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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre: A Legacy of Mythology

And Discussion of the "Facebook Witnesses"
January 22, 2012
(incomplete, last updates Feb. 6)

The following is a rush posting to prevent a flood of comments at the wrong post(s). Those that belong here, can now go beneah this post, and my own starters can go in it.

A New York "Human Rights" Campaign
Early report to Amnesty, HRW and others later, mass media help saturating the global public with the rebel version of "what happened at Yarmouk."

Then with time to be more scholarly, Physicians for Human Rights failed anyway in late November with their PHR shed massacre report

A Slick Video
Features Mr. Sabri Tabbal, described in another video as a "survivor of holocaust camp of Yarmouk" and, at the end, Said Mahmoud Falba (see below)

A Social Media Campaign
Petri Krohn alerts me:
In fact there is a whole Facebook page dedicated to the Yarmouk prison massacre: مجزرة معتقل اليرموك http://www.facebook.com/alyermok We also have the Association of families of victims of the Holocaust Guantanamo Yarmuk [!!] – رابطة اهالى ضحايا محرقة معتقل اليرموك http://www.facebook.com/rabta2011

I'm having problems with these pages, where I can read for a little while until it tells me I need to log in. I don't really want to, but I will try again later when I'm signed in and see if it lets me look around then.

This gives us a new alleged escapee, "Mahmoud Mukhtar (Or Mukhtar Mahmoud) Zadam" ("مختار محمود الزدام"), who was also named, perhaps as the baseball-cap-wearing central speaker in this August video featuring other known alleged survivors (which I did not know 'til the other day). It's entitled (translated) "Survivors of the massacre of the Yarmouk camp telling details of the massacre." Here on the Facegook group's page, Petri found, he's mentioned, and the first part of his saga related. Translated from Arabic:
Mahmoud Mukhtar Zadam, born in 1988, a resident of the city of Zliten, was arrested on Friday, 6/17/2011 AD. Mokhtar was arrested by some of the volunteers in the city of Zliten, with some of his cousins ​​for being a family Zadam, which was attended by some of her children in the events of June 9
Some others I found searching for "escaped" and "survivor" (in Arabic) on these pages:
http://ar-ar.facebook.com/notes/الشبكة-الليبية-للإعلام-the-libyan-network-of-media/قصة-محرقة-اليرموك-والنجاة-من-جحيم-المعتقل/243672759037799 (Later moved, pulled, or permission to view denied)
"Said Mahmoud Falba a survivor of the Holocaust, which [happened at] Yarmouk camp, 32nd brigade ...  the story of the Holocaust from the hell of prison escape..."
By the photo, he's the sad faced man in the Yarmouk video, who walks with a cane, and hobnobs with Sabri Tabbal. He sounds like a (claimed) onetime prisoner, rather than an escapee of the actual massacre, from what I could translate. He worked for Sun Microsystems, and found many co-workers imprisoned too, for suspicion of helping NATO bomb their country. (can anyone re-locate the page? I didn't get the photo)

Linked from there: video, unknown youth, speaking Arabic:
"A young man from Zliten tells the story of suffering and death after surviving an attempt execution of 03 battalions"
posted Dec. 21, 10:00
shorter cut
a third

Hisham Al Taher al-Sari [mast], a survivor of the massacre of Yarmouk .... Zliten ... Date of arrest 18 \ 8 \ 2011 has been arrested after storming into the house in a non-moral ... Check-out 23 \ 8 \ 2011 ... Of people who know them in prison Yarmouk gift Ahmidan .. Issam Ahbich ... Hakim large Tripoli ... A.-M. donkeys ...
And finally, translated,"The names of some of the survivors of massacre Guantanamo Yarmuk"
Proceed with a list of 40 Arabic names... Have at it, anyone. Should be fun, so I'll leave it others. How many we already had on the witness list? Not many, I'd guess... (I peeked - there are several, but many, many new names) "This list is not final," it says, in anticipation of more survivors to be found. I don't think all of these even claim to have escaped the actual massacre. The list is reproduced and partly translated/transliterated, in comments below, by contributor Petri. Thanks, Petri, for that.

Update Feb. 6: In the comments below is a great working analysis of the Facebook list of 40, a separate claim that 41 witnesses from Zliten alone (no names given) managed to escape the massacre and live to tell. Another witness account emerges, 16/17-year-old escapee Tahir Ahmed el-Bahbah, who supports el-Hitri on the guard Abdul Razak (though with the maner of a different named guard, analysis forthcoming), and names three cousins (same last name) arrested with him, two of which apparently escaped, both listed along with him on the list of 40 survivors.

The Families' Association
(translated) "Meeting of the families of the victims and survivors "from the Yarmouk holocaust" in the founding of the Association Tajoura 10/11/2011." Via http://ar-ar.facebook.com/rabta2011
a video I can't seem to watch.


  1. The list in Arabic you republished is not displaying on my browser, although I see other Arabic text in the blog without difficulties.

    I am reposting the list in Arabic with transliteration and a Google translation.


    اسماء بعض الناجين من مجزرة معتقل اليرموك
    1-مفتاح عبدالله على عبدالله
    2-محمودامحمدعلى الصاري
    3-رجب مفتاح الدهيدية
    4-هشام الطاهر على الصارى
    5-فتح الله عبدالله الايشيتر
    6-محمد زهيرمحمد بن مسعود
    7-صالح مفتاح حديد
    8-عبدالباسط سعد امعومة
    9-على فتح الله الايشيتر
    10-سالم عبدالسلام بن زاهية
    11-عبدالحكيم فتح الله الايشيتر
    12-مختار هدية مفتاح ابوسنية
    13-طه منصور غازى
    14-اسامة سالم حسين القاضى
    15-مفتاح احمد الاربش
    16-عبدالسلام امحمد انديشة
    17-احمد محمد حديد
    18-طه عبدالسلام انديشة
    19-احمد احمودة على
    20-فاروق محمد انديشة
    21-ابوبكر محمد نوفل
    22-محمود محمد انديشة
    23-ابوبكر منصور معتوق
    24-عبدالسلام محمد عاشور
    25-ميلاد ابراهيم خليفة الشهوبي
    26-عبدالعزيز فرج البحباح
    27-نور الدين الهاشمى
    28-الطاهر احمد البحباح
    29-مصطفى الهاشمى
    30-عبدالله عبدالرزاق البحباح
    31-محمود الحنش
    32-حمزة سالم اقدارة
    33-يوسف ديهوم
    34-عبدالسلام عبدالحميد عبدالسلام المبقع
    35-عيسي الحنفى
    36-ابراهيم عبدالله الزدام
    37-محمد جبران احبيش
    38-ابراهيم عمر الزدام
    39-عبدالسلام محمد مفتاح خليل
    40-مختار محمود الزدام

    هذه القائمة ليست نهائية الى حين الثتبث من بقية الاسماء


    1-mftah 'ebdallh 'ela 'ebdallh
    2-mhmwdamhmd'ela alsary
    3-rjb mftah aldhydyh
    4-hsham altahr 'ela alsara
    5-fth allh 'ebdallh alayshytr
    6-mhmd zhyrmhmd bn ms'ewd
    7-salh mftah hdyd
    8-'ebdalbast s'ed am'ewmh
    9-'ela fth allh alayshytr
    10-salm 'ebdalslam bn zahyh
    11-'ebdalhkym fth allh alayshytr
    12-mkhtar hdyh mftah abwsnyh
    13-th mnswr ghaza
    14-asamh salm hsyn alqada
    15-mftah ahmd alarbsh
    16-'ebdalslam amhmd andyshh
    17-ahmd mhmd hdyd
    18-th 'ebdalslam andyshh
    19-ahmd ahmwdh 'ela
    20-farwq mhmd andyshh
    21-abwbkr mhmd nwfl
    22-mhmwd mhmd andyshh
    23-abwbkr mnswr m'etwq
    24-'ebdalslam mhmd 'eashwr
    25-mylad abrahym khlyfh alshhwby
    26-'ebdal'ezyz frj albhbah
    27-nwr aldyn alhashma
    28-altahr ahmd albhbah
    29-mstfa alhashma
    30-'ebdallh 'ebdalrzaq albhbah
    31-mhmwd alhnsh
    32-hmzh salm aqdarh
    33-ywsf dyhwm
    34-'ebdalslam 'ebdalhmyd 'ebdalslam almbq'e
    35-'eysy alhnfa
    36-abrahym 'ebdallh alzdam
    37-mhmd jbran ahbysh
    38-abrahym 'emr alzdam
    39-'ebdalslam mhmd mftah khlyl
    40-mkhtar mhmwd alzdam


  2. ...continued

    Google translation (with minor tweaks):

    The names of some of the survivors of massacre Guantanamo Yarmuk
    1 - Key Abdullah Abdullah
    2 - Mahmodamhmedly mast
    3 - Recep key Aldhedyh
    4 - Hisham Al Taher on the mast
    5 - Fathallah Abdullah Alechetr
    6 - Mohammed Bin Masoud Zhirmohamd
    7 - in favor of key iron (Hadid)
    8 - Saad Abdul Baset Amauma
    9 - to open God Alechetr
    10 - Salim bin Salam Zahia
    11 - Hakim Fathallah Alechetr
    12 - Mukhtar gift key Abussnah
    13 - Mansur Taha Ghazi
    14 - Osama Hussein Salem, a judge
    15 - Ahmed key Arbash
    16 - Abdel Salam M'Hamed Andishe
    17 - Ahmed Mohamed Hadid
    18 - Taha Abdul Salam Andishe
    19 - Ahmed Aahmoudh the
    20 - Mohamed Farouk Andishe
    21 - Abu Bakr Mohammed Nofal
    22 - Mahmoud Mohamed Andishe
    23 - Mansour Abu Bakr Matouk
    24 - Abdul Salam Mohammed Ashour
    25 - Milad Ibrahim Khalifa Alshahuba
    26 - Abdulaziz Faraj Seabah
    27 - Nur al-Din al-Hashemi
    28 - Tahir Ahmed Seabah
    29 - Mostafa Hashemi
    30 - Abdul Razak Abdullah Seabah
    31 - Mahmoud Hanash
    32 - Hamza Salem Akdarh
    33 - Joseph Dehom
    34 - Abdul Hamid Abdul Salam Abdul Salam spotted
    35 - Isa Hanafi
    36 - Ibrahim Abdullah Zadam
    37 - Mohammad Jubran Ahbich
    38 - Ibrahim Omar Zadam
    39 - Abdul Salam Mohammed Khalil key
    40 - Mahmoud Mukhtar Zadam

    This list is not final until the rest of the names Iitbut

    In some cases Google forces a translation then it should just transliterate. It gives "key" for " مفتاح" (miftah) and "mast" for " الصارى" (alsara).

  3. For the moment,he name البحباح translates as El Bahbah, (not Seabah - as in the Libyan Ambassador to India in recent times, His excellency Ramadan E El Bahbah.
    Perhaps because بحر = sea, bahr (nos 26/28/30) I'll go through it more fully later.

  4. I am starting to understand how the number of people massacred in Abu Salim prison in 1996 jumped from 1170 to 1700. I expect the number of member families in the "Association of the families of the victims of the Abu Salim prison massacre" to soon reach 10,000!

  5. Ali على also doesn't get translated as such..e.g.
    9 على فتح الله الايشيتر is Ali Fathalla Al Ayshiter. And like every name is given as coming from Zliten.
    الايشيتر is quite unique though, not occurring anywhere else on the whole web (!) Yet it occurs three times in this list, 5, 9 and 11.

    1. Could "الايشيتر" in fact be "الايشي تر" (translation: Aleche seen), meaning that the survivor was seen somewhere?

    2. Hmmm... In this case, if we take it as part of the name, it'sthe full name of one of the witnesses we have-Fathallah Abdullah al-Ashter/Ayshiter/Echter. So I'm inclined to take it as part of his name, perhaps derived from الايشي تر, but that's neither here nor there.

    3. I think the name is either شعيتر or اشعيتر as in Mohamed Ashaitr, a rebel Eastern Commander who was interviewed on 15 August by Almanara. There is a transcript here which says he was assistant commander of Tobruq air base for 15 years ... This is the same channel which interviewed Dr Salam Al-Furjani

  6. The makers of the slick video have a facebook site - The Free Generation Movement. They say their video provides insight on the day of the darkest days in the history of Libya: Al-Yarmouk camp massacre.. Interesting Facebook site though. One of the appreciative comments - "doing such important work" is from US - Libyan novelist and writer Hisham Matar who lives in London and whose father was abducted in Egypt by the secret service and handed over to Libya. Interview here for Guernica Magazine.
    There is some interesting and healthy discussion on their facebook pages about the new Libya, law, health and about the torture and mistreatment of former Gaddafi supporters in prison as reported by the BBC Radio 4 on Jan 17 2012. Worth listening to.

    1. Protests against the NTC and its electoral law system 22 January, as reported on the FGM site (they are also campaigning against guns....) Pictures here

  7. @ felix : many years this hisham is busy listing everything, he forget to mention father was big member Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.I forget if the father was involved at the many Assassination Attempts to the Colonel.UK wanted to get rid of these members from 2004/5 and they succeeded at last.

    1. I wonder who the parents of this posh English girl are! She either lives beside the sea or near a rubbish dump (seagulls).

    2. Yes, we mustn't forget the February 1996 assassination attempt on Colonel Gaddafi, paid for by the UK's MI6 intelligence agency, involving here involving former Manchester resident Anas Al-Libi.
      Mark Curtis writes: Britain, Qadafi and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,17 August 2011, "US intelligence sources later told the Mail on Sunday newspaper that MI6 had indeed been behind the assassination plot and had turned to the LIFG’s leader, Abu Abdullah Sadiq, who was living in London." Who is Sadiq? None other than AbdulHakim Belhaj.

    3. That's extremely interesting, by the way.

  8. @caustic : the old man,could be father/trustee of local rajub, is called
    Fathallah Abdullah al-Ashter/Ayshiter. I think you'd listed him before too with this name

  9. As I noted elsewhere, the brother of KKK does not appear in the above list. KKK is certain that his brother came here, reported widely,a star performer for the press. Ought to have been an easy one to add....

    1. No Kheiber, indeed, and quite a few others missing. No el Hitri, no Mohammed Bashir, no Benowen, that I noticed, at least.

  10. I've been over the list of Facebook survivors a bit. Thanks for the transliterations, Petri. I didn't know you could do that before, and it's helpful. I checked "gift" (from entry 12) in translate (with audio sample) and with tl, and found they line up and give what I'll type as: H'dyah.

    The names that pop out so far as (likely) listed before the most recent finds:
    1 - mftah 'ebdallh 'ela 'ebdallh - Muftar Abdullah?
    5 - fth allh 'ebdallh alayshytr - Fathallah Abdullah AlAshter*
    13 - Mansur Taha Ghazi - Mansour Tarrar Ghazi
    24 - Abdul Salam Mohammed Ashour
    38 - Ibrahim Omar Zadam**

    And those we have other, recent clues outside the list:
    4 - hsham altahr 'ela alsara - Hisham al Taher Alsara
    40 - Mahmoud Mukhtar Zadam

    * Three Fathallah al Ashters! 5 - fth allh 'ebdallh alayshytr - Fathallah Abdullah AlAshter, 9 -'ela fth allh alayshytr - Ela(the?) Fathallah alAshter, 11 - Hakim Fathallah Alechetr - Hakim Fathallah AlAshter

    ** Two Ibrahim Zadans! IIRC, the Griffiths photo r-click caption specified he was shooting Ibrahim Omar, not Ibrahim Abdullah. Double-checking now, yes it does, will update. Are these two even different people?

    1. #13 - Taha Mansour Ghazi
      #40 - Mukhtar Mahmoud (Al-)Zadam

  11. Just did a little more searching for a few of these names in Arabic, hoping for sources to support the listing. I'm not sure if the search worke dor if anything good came up. Nothing I could I did find this howeveradduce regarding the named people we don't have any information on yet.

    But I did find this from Zlitan's authorities:
    According to the Legal Committee of the martyrs and missing persons and prisoners of the Council of Zliten that the number of local victims of the Holocaust Yarmouk camp of rebels arrived Zliten to 34 missing and the number of survivors who arrived in Zliten safely 41 people.

    Survivors must be set broadly. 41 escapees just from Zlitan would be nuts. We have a few others from Tripoli and elsewhere, a bit, making probably over 50 total, when the oddball high estimate from asurvivor was 35 and most said 3-20. Most were always Zlitanis, but here more of that town's people escaped than died. Some special blessing!

    I've wondered about the Zlitan connection here. Suppose the Misrata brigades freed about this number of real regime prisoners, in Zlitan, then talked them into re-paying them with a field trip to Tripoli. Here they could play a doctor or teacher like they always wanted, noble and heroic folk who escaped a fiery death by their own wits and divine connections.

  12. Just a quick note:
    I'vefound one of the El-Bahbah (Seabah) people (#28). He describes ascaping, has a photo, and explains the other two (cousins-a third cousin apparently died). They'vebeen added to the witness list.

    Also, #8 is Maoma, photographed with the scars on his back by Seamus Murphy in Zlitan. I don'tsee anyone who's likely Gardim. But the list is getting less mysterious.

  13. *6 – Ousama el Gardim



    Men walk amid the burnt corpses of at least 55 men who were executed by militiamen loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in Tripoli's Salahuddin district. One of the worst single atrocities documented so far during Libya's revolution, the mass execution took place in a barn adjacent to the city's largest military headquarters, where the men were shot and set alight. Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 27, 2011.

    ???? Ousama el Gardim

    1. I meant in the list we're examining. Maoma/Amauma and Gardim go together for Murphy photos, but not apparently for the makers of the list.

      The photos show either Gardim or a guy who could be him. The face is consistent enough as far as I can tell, but three differences:
      1) different eyebrows
      2) the guy crying at the shed looks a bit leaner or older, (9406 especially, if that's even the same guy)
      3) 8916 and 9340 show no match for arm scars

      So I'll keep them as separate vague entries.

    2. http://www.viiarchive.com/webgate/preview.php?UURL=06843e3b09a47009c6a9bd8328037a2e&SECTION=SERIESRESULT&IMGID=00109407
      A survivor is helped from the scene after seeing his brother's corpse amid the burnt bodies of at least 55

      Abul Basit Saad Maoma, 49, shows scars received while being detained in Zlitan, Libya on Sept. 2, 2011. Abul was tortured for several days before being transferred to Tripoli, where he survived the massacre of up to 150 men, allegedly committed by Qaddafi loyalists.

  14. From http://ar-ar.facebook.com/rabta2011

    اسماء بعض الناجيين من منطقة الرياينة:
    1-عبدالرؤوف محمد ابوخريص الابيض.
    2-فرج مسعود التومى.
    3- وسام بلعيد
    The names of some of the survivors from the area of ​​Riyaana:
    1 - Muhammad Abdul Rauf Abuchras White.
    2 - Faraj Massoud Toumi.
    3 - Sam Belaid

    On Moon's visit (trans)
    ...the delegation to listen to the survivors of the Holocaust on how to get the crime. The Alovdayda to listen to the demands of the families of the victims and survivors, which was applied material and moral support by UN agencies to the affected people. He also asked the people to open the tomb, which buried the bodies were burnt with the support of the UN discernible DNA samples where it is difficult discernible such samples. Students as well as urban residents unzip frozen funds for the benefit of the Transitional National Assembly in order to be compensation for the victims of crimes of Gaddafi.

    Dr. Salem has Ferjani arranging to meet the delegation of the UN victims' families and survivors. And Dr. Salem with Mr. Secretary-General in this regard and has toured the scene of the crime and informed him of what happened in the prison.

    The Association thanks all of the Delegation of the United Nations as well as the delegation of the National Commission to identify the bodies and tracing of his interest in this subject.

    1. I think #1 is (Abdelrouf Mohamed) Boukhris Al-Abeid or El-Obeid (as in al-Bayda).
      #3 Wissam Belaid

    2. nr 1 = Abukres [ father of ..] many times fathers are named as father of first son

  15. some relatives seem to pop up in other list too :

    [17, Mahmoud Muhammad Nasir Abdul Latif Hamza]

    Abdel Rahim Mohamed Taher Lafi
    -Hussein al-Lafi , 40
    26 Muhammad Tahir Lafi

    [64 y Walid Ferjany Ibrahim]
    [68 Ahmed Bashir Hamad ]

    82 Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa
    -Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa4 - An executioner: Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifah

    [Youssef Abdel-Halim Abdel-Raouf, ]

    Abdul Razzaq al-Tahir
    -Hisham Al Taher Al-Sari
    110 Munir Tahir Hussain Munir Hussein Taher

    108 Mohammed Salem Abdul-Hamid Aalghemoda
    49 Mohamed Abdel-Hadi Hammouda
    -12 - Ali Hamouda

    281 estudiantes Mohammed Salem Al-Ghoul
    -The El Goula Brothers: an early account

    Lista de ratas abatidas en Zawya. Son 302


    25 – Ibrahim Omar Zadan
    Nineteen-year-old Ibrahim Omar is the only male left in his household.

  16. The names of some of the survivors from the area of ​​Riyaana:
    this must be east reyeina , other side moved by army to tripoli

  17. One of the prime movers in the The Free Generation Movement who made the slick video (now with sububtitles) with Sabri Tabbal is Dr Nizar Ali Mhani of Cardiff, who had headed off to Libya in February 2011. "Parents Ali, 71, and Zohra, 65, ran hotels around the world" (From this BBC Video.
    The Facebook page for the FGM reported on 22 August It's true - we never left Tripoli! Now safe to announce that @Tripoli_Latest (Ahmed Shreef) is in fact @Niz_FGM (Niz Ben-Essa) from The Free Generation Movement. Niz & team remained in Tripoli the entire time, working hard behind the scenes.

    See also the Telegraph article Libya: from Cardiff dentist to rebel controller
    of 4 Sept 2011 by Andrew Gilligan

    1. "FGM says it was non-violent ":
      Perhaps its most important role, however, was as a provider of intelligence to Nato forces which were daily bombarding the capital.


      and their big brothers were working on Djerba :


      He passed the data on to a military operations room elsewhere on Djerba whose staff included representatives of NATO and Gulf allies as well as Libyan army veterans who had defected to the US and formed the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL),

    2. @hurriya - Interesting article - thanks.

    3. Great stuff, Felix. Just the subtitles make all the difference. Translator not needed, for this one. Mr. Falba is seen at the beginning, describing another sequence yet of how who died first - one person allowed to break out executed, then the rest opened up on. How many different ways did this thing happen? He claims to be there, so he's a claimed escapee. The host (Dr. Mhani?) claims to be at least a onetime prisoner. 3:49 perfect screen cap - until the day of the massacre. From the cheesy grin, I presumed he couldn't be another claimed escapee. Add two for sures, one I didn't even have under maybes. Now for Tabbal... (more later)

    4. still a little jumbled who to put where, but my list of confirmed alleged escapees, first-hand, is 30, with 7 specified 2nd hand escapees, three dying shortly after (two of them brutalized black men), so 37 escapees, and a huge list now of, I don't know, 45 maybes? It's insane and getting worse.

      The Dr. says he climbed out the hole in the wall and, smartly, dropped down off the wall, apparently on the right side unlike M. Bashir. He says the hole was new, caused by the grenades. That throws Omar under the bus. This'll have to be updated now.

      5:00 Thousands killed there alone, he says, 20-25 people every day, mass graves all over.

      5:25 Specialist knowledge: They were electrocuted, and to prove it "they connected the wires to that plug over there."

      5:37 someone executed there: blood spattered paint chipped off, soaked rug turned back.

      6:00 Falba says he was there 4 months.

    5. @ felix :

      Anti Gaddafi forces come out in Tripoli

      And that the people were all behind him was never the case, as some in Tripoli opposed Gadaffi like the Welsh-trained, Libyan-born doctor Nizar Mhani.

      don't remember from where I got the link : if from blog : apologies

    6. Great. I'll add the vid to the Foreign adventurers page.

  18. Slightly off-topic, but I couldn't resist mentioning a hilarious YouTube video, The place where they tortured and imprisoned Me (Tripoli - Libya) uploaded by storm2000ca1, 13 Sept 2011, in which a guy finds a very similar compound to that in Yarmouk and describes his torture there. It all sounds like nonsense, but I do like those ramshackle brick walled yards and concrete buildings in the Tripoli suburbs. Even those long broken down white trucks mirror those in the Khamis shed massacre yard.

    1. This story sounds far more believable than the Khamis Brigade story. Unlike the Khamis Brigade shed / morgue, this truly looks like a possible security compound. The Mercedes-Benz vans have their windows painted over to prevent the sunlight from heating the inside. Could be temporary lockup cells.

      The guy introduces himself as Mohammed something but I have trouble hearing his last name, least figuring out how he would transliterate it. He says he is the ex-president of some Student Union.

      This inaccessible post on the Facebook page of Free Iman Al-Obeidi has the following synopsis
      He is the ex- President of the Student's union. He is showing the camera the place where he was arrested and tortured. He points out where there were snipers ...

      I tried to google more information on person, using words like "ex-president of student union libya" but only come across these two pages:

      Ed in ED'S BLOG CITY on September 14, 2009:
      Call for UN Enquiry into Lockerbie Disaster

      Caustic Logic on the Lockerbie Divide on March 6, 2011:
      Suliman on Swissy and the Student Union

      The person discussed is Abdullah Swissy, "Former President of the Libyan Students’ Union in Scotland and Libyan Student Affairs of the Libyan Students’ Union, UK Branch."

      A small world, isn't it!

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACg9LcvjI7c

      The place where they tortured and imprisoned Me (Tripoli - Libya

      the torture of Mohamed Shtewi vid is deleted apparently after it has done its poison

      mother /sister Eshtiwy in benghazi forget to mention :

      18 feb 2011 , friday, Meanwhile, the paper said that a group of protesters killed the managing director of AL-Galaa hospital in downtown Benghazi, Libya 's second largest city.
      The victim's body was tortured, it added.

      Libya. Return to the Stone Age. Benghazi. Hospital Doctors At Al-Jalaa. Drs lynching dark skinned patients

  19. @Petri - the reason I was cynical was because I immediately thought of the 3 (i.e. 2 + Cobb-Smith) BBC journalists. There is also no other media interest in this YouTube story which would have been seized upon by the media. The man introduces himself as Mohamed Shtewi. Have a look at this Daily Telegraph article, from about the time the BBC 3 were mysteriously arrested and even more mysteriously released....

    1. There is quite a lot of coverage in March of Dr. Ahmed Sewehli and his "kidnapped" family in the British press, including this opinion by Dr. Sewehli himself in The Guardian.
      It's late, but the UN resolution gives hope to Libyans

    2. Mohamed Shtewi


      Tarek Abdul-Hadi Eshtiwy

      But 31-year-old Maryam Eshtiwy

  20. http://i43.tinypic.com/2lu98q8.jpg
    This 1 is a FBman

    this 1 , with the prayer hubh, seems to be : Ibrahim Tajouri

    1 of felix grey ones , who has presented himself as witness too

    It's fair to put everybody who has presented himself as witness on the list , up to 153


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