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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mohammed Nabbous: Really?

January 1, 2012

First post of the New Year. Happy new year to all!

Mohammed al-Nabbous was a semi-famous Internet Rebel propagandist in Benghazi, who gave his life and vanished in a puff of drama March 19, a martyr to proving the "second battle of Benghazi" had been started by Gaddafi's forces of darkness.

What the heck was up with that guy? Did he really die? If so, from what?

Wikipedia to start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammed_Nabbous
The rest, in the comments section.


  1. Links thanks to Anonymous here.

    The Examiner:
    Order: Kill non-mainstream reporters in Libya, What U.S. is hiding

    Journalist Don DeBar says Nabbous was "clearly a U.S. agent."

  2. He may have been, but an opinion from DeBar wouldn't convince me. Still, a fine addition to the discussion.

    Al Hurra was described as "independent." As always, the question is independent of what, and who or what is it NOT independent from. For example, few can part ways with money, and remain dependent on someone paying them...

    I'll skim the Wikipedia now for the evidence he actually died, which I've always wondered about."Nabbous is believed to have been killed..."

    I hear the important work he was doing was capturing audio recordings, not even his famous video, of explosions proving an attack, when we hear a gunshot and no more Mo. AFAIK that's the proof he died as opposed to cashing in all his PR chips for the "revolution" and disappearing. The Wiki says:
    "Nabbous was allegedly shot in the head by a sniper soon after exposing the Gaddafi regime's false reports related to the cease-fire declaration; sitting in the back of a truck, he was using a mobile phone to record audio of the then-ongoing violence, and the audio recording cut off at the estimated time of the assault."

    So the phone was hit, or his head, or both?

    "Nabbous was in critical condition until he died around 3 p.m. CET. Nabbous' wife announced his death in a video on Libya Alhurra TV.[14]"

    The last source is Libya al Hurrah TV itself. If Gay Girl in Syria's own website claimed she had been killed by Assad's thugs, would that be credible?

    This isn't the main issue here, so don't let me sidetrack. As usual it's what a man does with his life that matters, and man did he ever help inform this ill-informed war drive that started on his alleged death, as if that was always to be the cue.

    How was his coverage of brutal Islamist murders, torture, and beheadings of loyalists and black workers in Benghazi? Surely an INDEPENDENT journalist would have nothing blocking him from an honest appraisalof that. TheWiki makes no mention... instead what he al Hurra saw was "the destruction and carnage caused by mortars and shelling..."

  3. But found here (or remove the dots at end)

  4. http://globalvoicesonline.org/2011/02/01/arab-world-a-revolution-time-table/
    Posted 1 February 2011 17:07 GMT/Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table/Amira Al Hussaini


    Within that you have these NGOs, like Freedom House, training activists and trade unions and various other organizations to demand democracy, demand human rights and so forth,”


    The Arab Spring was created a decade ago

  5. o.k links dont work,
    cant'explain how Ive done it, cause log start cry he doesnt accept code

    best way I stop posting
    regards, hurriya

  6. @caustic : to the funding of Libya Al-Hurra researchers as Martin Iqbal, Pepe Escobar, Mahdi Nazemroaya and Alex Jones have done their research. They found enough evidence that the channel wasnt independent.

    From a less famous side :
    Alhurra is a commercial-free Arabic language satellite television network for the Middle East operated and funded by the United States of America.


  7. @hurriya

    Forget about the "working" links. Just post them any way you like. If we can see them, we can go there!

    I will re-post the articles here, with working links.

    Alhurra – the Zionist ‘Arab’ news network
    by Martin Iqbal, 14 October 2011

    17:07 GMT/Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table
    Amira Al Hussaini, 1 February 2011


    Russia Today video:
    Orchestrated Storms: US sending waves through Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia?
    Uploaded by RussiaToday on Jan 27, 2011

    Quote (William Engdahl): Within that you have these NGOs, like Freedom House, training activists and trade unions and various other organizations to demand democracy, demand human rights and so forth,

    Middle East protests follow color revolution scenario – expert
    27 January, 2011

    The Arab Spring was created a decade ago

    Russia Today video:
    'Pentagon created Arab Spring over decade ago'
    Uploaded by RussiaToday on Dec 31, 2011

  8. @ Hurriya

    Don't sweat the HTML links thing! Just posting the URL still works fine. I see Petri already said the same thing. Excellent. I got very sidetracked earlier.

    The post is boring and empty, but I love the comments section here! Superb! This is some quantity information, at the very least.

  9. http://blogs.rnw.nl/medianetwork/free-libyan-satellite-tv-channel-to-launch-from-qatar
    Free Libyan satellite TV channel to launch from Qatar
    March 28th, 2011 - 11:03 UTC

    @ caustic : Nabbous is not too much important , the messages send to convince the masses are important.
    I didn't see any report of him about the bestialities that took place in Cyrenaica to many innocents in his time of reporting , just the massacre lie


    This item updates item 'MASSACRE IN LIBYA FEB 17'
    Video uploaded sent from Libya al Hura (livestream.com/libya17feb

    makes me wonder via which channel this vid was broadcasted :

    Message from youth in Benghazi to his fellow Libyan /16 feb
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrsaApEPrQU&feature=player_embedded# !

  10. - February 16 /Since EnoughGaddafi.com is down, a new website it up in its place: Libya February 17. Check it out for updates, video and photos.
    Movement.org is officially partnered with the US Department of State and Columbia Law School.


    WHOIS information for feb17.info :
    Created On:14-Feb-2011 19:28:17 UTC/State/Province:Arizona

  11. http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/02/libya-rest-of-story.html
    Libyan opposition literally running protests from Washington.

    He goes by the name "EnoughGaddafi" and is the webmaster of LibyaFeb17.com

  12. Andy Carvin visits the grave of his virtual friend Mohamed Nabbous, Paying Respects To A Fallen Journalist In Libya, 19 Feb 2012.
    One of his friends said that he'd even hidden Mo's camcorder to prevent him from going out into the field. It was too risky, he explained, and Mo was doing his part by anchoring the video stream from his home. But Mo figured out his friend had taken the camcorder and demanded he return it to him. It was not long after that that Mo went out in a pickup truck to shoot some footage and was killed.

    The date on the grave looks like 1951, certainly 1950s. I don't see the name Mohamed on it. Was he really that old? With a first child on the way (not impossible of course...)
    The grave photo is also on his Flickr stream

    1. @Felix – The birthdate on the gravestone is February 27, 1983.

    2. Ah, thanks, Mystery solved. Aged 28....

    3. It says 1938. They do some numbers backwards? Maybe, okay. And the death date - is that August 3 or March 8? The latter would be close, but a week and a half too early. Wasn't he supposedly shot dead right on the even of bombing, on March 19? This isn't adding up.

  13. He keeps on milking this man, writing a book about him too.

  14. This hoax from Baba Amr in Homs, Syria from may be relevant to the case:
    How Avaaz Is Sponsoring Fake War Propaganda From Syria

    Al-Jazeera journalist Khalid Abu Saleh and his pal "Syria Danny" stage fake battles, fake wounded and fake dead for live broadcast on Al-Jazeera and CNN.

    I have not seen any retractions or apologies from Al-Jazeera or CNN.

    1. http://i43.tinypic.com/vsjg48.jpg

      According to Al Jazeera, military jets have bombed protesters in Tripoli.
      Other military jets have reportedly refused orders to bomb protesters and have instead flown to Malta.

  15. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30723.htm
    In Syria, al Jazeera’s Credibility Implodes


    ‘Syria Danny’ Caught Staging CNN War Propaganda Stunt

  16. Maxiilian Forte ‏ @1D4TW

    #Syria "Danny" reminds me of the many phony calls hosted by @AndersonCooper purportedly from #Libya

    1. Hurriya - I was just thinking about Mr Nabbous after reading of Danny....

    2. Nabous ?

      Alhurra (or al-Hurra) (Arabic: الحرّة‎, al-Ḥurrah [alˈħurra],[note] "The free") is a United States-based satellite TV channel, sponsored by the U.S. government.[1]

      Alhurra is operated by the non-profit corporation “The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.” (MBN). MBN is financed by the U.S. Government through a grant from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an independent federal agency.

      Clinton Pledges $25 Million for Net Freedom Fighters
      NA319-Lucifer's Techno Experts (women)


      Libya's Interim Government ,Get the latest updates from and listen to these sources

    3. @ felix : "I was just thinking about Mr Nabbous after reading of Danny..."

      I was just thinking about Rupert Murdoch :

      Injustice Facts ‏ @InjusticeFacts
      Rupert Murdoch owns 175 newspapers, in 2003, all 175 'independent' editors wrote articles supporting the invasion of Iraq.


    فيديو مروع للقتلى والجرحى في ليبيا

    Uploaded by RTarabic on Feb 24, 2011

    اكدت الاحصائيات في مستشفىالجلاء في بن غازي بليبيا ان عدد القتلى يتراوح ال300 قتيل,و الاف الجرحى

    Abu Saleem hospital
    0.27 ?

    Abu Saleem hospital
    حياة وموت داخل مستشفى ابو سليم في طرابلس
    Published on Aug 28, 2011

    TRIPOLI -The Free Generation Movement erects memorial wall - 30/08/2011

    tripoli central hospital doctors demonstrate in support to 17 feb revolution

    @ 24 .41

    A doctor at a Tripoli hospital has told Sky News she believes as many as 30,000 men are missing after Libya's six month revolution.
    dr @ 0.36 amman hamed

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX3oIaBfdZI&feature=channel
      ambulance doctor @ 0.49 , sirte

      note : just for own people : @ 0.55/1.20 : shot wounded man laying on ground and leave him for die, drive away
      [2 people burned alive in car]

    2. dr stuff to be removed to page :

    3. SEE MOEZ :


  18. @Petri, @Hurriya...Here's another one of the creations of Andy Carvin of NPR...Danny Vampire A Year Later, One Libyan Fighter Says 'Nothing Has Changed'
    , not to be confused with the fake Al Jazeera broadcaster from Homs Syria in 2012..UK activist Danny Report from 21 Feb 2011, just back from the "grave" of Nabbous.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj4WiqfuzV4

      With Twitter and other social media, NPR's Andy Carvin monitored immediate, on-the-ground developments during the upheavals of the Arab Spring from Washington, D.C., through thousands of tweets and an army of followers that numbers in the tens of thousands.

  19. Abdul Rauf, a doctor who sides with the revolutionary forces, said he examined some of the dead and thinks they were probably killed by Gadhafi loyalists last weekend, as NTC troops launched their all-out assault to finally capture Sirte.

    Rauf said the bodies are hard to identify because they're now swollen. The ongoing hostilities have made it difficult for coroners or pathologists to attend to them.

    The apparent slaughter in Sirte comes after the discovery in August of up to 153 charred bodies in a small warehouse next to one of Gadhafi's military complexes in Tripoli, the capital. The building was said to be a makeshift jail for people who helped the opposition during the uprising against the deposed Libyan leader.



    Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com or on his Mobile # +91-9961868309]

    1. different persons Rauf Ruf I think.

  20. Dr. Abdul Ruff is not Abdul Rauf.

  21. Dr. Abdul Ruff is not Abdul Rauf. Some one is deliberately confusing the readers.

    1. Welcome, sir. You sound interesting. I haven't been watching this conversation closely, but it looks like Hurriya made the connection (?) but then noted it was two people.

      Do you feel embarrassed to be confused with a Libyan rebel "doctor"who relished excuses to NOT identify these likely victims of a rebel massacre in Sirte? I would. Sorry about the name similarity, but it can't be helped, and that's just one of Hurriya's things.


    2. عبد الرؤوف servant of the Lenient One

      @ DR. ABDUL RUFF : 1000 times apologies for mentioning yr name in a wrong environment:

      Mideast Uprisings: CIA Focus on Libya/ DR. ABDUL RUFF (Part-3) Western Fascism Targets Libya/


      Destabilization of sovereign Muslim states through "regime change" by illegal invasions

  22. Libya TV iPhone App available for free! goo.gl/lJ94W – #Libya
    Developer's Notes

    Watch Libya TV live on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with this official app.

    Libya TV started broadcasting from Doha on 30 March. Its founder, seasoned media man Mahmud Shammam, calls it "a voice for free Libya."

    Libya TV is the first independent satellite channel in the history of Libya. Free Libyans, and those still struggling to liberate Libya from the grip of the Gaddafi regime, now have a channel through which to air their voice.

    Dozens of Libyans from all over the world gathered in Doha to set up this ambitious project. Within a week the channel started broadcasting with six hourly news bulletins and three talk shows.

    We are proud to bring you access to this groundbreaking channel broadcasting globally in Arabic 24 hours a day.

    1. Its founder, seasoned media man Mahmud Shammam, calls it "a voice for free Libya."

      Hey, #Libyan FFs on Twitter – where is ur condemnation of Mahmoud Shammam
      & his buddies for having #Eman forcibly deported from #Qatar?

      LibyaLiberty Army of One
      There’s something fishy about this Eman Obeidi re-deportation.We are missing a big piece of the information pie.
      What was Qatar’s incentive for Eman’s deportation? Your right, there is something going on

  23. An inside look at Libya Al-Hurra TV station after it was stormed by angry protesters in Benghazi earlier tonight, 21\10\2012.


    1. http://storify.com/ajestream/telling-the-libyan-story?awesm=sfy.co_36x&utm_campaign=ajestream&utm_content=storify-share&utm_medium=sfy.co-twitter&utm_source=direct-sfy.co

      Telling the Libyan Story/Storified by The Stream, March 21, 2011 at 22:34
      Mo was the founder of Libya AlHurra TV and was killed this morning while reporting on the attacks from the pro-Gaddafi forces. He provided regular live reports and recordings at this site:  livestream.com/libya17feb
      interesting to see some revealing their real identities now.

      For example, Libyan Youth Movement founder is a British pilot
      OmarAmer AlBarghathi (LibyanPilot) on Twitter


      @LibyanPilot. A semi nomad from Benghazi born and raised in Lancashire. Founder of the Libyan Youth Movement / @ShababLibya group . Afriqiyah A320 ...

      .@libyanpilot (Omar Amer) 's Instagram photos | Webstagram - the …

    2. Libyan Youth Movement :

      Bashir Sewehli of the Libya Youth Movement

      -Ahmed Sewehli declared that 6,000 people had been killed in the crackdown on protesters.
      -Dr Ahmed Sewehli: says systematic rape beyond Misrata

      -On Sunday 11/13/2011, the heads of Misurata Militia Abdullah Naker and Zintan’s militia Abdulrahman Souweli formed an alliance to overturn any new government which does not assign them the positions of defense minister and head of the army

      - Abdul Rahman Swehli The Union for Homeland Party, led by long-time anti-Gaddafi critic

      - Farj Swehli, commander Misrata brigades
      -Sadun al-Suwayli Brigade credited with having led the final assault on Sirte,

      - Nedal Swehli,Europe International management Group 23/05/2012

  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtdFzyBHono&feature=related

    Killing protestors in Libya... Ya Ilahi

    Social (twitter) profile of @LibyanBentBladi, Asma Magariaf , Washington, DC.

    Asma Al Magariaf awoke at her Virginia home on Oct. 20, 2011
    to a flood of calls and text messages from Libyan friends around the world.
    Reports were trickling in that Libya’s long-time dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, had been captured by rebels — then later, that he had been killed.

    As the daughter of then-prominent political dissident Mohamed Yousef Al Magariaf, who is now Libya’s de facto head-of-state, 37-year-old Asma grappled with emotions over what this meant for her country, then mired in a months-long civil war against the eccentric, oppressive leader.

    She had lived the majority of her life in exile.

  25. the NFSL had contributed to each and every phase of the revolution.

    We sent communication equipment to Libya in order to be able to stay in contact with the people even if they (the Qaddafi regime) disconnected the internet and telephone lines.”

    Ali Abdallah joined the National Front for the Salvation of Libya at a very young age in exile, and became one of its young protégés. Worked as part of Al-Inqad magazine publishing team, as well as part of the Radio Broadcasting team,

    He was elected as the Deputy Secretary General of the NFSL in 2007, serving with Mr. Ibrahim Sahad.
    He was responsible for the NFSL's operations inside Libya from 2004 until the 2011 Libyan civil war .

    He was media representative for the group.[1][2]

    Gaddafi shut down the internet in Libya and I realized that the @jan25voices model could be adapted for the Libyan uprisings. I reached out to the remarkable duo of Sarah Abdurrahman (also of NPR’s On the Media) and her husband Abdulla Darrat.

    She is one of the founding members of Enough!Gaddafi,



  26. In addition, the NGO has helped disseminate Libyan news through the Press Solidarity Agency, which provides international media with the latest developments in the field in the Libyan conflict.


    Khaled Saleh, secretary general of the Geneva-based Libyan Human Rights Solidarity (swissinfo)

    Khaled Saleh, secretary general of the Geneva-based Libyan Human Rights Solidarity (swissinfo) :

    Khaled Abu Saleh "enraged" about an "Assad blown up pipeline" on February 16
    Weeks after we did, the British Channel 4 and the Daily Beast picked up and reported about these journalists and about their fake videos.
    Both of these fake journalists who produced fake videos of alleged atrocities seemed to be sponsored and/or trained by Avaaz, a somewhat mysterious para-government organization (PGO).


    1,202,759 messages sent. Help us deliver 1,250,000

    Most Human Rights organisations created around 2005 are frontshops for #US hegemony #Avaaz #HumanRightsFoundation #OsloFreedomForum


    1. Libya and trying to pre-empt the people's uprising in Tunisia

      Published on January 15, 2011

      Department of the Libyan League for Human Rights, Tunisia, Libya Libyan League for Human Rights

      libiyan league for human rights
      The League was founded in 1989 by Soliman Bouchuiguir, Hussein Raiani, Mohammad Zayyan, and Mansour Kikhia.

  27. 17 january 2011
    Almanara, a Libyan opposition website which appears to have Islamist leanings, has posted three videos of protesters in the city of al-Bayda.

    There are also a few more on YouTube and al-Jazeera has a report in Arabic.

    The facts are still rather unclear, but Almanara says the demonstrators clashed with security forces, threw stones at a government building and set fire to one of its offices.

    The protesters were demanding “decent housing and dignified life”, according to the website.

    Provision of housing appears to be the main issue and there are reports of people taking over apartments and squatting in them.

    Published: February 16, 2011
    Protesters using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are calling for nationwide demonstrations on Thursday to demand Colonel Qaddafi’s ouster.


    FAKE YouTube Twitter Accounts From Libya



    Uploaded on Feb 23, 2011/http://www.livestream.com/arabiannews/ Due to the fact that Aljazeera Channel being blocked by some Arab countries that Aljazeera covers, We created this live channel that transmits Aljazeer... (more)

  28. http://www.psywarrior.com/LibyaPsyop.html

    February 24th, 2011 /democratic libiyan information bureau,Tripoli,Benghazi,Geneva,Lugano,Milan,Rome,London,Sao Paulo,Doha,Dubai & more

    we send our releases to 1289 individual journalists,including in US : Wall street journal,the New York Post & even the Drudge Report


  29. http://www.ansamed.info/en/libia/news/ME.XEF93179.html

    February 24th, just one day after the “genocide news,” the International Criminal Court dismisses that man:

    “A clarification on media information regarding the ICC position on the Libyan situation is necessary.
    Various media sources have published information regarding the situation in Libya attributed to Mr Sayed Al Shanuka (or El-Hadi Shallouf), presented as a “member of the International Criminal Court” (ICC).

    - Fourth group: Usama Shallouf, Salem Abdul Sallam Al-Hassi


    The ICC wishes to clarify that this person is neither a staff member nor counsel currently practicing before it, and by no means can he speak on behalf of the Court. Any declaration he made is given solely in his personal capacity.

    Then based in exile in Geneva, Zeidan played a prominent role in seeking support for the rebels from the west.

    March 3rd, it is Ali Zeidan’s turn, a self-appointed spokesperson from the Libyan League for Human Rights presents more terrifying data: 6,000 victims (3,000 in Tripoli, 2,000 in Benghazi, 1,000 elsewhere).

    But Zeidan’s denunciation is not published in the LLHT website, and by the way Zeidan is not the president nor the director: another fake source. Zeidan is indeed a spokesperson of Benghazi terrorists.

    19 December 2012 Jet fighters from the Libyan air force struck a camp being used by suspected smugglers yesterday, the Libya Herald reported, although it is not clear if there were any casualties in the attack.
    Last week, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said that did not use official border posts to cross into Libya from neighbouring states would be “dealt with” by the armed forces.



  30. http://libyawatch.blogspot.nl/2011/04/team-led-by-libyan-american-telecoms.html

    Thursday, 14 April 2011A team led by a Libyan-American telecoms executive helped rebels hijack Gaddafi's cellphone network and create their own system dubbed "Free Libyana"

    So a group of expatriate executives and engineers, led by a Libyan-American telecom executive, helped the rebels hijack Col. Gaddafi's cellphone network and re-establish their own communications.

    The Libyan-American telecom executive, Ousama Abushagur, a 31-year-old raised in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, masterminded the operation from his home in Abu Dhabi.
    Libya Herald” funded via its London Times newspaper publication while ostensibly financed by a Libyan “businessman” and edited by George P.B. Grant — a self-confessed activist during the anti-Jamahiriya “revolution” of last year — has been publishing numerous articles claiming that there are no supporters of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya.

    Having been a mouthpiece for the failed academic “Jordan Prime Minister” Abushagur who turned out to have the shortest life of any prime minister in history,


  31. http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/05/ff_libya/

    Jamming Tripoli: Inside Moammar Gadhafi’s Secret Surveillance Network

    Former jihadists who knew him describe him as "ultra-radical," according to
    Barak Barfi of the New America Foundation,
    who has spoken with former senior members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad in Cairo.

    Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne
    #BarakBarfi who helped #Libya government Says: #Libya uses #Gaddafi Era equipment: Eavesdropping cellphone calls & Spying Computer traffic


    Intelligence officials are reviewing telephone and radio intercepts, computer traffic, satellite images and other clues from the days before the attacks - the kinds of material routinely gathered in a conflict zone where al Qaeda affiliates are known to operate - and Libyan law enforcement has made some arrests.

  32. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R33SCxhGn8

    Uploaded on Jun 14, 2011
    Sa7eb 3omry/ Faris Salim/ Tamim/ Mohie Tatanaki

    When he returned to Libya as a hero of the NTC he opened a TV station and some other shaky business….. so no wonder the Interpol want’s a piece of him!

    Tatataki is a well-known businessman in Libya. He has Libyan, Turkish and Egyptian nationalities.

    Tatanaki is chairman of the Libyan oil drilling company Challenger LTD and owner of Libya Channel.

  33. For all of you who do not know Tatanaki which is only natural as you do not live in Libya.

    The family had left from Tripoli in the year 1978-79 moved their money in the UAE, they kept a very low profile in Tripoli.

    The only Flashy thing they had is a Villa in Balladia str. which took a whole square!!!

    By the way their origin is from Turkish – Cypriot they are not Libyans!!!
    but by the years  they got the nationality!!! 


    A Student’s View of the Revolution • Nardeen Ramzi Tatanaki, Benghazi (201)

  34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvGby_G49vQ

    may 2011 Libya El Hurra Charity foundation visit to Zintan providing support and relief


    20 12 2012
    Interpol’s official website surprised us! They now publish the name and photo of the Ratverment Hassouna Tatanaki in list of (wanted persons) and the charge against him is fraud as shown.


    January 1, 2013


  35. a camera crew from the U.S. government-funded Al Hurra television
    In the months leading up to the May 26 rally, the NSF held a string of meetings with officials from the State Department and the National Security Council.

    They discussed media and political strategies, and the administration dispatched a camera crew from the U.S. government-funded Al Hurra television station to beam scenes of the rally across the Arab world.



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