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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keep on Killing, NATO! It'll Become Right Sooner or Later

May 25 2011

No detailed insights yet, but I see by the AP that NATO yesterday launched its heaviest yet air assault on Tripoli - about 20 strikes that killed dozens, at least. Again, the NATO gang - I'm coming to realize that's apt - have declaed Gaddafi illegitimate, and until HE bows to pressure, they will keep creating reconstruction jobs to bolster their failing economies once they get their way, inevitably. The NATO gang does not let itself lose. It's far too big to fail.

The ever insightful Scott Creighton at the Willy Loman blog has a great piece on this new onslaught. He compared it to the "shock and awe" phase of the Iraq bombardment eight years ago, and then turned to a parallel development:
While the skyline of Tripoli was being lit up like Baghdad in Spring of 2003, another haunting aspect of our Iraq policy was repeating itself in eastern Libya. The U.S Assistant Secretary of State for the near Eastern Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, was visiting with the al Qaeda linked “rebels” in order to offer them the opportunity to open an official representative office in Washington D.C.

Jeffrey Feltman served in Iraq in the corrupt Coalition Provision Authority in early 2004 then he became our representative in Lebanon til around 2008. During and after Israel’s attack of Lebanon, Feltman did his best to install a pro-Israel government there. That only stands to reason since Feltman served in many U.S. government posts in Israel from 1995-1998 and then again from 2001-2004.
[original has links for much of this]

As it gets clearer and clearer why the NATO gang are doing this, they act surer and surer of themselves and escalate. No turning back. They've swam out past the halfway point, the opposite shore is nearer and far better than turning back. Or so they've been presuming that for weeks, and will keep doing so, it seems.

It's just sad and sick, but unless someone puts some pressure on this gang, they will have succeeded into bludgeoning a nation into slavery for some muddled "Humanitarian concern" that's a few month old by now.

Tripoli - all I can say is - sorry. There may still be a lever you can pull, a sacrifice short of total surrender. For example, it might come down to a choice of the Leader vs. the thing of value he leads. They will, if allowed and given the slightest excuse (or perhaps none), mechanically and by attrition, remove both.

Tripoli's - and most of Libya's - defiance thus far might still inspire some sleeping giant or other to flex its muscle against the gang. Who knows? Otherwise, the right thing for them to do is keep doing what they can to resist, complicate, and expose (especially the last).

But the pragmatic thing that leaves the most alive and keep the most intact (I mean of the economic system many suspect is the real target), is to look for that magic lever - the right combination of agenda exposure, major sacrifice, and ultimate refusal to surrender the most fundamental points (whatever those are decided to be). They should secure backing for the proposal, which must be genius, something the world's people cannot let their leaders refuse in favor of more bloodshed. To the extent they care about your demonized system or have the ability to force decisions at the NATO command level. And the media of the West must be compelled to convey the essence and context of it fairly, without fascist-obvious propaganda spin re-branding it as a crime against Humanity.

I don't know! It's a tight spot to be in!

But I suggest no more implausible half-measures tossed off the cuff in desperation. If you can keep your team from working in "command and control bunkers," some people should be able to brainstorm a genius plan and I guess send it in print form by ship to foreign embassies like Russia, and so on. Is that still allowed to an "illegitimate" government? Again, I don't know. I guess you could surrender like they demand. Maybe there's some passive aggressive way to guilt trip ... no, I don't suppose that'd be allowed to work either. Hmmm...


  1. Great blog, Adam. Keep it up. I just don't get how all those people who protested over Iraq (lies leading to regime change at any price) don't see the plot here (lies leading to regime change at any price by a different route). Let's not forget they were teeing up regime change here in 2003 based on nuclear weapons but a different plot emerged. Perhaps this ruse - protecting civilians - will be the new norm.
    I'm still puzzled where BP stands here though. Nearly GBP1bn invested...
    Did Blair & Co trick Gaddafi?

  2. Thanks! Got delayed responding, but having a great day for viewers over here. Three new Libyans and 19 new Americans plus many others in less than 12 hours!

    Anyway, in general, people say it can't be about oil, since companies were already in there. Hogwash. The system still sucked from their PoV, and they could do better. Many pulled out, maybe waiting for something like this war before going back.

    But BP and some others were specifically invested and will lose that. Perhaps BP with all its woes is being offered as a sacrifice. I don't know if that makes sense.

    But here's a view I saw suggesting the Brits and Americans have some tricks up their sleeves to get around some of their losses / gains by France, Qatar, etc. Worth a thought.


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