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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fakest Rebel Videos

May 13/14 2011
last edits January 4, 2012

This post will gather some instances of suspect fakery from the social media video postings of our Libyan pro-Democracy forces. Simple mislabeling is too widespread to count - the video itself must contain actors and fake scenarios (or be suspicious at least) and presented as real. I'll take submissions and votes by comment form below, and start it off with the few I can think of, with newer additions first:

Shooting at protesters outside the barracks.
(Thanks to  contributor Felix for this one)
"Shooting at protesters outside the barracks."
Saturday, 19 February, 2011
Source: ahmadkadar

People in Shahet run and scramble to hide from the sound of gunshots at the al Jarah barracks - hundreds of feet away from these ...weaponless attackers? ... clustered on the main street, at least a day after the base was apparently taken by their allies (see here for the details). Some others lay there helpless on the pavement, not carried away, but not bleeding either. (See image - video embedding unavailable.)

One of the victims sits up and looks around, waving at people. Another victims then wanders over and, apparently having been shot, lays splayed-out among them (at left, starting to kneel). As Felix describes it "this video clearly shows a "protester" ambling onto set (and it is essentially a film set with actors) then slowly getting down, then lying dead on his back, at about 0.16 onwards. He occasionally pops his head up just to check he isn't dead." Another victim in the struggle!

Indeed, anyone else take a look and see how ridiculous this is. Note also the creepy stiff man in a black trench coat who at the end walks right over to that same jackass and stands over him. As if to say "what the hell was that? Don't you realize what we're trying to do here?" He seems unconcerned that they're failing all around.

Shelling the Mosques, Zawiyah and Misrata
(Thanks again to Felix) It was very important for Muslim world opinion that Gaddafi be seen as anti-Islam and an attacker of mosques. The rebels in az Zawiya claimed Gaddafi forces attacked the main mosque the rebels were working out of on Feb. 24, hitting the minaret with AA fire, and it does seem to have some bullet holes in it later. (see here for details). By the latter re-conquest of the square,March 11, video shows the minaret seriously damaged and the dome caved in. But it's not clear who did that since between the two, we see this fake-ass video: Translated title "Muammar Gaddafi infidel, criminal, and a mosque was bombed [az Zawiya] 6311 [March 6]," the crayon font at the beginning is perfect. You know it's real because they pan to the minaret, wondering "hey, what if something were to happen to it right now? I'd better be filming and whoa, did you see that puff of smoke?" Smoke bombs attached to its circumference go off with a light bang, then some gunshots in the air and people cheerfully shouting Allahu Akbar, with grief over the no-damage Minaret attack.

As for who caused the actual damage some time over the next week, it's not entirely clear.  We've seen the rebel desire, and willingness to use fakery, to suggest just such a thing. Forget war crime, isn't using a mosque to create lies to falsely invoke religious furor a wee bit sacrilegious? Not to mention basing militant activities from one or possibly destroying it yourself in a heavy-weapons false flag operation?

And another more ambitious possible smoke-bomb project with fortuitous filming seems to be the cause of what's seen in this video of a Minaret attack by Gaddafi infidels/apostates in Misrata, March 19 apparently. This time, I'm far less sure it's a fake, but repeated smoke puffs, some much larger, are seen from a distance, happening over and over with no visible damage to the minaret. Only at the video's end does a bigger explosion happen and the tower finally falls. This must be the power of Allah withstanding the Satanic attack; the poster himself says "I honestly don't know how it stood that long." Nice tragic Islamic music, nice possible false-flag minaret destruction from those trying to simply manipulate religious fervor...

Refusing to praise Gaddafi
A man with fake blood trailing from his legs pulls himself along the ground as an apparent Gaddafi soldier films on his iPhone type thing. Transcript, as posted here:
Gaddafi Soldier: Raise your head, Raise your head, Get on your back, What is your name?! What is your Name?
Injured man: Ahmed.
Gaddafi Soldier: Say long live alfatah (Gaddafi/Gaddafi’s revolution)
Injured man: God is great
Gaddafi Soldier: Say long live Alfatah (Gaddafi/Gaddafi’s revolution)! Say long live Mu’ammar!
Injured man: There is no god except God, Muhammed is the messenger of God…

What a cliff-hanger at the end! Three shots are fired just as the camera pans away wildly. Maybe the hero lived, as he was rescued in Hollywood style by the hidden heros at the last second. So close, for a moment you think the soldier did shoot him. No head shot needed to fake, and an excellent propaganda set-up of Gaddafi against God. This is quite common and total evil genius for firing up these radicals and, in this case, gaining public support across the Youtube-viewing Arab world. (re-posted as a news story here - he's a doctor, it says, and unfortunately, he's shown dead on a truck later, but with again no visible injuries that are hard to fake - he could well just be laying there.)

The Sniper-shot x-ray girl
At about 3:20 in this video about evidence for snipers shooting children, is the only actual evidence of that specified. A little girl is shown in hospital after a sniper's bullet was removed, the x-ray of it in situ is shown. Why it's fake is explained here. In short, that film shows a pristine bullet fired from an odd angle, no broken or deformed bones, and the same exact image was used at the same time to prove a little boys was also shot by a sniper.

It's obviously powerful medicine, government snipers (we presume) shooting little kids. Human Rights Watch said so, and used the boy's identical fake x-ray for their report on the alleged crime against humanity. This one stands above some other contestants for popular impact, but perhaps not as much as another below.

Gaddafi forces abuse civilians  1
There's hardly a realistic thing about this staged scene of "civilans" tied up in the back of a pickup and verbally abused and fake-slapped by hillbillies in army fatigues. Note the weird googles person at the beginning, the two actors really hamming it up with the fear or intense-inner-defiance act. Note the "soldiers" have a lazy, disorganized style, and a little kid among them, pulled aside too late (at 0:54). I can't even understand Arabic, but having read the transcript for the "refusing" video, I recognize them barking "something Fatah" and "something Muammar," after which the bearded captor dutifully repeats the phrases.

The city "Sabrata" is mentioned. The one coward is in fatigues is interesting. Among more stoic civilians, he seems to be cast as the frightened isolated soldier who wants to defect, but was tied up by the real Fatah supporters. He also happens to be the most "black" looking among them. He could really use some outside support, it's implied.

Gaddafi forces abuse civilians  2
I'm not as sure, but this one I just found might be fake too. One boy is injured, with a slight black eye.  That's realism. Otherwise, same drunk-seeming "soldiers," probably on purpose to make some point. Young men and boys laying and sitting, questioned abusively and stupidly. I think from Misrata's mention and the context, this is in Misrata, or supposed to be. From 1:31 unnervingly loud gun shots are happening all around for some reason, but no one is shown injured. At 2:00 I hear "Fatah" and "Muammar," with the loud word repeated in between, I presume, meaning "repeat," or "I love."  The captor repeats, weakly, and oh-so-scared and helpless-like (as seen in the still below):

Afterwards in this same video, around 4:00, these rebel video fakers playing Gaddafi soldiers can be seen firing real rockets from truck-mounted launchers - on the outskirts of a town, and firing in, just like real Gaddafi soldiers. Wonder how often that happens?

The "Dying Soldier"
Warning: Actual dead people surround the suspected faker, with blown-open heads
The lone survivor of the "al-Baida massacre" (but possibly in Dernah, or elsewhere - See the link for fuller explanation) - nearly two dozen executed soldiers found in this courtyard, after rebel forces executed them for firing on a car in self-defense (see transcript here). One of these is alive in two videos, absent in two others - he's unbound and his head's intact, and moving a bit but ignored or teased by the rebel camera crew. He's apparently is the "source" for the government killing them all, besides him, for refusing to shoot "protesters." These 22 were among a total of 130 killed by Gaddafi for so refusing, said a French Human Rights Group, based on no reasonable evidence. And here, the only real massacre I've had to show yet because of the actor someone had lay down in the blood and brains.

One video from Facebook - not sure how to embed it.
Again with the intense religion - they do nothing medically except give him a little water. Thay ain't doctors but they know he's dying (from what exactly isn't obvious) and only "convert" him back to Islam and from Gaddafism with a last rites. It's the least they could do, literally, given he allegedly gave his life refusing to shoot at them for no good reason.

And the other video with the "dying soldier," where he's just passed by as if the cameraman didn't notice this one wriggling around. Quite odd. He's more interested in panning in on the gore. Amateur fakers do think maximizing everything real helps obscure  the fake parts, don't they?

Others if they come to my attention ...


  1. uploaded by mukhtaralasad on 17 February:Unknown Location (2/17) - Protesters shot by police
    Check out the heavily built guy with apparently badly bloodied face who at 0.29 and again at 0.33 seems to lift his head up off the street and drop it back. He is subsequently bundled into a red car. Elsewhere (it looks like Benghazi) one only sees running protesters.

  2. Is this how you do it? (I was thinking of the rooftop sniper incident at Al Bayda)

    (uploaded 26 Feb, Benghazi , by Elgazwi.

    Replicated here,shortl clip uploaded by muttardi

  3. And perhaps employed in this suitably blurred video from outside the barracks in Benghazi , uploaded 19 February by Mukhtaralasad to create the impression of mercenaries shooting protesters for the media. (see your post Feb 19th death toll in Benghazi)

  4. Massacre in Zawiya. Uploaded 5 March 2011
    from 123VivaAlgerie.
    Action again from in front of the mosque, where the blue tarpaulain sheeting is. Really nothing at all happening.
    "at least seven people killed and about ten injured during an attack by Gaddafi forces last Saturday , reported from close at hand by a medical source and an inhabitant...(of course).
    5 March is a Saturday, so refers allegedly to February 26.
    note liberal dousing with tomato sauce and man with gunshot wound running around naked.

  5. This is NOT a fake video - but relates to destruction of a mosque in Misrata. Video here,Mosque (Masjid) Destroyed by Gaddafi's Men uploaded by Ibnomar2005 on March 25.

    Again, why would Gaddafi's men destroy a mosque?

    But see here **MUST SEE** Minaret of Mosque being targeted by Gaddafi's men ,as at Zawiyah,the same familiar puffs of smoke coming out of the minaret at Misrata (same uploader,Ibnomar2005, 25 March) which a cameraman just happens to be filming....

  6. Unexploded anti-tank grenade embedded in man's arse, angle of trajectory 60 degrees from horizontal: Alex Crawford in Zawiyah, for Sky News, 8 March. at 1.57 ??????

  7. Huh! It looks really jammed in there, so not fake, but... what the hell, how does that happen? Laying face down on the ground maybe, grenade fired from a nearby low rooftop? Or manually jammed into a pre-made cut? We can't tell who he is and certainly not which side is responsible -both were at the time capable of controlling areas (like rooftops) and using weapons like this there.

  8. And the Misrata Minaret... how hard is it for well-armed alleged apostates to actually damage a minaret? They can make repeated huge puffsof smoke come out of it, but leave it standing? Again, some sacrilegious fakery seems likely. Will add it.

  9. Not a rebel video....but from the BBC....Rupert Wingfield-Hayes comes suddenly under fire. From about 1.20. What a carry on.

  10. Fake Fake....June 18 2011:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6yWOfIPEAA مقتل ثوار سوق الجمعة من قبل كتائب القذافي .mp4 uploaded LibyanFreedom17Feb. The alleged rebel in Souk al Jouma, Tripoli is said to have been filmed by Gaddafi troops on a mobile phone, the usual gambit. Not only is the guy moving , but some British Libyans have bumped into him last October: @LIBTRIP Tarek Alwan A group of #Libyans, based in #UK, #Libya and around the world who answered the call to FREE #LIBYA from #Gaddafi! give the impression that the rebel is live and well...I've met this FF, he's still alive, (Mohamed Ali) you can see him in this video, #Tripoli, #Libya http://bit.ly/oegn51 An amazing recovery ;+)

    1. LIBTRIP Tarek Alwan
      Underground Military Intelligence Center in Zawit Al-Dahmani in #Tripoli, youtube.com/watch?v=jBueg3… #Libya

    2. http://uk.linkedin.com/in/tarekalwan


      Tarek Alwan, whose London based consultancy SOC Libya works with companies interested in investing in Libya, told Sky News that he had learned of a group of German investors interested in developing solar energy farms in Libya - which enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year.
      Libyan-born Alwan also sees huge potential for Libya's tourist industry and says that attractions such as the 2000-year-old Roman city of Sabratha have been underexploited.

    3. @ felix : again the man Tarek Alwan

      said Tarek Alwan, managing director of London-based consulting firm SOC Libya.
      "It's certainly worrying," Charles Gurdon, managing director of the British political risk consultancy Menas Associates, told The Media Line

    4. Thanks Hurriya - the missing line, regarding NTC getting the rebels to give up their weapons is interesting: "If I have a gun and you would like to take it from me, you need to give me a reward in term of money, salaries, training programs, scholarships, jobs," Alwan told The Media Line. Funny, the earliest date for this piece is 7 April, Jerusalem Post. I can't find a link to the article in The Media Line.

    5. http://twitpic.com/6u8qmz
      This is Mohamed Ali, in this video he's still alive and just met him in Souk Aljuama,

      Inside Col Gaddafi's luxury airplane
      @ 0.25 @ .26 @ 0.27 Mohamed Ali

    6. Tarek Alwan, whose London based consultancy SOC Libya works with companies interested in investing in Libya, told Sky News that he had learned of a group of German investors interested in developing solar energy farms in Libya

      Libya looks to solar power in the south

      Tripoli, 3 January 2013:

      The Ministry of Electricity is constructing a solar panel plant in southern Libya to generate power using the sun’s rays,

      undersecretary for the ministry Dr Mohamed Ali revealed.

      Ali told Libyan news agency LANA that it would be an excellent opportunity to experiment with new technology and to create jobs for young people in the region.

      One of the initatives that Saif Khadafi put forward a few years ago :


    7. Mohammed Ali Abdallah Ad darrat , spokesman for National Front for the Salvation of Libya.

  11. 5.1.2. The Use of Excessive Force against Demonstrators

    83. The Mission interviewed numerous witnesses – specifically in Tripoli, Zawiya, and
    Misrata – who detailed the use of excessive force against peaceful protestors in the early days of the revolution, particularly in the period from 15 February – 24 February 2011.


    In the first few weeks, when the United Nations estimated that 1,000 Libyans had been killed, the World Health Organization put the estimate at 2,000 and the International Criminal Court closer to 10,000.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y57PrSWaZno

      @ 0.41 M & son murabit of the non existent 700 massacre in zawiya

      It was at the hospital that “Dr M” met Alex Crawford and her team and he helped them in their incredibly brave efforts to expose the brutal crackdown in Zawiyah. 

  12. http://wn.com/massacre_by_gaddafi_in_libya_mass_burial_in_tripoli_519_died,_3980_wounded_1500_missing?upload_time=all_time&orderby=relevance

    Casualties: Residents of Benghazi told Al Jazeera that at least 200 people had died, while the New York-based Human Rights Watch put the countrywide death toll at a "conservative" 104 on 19 February, while an update on 22 February stated that there were at least 62 casualties.
    They also suggested the actual deaths in Benghazi had probably passed 100 on 20 February.
    Other sources list the number of deaths to be 220 in Benghazi alone
    On 22 February the International Coalition Against War Criminals gave an estimate that 519 people had died, 3980 were wounded and over 1500 were missing.
    Human Rights Watch have estimated that at least 233 people had been killed by February 22. On 23 February Italy's ..

    Published by : OneDayOnEarth.com



  13. http://cirqueminimeparis.blogspot.nl/2011/10/normal-0-0-1-1288-6184-106-17-9018-11.html

    The virtual mass graves around Tripoli were already up and running by last February:
    with a video and some photos, the American website, One Day on Earth, passed them off as brand new body dumps in August 2011.

    Everybody believed it, and even when the trick was exposed a few days later, who said anything?

    Still lingering in the mind, “the graves hastily dug by Kadhafi’s militias” held a portion of the “ten thousand dead and fifty thousand wounded demonstrators.”

    The figures came from a 22 February Tweet by the Saudi broadcaster, Al Arabiya, supposedly originating from a self-proclaimed Libyan member of the International Criminal Court, which disavowed this allegation the very next day. But a feckless disavowal, as always.

    This is how the Nazis taught propaganda[1]: Tell a Big Lie and repeat it as if on a broken record; and all denials disappear.

  14. Today, the NATO belligerents remain totally silent about their renewal of Operation Unified Protector, on-going for the last three months of this year.
    It was surely useful to get back to the “demonization of the enemy as a way to justify the International Humanitarian Presence and further legitimize the new Libyan regime.”

    So on Sunday, September 25, 2011, Salem Fergani, a member of Abdel Jalil’s TNC (designated since February as the sole representative of the Libyan people, and subsequently recognized as such by many different countries), yanked from his magician’s hat (a prop issued to all TNC members, it seems) another horror: a mass grave of murdered prisoners.

  15. “We have buried today 11 bodies of soldiers who refused to fire on civilians and were executed by Gaddafi officers.. The bodies were cut, heads in one side and legs in the other...it is a crime what is happening here,” said Elsanous Ali Eldorsi, a retired judge in Benghazi.
    Libya in crisis - Monday 21 February
    "We found 150 corpses burning and we believe they were the bodies of officers and soldiers who refused to follow orders to fire on the the people," a Libyan man who spent a number of years in the UK before five years ago to his home city said

  16. Jibreel also told Al Jazeera that key cities near Libya’s border with Egypt were now in the hands of protesters, which he said would enable foreign media to now enter the country.“Gaddafi’s guards started shooting people in the second day and they shot two people only.

  17. This mass grave was recently discovered in the area of Joudayam, west of Tripoli (Libya) near the Scouts forest.
    The civilians killed were from the city of Az-Zawia. The dead were moved by Gaddafi's forces from their graves in the city of Az-Zawia and hidden in Joudayam. The bodies were dumped and lightly covered with dirt. The narrator is looking for the body of his dead brother, but most of the bodies are decaying.


    Uploaded by hashimad2010 on May 12, 2011

    by hashimad2010 ,Latest Activity Jun 20, 2012 ,Date Joined Sep 17, 2007 ,Age 49 ,Country South Africa


    Uploaded by QuatchiCanada on May 12, 2011

    by QuatchiCanada ,Latest Activity Jan 26, 2012 ,Date Joined Feb 4, 2011 ,Age 43 ,Country Canada

    about 300 body in mass graves Clearly the bodies were not buried well, Soil was poured on them without digging graves As the picture shows some parts of the body out of the soil They were killed by forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi in Az zawiya


    Misurta revolationary have also destroyed two of the five Gaddafi tanks which moved towards Dafneya and after blocking the attack, Misurata’s revoluationaries attacked back those forces which were situated at “Naeema” east of Zleten having recieved news about around 300 mercenaries who are either dead or injured.

    the mercanries include Tawareq from west Mali which Gaddafi’s terrorist regime brought to kill the Libyan people.

    Skeptical4 Skeptic
    Zawiya: Gaddafi soldiers in their tanks tied by chains to their seat to prevent them from escaping or retreating. libyafeb17.com/2011/06/the-st

    #Zawiya: FFs climbed on tanks, opened the top and dropped grenades inside, risking their lives libyafeb17.com/2011/06/the-st…

  18. Libiya

    Most Human Rights organisations created around 2005 are frontshops for #US hegemony #Avaaz #HumanRightsFoundation #OsloFreedomForum

    1,202,759 messages sent. Help us deliver 1,250,000



    Khaled Abu Saleh "enraged" about an "Assad blown up pipeline" on February 16

    Weeks after we did, the British Channel 4 and the Daily Beast picked up and reported about these journalists and about their fake videos.
    Both of these fake journalists who produced fake videos of alleged atrocities seemed to be sponsored and/or trained by Avaaz, a somewhat mysterious para-government organization (PGO).Who exactly is Khaled Abu Saleh? Correspondent for #AlJazeera, video fabricator, citizen journalist...

  19. Libiya Zawiya Fake Massacre vid :Uploaded on Mar 5, 2011

    -If they were engaging snipers they would enter the building and search it

    -knives [some might be sticks or rifles] @ 0.51 @1.07 @ 1.18 @ 1.24 @1.33 @ 1.35 @ 1.37 @ 1.38 @ 1.57 @ 2.06 @ 2.13 @2.42 @ 4.20 @ 4.22 @ 4.25 @ 4.34 @ 4.41 @ 4.48

    @ 2.58 looks like RPG




    @ 4.04 : a Murabit?

    @ 4.24 insurgents do already have a hospital @ the mosque

    @ 4.34 black coat on the right apparently shooting


    @5.12 a wounded man. Shot ?
    @ 5.15 apparently throat slit @ 5.25 clothes uniform?

    The people in the vid aren't hiding, they are not in fear , they are hysterical & after blood!

    Snipers in Libya

    Mar 1, 2011 The witnesses said youths from Zawiya were stationed on the rooftops of high-rise buildings in the city to monitor the movements of the pro-Qaddafi forces and sound the warning if they though an attack was imminent.

  20. The vid @ 6.39 people gathering @ an government building with mobiles & knives reminds very much of Zintan 7 march :
    Graphic video of soldiers bound & shot for refusing to follow orders, found by Zintan revolutionaries:
    Hands, legs, feet bound and shot at close range.

    Osama F Elguile, Head of Foreign Affairs Committee at the Ministry of Finance

    Dr Mohammed Ali Leghuil takes us back to the scene of a brutal assault on Zawiyah, on the outskirts of Tripoli, where an estimated 600 people are believed to have been killed by the Gaddafi regime.


    New libiya forum Issraa Murabit: a Libyan-Canadian who lived in Saskatchewan and moved back to Libya six years ago.


    Her father Mohammed, or 'Dr M' as he is better known . Dr Mohammed became famous for anonymously speaking to the international media during the bloody weekend of 4 March to 7 March 2011

    The #NATO check the #Libyan airspace in 24 hours. This is necessary for the further steps related to military decisions. #Libya #Feb17 Mon Mar-07 -2011

    1. QuatchiCanada Date Joined Feb 4 2011 on you tube , is also from Saskatchewan

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3GN1fxA-B0
    @ 1.27
    Uploaded on Jun 9, 2011

    @ 0.12 @ 0.24
    Uploaded on Mar 31, 2011

    any Similarity with guy on the right ?


    Confessions criminal gangs .. Ate the liver of members of the army in Tel Aviv Mzratha . Egyptian mercenaries

  22. Staged ISIS Vids Exemplify Fake News

    Since the first Foley video has emerged, it has come to light that Foley the “journalist” was originally embedded as an intelligence officer as a USAID worker, a classic, obvious intelligence cover, as the Weekly Standard reported. TheWashington Post reported in 2010 on this as follows:


    We were getting nervous. We knew the boys driving were scouting the road ahead,
    and maybe on their own initiative. Anton, the most experienced journalist in the group, mumbled something about it being risky. We could feel our guts begin to tighten.
    Manu and I looked at each other. But said nothing.- James Foley

    The house where Saadi put us up belonged to a retired army general. It was luxurious,
    Diplomats gained access to us on our 35th day of captivity. After Turkey closed its embassy in Tripoli, Hungary had taken over as the de facto “protecting power” for U.S. and British citizens in Libya


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