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Friday, May 1, 2015

Ghouta Massacres by District, Part 1: Moadamiyeh al-Sham

Ghouta Massacres (plural) | by District
Part 1: Moadamiyeh al-Sham
May 1, 2015
(last edits May 4)

We start in West Ghouta with the outlier attack on Moadamiyeh al-Sham (various spelling - Google translates Wage Offensive of Greater Syria).

Mass starvation due to regime-imposed food blockade alleged, starting to make news with dead babies just after the Aug. 21 incident ... clearly an issue with food distribution within the rebel-administered disaster area.
(note: this refers to the Yarmouk camp, not Maodamiya, but the problem was the same, presented the same way at the same time for the same reasons, and so the concept is the same - Moadamiya was even worse at producing starved babies and not adults, which is an extra-troubling)
... apparently just to make propaganda like this that could only fool a willing dupe. But maybe it isn't just that; perhaps they also had some religious or other motive to kill these people. This concept might well be relevant to alleged victims of a government CW attack shortly before)

UN Sarin findings: In short, negative returns from the alleged artillery shell delivery device, and from most environmental samples. Despite quick collection, within hours, heat and wind in a desert valley in August could effect some locales, but not likely the ones inside the stricken home, or inside the shell remnants. There is widely-accepted and reasonable doubt that there was ever a Sarin attack here. However, Human samples were the most dramatic here, around 95% of subject tested positive for Sarin. It's been speculated they were trucked in from another area where Sarin was released. I have reason already to speculate voluntary exposure to token amounts. If the doses appeared low enough (not made evidently clear) maybe they just got their doses right so 95% came through while other areas scored lower in that unwittingly-tested area.

Kassem Eid claims: (compare 60 Minutes to previous narrative...)
Mother Agnes Claims: "We have witnesses and social sensorseverywhere in Damascus. Until today we have received 88 claims of death in Moadamiya (from the August 21 attack). We are told they were not killed because of sarin, that they were killed because of heavy shelling from the army and from suffocation from heavy shelling. The deceased were together in a shelter and they suffocated from this. Moadamiya people told us this." Mother Agnes of the mixed-reliability might be handed bogus or half-true information. The images suggest chemical poisoning with these people, not simple suffocation. But their being 88 in number and all being crammed into a single basement "shelter" seems eerily likely, given the other patterns of this attack.

some video from that:
Strange complex fasciculations -
Daria 21-8-2013 important - dozens of casualties in the hospital field بالغازات toxic
Local council of daraya city (victims apparently from Moadamiya?)
Daria 21-8-2013 important - the martyrs of the residents of the Moadamiya al-Sham toxic attack
M al-Sham, birds
same, blue woman

Victim Records

Table, early count was apparently a vague 50+. Final count: 70

VDC lists 68 from Mouadamiyeh  (52 men, 7 boys, 5 women, 4 girls. Relatively chivalrous Sarin here, or gender segregation of victims, as with captives, with about 2 small families mixed in)?
This plus 7 people from different places who died there = 75 noted. At least 3 others (from Rankus) can be likely included as well for a minimum total of 78 - attributed to here. But those last might be from an abortive alleged CW attack far to the north just absorbed by Moadamiyeh (undecided)

7 from elsewhere: 1 from Lattakia but related to locals, 1 from Hama, the rest Damascus area: 2 from Mazzeh, 1 each from Bab Sreja (district of central Damascus), Daraya, and Serghaya. Photos here are available for many, usually low-contrast (meaning a best guess for un-placed low-contrast morgue photos is from here).
29 victims name cluster: The seemingly interrelated names Syed-Ahmad, Ahmad al-Khatib, Ahmad, Khatib, Hussein Ahmad Ateeq, Hussein Mahmoud Ateeq, Ateeq.

92034 Samir Ahmad al-Khatib - teacher
"Known as (Abu Obada)"
Partly in Moadamiya, mostly Zamalka, one Irbeen, one Jobar, one from Aleppo ... 29 victims. Full inter-relation uncertain but likely. Their spread over different areas - especially including Moadamiyeh as well as east Ghouta, is very interesting. They must have been separately effected in two different areas, at the very least, and not just shuffled around and credited to different areas.

Ahmad al-Khatib (6):
Mohammad Kher Ahmad al-Khatib Civilian Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Mouadamiyeh
Bassam Ahmad al-Khatib 91994 photo - blood
Samir Ahmad al-Khatib 92034 AM teacher photo (white hair) Known as (Abu Obada),

Ahmad Adnan Al-Khateeb (meaning Adnan Ahmed?) Civilian Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Mouadamiyeh

That's all good but other Ahmed Khatibs were killed way over in Zamalka, one a dislocated person from a rebel-held area in the north - did they catch up with him here?
Abd al-Rahman Ahmad al-Khateeb 92217 AM Aleppo Mare age 60 ML Zamalka
Sohel Ahmad al-Khateeb Civilian Adult - Female Damascus Suburbs Zamalka
Khatib (4)
Omar Mohammad Kher al-Khatib Civilian Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Mouadamiyeh photo 91982 - should be son of M K A al-Khatib

3 others Sameer Khatib AM Zamalka Subhi Khatib AM Z Ali Salih al-Khatib AM Mouadamiyeh

(FWIW Maryam al-Khatib Civilian Adult - Female Idlib Saraqib 2013-04-29 Chemical and toxic gases - it's a common name)

Syed Ahmad: 5 (from Mouadamiyeh unless specified)
- Abdul Hakim Aref al-Sayed dAhmad - AM, Photos a (Sheikh)
- Abdo Hasan al-Syed Ahmad AM
- Fatima Hasan al-Syed Ahmad AF
- Islam Abdo al-Syed Ahmad CF
- Khaled al-Sayed Ahmad AM

Hussein-Ahmed-Atiq: 5
- Nada Ahmad Ateeq AF Z Safa al-Housen AHmad al-Ateeq AF Zamalka
- Ahmad Housin Mohammed al-Ateeq (meaning M. H. Ahmad al-Ateeq?) AM Z Marwa al-Hosain - Ahmad al-Ateeq 101906 AF Zamalka - Huda al-Hosain Ahmad al-Ateeq AF Zamalka

Hussein-Mahmoud al-Ateeq (7)
Mahmoud Mahmoud al-Hosen al-Ateeq AM Zamalka, Khaled Mahmoud al-Ateeq AM Z, Abdo Mahmoud Ateeq AM Z, Sedrah al-Hosen Mahmoud al-Ateeq AF Z, Abdullah al-Housien Mahmoud al-Ateeq AM Z, Omar Housen Mahmod al-Ateeq AM Z, Ahmad al-Hosien Mahmoud al-Ateeq AM Z (date missing)

Other Atiq - 94000 Noor al-Atiq AF from Irbeen, photo - plugged nose - 92095 Abo Hosien al-Ateq, Jobar, The name Came From al-Ihsan hospital in hmouria

92013 Yassin Dummarany
VDC lists 7 victims named Dummarany First in order of listing is Mahmoud Abdul Karem al-Dummarany Civilian Adult - Male 91983. Next, a batch of 5 children: Khalil Nizar al-Dummarany (92011 boy) Maryam Nizar al-Dummarany (92012 girl) Yassin Nizar al-Dummarany (boy 92013) Ikrema Nizar al-Dummarany (boy 92014) Besan Nizar al-Dummarany (girl 92017) By the common Nizar, these should be the children of a man named Nizar.

Last is a man named Nizar Khaleel Dumarani 92659 Adult Male - by name, should be the father. "Married with 5 Children." However, he was added way later than the rest, including the other Dummarany man. And the children's notes all say "( in another source mentioned that the name of his father is Ajaj)" That name is shared by two victims: Abeer Ajaj, adult female from Kafr Batna (92161) and Maher Hamzeh Ajaj #93793 - with the FSA as it happens, non-civilianm from Jobar but died in Ein Tarma. "called Abo Osama , Battalion commander." None of the kids is named Osama. Aja is common. May be nothing. Any adult females are unaccounted for here.

As explained here at ACLOS, there were apparently three victims in Moadmiyeh named Beetar and Bettar (same name I usually write Bitar). Bitar is a common name, can be Sunni or Alawi or anything as far as I know. Some prior Latakia/Alawite suggestions of it can be found on the Talk:Homs Massacres page. The first one listed in #91999 Jamil Mohammad Beetar, from Latakia (province - distant, Alawi majority - he's the only Ghouta victims listed so). But plenty of Sunnis live there too. It says he died from gasses in Mouadamiyeh. No further notes. Morgue photo, no clear signs.

Aaked al-Bettar

Two others were from closer by, and it's not specified where they died, but by the clues, it's likely the same place. #92789 is Aaked Al-Bettar, adult male, Married. Area: Rankus. non-civilian rank: FSA - but killed with his wife, not in combat. Notes: "He was martyred with his wife during ambulance her." Photo, shown at right after stretching, shows red-purple face, plugged nose, blood around nose. (hospital photo, not the usual morgue one for Moadamiya). 92788 Wife of Aaked Al-Bettar from Rankus, "She was martyred with her husband." Killed where they live, it sounds like, and with a relative perhaps from Latakia ...

There's also 92749 Asad Sosaq, another FSA fighter from Rankus, who died from the attack in an unspecified area (there are the 3 total from Rankus).

Rankus is not at all next to Moadamiya, but way north, due north even from Douma. It's way, way too far out to be remotely effected; they must have been living somewhere else at the time - unless they really were gassed at home, far from any alleged regime attacks...

Douma would be the natural place to expect them, but no rockets landed there either. And consider another victim, Lamyae Onkood #94403, married woman from Serghaya, just west of Rankous, suggesting she (only one from there) is connected to the three - perhaps Sosaq's wife. And she's listed with martyrdom location Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh. This suggests that all Rankus-area people, and thus all named Bitar, wound up in Moadamiya before they died there. Onkood was already listed, but the Rankous 3 adds to the total for 78 or more apparent victims there.
Below: 91999 Jamal Beetar, then the array of men he's included with (he's in the middle on the left). With more correlation, this might be an interesting lead, or maybe just worth correlating.

Bitar 2.0 and More Links?
Another interesting thing about people around there named Bitar, from Rankous ... A bunch more were killed there a month later, September 27, by what the VDC calls "Car bomb attack that left several dead civilians in a massacre in the surroundings of Khaled Bin al-Waled Mosque after Friday prayers." VDC lists 46 bombing victims, and 1/3 of them, 15, are Bitars (again, it's a common name, but not this common). Among the other families singled out, 7 people named Khateb. Another common name, but one with several killed in Moadamiya, maybe alongside Bitars from Rankous ... In fact, another outsider "Abo Hashim" was from distant Hama province, but they didn't get his last name ... a September car bomb victim who bears some resemblance is named Refaei and came from the Damascus suburb of al-Haama (as on Wikimapia - next to Jamraya, near-ish to Moadamiya). This could be a third link between the two massacres, but it get confusing.
What does this mean? One reasonable conclusion is: some kind of teamwork where maybe Moadamiya simply absorbed the Rankous CW victims numbering 4 (or 5, if they had all the Bitars, or higher if they had any of the others). Maybe these really died up there, but that was a problem since no one had lodged actual CW claims up there. And maybe that denied Rankous sliver was of the same hostage pool culled seriously with the mosque bomb a month later. (This story itself has an interesting twist between it and yet another mosque car bombing a month yet later, on October 25, that reportedly killed 140 men and boys in nearby Souq Wadi Barada - the "Snobar" link between these is quite odd, as I previously explored here at ACLOS.)
The Refaei-Rankous-Haama link mentioned between these attacks might explain another Ghouta victim - infant boy Karam Jawad Mohammad Tawfeeq al-Rifaei, from Maheen, Homs. and mother Gaydae Um Karam (mother of Karam, not her actual name) Both say they died in Zamalka, and maybe, but coming from a place 75 km northwest of Rankous, in southern Homs province, the name and previous links might put them in the Rankous-Moadamiyeh cluster. That might be 80 people - if there were 8 others, it might be the full batch of 88 stuffed in one basement that mother Agnes heard about.

Mansour and other family names like Mukhaibar, Dekkar stand out for losing more than 2 members. May examine in time.

Other:  #92031 Mohammad Anwar Idres - possible link to Nada Muhammad Ali Idrees, Adult - Female from Jobar, died in "East Ghota" and was "rescued to Erbeen."  Fairly common name, so may be nothing.

Clinical Signs

Cyanosis: this is sometimes caused by Sarin intoxication, but is not a standard indicator. It's not usually as total and even a blue people turn, like this lady:
Usually marble floors won't be affected and turn blue as well. Here, a smudge of blue dye can be seen on the floor beneath her. This symptom is fake. See right for the stills.

Strange complex fasciculations (convulsion) - is this even realistic? I'm not sure.

Pupils, tears, mucous, incontinence, etc. forthcoming.

Morgue photos:

#91993 Mustafa Abdo Doba - Known as (Abu Bakir)

 #92031 Mohammad Anwar Idres - Known as (Abu Khalid)
#92012 Maryam Dummarany  

#92011 Khalil Nizar al-Dummarany
92007 Abdo Hasan al-Syed Ahmad

91983 Mahmoud Abdul Karem al-Dummarany
Aaked al-Bettar

Mohammad Khier Mukhaiber 92191 just blood and/or thin yellow fluid out the mouth only (Ahmad Jamal Mokheber gets the same photo)

91994 Bassam Ahmad al-Khatib - shot?


  1. Nothing but pro-assad regime disinformation. Unlike other shills, you actually use photos and documents of the dead, other shills know to stay clear of showing the victims. But in answer to the rhetorical question your site asks, it definitely is the regime and their allies committing the massacres against the Sunni civilians and it definitely is up to white supremacists and evangelical zionist kkkristians living in the West to demonize the resistance in order to keep the regime in power.

    1. Hey! Thanks for taking a minute to share and to step into my line of fire.

      I look at the images for a reason - they have clues. You can see here a few different poisoning kinds, none of which looks much like sarin. It doesn't cause internal bleeding, and cyanosis only sometimes, nor really foaming at the mouth (sometimes, somewhat). It leaves a person covered in puke and pee, sweat, and maybe poop. SLUDGE syndrome, does not appear in rebel videos at all. Doesn't seem to appear here in Moadamaiya, where UN tests found no serin trace in the environment, but over 90% returns with himan samples, who were controlled by rebels and not allowed to talk to them.

      So ... what else besides those supposed sarin rockets could have been happening at the same time?

      Also note how the hair sticks up on anyone who has enough to show that. That suggests they were hanging upside down. There are other examples of this in other areas. How do Assad's rockets get the victims tied up, inside rebel-held areas, before they land and gas the people? Other victims and scenes show various signs the victims were being held captive by rebels before they were gassed. Details available by following the Ghouta Massacre(s) link at top.

      So, until I see a better explanation for the clues I've already noted... I think your "definitely" assessment is not as good as you thought.

      And I'm not one of those KKK pro-Assad people, FWIW. More of a true left-leaning anti-imperialist, not the lame-brained NPR pro-war and pro-terrorist kind that get bred these days.


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