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Saturday, May 7, 2011

via @ShababLibya

May 7 2011

Sender: @ShababLibya
account details:
We are a group of Libyan Youth both in and out of Libya inspired by our brothers and sisters in Egypt and Tunis. We'll do our best to bring Libya back Inshallah

February 16, block of "tweets" Collected at: http://wlcentral.org/node/1312 all entered for 5:00 PM - apparently the posting time. They seemed to be in reverse order, re-arranged here.

Earlier in the day, intense lobbying for worldwide media coverage:
"just spoke to someone in #benghazi http://on.fb.me/i2wXwH 'we are dying here' please tell AJ to air this VID we need them to NOW "

"@AJEnglish @AJArabic Please include these vids http://on.fb.me/i2wXwH you are showing pro qaddafi protesters & ppl are dying "

"#tripoli gather your friends, keep quiet and walk anywhere initially, numbers will grow, we need you now more then ever"

"AL Bayda in full crisis, need medical supplies urgently, more security forces are being sent in we need help in bayda fast"

"CONFIRMED: a military building is burnt down in AJDABIYA (East #Libya)"

"reports in #benghazi alot of women are taking to the streets (very good sign) #Libya #Feb17 noway back for benghazi now "

"unconfirmed reports from #Tripoli protests against #gaddafi have begun, will try to confirm shortly"

"Benghazi,, mass protest in 20 street underway (very busy road in #Benghazi "

"@BBCKimGhattas BBC news needs to update the videos we are sending lots please update situation is much worse"

"Confirmed Reports from #Benghazi, 6 people killed today in the city #Libya #Feb17 and the news still show pro #gaddafi protests.. shocking"

"our population in #Libya is just over 6 million, country twice the size of egypt who are 85 mil, we need your help guys"

"is it just me, or has no world leader mentioned #Libya?"

Halfway through day 2 of the low-level pre-Day-of-Rage-protests (set for the following day) - and world leaders were not yet condemning the reported couple of deaths, coming in amid bragging of torched buildings and other peaceful mob activities. For shame!

Later on in this last day before the big day, ShababLibya passed on an astute example of an unsettling propaganda tactic. Some have noted a frequent mixing of bloody massacre reports, rumors of "African mercenaries," and implications that Islam itself is under attack by the regime. The emotional effect was devastating to the public peace, to those working for security forces, and for black men of any origin whatsoever. The day of rage came in early and colored just the right shade.

Further, I suspect most or all of the information contained below is simply untrue.

"Abdallah (caller from benghazi) they are killing us, they just killed 6, they have swords and knifes "

"Abdallah: they are killing everybody, i am running now, they have released people from the prisons"

"Abdallah: yes there are pro gaddafi protests: but they are not Libyan, they are Africans they are killing everybody"

"As libyans we expected this from #gaddafi, recruiting protesters to fight us from Africa namely Chad #Libya #Feb17 he warned us about this"

"#Qaddafi has threatened to flatten #Benghazi and rebuild it, and place in it African Migrants"

"African mercenaries now in #Benghazi #Libya sources in Libya say they're chasing and killing people with knives and swords. We only fear God"

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