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Friday, November 18, 2011

Down-Turn Announcement

November 17, 2011

For the last roughly two weeks, I've had spots of productivity, but have been pre-occupied with my paid job, putting in extra work to get ready for an announced inspection. Completing posts in progress and responding to comments, e-mails, and the like, not to mention the wuality of said work, has suffered.

For those who wonder, my paying job is as a janitor. Yep. I vacuum and empty garbages and dust things, and sometimes scrub toilets at night.

ANyway, somehow I was preparing for the wrong inspection, had all my work pretty much in vain, and am in trouble again for not having the main things done on a certain floor. Now, again, the micro-management, the daily inspection of my work, repeated time-consuming explanations of what I need to do, the strictures on how I do it that do nothing but slow me down... the continued long hours catching up an insane amount of detail, while preparing for the next inspection of my other floors that I had better ace ...

So, for today and tomorrow, this weekend, and next week, I'll be doing even less, or near nothing, including responding to comments. Do keep them coming though, contributors. For the thousands of readers out there if not for enlightening conversations with yours truly.


  1. Hope you're ok this seems a little sudden..

  2. It's not hard to imagine that the maintenance of this blog needs a lot of time and I can just only repeat once again that you did an excellent and probably very time-consuming job here in the last half year.

    "Leonor en Libya" turned down her blog completely a week ago. I guess not only because of the frustrating developments in Libya but also because she couldn't continue to spend so much time as she had done the months before. She is psychologist in here "real life", if I remember right. It's a awful in these days that some people who try to spread truth have to do that in their valuable spare time while other high professionals earn well on dumbing down people.

    But that's the way it is and we all have other professional and personal duties. So take your time, even if we miss you, of course.

    There are a lot of valuble pieces in your archive and I'm sure nobody has read them all. So everybody will find something worth reading there even if it's not fresh from the keyboard.
    I'll try to add some "fresh" information in the comments and hope many others will do the same.

    I hope the stress with your job is soon over.
    all the best, P.

  3. Peet: Thanks, it's kind of like that, but not quite as amazing as you make it sound. Partly I just suck too. :)

    Sofo: Oh, I'm fine, just a personal note to vent and to buy myself some slack. I'd been trying to keep up, and needed to just say "okay, for a bit I won't." The difference isn't actually that great. But it gives me a good excuse if I'vegot things waiting that I'm too tired to deal with.

    I hear they just captured Seif al-Islam, trying to flee -as always, they sit tight until the rebels are ready to catch them and suddenly run like rats so they can be caught that way, we hear. He's been promised a fair trial for stealing Libya's money and starving the people, and for hiring mercenaries to kill innocent kids, like the ICC said but this won't be the weak-ass ICC. The Libyans won't allow a defense I predict, or won't allow their words to be taken serious (transcripts will say "defense says a bunch of crap, way too late now"), and the death sentence will be done by mob tear-apart and burning alive, the old fashioned way.

    And thus will finally the amazingly valuable goal of "democracy" be available, meaning a vote on which blood-stained NTC (NATO Terrorist Collaborator) gets to be the new dictator. DO NOT expect NATO air support when you want to overthrow a brutal, oppressive, corrupt as hell pedophile FREE-MARKET dictator...

  4. I don't know how you do it..wish I had had more time to follow earlier on. The evidence is all there,some of it not touched,so plenty to be quarried yet about bogus politics and journalism. You can always start a Syrian or Iranian blog too :+)} - although I find Libya so must more interesting, having been there but not the others, plus also witnessing some distant events from Malta. (I really dug the Lockerbie Divide stuff, which is kind of related)


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