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Monday, January 30, 2012

Green Resistance Updates Jan. 30

January 30, 2012

The following a largely re-posted article from Pravda, Jan. 29. I can't vouch for any of it, but find these excerpts highly interesting. (emphasis mine)

Lisa Karpova
The National Transitional Council (NTC), Al Qaeda and other NATO backed terrorists are unable to subdue the country. Not only are they incapable of running a country or government, but they can't even agree among themselves and they are eating each other alive.
What the west fails to understand is the unique relationship among Libyans and their army and the fact that the Libyan people themselves were and are the true government of this country. It is called the Jamahiriya, Government by people's councils.

Any advances made by the west and their terrorist stooges are only temporary, the situation is fluid and changes on a daily basis.

The Green Resistance, formerly the Libyan Army, controls most of the country and every day, more and more areas are going Green.
At every opportunity, the Green Resistance, unlike the NATO installed terrorists, take the time and trouble to look after the needs of the Libyan people. No matter how difficult the fight, this remains true.
That would fit with what it seems like they did at Bani Walid. They helped the locals kickout the brutalizers, and then let the locals force down their proud green flags to prevent further trouble.

One reported example of them helping the world learn about what's happening in Libya was reported by Libya S.O.S., as Petri alerts me:
(3) In major military operations around Misrata at the coast of Libya, Green Army found bodies of 17 Somali immigrants at the coast of Misrata, cause of death remain to be established, an investigation was not immediately carried since it was a heavy fighting zone.

Continuing with Karpova, their spirit is spreading all over.
University students in Tarhunah hoist the green flag and chanted slogans of God, Muammar and Libya.

Clashes between the Libyan resistance and thieves in Gheryan result in the killing of 16 of the bands

The city of Bani Walid, recently liberated by Green Resistance reported NATO jets flying overhead while Al Qaeda is attempting to mount an offensive
... Chaos in Tripoli, says Karpova's sources
Explosion of a grenade on junta-rats military camp in [Abu] Salim, by brave green soldiers of resistence at [Abu] Salim.

SGP introduces a state of emergency in parts of Abu Salim, Ain Zara (auto explosion, three rats were killed), Al-Furdzhan [Khelet al-Furjan]. "The threat of attacks on important targets in these areas - the maximum." Squads of rats contract to these areas.

Touhami Dr. Hamza has occurred January 27, 2012, announcing the popular uprising in Benghazi. He said the real revolution began (not NATO revolution) and that young Libyans will release Libya, young people like Moatassem, Seif, Saidi, Aisha will create the new Libya and liberate the country. He added that the people of Bani Walid told France Presse that the Libyan leader is alive in the hearts of Bani Walid


  1. Thanks, read and noted. Comments later, at the other post.

    The video shows 8 or so bodies in a room lying with their heads cleanly taken off. The heads are lined up on the adjacent wall.
    There is not much blood on the actual bodies or heads...but the floor does appear to be blood stained.

    Strange. I can't help but wonder silently if this is something done by the green resistance? If these are rebel killings themselves? Perhaps not. Maybe thats just me clinging to this off notion of God striking down the evil.

    Well...here is the link. Supposedly this happened in January...but maybe the rebel that posted this just posted this now in this month and it happened 2 to 3 months ago.


    1. Mexico. Not the first time it's been passed off as Libya, back into last year. I didn'tbother saving the details of when, original link, etc., but you'd find it upon looking.

      If it were, Islamist militants, not Gaddafi loyalists, are the ones known to gleefully slice off heads, and so far they aren't getting struck down so much as winning with NATO air support (closest thing to God that seems to matter). Islamist throat-cutting and beheading is a well enough known pattern that, in fact, a false-flag op by greens intent on framing their enemy makes some sense too. But here, that's all hypothetical.


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