forces)

  101. not a real Siria report, but international relations seem tensed by now :

    All sides are preparing for war - it looks like. Mobilisation by Hezbollah in the Bekaa Valley, Israel declares the Golan Heights a restricted zone, And the bombing of the Busses with Israelis may not have had just ordinairy Israelis aboard.

    Syrian - Hezbollah Bombings and Coincidences


  102. Syrian security forces have recaptured a number of areas across the country from armed anti-government rebels, Press TVreports.

    The forces retook control of the al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus and the Silqin area in Idlib.

    They also managed to recapture the al-Bukamal area near the Iraqi border as well as Bab al-Hawa close to the Turkish border.


  103. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    نحن مجموعة من السوريين الأحرار هدفنا توعية اخوتنا و أخواتنا عن كيفية استخدام السلاح لحماية أنفسهم من النظام الأسدي و شبيحته و الإجابة عن أي استفسارات في هذا الخصوص. بالاضافة الى كيفية الدفاع عن النفس في حال عدم توفر السلاح


    Free Internet”organization helping Jihadists in #SYRIA so they can learn how2 kill people

    Western journalists on Syria

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXK83FJzLYc

      CNN LIES EXPOSED ! Anderson Cooper and Danny Abdul-Dayem Lying AGAIN!

      FF @InnerCityPress, the only relevant info outlet on what's cooking at #UN for #Syria

  104. Saudi Brigadier arrested in Al-akhanah of Al-Midan, Damascus (https://www.facebook.com/page.F.S.N.)


    this man tweeted locations army & events in Libiya before , seems to know evth about Siria now
    Mark ‏@markito0171
    #Syria Rebels abduct the host in the Syrian official TV channel Muhammad Al-Sa’eed in Jdeidet Artouz area of #Damascus countryside

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ha94Xz59dg

      Suicide Bomber Auction for Syria in Saudi Arabia


  105. http://rt.com/politics/eu-russia-syria-military-transport-693/

    ‘EU has no right to inspect Syria-bound Russian transport’

  106. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/252015.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

    UK special forces train Syria’s armed rebels

  107. NATO PsyOp Against Syria Imminent


    On Friday, July 20, 2012, around 19:00, signals began to be sent to imbed new channels onto Arabsat and Nilesat. The signals mimic those of Syrian television, duplicating both the graphics and logos. For now, the programs present patriotic clips.

    According to experts, the signals are being sent from Australia, probably from a U.S. National Security Agency base.

    The genuine Syrian television signals were interrupted yesterday by Arabsat and Nilesat. Their websites were hacked and are inaccessible.

  108. http://breakingnews.sy/en/article/3126.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Net+News+Global&utm_term=Net+News+Global&utm_content=News+von+Net+News+Global


    Britain will work outside the UN Security Council to support the opposition movement in Syria.
    “We will all be doing more outside the Security Council and intensifying our work to support the Syrian opposition rebels,”

    said British Foreign Secretary William Hague, as cited by Voice of America



    William Hague: Libya is 'a tremendous success story'

    Mr Hague also pledged that the UK would continue to provide support to the country and expected strong relations to remain between the two nations.

    #Libya: based on reports of eyewitnesses in Libya number of peopel killed by NATO-led rebels and NATO coudl be near 100,000 since February.


    Elite troops and MI6 spies poised to help Libyan rebels/5 march

    US, France, Britain set up bases in Libya


    Send in the dogs of war: Mercenaries could help the rag-tag rebels say UK generals/march


    1. William Hague: Libya is 'a tremendous success story'

      Why is the UK involved?


      UK as a natural partner of choice for Israel in technology,



  109. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j2AFKEPpfw&feature=player_embedded
    بالفيديو :شاهد من ارتكب مجزرة الحولة

    This video proves that the Islamist terrorists were responsible for Houla Massacre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j2AFKEPpfw&feature=player_embedded #Syria #UK #London #USA #France

  110. al-akhbar, al-manar + sana down?

    1. http://syria-sana-backup.blogspot.nl/2012/07/syrian-people-warned-against-fake-tv.html

      Syrian people warned against ‘fake TV channel’

      At a time when Syria's newssite Sana.sy is again unreachable, as is Thierry Meyssan's Voltairenet.org, we must do everything within our might to present information that is not biased by western-gulf-arab media.

      Fortunately there is still the Iranian Press TV and Russia's RT that can still be reached.

      Here's a copy of an article from July 21, 2012 warning the Syrian people of a fake TV-channel.

      The original of this story can be found at: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/07/21/251984/syrians-warned-against-fake-tv-channel/

    2. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/252199.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

      The Facebook social networking service has disabled the account of Iran’s Press TV news network because of what they call technical problems.

      Facebook authorities claim the account will be reactivated as soon as the problem is solved.

      Meanwhile, users can contribute to latest Press TV stories and reports on a backup page available here.



  111. Send in the dogs of war: Mercenaries could help the rag-tag rebels

    Examples of Foreign Mercenaries in Syria


  112. Why did that same Guardian article, and western leftists who claim that Assad is good for Israel fail to mention that for example in early April, the US openly pledged to double its assistance to the insurgents to the tune of an additional $12 million, under the cover of “humanitarian aid”?

    Or the recent US admission that it is actively arming the insurgency using Qatar as a proxy?

    Or that in February, solid Israeli ally British Foreign Minister William Hague pledged more equipment to the insurgents, insisting there was “no limit on what resources” Britain would provide?


  113. http://www.voltairenet.org/The-battle-of-Damascus-has-begun

    The battle of Damascus has begun

    Western and Gulf powers have launched the largest secret war operation since the Contra war in Nicaragua. The Battle of Damascus is not intended to topple President Bashar al-Assad, but to fracture the Syrian Army to better ensure the domination of Israel and the U.S. over the Middle East.

    While the city is bracing for a new assault by foreign mercenaries

    1. July 20, 2012 Barak Orders Israeli Military to Prepare for Syria Invasion
      Israeli Troops Would Seize 'Advanced Weapons' From Syria

      In an interview with Israeli Channel 10 today Defense Minister Ehud Barak confirmed that he has ordered the military to prepare for a full-scale invasion of neighboring Syria, with the goal of seizing weapons from the Syrian military, currently embroiled in a civil war.

      Barak sought to justify the move, saying that it was possible Syria might transfer “anti-aircraft missiles” or even chemical weapons to Hezbollah, a militant faction operating out of neighboring Lebanon.


  114. The Assassination of Minister of Defense, planned by Clinton!

    Syria: the assassination of Minister of Defense, planned by Clinton!

    According to IRIB, “Islamic Times”, quoted by Farsnews, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew about the terrorist operation, which targeted the security complex in Damascus.

    On tour last week in the region, Clinton tried to coordinate the operation and the countries that are involved, namely, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.

    The head of diplomacy even oversaw the content of the debates that took place in the context of multiple security meetings of the above countries, before the terrorist attack. No wonder, therefore, if the Israeli authorities claimed, following their meeting with Clinton, the Assad regime’s days are numbered.(****SO ARE HER’S)

    Three days before the attack, Israel has even made the decision to deploy troops along the borders with Syria.

    As for Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the new head of the intelligence services, Prince Bandar bin Soltan and Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassem had assissté, while two preparatory meetings in the presence of intelligence agents.


    Media sources reveal details conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to "destroy" Syria

    1. Media sources reveal details conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to "destroy" Syria :


      A blast has hit the builing of Saudi intelligence service in Riyadh, killing deputy of the newly-appointed intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, according to reports.

      The explosion took place on Sunday when Bin Sultan’s deputy was entering the building, Yemen's al-Fajr Press quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

    2. http://www.champress.net/index.php?q=en/Article/view/86507
      champress link disappeared , here y can read it too :


  115. Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Al-`Qa`idah flag

    When gangs of the FSA overrun a border post at the Iraqi-Syrian border, they raised the Al-Qa`idah flag.

    I did not see any Western news source report that.

    If they do, I am sure it will be phrased thus: pro-Western Al-Qa`idah gang defeated anti-Western Syrian soldiers at border crossing.

  116. not yet confirmed :


    Libya-n mercenary; Mehdi al Harati' is Dead & in hell Thanks to the #Syria-n army pic.twitter.com/i5NwSfdW


    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFXJgHtsJ1Y

      سوريا قنــاة الجزيرة مقتل المهدي الحاراتي‬

      @jenanmoussa Jenan Libyan Irish al-Mahdi al-#Harati killed in #Syria according to this crying man http://t.co/8UQrqP8s #Libya

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h8D8VSIYWM


      27 Nov 2011 Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group

      Abdulhakim Belhadj, head of the Tripoli Military Council and the former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, "met with Free Syrian Army leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey," said a military official working with Mr Belhadj.


    3. Over 10,000 Libyans are reportedly being trained in a closed-off zone in Jordan,
      before being snuck into Syria to fight for the opposition.

      These men are allegedly paid around US$1,000 a month, funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


      Mahdi al-Harati who told them that he had travelled to France, the United States and Qatar the previous month and that representatives of an American intelligence agency had given him a significant amount of money to help in the efforts to defeat Gaddafi.


      According to his December 17 article, ABC correspondent Daniel Iriarte unexpectedly ran into al-Harati and two other Libyan associates of Belhadj in Syria,

      24 7 2012 - Rumors about death of Irish Mahdi Al Harati,
      head of Umma Brigade fighting in #Syria, are FALSE


      @3. 00 : the hardcore is made up of 1000 members of the islamic fighting group in Libiya
      @ 3.25 qatar has airlifted them to the southern Turkish city antakia
      @ 3.40 top commander Bel Hadj



      Report: Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre


      Jabhat Al-Nusrah (Syria) :: presents :: The Declaration to Mobilise ::

      In Response to the Al-Houla Massacre :: Al-Faateh Abu Muhammed Al-Jolaani (Hafidhahullaah)

    4. There's no way to understand the Syrian dynamics without learning that most FSA commanders are not Syrians, but Iraqi Sunnis. The FSA could only capture the Abu Kamal border crossing between Syria and Iraq because the whole area is controlled by Sunni tribes viscerally antagonistic towards the al-Maliki government in Baghdad. The free flow of mujahideen, hardcore jihadis and weapons between Iraq and Syria is now more than established.


      Al Nusrah Front claims series of suicide attacks, ambushes in Syria

      Al Qaeda in Iraq and other jihadist groups have been honing their skills while fighting the US (up until late 2011) and Iraqi military since mid-2003. Al Nusrah appears to be poaching leaders and fighters from al Qaeda in Iraq.

      And the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, which has a presence throughout the Middle East, including Syria,

    5. Amar Bin Yasser' battalion ,6. 4-10 on the first group - Privacy Ammar bin Yasir - battalion Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib the launch of a rocket (C8) to the U.S. occupation camp in the country



      Hazim M., specialized in explosive devices in the so-called Tripoli Brigade, added in an interview with 'Libya Now' News Agency, that he entered to Syria from Turkey illegally and started working with the armed groups in preparing and planting explosive devices targeting Syria Army personnel.

      "I worked also in the Syrian City of Hama with the so-called 'Amar Bin Yasser' battalion and was surprised to know that all members of the said battalion belong to Arab and Africa nationalities,'' said Hazim M.

      Hazim M. described blasted the ongoing killings and destruction by the armed terrorist groups, which consist of gangs and killers,


    6. increasing number of Free-Syrian flags are visible across #Tripoli these days. More & more mosques are keeping charity boxes fr #TwaarSyria / 24 july 2012

    7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfYnnPNTl2o

      Qatar Builds Sunni Intervention Force of Libyan, Iraqi Terrorists Against Assad,

      T West already reported about Libiyan & Iraqi mercenaries/al qaida in dec 2011

  117. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYKfFCSwiN0&feature=youtu.be

    SYRIA: Free Syrian Army again Exposed as Terrorists (FSA)

  118. Meanwhile, a Jordanian security source unveiled that "more than six thousands of al-Qaida fighters entered Syria in recent months, especially since last November."

    "Most of these fighters entered Syria from the Iraqi and Turkish borders," it added and pointed out that "they are mostly from non-Syrian Arab nationalities."


    @ 3.25 qatar has airlifted them to the southern Turkish Antakya@ 3.40


    In parallel, the newspaper reported that "there is competition between "al-Qaida" wings in Syria, especially between "Brigades of Abdullah Azzam" led by Saudi Arabia's Majed al-Majed and the extremist "al-Nosra [Aid] to Levant Front" led by a Prince [al-Amir] known as al-Fatih [The Conqueror], Abu Mohammed Joulani."


    1. Pravda link seems broken :
      engpravda : Syria: The cemetery of western credibility:
      The West is backing Jabhat Al Nosrah, the al-Qaida branch in Syria. ... http://t.co/qKgJgxYL 12 minutes ago , 23 july 2012

      Do NOT directly click any download link as it is possible that in this way you CAN be tracked by the kuffaar and murtaddeen Laa Qaddar Allaah.

      Jabhat Al-Nusrah (The Support Front) (Syria) ::: Al-Manaarah Al-Baidhaa' Media ::: presents ::: The Brilliant Video Release ::: The Confirmation of the Promise (1) Jihaad Related Media 10 05-30-2012 07:14 PM
      Fursaan Al-Balaagh Media ::: Arabic Transcript of the Brilliant Release from Jabhat Al-Nusrah (The Support Front - Syria) ::: The Confirmation of the Promise (1) Jihaad Publications 1 05-25-2012 09:41 PM
      Al-Furqaan Media ::: I Exhort You to One Thing Only ::: Al-Sheikh Al-Mujaahid Abu Muhammed Al-Adnaani (Hafidhahullaah) - Official Spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq Jihaad Related Media 3 05-23-2012 05:36 PM
      Jabhat Al-Nusrah ::: Al-Manaarah Al-Baidhaa' Media ::: To the People of Al-Shaam From the Mujahideen of Al-Shaam ::: A Call to Jihaad

    2. Yezz : works : Syria: The cemetery of western credibility:


      The West is backing Jabhat Al Nosrah, the al-Qaida branch in Syria. After Libya, only an idiot would believe a word iterated by the west and particularly, the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US), which backed a terrorist group on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's own list of proscribed factions. As the west and its terrorists grow desperate, read on and see what they are planning. First stop: False Flag event at the Olympics?

      The repulsive filth we saw in Libya, slicing the breasts off women, murdering, torching buildings, torturing, raping, looting, committing ethnic cleansing is the political epitaph of Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Hague, Sarkozy and Juppé, the FUKUS Axis. The lawsuit has been launched (*), not yet taken up, but that matters not. The lack of action only underlines the lack of credibility as international law is insulted and not applied. The "West", ladies and gentlemen, is one evil clique of demonic savages, believe me.

      This murderous filth is back, in Syria, joining up with the traitors and dregs of Syrian society wanting to make a fast buck by supporting these western hypocrites, implementing a west-friendly government as yet another Arab nation is humiliated and destroyed, as it is used either for its resources or for its strategic importance. In the case of Syria, it is not a question of freedom and democracy - it is a question of depriving Russia of its Mediterranean base and it is a stepping-stone towards the forthcoming attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Central Asia follows. Then Siberia. After Amazonia.

      The villain in the story is not President Assad or his Government, backed by the majority of the Syrian people - he and they are desperately trying to defend themselves from terrorists, armed by the FUKUS-GCC Axis (France, UK, US and the Gulf Cooperation Council, cowardly Arab traitor states insulting Islam with their murderous collaboration and treachery).

      The villain is the FUKUS-GCC Axis, a temple of evil, cynicism and an insult to the international community, a cabal of murderers, terrorist-lovers and terrorists with zero respect for international law and zero credibility. Chapter one was Iraq, Chapter two was Libya, Chapter three is Syria.

      However, the nearer to the main target (Iran) the FUKUS-GCC gets, the more obvious it becomes that their demonic plan is doomed to failure and the nearer their leaders are to a prison cell. A day will come when they dare not step off an aeroplane overseas, the day will come when there is a knock on their doors at seven o'clock in the morning and they are carted off to a courtroom. The citizens of the world are seven billion; they are a handful of murderers.

  119. http://www.voltairenet.org/Washington-drafted-new

    Since January, a group of some forty Syrian exiles have been meeting secretly at Ludwigkirchplatz 3-4 in Berlin, on the premises of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politk (German Institute for International and Security Affairs). While this think tank is funded by German employers, its meetings are bankrolled by the U.S. Departments of State and Defense. They are chaired by Steven Heydemann, a dual US-Israeli national, who has long worked for the CIA [1], before becoming a researcher at the U.S. Institute of Peace. This organization, which provides the formal venue for the meetings, is - contrary to what its name might suggest - a screen for the Pentagon [2]. Not surprisingly, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs is associated with this project.

    The program is labelled "The Day After Tomorrow


  120. U.S. Department of State spokesman Patrick Ventrell earlier gave a positive answer to a question about Washington’s possible plans to act bypassing the UN Security Council.



    21 Jul 2012 A substantial Navy task force will deploy to the eastern Mediterranean for large scale exercises after the Olympics but will have the capability to help civilians fleeing the growing violence.
    The flotilla from the The Response Force Task Group will include the helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious and the amphibious ship HMS Bulwark ferrying 45 Commando, Royal Marines.
    The force will carry out amphibious landings in Sardinia, Albania and Turkey then is likely to “loiter” off Cyprus, 100 miles from the Syria mainland.

    July 20, 2012 Barak Orders Israeli Military to Prepare for Syria Invasion

    July 13, 2012 Turkish Threat of Invading Syria - Sheikh Imran Hosein

  121. Another orgasmic report from @ramsaysky: Syria: The Arab Spring Arrives In Azaz http://news.sky.com/story/963723/syria-the-arab-spring-arrives-in-azaz #FSA #Azaz #Aleppo #Syria


    Azaz has fallen
    In the centre I counted seven destroyed tanks. The FSA says there are 17.

    The FSA say they have captured Syrian Army commanders and killed pro-government Shabiha militia left behind from a hasty withdrawal.

    The Arab Spring is back - big time.

    1. The Bab al-Hawa crossing between Syria and Turkey was overrun by no less than 150 multinational self-described mujahideen [3] - coming from Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Chechnya and even France, many proclaiming their allegiance to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

      They burned a lot of Turkish trucks. They shot their own promo video. They paraded their al-Qaeda flag. And they declared the whole border area an Islamic state.


    2. حلب : سيف الدولة - قصف بالدبابات و اشتباكات عنيفة 2012 22-7-

      Aleppo :



      24 7
      #Aleppo A picture of #FSA-commander Hamza Barakat (or what's left of him): http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/c6.0.403.403/p403x403/599838_422082661172064_1728342053_n.jpg

      مدفع مضاد للطيران غنيمة للجيش الحر 25/6/2012
      Sheikh Barakat, Aleppo - Captured ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SalRCm1wbx8

      150 "Islamist foreign fighters" had arrived at the Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey after it had been taken by insurgents.



      Mujahideen and jihadis active in Iraq are now "Iraqi insurgents".

      And mujahideen and jihadis active in Syria remain the usual "Syrian rebels"


    4. Another orgasmic report :

      The reports vary widely, with some describing atrocities such as the use of drugs to paralyse victims, whilst a disturbingly high 42 percent testify to gang rape and 20 per cent of attacks left the victim dead. Many reports mention multiple victims; one, for example, describes the rape of 36 women by government forces.


      The still-unidentified woman posted the video to YouTube on February 11, 2012. It is one of the earliest reports on our live, crowd-sourced map of sexualized violence in Syria.

      The Women’s Media Center project Women Under Siege has been collecting reports out of Syria for three months, during which time we’ve seen many stories similar to this, in which multiple attackers, usually government forces, are said to gang rape a woman in her home.


      A big thanks you to The Daily Kos for sharing our testimony at the UN this week on sexualized violence in Syria.
      Women Under Siege contributor Laura Bates and Director Lauren Wolfe

    5. http://www.ekurd.net/mismas/articles/misc2012/7/state6381.htm
      17 females raped in one month in Iraq's Kurdistan Region: Violence directorate 24.7.2012


      Iraqi Kurds train their Syrian brethren


      Syria's Kurds stand alone after rejecting rebels and regime

  122. Justifications for genocide against all `Alawites: this time in the Economist

    The current issue of the Economist features two articles (presumably by their correspondent in Beirut who relies on Hariri press office for her contacts and travel), that basically justifies killings of Alawites and defames all Alawites. All tales about the Alawites are to believed:
    they remind me of the Nazi media in the 1930s where they would print stories after stories about alleged crimes of Jews in Germany.
    Look at this:


  123. I guess a few comments are in order.
    GIA killing style seen again:
    "The top official said Iraqi border guards had witnessed the Free Syrian Army take control of a border outpost, detain a Syrian army lieutenant colonel, and then cut off his arms and legs.
    "Then they executed 22 Syrian soldiers in front of the eyes of Iraqi soldiers."

    I have a second article at Syira News.cc:

    Lots of other things... here's a few I collected:

  124. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJnYFtdcAis&feature=g-u-u
    لجيش الحر الاستعداد للتصدي لأجتياح المدن7/23


    Mark ‏@markito0171
    #Syria #Homs #Talbisah #FSA readiness to respond to an invasion from south http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJnYFtdcAis&feature=g-u-u http://wikimapia.org/#lat=34.8374676&lon=36.7231757&z=14&l=5&m=b


    This Libyan terrorist from Benghazi was arrested in #Damascus by the #Syria-n army https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=479806085381921&set=a.207379882624544.59491.195458667149999&type=1&theater

  125. Confirmed: Qatar: more than 40 000 of participants in the film "The Fall of Damascus," the majority of them are Indians and Bengals.

    There is possibility al-Qaradawi gets a role too. Scenery models arrived in Doha on 19/7/2012 & were designed in the US. #Syria

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daD2TZFudro

      Syria - Fake 'Homs Clock Tower' found in Doha, Qatar 11-06-2012

  126. Here we go, predictable. Just now US-#Israel-#Saudi backed terrorist speaking to @Alarabiya from Hama claims chemical weapons used. #Syria 24 7

    Meanwhile, this long-term goal does not prevent Defense Minister Ehud Barak from getting crazy - speculating on an invasion of Syria based on a hypothetical transfer of Syrian anti-aircraft missiles or even chemical weapons to Hezbollah.

  127. Strategically, this will always be a war by proxy; essentially Saudi Arabia vs Iran - with the House of Saud behind hardcore Islamists of all colors compared to Qatar supporting "its" Muslim Brotherhood. But most of all this is the US-NATO-GCC vs Iran.





  128. Who is fighting in Syria?

    In 2008, during NATO’s annual Bilderberg Group meeting, the Director of the Arab Reform Initiative, Bassma Kodmani, and the director of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Volker Perthes, demonstrated briefly to the American European Gotha the economic, political and military benefits of possible intervention by the Alliance in Syria.

    In 2009, the CIA set up tools of propaganda destined for Syria such as the BaradaTV channel, based in London, and Dubai-based OrientTV.

    To these historical elements, let’s add that a meeting was held in Cairo, the second week of February 2011, around John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Bernard-Henry Levy, figures like Mahmoud Jibril Libya (then number two in the Libyan Jamahiriya government) and Syrian personalities like Malik al-Abdeh and Ammar Qurabi.

    It was this meeting that gave the signal for covert operations that began in both Libya and Syria (February 15th in Benghazi and 17th in Damascus).


  129. Former CIA officer Reuel Marc Gerecht, who is now a scholar at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said Friday that the agency has only a handful of operatives working on the Turkish side of the Syrian border, helping allies who want to give the rebels aid identify which groups are legitimate.

    The agency has distributed encrypted radios to the rebels to help them coordinate their attacks.

    Gerecht has called for the White House to initiate a covert CIA operation inside Syria, to help arm the rebels with weaponry able to take down the helicopter gunships menacing Syrian towns."


  130. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=346635072080964&id=165136183547667

    Syrian Army Seize Israeli-Made Weapons From Terrorist Groups, 24. 7. 2012

    Israeli-made Weapons seized in Syria - Homs - March 16, 2012 (Israel Arming Terrorists in Syria)

    Syria - Israeli-made Weapons seized in Homs March 16, 2012

    Syrian Rebel Terrorists Caught with Israeli Weapons.

    Syrian Army Seize Israeli-Made Weapons From Terrorist Groups

    Human Rights First applauds Representative Keith Ellison for leadership on disrupting ­weapons flows to Bashar al-Assad regime

  131. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/us-syrian-policy-brookings-memo-21-moving-to-plan-b/
    This would, of course, fall short of U.S. goals for Syria and could preserve Asad in power.From that starting point, however, it is possible that a broad coalition with the appropriate international mandate could add further coercive action to its efforts.”

    France and Saudi Arabia's evil plan to assassinate President Assad and his wife


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