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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gaddafi Burning Soldiers Alive: Really?

August 29, 2011
last edits Oct. 13

Suddenly Relevant
A recent turn of the news has spurred me to finally finish this long-neglected draft post. At least fifty-three more people have been found killed in the expanding Tripoli massacres, burnt to literally skeletal remains. These were found, still smoldering, on August 26 or 27 (accounts vary) in a warehouse next to the base of the demonized Khamis brigade, long reported to engage in serious crimes against humanity. Thus the crime is blamed saqurely, by location and by several self-described escapees of the massacre, as committed by the Gaddafi regime against those in the uprising.

The incident remains, in this researcher's mind, extremely questonable. I will wait until I've reviewed the evidence closer to to see if it still seems that way then. Most who hear these reports will, however, just presume it's all the truth, and not possibly made up by the rebel forces or the suspiciously numerous but relatively consistent eyewitnesses.

The temptation to just believe is understandable. After all, this heinous cinderization of families, freedom-seekers, and a few soldiers who wanted to defect, matches a previously "known" pattern: Gaddafi troops charring people like this, especially the mutinous military folk, in moments of extreme peril. Just before or maybe just after rebel fighters overwhelm some notorious government positions and kill them or send them running, Gaddafi's thugs allegedly often make a decision to burn the hell out of someone noble who's simply standing up for what's right.

This previous pattern is something I've somehow managed to gloss over almost completely, even at the epic Rebel Atrocity Videos. I've been meaning to fix that and note the alleged burning, alive, of government soldiers, by the government, along with my suspicions that something else was going on there.

As the claims stood back in February, this extreme death was usually ordered for those heroic soldiers who refused to attack protesters as ordered. However, this same motive was claimed for a certain 22 soldiers (among 130 total!), bound and executed by gunshots to the head in or around al Baida. They wouldn't shoot protester, so their officers shot them, before just disappearing themselves.

And in the case of the al-Baida massacre, the rebel claim falls apart on scrutiny. A separate video (posted by rebels, later pulled, and in-between found and shown by Libyan TV) shows at least one of the men killed, among nine men with several possible matches with the heroic dead, still alive and being sentenced to die by their captors - bearded, civilian, "protesters," clearly. Their crime was pronounced as daring to shoot back as the terrorists attacked their position, which they had a right to do, "to defend themselves." (The bodies of these heroic martyrs, by the way, were cursed by rebel viewers the following day as dogs who deserved their fate. Odd considering what they told the outside world.)

So if the victim is charred to a crisp, is the same rebel story of who killed them and why any more credible?

For starters, the rebels/"protesters" were the known fire bugs in these early days, destroying police stations with fire in many cities, as early as February 15. Three internal security stations in Benghazi alone were reportedly burnt on the 16th, in raids that led to some of the first, low-key "protester" deaths there.

Secondly, burning of bodies made mostly of water is not the most efficient way to ensure the death of mutineers. Here is one video of a "protester" attempt, on a man already killed, that failed. It is however a conveniently cruel method, and would help to demonize oneself, if that was one's bag. Perhaps that facts explains why the rebels, so intent on demonizing their enemy, decided to do these barbecue attacks, as well as educating the world on what really happened.

I believe there are multiple videos of different instances of "soldiers burned alive" in the uprising's first couple of days. But for now I'll focus on this widely-seen one, from the Benghazi front, posted February 21 (video is below). A "news" article from the next day referred to this find and gave the following, indirectly useful, information:
Five charred bodies were found Monday in military barracks in Benghazi, the second-largest city in Libya and a stronghold of anti-Gaddafi protesters. According to one of our Observers, the bodies were those of soldiers savagely massacred for refusing orders to fire against Libyan civilians protesting in the African nation.

Government-run Jamahiriya News Agency (JANA) reported last week that the Al-Fudhail bin Omar base, home of the barracks where the bodies were found, was an important target of anti-Gaddafi protests.

Benghazi fell to protesters on February 18. Two days later, demonstrators headed to the military compound to demolish the building they regarded as a symbol of Gaddafi’s authoritarian rule. JANA reported that the building had been pillaged by "rioters" but did not mention that the bodies of five burned soldiers had been found.
Actually, Benghazi didn't fall in a meaningful way until the 20th, when the sprawling, walled-in barracks in the center of the city, sometimes called the Katiba, finally fell after days of "protester" attacks. It was a major symbol indeed, and much-hated, and indeed the same base where these bodies were found. A UN report (advance unedited version, PDF link) mentioned "incidents of protestors being injured by government forces were reported in Benghazi (in front of Al-Fadhil bin Omar Katiba) [...] on February 18." That's exactly where "protesters" were killed that day and others - right next to the military base, if not exclusively than overwhelmingly.

On February 20 the armed attacks on the Katiba's walls, ongoing daily since the 17th, took a drastic turn. They were decisively breached, and an uncounted number, probably scores at least, of government soldiers were killed within the compound, with at least one beheaded by the enraged masses. A "heroic" suicide bomber, Mahdi Ziu, had let them in. The armory was freely looted for tanks and other heavy weapon to carry out better attacks in other cities. The remaining Katiba soldiers, hundreds of them, were forced to take refuge in various buildings. Several buildings were torched by the rebels, and left gutted and smoke-stained, as later video shows. Only Interior Minister Abdel Fateh Younis was able to arrange the safe departure of those remaining, as part of his defection deal the night of the 20th.

More Martyrs on Display
Anyway, here is the video filmed in some Benghazi barracks the following day, of these exactly five carbonized soldiers:

And there's another video around of clearer resolution, posted as "people of libya is burning." This one reveals enough detail to see that one of the victims at least is missing his head (see image below).

User Ibnomar, who posted the first one, explained there:
Footage of burned soldiers Gaddafi had killed because they would not commit the brutality commanded to them

By the heaven, holding the big stars (1) And by the Promised Day (i.e. the Day of Resurrection); [yadda yadda]
In reality, when you see anything like this, consider it more than likely another rebel atrocity. If the above narrative alone doesn't do it for you, here's more food for thought.

The Real Victims - Martyrs for What?
A reader first tipped me off a while back to see the UN Human Rights Council report on abuses, on both sides, in the early civil war period. [PDF link, accompanying press release] Among their findings was endemic abuse of black Africans, men and women, and especially those from Chad. One of the more shocking which they found credible enough to pass on was this:
4. Violations committed by opposition groups. The Commission received several accounts of attacks on migrant workers carried out by armed opposition groups. […] Another case reported to the Commission related to the extra-judicial killing of five Chadian nationals who had been arrested on the basis of their nationality, and taken to the military barracks in Benghazi. Dozens of armed persons either in military style or civilian clothing were said to have poured kerosene on their bodies and burned them to death on 21 February. 
Hey, isn't that the same exact day this video was shown? Is this video of "Gaddafi crimes" in reality corroboration of this horrific rebel war crime? (Or is it a "protest" crime? Is there a tribunal for that?) Often the black-skinned dead are proudly shown on video, signs of horrific torture and all, and called African mercenaries (which they were not). But there's a whole different potency in calling the skeletons, race and clothing indeterminate, brave government soldiers, like those in al Baida, killed for their heroic stand "with the people."

Maybe the rabbles at the Katiba were left, by Younes' bargain, with less real soldiers to slaughter and play PR games with than they had hoped for. So they had to go snag five Chadian workers, arresting them as "mercenaries." But once they'd been burned alive, they were good, presumably Arab, soldiers to look up to, and just found that way in the base that had just been held by the wicked government.

Stopping Bloodbaths?
Thank God the West intervened to stop this kind of regime brutality. And now the "Freedom Fighters" are discovering dozens of even more charred bodies in Tripoli itself, in areas that had just been held by the wicked government. And again, they have the explanation all ready for us. Again, a horrific blood bath was occurring there just before the FFs pulled in. They saved countless other lives, but a little too late to save at least 400 regime victims reported to date across the holdout neighborhoods of Tripoli.

And in this case, they were just barely too late - the video of the remains show them still smoldering. 

Be skeptical here folk, hard as I know that's going to get. The moral stakes are very high, and the greatest powers in the world are intent on seeming to have backed the good guys who really are stopping slaughters, not initiating and fobbing them off. 

Update Sept. 6: I've got a video for this now.

Update Sept. 7: And a line from Clive Baldwin from Human Rights Watch, via Sky News, about his look at the scene of August's massacre:
[Baldwin] said the scene was similar to other ones he had witnessed. The warehouse was apparently used to execute people who refused to kill civilians. He said it appeared that pro-Gaddafi forces had shot detainees in the last few days before rebel fighters entered Tripoli. "We have also seen people in military uniforms," he said. "This is similar to March when we had evidence of members of the Libyan army refusing orders and being killed.
Yes indeed, it's quite similar, but that shouldn't cloud our vision of the facts on the ground. Just because it was clearly rebels burning innocent black men alive the first time doesn't necessarily mean the same thing happened here. By "March," I presume he's going by memory that he wrote about Gaddafi's crimes against humanity on March 1, holding this news in mind at the time, though it didn't seem he mentioned it there.


  1. The possible connection between the video and the UNHCR report is realy a good point. That's impressive, well done.

  2. We have "Antinazi hippy" to thank for bringing it to my attention. I was floored when I finally double-checked the details. Glad you agree - the pseudo-skeptics at the JREF so far act completely unimpressed.
    I've wasted too much time there, but it's good practice for sizing up the cognitive dissonance of the masses.

  3. I saw an other copy with higher resolution of the five burned guys in al-Baida. Just for completeness, it probbly don't give any further information.

  4. That's great resolution. We can see the bubbles and more detail. It might add something.One seems to have a missing head, another has his head bent sharply back (face against a wall?) and another we see his butt. Doesn't add or change anything for the basic story. Good comments there now.

  5. There is a YouTube video of a CNN report , uploaded 26 Feb where Dominic Waghorn finds an alleged defected soldier who said that Gaddafi soldiers who refused to fire on protesters were burnt alive with petrol. Allegedly.

  6. Updates needed at this post... at least two claims of this policy at the Katiba, both following this. See also Mercenary myths: A confession in Benghazi. Burned alive with petrol, by Afro-mercs, if they refused to shoot people. Over 100 protesters killed on the 19th alone, 40 officers burned (IIRC), says a desperate captive. Allegedly.

  7. Here is a high definition 720p video of the five – or more likely six – bodies, uploaded by love8libya on May 2, 2011


  8. Here are two videos with burnt bodies in Benghazi. The first one shows a fire being extinguished at a military compound in Benghazi. The charred body of a soldier is placed on a distinctive blanket.

    The same blanket and body appear in the second video at the morgue of the Benghazi hospital. The solder is put into a green body bag along with about 20 other burnt bodies.

    We also see the body of a suicide bomber. Maybe you could start a masterlist for the Benghazi morgue and all the Feb 17 bodies in Benghazi.

    سقوط كتيبة الفضيل بوعمر بنغازي
    (The fall of the battalion holy Buamr Benghazi.3gp)
    Uploaded by nadirnabous on Mar 12, 2011

    بعض ما حصل في كتيبة الفضيل أثناء الهجوم عليها
    (Some of what happened in the battalion during the attack upon the holy)
    Uploaded by 4libyafreedom on Mar 2, 2011

  9. The last video is one I just stumbled across myself - or the same set of bodies - and was about to link here.
    جرائم القذافى فى ليبيا 25
    [Crimes of Gaddafi in Libya 25]
    Uploaded by alfateh83 on Feb 26, 2011

    That there are six bodies, not five looks about right to me. That complicates the five Chadians connection, but only somewhat. I think there were a higher yet total number of charred corpses (19 pops to mind, forget why). You cite that one appearing in both videos-good catch. It's not one of the 5/6, is it?

    Franco (last name, Italian -Pagetti?) has photos of quite a few of these bodies in the morgue,bags open to show Gaddafi's cruelty.

    I think a morgue in the early days post would come in handy. The blown-up people deserve more scrutiny.I can see AA fire or some such, or suicide bombing, at work here.

  10. Here is one more video of the "five" Benghazi bodies. This one seems to originate directly form the camera phone. The timestamp is UTC 2011-02-20 12:17:58 – not February 21 as some of the other sources claim. (The date of the killing of the Chadians could be off as well.)

    نظام القذافي يحرق الشباب فى بنغازي بنار.mp4
    (Qaddafi regime burn with fire youth in Benghazi.)
    Uploaded by Kadekke6 on Feb 21, 2011

  11. This came up quite unexpectedly on Wikipedia:

    Jamil Hussein controversy
    Quote: The Jamil Hussein Controversy was an instance where bloggers disputed the fact checking of the mainstream media. In an Associated Press (AP) article dated November 25, 2006, it was reported that "rampaging militiamen burned and blew up four mosques" in the Hurriya neighborhood of Baghdad and that six Sunnis had been dragged out of prayers and burned alive

    The original AP article is here:
    Shiite Militants Burn 6 Sunnis Alive After Friday Prayers, Iraq Police Say

    None of this is true. I even doubt whether Baghdad ha s neighborhood called Hurriya.

  12. @Petri:
    Associated Press reporters returned and found "more witnesses who described the attack in particular detail"; these new witnesses were all anonymous, AP stating that they feared persecution if identified.

    Reminds me a bit of the Khamis shed report...

  13. I noticed that the footage of the burnt bodies at Benghazi in February had already been pointed out to CNN's Cairo correspondent , Ivan Watson for broadcasting the same day, 21 February - upload by TorontoG20 Charred bodies in Libya . Watson says "according to YouTube it suggest that this was filmed as recently as Friday" [18 February,by inference....] in the Eastern City of Benghazi which has been out of the control of the central government since at least yesterday, since rebel demonstrators were evidently able to take control of Libya's second largest city..."

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHt3oR5xAUg&feature=channel_video_title
    even their doctor is heavily involved in this barbaric behavior.

    How the 5 destroyed men could have died?

    -burned while locked in police station
    -burned while locked in police station
    Some died when protestors burned down the police station in which they locked them up and 15 were lynched in front of the courthouse in Bayda.[4][16]
    az debiya/ morgue filled/1.32 police station on fire

    The closest thing is the headquarter of the police department and I can smell the fire from here and see it from the roof.


    -killed by freedom fighters & after burned

    Video of Libya Army troops joining anti-Gaddafi protesters in Benghazi/knives 0.51?

    -killed by bombardments

    2.13 / 4.37 black bodies throath, neck cutted / not labeled, from Katiba is said
    8 bodies in bodybags?piled up ,this why can assume it aren't Arabs
    Arabs in white blankets, labeled

  15. Here is an important collection of 20 photographs from Eastern Libya from around February 20th to 24rd:
    Michael Graae Photography

    Contains Shahat Barracks, La Abraq Airport ("Lubrique"), and several photos of burnt barracks in Benghazi. Are these barracks related to the burnt bodies?

  16. Two days earlier, on 16 February, it was also reported that Islamist gunmen, with the help of a defecting army colonel, stormed an arms depot in Derna and seized 250 weapons and an assortment of 70 military vehicles. During the raid four soldiers were killed and 16 wounded.[15] By the end of 18 February, the only place that still housed a significant number of Gaddafi loyalists in Benghazi was the Katiba compound.

    all the clothes of killed brave army

  17. That sudden endorsement of the official Khamis shed narrative by Clive Baldwin is interesting. Baldwin is the Senior Legal Advisor for the Legal and Policy office at Human Rights Watch, where he has been working on issues of international law since 2007. I doubt very much he was in Tripoli at the time, yet Sky News reports him in a report filed at 05.45 on Sunday 28 August. So, he makes a call based on a fishy report by the sole HRW operative in Tripoli who hasn't even seen the shed,just spoken to a dodgy witness and Stuart Ramsay being led up the garden path by key perps Salim Rajub/Rajip/Al-Ferjani and Al-Hitri. He's based in London.@cliveabaldwin Pathetic.
    On 27 August, Baldwin tweets the HRW report Libya: Q&A on the Arrest and Surrender of the Three International Criminal Court Suspects dated 26 August. And so the the same day as the much publicised BBC World at One broadcast by Sidney Kwiram, we are fixing the evidence around the demand for the arrests..
    And on Sept 2, HRW rushes into the Sky News studio:
    Clive Baldwin ‏ @cliveabaldwin 2 Sep

    Will be discussing Libya on SkyNews at 1530.

  18. http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q62/chainsawmoth/Libyan%20Civil%20War/atrocity_13.jpg

    What became of our people after the Al Rajma explosion at an amunition store.

    1. Oh yes, the same photos of Feb 21 recycled for the explosion nearly two weeks later brought to us courtesy of "Nabbous TV"
      The report on the mysterious explosion [Black op?] of 4 Feb at the Rajma base in the Daily Telegraph is here: Libya: weapons depot blasts kill 19
      . [Interesting, reminded me of the Sirte oil tank fire]
      An AFP journalist who visited the hospital saw 11 bodies in the morgue, some of them horrifically disfigured and burned. The corpses were wrapped in blankets and lined up on the floor, as medics rushed to treat the wounded.

      [I don't see this explosion at Rajma or Al-Rajma referred to elsewhere in this blog]

      From elsewhere, multiply, on the web (original source unknown):
      Hospital official Nasser Tumi had earlier put the death toll at 12 with 26 wounded after witnesses reported twin simultaneous explosions at the Al-Rajma military base, southeast of Benghazi.

      An AFP journalist who visited the hospital saw 11 bodies in the morgue, some of them horrifically disfigured and burnt. The corpses were wrapped in blankets and lined up on the floor, as medics rushed to treat the wounded.

  19. From the blog of Reuters corresponent Angus MacSwan. March 20 2011:
    At least 24 bodies of fighters and civilians, many burnt beyond recognition, lay in the morgue of Benghazi’s main hospital on Sunday.

    The hospital’s wards were filled with men, women and children wounded in Saturday’s assault by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s forces on the rebels’ eastern stronghold.

    One doctor, Ibrahim Beheih, said that by Saturday night 32 deaths had been recorded in the hospital and 66 wounded.

    “It is important for the world to see this. We have been busy since yesterday morning, we have many casualties, many dead, many waiting for surgery,” he said.

    A Reuters correspondent counted 24 bodies in the morgue but more may have been stored in refrigeration units. In three body bags were charred lumps that had once been people.

    In one room lay eight bodies of Gaddafi’s fighters. Morgue attendants said three were mercenaries from Chad or Niger.

  20. A new HQ video was published yesterday showing 'AfroMerc' bodies at the Benghazi morgue:

    يعرض لاول مرة مرتزقة القذافي داخل مستشفي الجلاء بنغازي بداية الثورة
    (Presents for the first time Gaddafi mercenaries Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi beginning of the revolution)
    Published on Sep 11, 2012 by karim ben zablih

    From the same channel, this video shows the courthouse burning on February 16th:

    بنغازي الشرارة الاولي للثورة المباركة 16 2 2011
    (Benghazi, the first spark of the revolution blessed 16 2 2011)
    Uploaded by karim ben zablih on Sep 10, 2011

    1. @ petri nice find


      le Staff Medical de l'hopital eljalaa se manifeste en honorant les Martyrs de benghazi

      Uploaded by TemoinBenghazi on Feb 25, 2011

      as smb said on social media : one would not send a dog to libiyan dr

  21. Libya in crisis - Monday 21 February"We found 150 corpses burning and we believe they were the bodies of officers and soldiers who refused to follow orders to fire on the the people," a Libyan man who spent a number of years in the UK before five years ago to his home city said

    the burned remains of the fadheel khateeb





    wednesday 16 February
    February 23rd, 2011 was a Wednesday



    Al jalaa hospital ?? bodies behind bars







  22. As quoted by the Guardian, Amer Saad, a political activist from Derna, told Al Jazeera:

    The protesters in al-Bayda have been able to seize control of the military airbase in the city and have executed 50 African mercenaries and two Libyan conspirators.

    16 jan. 2014 A local political activist and former revolutionary was yesterday gunned down in the eastern town of Derna. Amer Saad Abdel was shot dead last night,

    18th February 2011 Even in Derna today, a number of conspirators were executed.
    They were locked up in the holding cells of a police station because they resisted,
    and some died burning inside the building.”

    green flag @4.39 @ 5.03

    Please note, that Libyafeb17.com has removed the video embedding
    and that someone who said he is admin of Youtube channel WadiTR, created February 18, 2011, has given a comment, declaring that he is the „admin of the YouTube Page
    that posted this Video“.

    boy in the background :


  23. bayda

    Also, on the same day, 50 alleged African mercenaries, mostly from Chad, were executed by the protesters in Bayda.
    We left behind our friends from Chad.
    We left behind their bodies.
    We had 70 or 80 people from Chad working for our company.
    They cut them dead with pruning shears and axes,
    attacking them, saying you're providing troops for Gadhafi.



    Khamis Brigade Fadheel Brigade Tariq Brigade[3]325 mercenaries[4]

    First, al Baida and nearby Labraq airport.
    As many as 400 mercenaries were rumored to be landing there on the 18th,
    as usual to kill and rape.

    Those captured alive said they had once numbered 325 (before or at capture?).
    When Time's writer saw them, there were about 200.
    When HRW's guy saw them, it was 156

    “400 mercenaries “ - 156 alive [?] , = 244 “ mercenaries “ killed
    or : 325 khatiba + 400 reïnforcement - 156 alive = a massacre of 569 ?

  24. the Bayda massacres :

    massacres of civilians :
    -70 or 80 people from Chad working for our company.

    -16 feb 2011 The two policemen who were trying to disperse protesters that swept the city on Wednesday were hanged after protesters managed to hold them, Oea newspaper reported on its website.
    Uploaded on Feb 16, 2011
    Arson and attacking police stations for political means is considered terrorism.

    -Human Rights Watch reported in July that rebel forces lynched many black migrant workers as suspected mercenaries

    and dragged 20 Gaddafi officials from their homes and hung them in Al Baida,

  25. Opposition websites said violence in Benghazi left at least six people dead,
    with four killed in al-Bayda on Wednesday. 17 February 2011

    a crowd of libyans bury 2 martyrs in albayda libya 17.02.2011.mp4

    The semi-independent newspaper Quryna, which is subject to Libyan censorship laws,
    has confirmed just two deaths, in al-Bayda. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-12490504


  26. A majority of the mercenary unit remained alive [?] in custody
    BAIDA, LIBYA - The young men of this idyllic town nestled in the Green Mountain region
    of eastern Libya took control here in a days-long battle. First they fought their way into a security camp protected by 2,000 mercenaries and other forces loyal to the government of Moammar Gaddafi. Then they took over the streets


    One man took a tractor and broke down the walls of the Kitab security base in Shahat, where mercenaries were housed, witnesses and participants said.
    In a battle that lasted a day and a half, the residents overwhelmed the forces, killing some and taking others hostage.

    The captives are being held in secret locations throughout the area.

    A majority of the mercenary unit remained alive in custody



    The bodies of some of them were put on display and caught on video.[15][16]

    Shahat, known historically as Gorina, is a tourist hamlet of ancient Greek ruins in the Green Mountain belt, classified as a World Heritage Site, with a population of about 14,000.

    It was also home to a strategically located Kitab (battalion) security base.
    Of that Kitab, very little remains. The garrison was pulverized in protracted fighting between soldiers and rebels and ultimately demolished when someone drove a tractor or front-end loader into its perimeter walls.
    Mountain Medical Center Martyrs (formerly battalion Hussein Jawafa

    Battalion Hussein Shahat Jawavi __

    32° 48' 16.83" N  21° 52' 29.89" E


  27. Locals believe the battalion had been comprised almost exclusively of mercenaries.

    Of course, it behooves citizen-soldiers — those who took up arms in the revolution —

    to believe that their murderous enemies were foreigners and not fellow-Libyans,

    even though human rights agencies, struggling to discourage vengeance, have repeatedly stated that there are few mercenaries in Gadhafi’s militia.

    “We attacked the Kitab from three sides,’’ says Salah Said Mohammad.
    “We used pick-up trucks and an excavator.
    After two days, we opened negotiations with the solders inside. They finally surrendered, 200 of them.

    “Some of them, Libyans who said they would no longer fight for Gadhafi, we released,
    sent them back to their families.

    The wounded were treated at a field clinic that we established here.

    “The dead and the rest of the prisoners, the mercenaries, we sent to the authorities in Al Bayda.’’


    ''This was an anti-aircraft gun that they used, not a normal soldier's gun,'' Benguish says

    RPG's shahat @ 1.57 – 2. 42


    gelatina bombs @ 2.19 setting a building [ people inside?] afire


    Feb 18, 2011 - Al Jarah barracks , battalion Hussein Jawafa , Shahat

    here is a screenshot. some sort of artillery shell. @ 0.38


  28. The wounded were treated at a field clinic that we established here.:


  29. As Omar tells it: the day after he arrived at the base in al-Baida,
    a group of minibuses came to transport him and 70 others into town for a protest.

    He claims to be one of nine who didn't make it onto the bus — there wasn't enough room — and he was forced to stay behind.


    "Whoever went in the bus [that first day] to the protest never came back."

    thursday night Feb 18, 2011

  30. Al Jazeera CONFIRMING Al-Fadhil/Birka (compound mentioned above) has been overrun by protesters. Sat Feb 19th, 2011

    five "soldiers" found charred in the conquered barracks in Benghazi.
    The Libyan citizens aside from Omar, it was reported, were released to their families.

    Even the "at least five Chadians" had, well, gone somewhere:

    "Even those five Chadians," [Esbak] says of the five who were held at the Aruba School, "We're not sure they were mercenaries." But no one is sure where they are.
    The men at the school say the five were transferred somewhere because there were no relatives to pick them up. But in town, no one seems to know what exactly has happened to them.

    And another, more horrific case of fobbed-off rebel brutality,
    presumably also included in the same 130,
    concerns another five "soldiers" found charred in the conquered barracks in Benghazi.

    This find occurred on February 21, right after "protesters" there had burned to death five innocent men from Chad. That's 27 so-called mutinous soldiers executed.

    The other 103 we just don't know the details,

    The other 103 we just don't know the details,:
    "We found 150 corpses burning and we believe they were the bodies of officers and soldiers who refused to follow orders to fire on the the people," he said.
    21 feb 2011 Elsanous Ali Eldorsi, a retired judge in Benghazi:


  31. The Real Victims - Martyrs for What?
    Another case reported to the Commission related to the extra-judicial killing of five Chadian nationals
    who had been arrested on the basis of their nationality, and taken to the military barracks in Benghazi.

    Al-Manara pages which is affiliated with the Libyan MB
    2012 : the five Chadians killed by government on 15,16,17 february

    .. مــــن جـــــــــــرائــم عبـــدالله السنــــوســي
    هذه بعض صور الرافضين لأوامر السفاحة عبد الله السنوسي بقتل المتظاهرين في بنغازي في 15 , 16 , 17 2011 بعد ان تم تقييدهم و خنقهم و إحراقهم داخل كتيبة الفضيل .................. هل يلقى هذا المجرم جزائه ؟
    these pictures of people who were imprisoned under the Building Department battalion holy Buamr Benghazi
    found on Monday morning on 21 February
    next to the wall of the battalion were executed and burned under the administration building,

    one of the first Martyrs Came out in the February Revolution
    and participated in the storming of the holy battalion واستمر في القتال بكتيبة عمر
    Salah Saad Khafifi city of Benghazi,

    Khalid Khalifa الخفيفي after the fall of the holy battalion.


    الشهيدان بإذن الله تعالى ( مروان الخفيفي و هاني الخفيفي )
    فرسان كتيبة شهداء ليبيا الحــــــــــرة
    Martyrs, God willing (Marwan Khafifi and Hani Khafifi)
    Knights Martyrs Battalion Free Libya Syria in the Levant

    Another Washington state Libyan also coincidentally (cough) visited his ailing mother in Benghazi in Feb 2011, Hussein Elkhafaifi, an associate professor of Arabic and linguistics at the UW, visited his ailing mother in February.
    He stayed on through the early months of the rebellion as rebel forces took control of Benghazi, and he assisted Western journalists with translation before returning in April.

    Elkhafaifi says at least 20 other Libyans from Western Washington have returned to Libya since the rebellion began. story here,Land of his father: Seattleite gets to help dad with rebel cause in Libya, 27 Aug 2011.
    comment April 21, 2012 at 6:56 PM

  32. February 18, 2011
    Abdallah, the spokesman for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, reported that protesters in Benghazi had freed people who had been detained
    during the first two days of the unrest.

    He said protesters also set afire a police station and the Revolutionary Committee headquarters in Benghazi, al-Baida and Darna.
    A screen grab of the messages was sent to CNN by Abdulla Darrat, spokesman of Enough Gadhafi,
    a U.S.-based organization that has been in close touch with people on the streets of Libya.

    An early source for revolutionary lies was Abdulla Darrat, the Executive Director of the Libyan-American Scholarship Fund and co-founder of EnoughGaddafi.com
    comment March 17, 2012 at 11:08 PM

  33. CNN Ivan Watson : the burned bodies of at least five people


    The blog kindly reproduces a CNN video of 22 Feb, where an alleged eye witness
    with a mildly american accent "I saw, er, four jets er flying er around, er.. I got so scared..." (from about 00.44) "nothing good here...no health...no education....you just eat and sleep.." plays recorded gunfire(!) It's laughable but it laid the foundations for a NATO no-fly zone
    and bombing campaign and a NATO faciltated regime change .

    comments October 18, 2011 12:20 AM


    CNN's Anderson Cooper, Agent of Disinformation and Unipolar Tyranny

    Scheming CNN Reporter Presents Purposely Burned Libyan Soldiers
    As Rebels Victim to Gaddafi


  34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=gI3kL5gIVBI
    7 prisoners, a mixture of soldiers who refused /sky news

    In this photo taken Tuesday, March 8, 2011, Libyan businessman Fadlallah Haroun, 45, who spent seven years in Moammar Gadhafi's prisons without being charged,
    is seen through a damaged window of an office inside the stormed Katiba security base
    in the city of Benghazi, Libya



    Fadlallah Haroun, a former rebel commander in the east’s regional capital Benghazi
    Abu Salim association , head the centers of the National Security Barqa
    Abdul Baset Shuhaibi Haroun from Manchester , a member of the Libyan intelligence


    June 21, 2013 Abdul Basit Haroun says he is behind some of the biggest shipments
    of weapons from Libya to Syria, which he delivers on chartered flights to neighbouring countries and then smuggles over the border.


    In addition, Libya has become a transfer point for fighters from Western Europe and the Maghreb headed to Syria.


  35. Calling itself the “Islamist Emirate of Baraqa,” the group,
    assisted by Libyan Army Colonel Adnan al-Nwisri, seized over 250 weapons.
    The cache included a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, three anti-aircraft guns,
    70 assault rifles, and over 70 military vehicles.

    The gunmen also took both civilians and Libyan soldiers as hostages in the nearby port city of Al-Baida, threatening to kill them unless the siege of that city was lifted by Libyan security forces.
    The same group was also accused by Libyan officials of hanging two soldiers only days earlier.

  36. السرية البحرية لكتيبة شهداء ليبيا الحرة Secret Marine battalion Martyrs of Free Libya



    First Brigade Infantry Battalion Hurricane Marine Band first operations
    participated in the February 17 revolution from the beginning
    and in the storming of a battalion-Fadil Bu Omar
    لسرية الاعصار البحري التابعة للواء الاول مشاة


    سعيد بن ناصر الفارسي Saeed Bin Nasir Persian/Alfarsi

  37. the Sebha connection :

    It was a Pakistani newspaper that alerted readers to the build-up of planes, ships, tanks and troops that was taking place in the southeast section of Libya in the months
    prior to the start of the attacks.

    the Sebha connection :
    Definition martyr Colonel Moussa Rizkallah Awami : Martyr Colonel born in 1963 ...
    Born in Sabha
    التعريف بالشهيد العقيد موسي رزق الله العوامى : الشهيد العقيد من مواليد 1963 ولد ... الى سبها كمعاون للحاكم العسكرى بمدينة سبها حيث استشهد دفاعا على سيادة الوطن

    pilot Colonel " Moses Rizkallah Awami " العقيد طيار “موسى رزق الله العوامي”

  38. Mohammed Bo legion battalion commander Ali Hassan al-Jaber in the front ..

    He is the first man of Libya army providing Bayda with weapons
    onThursday, 17-2-2011,


    The Libyan army joins the protesters against the tyrant and the mercenaries

    Mohammed Bo legion battalion commander Ali Hassan al-Jaber in the front ..
    Here together with
    Moses Rizak/ Moussa Rizkallah Awami first officer Bolt legitimacy who announced his defection on 17 .. 2 .. 2011

    موسى رزق الله العوامي

    2011 الخائن موسى رزق أعلنت لأول مرة شرعية ضابط بولت انشقاقه في 17 .. 2 ..

    He is the first man of Libya army providing Bayda with weapons
    on Thursday, 17-2-2011, :

    and similar to Biya battalion Shahat

    and then similar to Benghazi and handed the weapons to the men of Whalley Omhabarn battalion Fadil Bu Omar

    and grabbed nine Muammar

    بية لكتيبة شحات Biya battalion Shahat

    هلي أمحاصرين كتيبة الفضيل بو عمر Haley Omhabarn Battalion Fadil Bu Omar


  39. الكتير Ketar كتيبة Battalion

    Colonel Fadlallah al-Obeidi , Ketar battalion of the sons of the holy Bo Omar
    innocent sons of Benghazi was killed during the hyper

    العقيد فضل الله العبيدي Colonel Fadlallah al-Obeidi

  40. Bukhamada’s special-forces unit, known colloquially as the Sa’iqa (Lightening) Brigade, was among the first military units to defect from Qaddafi’s army in the early days

    At the time, the brigade was led by General Abdul Fattah Younis,

    سعيد بن ناصر الفارسي Saeed Bin Nasir Persian/alfarsi
    العقيد ناصر الفارسي وهدا كان ضابط في كتيبة الفضيل بو عمر وانشق و الان حاليا هو ضابط في مجلس الاوطني مكان الاقامه بنغازي في منطقة
    Colonel Nasser alAlfarsi was an officer in the battalion Fadil Bu Omar who defected and now currently is an officer in the Council Benghazi

    An officer named Mustafa Madkor from the Warfalla tribe was commander of the total


    Younis was killed along with Colonel Mohammed Khamis ,

    and Lt. Col. Nasser Madkor 28 juli 2011



    بية لكتيبة شحات Biya battalion Shahat

    19 rebel martyrs shahat july 19 2011

    19 rebel martyrs shahat july 19 2011
    Martyrs Brigades of the city of Shahat
    Today the second anniversary of the battle Juraoukadh
    and cited the nine Champions Green Mountain Battalion Almgehvlh

    كتيبة الجبل الاخضر المجحفلة Green Mountain Battalion Almgehvlh Shahat


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