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Saturday, May 28, 2011

1, 2, 3, Down Sarkozy! 1, 2, 3, Up Gaddafi!

May 28 2011

A message from Libyan women, in quite good English:

The one makes a good point that echoes something I nearly wrote up once:
The funny thing, you are say for our leader Muammar Gaddafi to go out. Where out? Muammar Gaddafi in every heart, in Libyan people. If you want him to go out, you should go for every heart and take Muammar Gaddafi from them.
This of course echoes his own pronouncement to that effect a few weeks back. Countering rumors he was killed in the same raid where NATO hit a Gaddafi family home and killed three of his infant grandchildren, he said May 13:
“You could kill my body but could not kill my soul which lives in the hearts of millions.”
But the NATO are determined to destroy him wherever he lives. They don't want to target these millions of hearts with bombs, directly. But between general pressure, grief, anxiety, a bit of hunger, fear, and deep depression, start the process of targeting those hearts.

It's hoped there will be a total conquest by "pro-democracy forces," who already have a full slate of free-market, pro-West reforms and candidate in mind to chose from. Following this, the recalcitrant sentiments of the old-school masses, there will have to be extensive re-education and de-programming. When we find a majority of the country is unhappy to be liberated for their own benefit, well, they must be thinking wrong.

The "real" Libyan people, the rebels - outnumbered as they are within Libya - can see clearly. These are the Libyans with radical imams and al Qaeda recruiters so prominent in their cities, piles of Gulf Cash and al Jazeera propaganda greasing along their civil war disguuised as protest, French plotting months in advance and recognition after, American bombers and drones, and all the imperialists of Europe seizing money and slapping sanctions against the legitimate government on their behalf. Only with all this, plus their native hate of Gaddafi (he's in their hearts, all right - the hate section), is this minority finally able to think clearly and show the future - what NATO hopes it will "prove" is the real Libya beneath the green muck.

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