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Monday, May 25, 2015

Houla Massacre (Syria) {Masterlist}

November 22, 2014
last edits June 15, 2015

See http://taldoutruth.blogspot.com/
This one seemed to deserve its own blog - maybe it didn't quite, but too late now. There's little need to cover it in detail on this site. The base research at A Closer Look On Syria is all linked there as well.

* Houla, May 25: the Turning Point in Syria? The original post here, first-impression commentary and earliest investigation updates to July, 2012

Note: The Video Record - besides several known witnesses and much logic - supports a victorious rebel attack on Taldou's security posts on May 25. They seem to overrun four of them, and left the fifth one pinned down under attack for hours. See here: white posts, taken in the rebel offensive that day. Orange = contested. Signs say they took the  next two pushing south.
That would give opposition fighters and terrorist allies unprecedented access to the town that evening, and there was also an unprecedented massacre that was to the opposition's immense PR benefit.

Please now re-consider what was ever cited to blame the government and clash with the best-read video record. Mainly, it was the word of alleged witnesses like this.

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