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Friday, January 13, 2012

Vast Majority of PoWs Killed?

January 13, 2012

In Sirte, anyway, it seems. Thanks to reader DJ20 for the tip. If I gather correctly, the guy speaking is Orac22, an American who claims he fought with the rebels in Sirte (as a sniper?), and did hang around and film behind their lines with other foreign adventurers. In general, he seems to have few qualms at all about what they were all doing there (see Situation in Sirte: Neither Good nor Great and The Sirte Massacre), but here he's got some tough-ish sounding words...

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Uploaded by orac22 on Jan 11, 2012
Misurata, Libya
Alreem Kateba


  1. orac22 is some kind of journalist / freelancer / volunteer who has been uploading loads of HD 1080p video to YouTube.

    There is more of the same in the set of six videos:
    "The wast majority of Gaddafi soldiers who tired to surrender were shot dead – on site."


  2. Tawergha would have more to say if he's about.

    Somehow, I don't think, ashe suggests, a Red Cross camp for PoWs would have sufficed. Rebels would never allow it,it might let "criminals" go free or un-punished. And they didn't kill people for lack of jails. That's semi-apologist crap. They killed them to cleanse the country, as best they could manage in their own corners. IMO.

    1. Oh, I'm about. I've been checking in daily, Adam. Just didn't have anything to say. This guy is Kevin Patrick Dawes a young American from San Diego. It's interesting that he is posting this stuff now. Before this his rebel friends could do no wrong. Certainly their treatment of the dark-skinned humans they killed "was not racism" according to him. Apparently he was embedded with a brigade from Misrata.

    2. He has a Twitter account.

      One of his tweets yesterday:
      @Brown_Moses his soul to give testimony to these extreme and protracted mass killings that nobody else is ever going to come forward.

      @Brown_Moses I sincerely doubt he'll face any reprisals. The general attitude is that his commander was a monster of legend from hell itself

      His friend Brown Moses tweets:
      @FreeBenghazi He said the commander in question was known locally as something like "The Jackal" and was killed in an artillery strike.

    3. It's worth reading his recent tweets, here's some related comments he made
      "Yeah, if I recall correctly. If you want the story you need to seek Marwan. This is the guy who told me about the only guy...
      to get executed twice. Once by each side. One of the things he told me was about a bunch of executed people they found.
      Black fighters. One was alive. He said he was from far southern Libya and had been hired by Qaddafi to fight. Money, etc.
      Single gunshot wound to the back of his head. Bullet exited via face. Nonfatal. He was with the dead. After questioning...
      They blew his brains out. According to Marwan. Drunk CO on pills. Blammo. Executed twice. Unlucky fucker he was.
      It wasn't one incident. It was a LOT of incidents. The twice executed man is the most memorable. He did indicate that it became
      a matter of course to shoot people approaching their checkpoint to surrender. I've repeated it a few times online, just not...
      in a published spot. I apologize, I forgot if you were one of those I told. I felt 'Marwan has POW execution testimony' was...
      sufficient. Fuck Hearsay. I regret not filming his testimony. As I said, after the fact as I kept probing I learned that..
      The man responsible, his CO, was KIA and the matter considered a tragedy and closed. It may not be closed. You need Marwan."

    4. Here's another video of his where he comes across executed prisoners near Sirte
      "They actually were Gaddafi goons. Some rebel guy didn't feel like driving his prisoner transport that day so he pulled over and killed everybody."

    5. Ah, Mr.Moses. I recognize the screen name anyway, from... whatever forum (Guardian?).Pleased to have you here, if you're the same.

      I might've been too harsh with the "semi-apologist" stuff, from a position of ignorance if so. But the 'one crazy CO who's dead now' story kind of leans that way too. And the guy executed by "both sides?" The guy was shot first by his own side, among the dead left by loyalists? Black guys as usual? No, I suspect he was killed by two separate rebel groups. But then, I wasn't there...

      The tweets and the video, all valuable material. Some of these people might be found to match the victims dumped in the mass grave of well over 600 at least. Many of them blamed on loyalists, of course.

    6. @Tawergha: Thanks. Dawes I thought, I never did follow up there. So you see this as a new turn of mind for him. Wonder what brought it on?

    7. One in the same. He also mentions in the video something about executions on a beach, which I assume happened in Misrata. CJ Chivers reported being told bodies were being dumped at sea in Misrata back in May
      "There are credible accounts in Misurata, from people who asked to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation and not have their future access to rebel leaders restricted, that some fighters disposed of dead Qaddafi soldiers by dumping them into the sea. "

    8. He's discussed this before in the comments of other videos, it's the first time he's posted a video of himself making the same claims. The guy who told him all this is in this video

      Kevin Dawes story is he went to Misrata via Benghazi on an ammo smuggling boat, with some very expensive camera gear as a independent photo-journalist, then started travelling around with a Misrata ambulance team, and eventually started helping out a bit as well. At some point he says an ambulance crew was captured and executed by Gaddafi forces, so all the crews started learning how to use weapons and carrying them.

      He then returned to America, and came back in August, I think, just as the ambulance crew he had been with started moving to Sirte through Tawergha, and it's around that point he aquired a sniper rifle and started shooting at people. He approached Sirte from the south, going through the conference centre, and then into the centre of the city, until the people he was travelling with got shot up. At that point I believe Benghazi Military Council found out about him, detained him, and said he could go back to being a photo-journalist, or helping out in the hosptials, or go home, but not continue being involved with fighting.

      As far as I'm aware he paid for all this himself, including bringing medical supplies to Libya, and his various routes in Libya, and has racked up a pretty significant amount of debt. Reports from Algeria ISP and other sites that he was some sort of NATO super mercenary are way off the mark. Here's the Algeria ISP article about him

      Human Rights Watch have also been informed about the contents of the latest video.

    9. Damn, thanks for all the news. Interesting developments to keep an eye on. As if I had any shortage...

    10. Here's some other links about him you might find useful
      NPR Interview - American Took Up Arms With Libya's Rebels

      Global Post - Like battlefield tourists, Libyan rebels film the fight
      Small mention at the bottom

      He's on Facebook
      And Twitter
      And an infrequently updated blog

      Cj Chivers of the New York Time wrote about some of his videos

      CJ Chivers also wrote a blog post about him

      Salon also wrote a less flattering profile of him

      If you have access to Something Awful he also posted about his time in Libya on there

      His videos are worth watching, occasionally you come across some interesting stuff, and it gives you a good idea of the general situation and ability of the rebels. Generally they've been posted in date order, and he'll often posts lots of comments on some of the videos with more info.

  3. ....and some discussion below a a subsequent upload
    "medical notes" towards the bottom of this page

  4. @ Adam. I don't know whether it is a turn of mind, or whether he just is some psychopath who engaged in his activities while knowing what was happening to the Libyan soldiers. More importantly I've watched about all of his videos and find some of them quite instructive, not because of what Dawes says or does, but because of what is going on around him.

    The videos show several things:

    (1) The rebels conducted their war like the keystone cops.
    (2) They usually were NOT under counter fire.
    (3) They blindly fired into Sirte from a safe distance.
    (4) There are two videos which are very instructive. As I explained in an e-mail:

    Video #1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp6KiXBgCVA

    Video #2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NidWdl4ziTo

    Video #1 is a 38 second video where Dawes inadvertently films an interesting sequence (starting at second 8 and terminating at second 27) which features the following characters. A guy in a white helmet labeled "Presse" holding a Druganov sniper rife, a blond woman in sun-glasses with cameras slung around her necks who gently touches the guy on the upper arm, indicating some kind of intimacy or familiarity, a guy who doesn't necessarily look Libyan clean-shaven with short-closely cropped hair holding a handgun in his right hand and another guy, also clean-shaven with closely cropped hair holding a semi-automatic of some kind. (I'm not a weapons expert) All of them are engaged in a conversation and seem to point out something to the "Presse" guy in the distance who is shown engaged in the convo with them pointing in the same direction.

    Video #2 is a 53 second video and shows Dawes talking and identifying the "Presse" guy crouched next to him as a "French" guy. The blond woman quickly leaves the frame at second 3 as she realizes that she is being filmed. The "French" guy is putting bullets in the magazine of his sniper rifle. Which shows that the rifle is not for show. If you stop the vid at sec 38 and 39 the frame depicts the earlier cast of characters crouched down plus another clean shaven character with closely-cropped hair in a white shirt holding a semi-automatic and using a telescope to observe something in a distance. They clearly are military-types and I don't think they are either Americans, Arabs, European, and certainly not Turks. That would leave Israelis?

    1. @Tawergha – The location of the garage is here:

      It is south of a large park called "New garden of Sirte" ("حديقة سرت الجديدة") or something. The street is an extension of Dubai Street – the site of the fiercest battles and the likely source of the column of smoke in the background. (You can see some of the park and the garage in this photo from 2009.)

      The text on the clothing might give some indication of where the people are from. The two guys doing prayers in the first video sponsor Fly Emirates and Genesee Beer. Some motor sport enthusiast named Ralf has been to "The Most Important Competition". The rebel guy just "loves Libya."

    2. http://informafrica.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Sirte-photo-4.png



      URBAN PARK PROJECT, LIBYA, Sirte, 2009

  5. @towergha :

    الاسرائيليون يتجولون في ليبيا تحت حماية الثوار الخونة.. ISRAEL MERCS

    Remember: I am in this by accident as an x-Analyst for Air Force. viewed the evidence & saw the loot/kill
    37 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

    ahauslohner Abigail Hauslohner
    Kevin had a grenade strapped to his flak vest "in case I have to throw it at someone." Rebl fightrs concerned he's not stable. #Libya #USA
    1 hour ago

    Rebel commander confirms that Muslim brotherhood in Egypt sent 15 thousand Fighters since start of war... More Invaders evidence

    29 OKT

    #Qatar MajorGeneral Hamad binAli AlAtiya confirmed that Hundreds of Qatari soldiers Invaded Libya and Attacked Green resistance.

  6. @Petri Krohn. That's the location. Thank you. If you look at the map you can see that the first video shows these guys pointing out something to the "French" sniper with the "Presse" helmet that must be at least 295 meters across that park. I wonder what it was?

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqBQsiJTPsM&feature=youtu.be
    فضاعة معاملة اسرى الاصابعة من قبل غريان

    One example of REBELS NTC torture in hideous prisons NOW فضاعة معاملة اسرى الاصابعة من قبل غريان.wmv: youtu.be/jqBQsiJTPsM via @youtube

  8. I could not resist to discuss a little with Dawes in the YouTube comments of his video but he didn't hold out long before he blocked me. The missing jails are not only "semi-apologist stuff" as you argued, Adam, they are indeed the one and only reason for him.

    My impression is that he's an agressive moron and Tawerghas suggestion that there isn't a turn of mind is probably right. He's just a somewhat confused, disoriented and naive kid which probably isn't aware about the meaning of his sayings.

    But despite his questionable mental state are his statements highly interesting just because he indeed seems stupid enough to divulge some secrets of "new Libya" without much thinking.

    1. @Peet73. I think his mental state is irrelevant. Dawes is criminal, pure and simple. You're from Germany, correct? Imagine some foreigner entering Germany to join some insurgent group such as Germany's Neo-Nazis in one of their "national liberated territories" in the former GDR and running around killing German police, soldiers and civilians because he agrees with the Nazis that that the government of Germany is somehow illegitimate.

    2. @Tawergha
      Yes, of course, you're right. I was not my intention to promote any understanding for the confused boy.

      By the way: Here in Germany his acting would indeed be illegal because it's forbidden for german citizens to volunteer in armed foreign conflicts.
      But you're exemplification is not unreasonable. We're just on the right side of the NWO, that's all.

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TR7-HgeG0Z4
    kevin dawes

    Note the start. By the tenth second, what you see, notwithstanding Mr. Dawes’ description of an Igla, is an anti-Qaddafi fighter heading toward a firefight with an SA-7 tube. But at a glance you might notice that this is not an ordinary SA-7 tube, at least not an ordinary SA-7 tube that is ready to fire an SA-7. It is missing its battery unit, and it has no gripstock.




    5 Things To Know About Libya’s Missing Antiaircraft Missiles - SA-24 Missiles - Popular Mechanics

  10. http://fi.somethingawful.com/images/title-brown-moses.gif

    from a disgusting blog, information about kevin dawes :


  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8LwMTuy8Xtg#!

    تاورغاء تحولت إلى مدينة مهجورة - ليبيا

    Torghae turned into a ghost city. . .! ! !



    Who respected the prisoners of war ?

    Kevin from San Diego, California?


    The mentioned Counter-Sniper from Libya, who is presumptive a US citizen from San Diego, California, was in Libya and came to Syria some time ago. At least, the video(s) suggest that it is the same person who is now working for the religious radicals and terrorists.

  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-13502715
    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent 23 May 2011 Last updated at 12:16 GMT :
    I have confirmed the existence of at least one [vid], which was seen by a trusted colleague.

    Friday 24 June 2011 "They both said they had not participated in the rape and just heard about it," she said.



    12 December 2011 But the authorities in Misrata say that Tawerghans have confessed to rapes and that they have footage taken from mobile phones as evidence. We were not allowed to see this,

    Dr Fortia confirmed two stories I had heard elsewhere in the city from a number of sources.
    The second is that there are a number of "rape videos", recorded by Col Gaddafi's soldiers on their mobile phones, which are now circulating in Misrata.

  13. 11/01/2013 Mariam, the daughter of a wealthy Misurata businessman.
    Three weeks into the revolution, Mariam’s villa was stormed by five young black men from, Tawergha drunk and armed with automatic rifles
    Mariam recognised the face of one of her rapists, as that of her best friends’ brothers.

    1 neighborhood once had 4/5ths Black population depopulated of its Black citizens.



    BBC tweet 14 12 2011

    1. Mariam recognised the face of one of her rapists, as that of her best friends’ brothers.

      According to Klein, children living in racist households are often warned by their parents not to befriend children of other races.

  14. It was also in Misurata that Gaddafi became engaged to the daughter of a police general in the royal police.


    Gaddafi had two wives, the first he divorced was Fatiha al Nuri Khaled

    Dr Khaled Abu Falgha
    The administrator of the main hospital in Misrata, Dr Khaled Abu Falgha, told reporters that 17 people were killed in the city on Sunday.

    Hospital administrator Abu Falgha said the last week has seen worsened injuries from cluster bombs, requiring many amputations in Misrata. He showed examples of the weapons kept in his office.

  15. http://www.north-africa.com/social_polics/security_politics/1octthirty46.html

    Sulaiman Fortia, one of three Misrata representatives on the NTC, denounced the deaths in custody and the mistreatment of Tawerghans in Misrata prisons.

    Suleiman al-Fortia, a member of the dissolved National Transitional Council from Misrata, denied that Gaddafi or his loyalists were executed. “We hoped to arrest Gaddafi alive [to try him]. All the killings took place in a crossfire,” he said.


    The Saraya Swehli militia repeatedly denied Human Rights Watch access to the detainees


  16. dr suleiman fortia

    The rebels had shipped weapons in by sea from Benghazi and, with the help of precision NATO bombing on Qaddafi positions, retook the city in June.


    There was the ship’s crew, loading boxes and boxes of ammunition and weapons, including very dodgy looking homemade RPG launchers.

    The Ezzarouk was fit to bursting point – a veritable floating munitions dump. 

  17. At one point, we hear NATO ships on the radio asking Libyan boats to identify themselves.

    There may be an international arms embargo, but NATO appears to be giving the rebel gun-running boats safe passage from Benghazi to Misrata. 





    NTC's Sulaiman Fortia (in dark overcoat & blue tie) /feb 2012

    1. http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/news/national/libya%E2%80%99s-rebel-commanders-discussed-tripoli-invasion-in-malta

      Tarhouni and Debono fronted the I-Go Libya Foundation which provided
      humanitarian aid for Misurata.


  18. Zuba, an 18-year-old former rebel, showed me his personal arsenal of heat-seeking missiles, five Kalashnikovs, phosphorous grenades, ordinary green grenades and two rocket-propelled grenades.


    Many of the victims were from Tawerga

  19. Huge munitions dumb found near sirte city libya 27 9 11

    explanation before this vid was removed:
    these munitions found Brigades "Misrata" camp in the region, "Khcom horse"
    in the road between Sirte and Odan الطعاميس الحصان

    weapons found @ 2.29 clusterbomb white phosphorus



    Grad rockets, artillery and tank fire rained down on Gaddafi positions
    in the centre of the town as NTC fighters have deploy their arsenal of homemade weapons.

    On October 22, Human Rights Watch researchers saw a truck in Sirte carrying surface-to-air missile tubes and other munitions.
    A Misrata-based anti-Gaddafi fighting group said it was preparing to take the weapons from Sirte to Misrata.

    Large quantities of munitions found in area south of Sirte, Libya Wednesday Oct 26, 2011 10:33 AM


    Another growing concern is land mines: Some were used against rebel
    forces in eastern Libya this year,


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