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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Leonor in Libya

May 8 2011

I was just tipped off to a valuable "critical view" well worth sharing here. A Spanish blogger named Leonor, writing from inside Libya. She has been on-line since 2008, but only took off with insane posting levels following the conflict's outbreak. The blog archive says:
► 2008 (5)
► 2009 (27)
► 2010 (6)
► 2011 (415)

And she's got a lot of followers and a lot of great stuff, as far as the auto-translation lets me read it. Just to give a taste, the two most recent posts, auto-translated.

I just read an article in the espectador.com in which the UN says will not stop "to defend the Libyan people" to remove this government Moaamr al-Ghadafi.

It is clear that if you can say this and the comments accompanying the article on the "good" they are doing to Libya will be because they have no one to make the counter and tell the truth about what they are doing. This cynicism in his words, these lies so exaggerated and repeated with as little diplomacy are due to the widespread ignorance about Libya and the real situation and its real history and not told by their worst enemy: USA.

I can not believe in anything, I feel that we can not trust anyone when they continue the lies and massacres as newspapers and broadcasters to "condemn Ghadafi "... To justify this atrocity?. What reminds me of Iraq?.

It is very easy for people to either look the other way and thinking that goes with them while they are still killing and destroying the country and brag about it over and do not think stopping as if his words show that they have every reason to go to another country to steal a coup to kill and brag about it.

Hopefully not too late when we wake up and see what is really happening and the difference with what we have.

Increasingly Gaddafi WANTED
Contrary to what NATO says, the tribes, the people and the Libyan government to protect their leader Moammar Ghadafi as the safety and unity.

It's ridiculous that just two days after the end of the meeting of the Libyan tribes that have said very clearly that Ghadafi is a red line that can not even play. With total cynicism NATO says that every day he is more isolated.

From now and like the militias called "rebels", we must be clear that any statement it makes, is actually the opposite. Or at least check it because thus far do nothing but lie, supported by their faithful servant of USA's TV Aljazeera.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/ndaaloatan?feature=mhee

  2. http://www.facebook.com/notes.php#!/pages/THE-TRUTH-OF-LIBYA/137251136348314

  3. Thanks! Funny, I was just yesterday thinking there needs to be a Libya Truth movement and website, going past this war to the decades of frame-ups and demonization. Some great art. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand the video. Great Facebook page ... it's intense.

  4. Yes you say right must stop NATO

  5. Thanks. We should. Wish we could. It's a bit like picking a fistfight with God, however.


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