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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Tripoli Massacres: 25 Activists/17 Corpses: Case Details

December 23, 2011
(Quite incomplete)

Our Main Source: The Survivor
His name is given somewhat differently, but it's the same guy.
- Osama Mansour el-Hadi (al Jazeera) [AJ1]
- Usama al-Hadi Mansur (Reuters, Press TV, others) [R1] [PTV]
- Osama Hadi Mansur Al-Swayi(Human Rights Watch, BBC, others) [HRW] [BBC]

He's aged 36, and a clerk, according to Reuters.[R1]

He came to Tripoli to fight, it seems, along with the rebel fighters from the Nafusa region. But only as an "activist,"like the other 23/25 he was heldwith.Al Jazeera:
His father, in a pristine-white jalabeya and skullcap, stood watching at his bedside.

Hadi originally comes from Badr, in the western Nafousa Mountains. Rebels there led the advance on Tripoli, but Hadi’s town was sympathetic to Gaddafi. He and his father were not. During the final push on the capital, the two left for the capital.

Arrest and Detention:
Al Jazeera:
Hadi was arrested on August 15, five days before the uprising began in the city. He said he had been staying at a house in the Janzour district when 15 armed men came, blindfolded him and took him away. He said he was innocent and claimed to not have been part of the opposition.

Others he met in the makeshift prison had been there longer, for more than two weeks. Most, he said, claimed they were civilians, picked up off the street while walking or riding bicycles.

The guards gave their captives little food to eat, cursed at them, and doused them with urine, Hadi said.
He said that Tuesday, as the rebels entered the capital, the prison guards ordered all the inmates to lie on the ground and opened fire on them. He said he was hit. "Allah gave me a chance to survive."

He said that he lay on the ground for several minutes and heard the sound of breathing coming from the one other man in the cell who had survived. He said he and the other survivor then waited several hours before the rebels arrived and released them.

Alleged Mass Execution Details
Human Rights Watch describes and shows a photo of the spot Mr. Swayi told them he was held.
According to one witness who survived the killing, Libyan security forces shot the detainees at the Al-Amal al-Akhdar building belonging to the Libyan Internal Security service. [...] On August 26, Human Rights Watch also found two additional bodies in the closet under the stairs in the Al-Amal al-Akhdar Internal Security building where Al-Swayi said he had been detained for two days. Al-Swayi told Human Rights Watch that two men had also been killed on the ground floor where he was held just before the massacre, not in the courtyard. It could not be confirmed that these corpses were of the same men.
No, one of those victims at least was clearly bled dry on-site [grisly HRW photo].

Al Jazeera heard of an apparently different locale:
for Hadi and 25 other civilian men, held by armed Gaddafi loyalists at a rundown apartment building now serving as an warzone detention center, a horrific massacre was about to begin.

Many reports say the men were executed and found inside the Bab al Aziziyah compound, as opposed to near it. These may be nothing but second-hand simplification.

Method of Killing
Al Jazeera described Hadi's story:
As machine gun and artillery fire engulfed at the compound across the street, the captors marched Hadi and the other men into the street at gunpoint. They were lined up with the walls of the Bab al-Aziziya behind them as the sounds of the regime’s downfall split the air.

Then Gaddafi’s gunmen opened fire, spraying a barrage of bullets into their captives’ heads, necks and chests.

Hadi collapsed into a pile of shuddering bodies, his shoulder, hand and right thigh shattered by bullets. Another prisoner escaped, Hadi said, and the murderers fled. As of Thursday, there had been no arrests or any known investigation into the grisly killing.
Iranian Press TV reported:
Usama al-Hadi Mansur, a survivor of the killing, said guards at the Gharour prison, on the edge of the Bab al-Aziziya compound asked him and 23 other inmates to lie on the ground and then opened fire on them. [PTV]
One of the doctors at the hospital, Hizar Ali, said the prison guards had thrown an explosive device into the prison cell before opening fire, but the survivor who spoke to Reuters did not confirm this. [R1]
No, there was no cell in this outdoor killing, and no claims of grenades. Clearly Dr. Ali was just mixed-up which atrocity they were trying to explain at Mitiga on the 25th. The grenade victims were still down at the Yarmouk base, perhaps being charred blank by Misrata monsters at that very moment.

Corpse Details
Visual Examination, separate post.

BBC reported on signs of torture:
Doctors said the group had been prisoners of Gaddafi troops in Tripoli and were tortured and killed as the rebels seized the capital earlier this week.

Dr Hoez Zaitan [sic - given more widely as Dr. Moez Zeiton], a British medic working at the hospital, said about half the bodies had bullet wounds to the back of the head while others had disfiguring injuries to their limbs and hands.

He said the bodies had been examined for possible evidence to be used at a war crimes tribunal.
Nothing in al-Sawayi's story seems to explain these injuries.

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  1. Just for reference, the name Osama Hadi Mansour Al-Sweyi translates as
    أسامة هادي منصور الصويعي

  2. The BBC video of a fresh looking Mr Hadi lying in bed at Maitiga / Mitiga , with protruding bandaged right hand / lower arm and bandaged right foot tantalisingly dangling from beneath the bedclothes and new flag is here

    Al-Hadi translates as الهادي , making the full name أسامة] الهادي منصور الصويعي] as in the other non HRW sources. HRW also refers to him as أسامة الصويعي in their article.

  3. Dr Hoez Zaitan [sic - given more widely as Dr. Moez Zeiton]
    might be : Zitoun = olive

    1. Zeiton is the name as transcribed in UK official records, eg GMC.
      3646043 Asaid Ali Zeiton Man Registered with a licence to practise 1981
      7039578 Moez Asaid Zeiton Man Registered with a licence to practise 2009

  4. In case the Al-Hadi meeting with John Simpson of the BBC is pulled, also available at http://feb17.info/media/bbc-video-gaddafi-regime-atrocities-revealed/
    "The bodies of twenty-five political prisoners were brought from their jail on Sunday [21 Aug] as the rebels began their final attack on Tripoli, these men were herded into the open and shot down....there are altogether fifteen left unburied and they are going to take these four away...they've all obviously died of gunshot wounds at close range. But one of the prisoners survived....Mansour El-Hadi[draped in new Libyan flag]..he told me they had been picked up, tortured, then taken out, where a uniformed, pro-Gaddafi soldier and two African mercenaries had opened fire on them.

  5. The BBC's rupert Wingfield-Hayes who visited the same day also requires his story recording: (link above)
    Outside the Mitiga Hospital in Tripoli they are loading the remains of seventeen men onto a truck. The bodies were brought here yesterday and handed over to a shocked and horrified staff. They think these seventeen men were picked up by Gaddafi forces at checkpoints around the city and taken to a schoolhouse near here which was being used as a temporary prison. They were then tortured and as the Gaddafi forces retreated they were executed....one of the victims looks to be abouto fifteen years old. Moaz Zeiton takes Rupert to see Mansour El-Hadi, the only survivor.[translated] "he says they were tortured for days,urine was poured over them, and finally two nights ago, they were ordered outside. The men were made to kneel against a wall, he says, and then sprayed with machine gun fire

    Strange - 17 are being loaded onto trucks when Rupert arrives, yet Simpson sees 15 left, of which a further 4 are being carted off.


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