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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Ugly Pro-Rebel Racism

September 13, 2011
last edits Sept. 14

Here I'd like to re-post some comments that were removed yesterday from elsewhere. It's something I do when others show their weakness by censoring me. This time it's a Youtube video called gaddafi african mercenaries trying to enter the libyan city MISRATA 8 4 11
Posted July 27 by freeeeelibyan

Comments [Google translate]:
gaddafi brouth these men in like cattle to the slaughter

oh look trucks full of genuine chocolate faces
bigsatan64 1 week ago

افارقه ؟؟ ما فيهم ليبي اصلي !!! [Africans?? What Libby them pray!!!]
hezam1231 1 week ago

@hezam1231 ليبين لكن الحق علينا جبناهم من افريقا .. فية اشاعة قالت سفينة امريكية ايام العبودية حطتهم في ليبيا سنة 1788 ... لكن على العموم تم سحقهم [But to show us the right of Jbnahm Avrivia .. Faithful rumor said a U.S. ship in the days of slavery, Ahtthm Libya in 1788 ... But in general, been crushed]
freeeeelibyan 1 week ago

@hezam1231 تاورغاء [Torghae]
freeeeelibyan 1 week ago

that's a large column of tanks
21boxhead 1 week ago

These guys are toast!!! I hope that Musratah would annex Tawergha (after disinfecting of course).
bennymoskowitz 3 weeks ago

@bennymoskowitz All those guys are dead
freeeeelibyan 3 weeks ago

اللهم أذلّ الدجال القردافي كما أذلـّنا .. اللهم يا الله.. يا مالك الملك.. يا من بيدك مقاليد السموات والأرض.....اللهم لا تقم للدجّال وكتائبه راية، ولا تحقق لهم غاية... اللهم فرق جمع الدجّال وشتّت شمله ...اللهم احشر معه يوم القيامة زبانيته وأتباعه ومن يطبـّـلون له ليلا ونهارا [Humiliated them to the Antichrist as Alqirdafa sent humiliation .. O, O God .. O owner of the King .. I hand the reins of the heavens and the earth ..... God, do not battalions of the charlatan and the flag, do not investigate them very ... O collection teams Antichrist and dissipated ... O Ahacr reunited with him on the resurrection of his followers and his ilk, and his drumming day and night]
libyatahreer 1 month ago

بالله ايش حصلتوا وهو حاطكم كيف السعي في السيارات
بالله ايش امحصله تاورغاء بيش اتقاتلوا مع الطاغية
[The Official God Hsaltwa Hatkm how a pursuit in vehicles. The Official God Amehsalh Torghae Beech Atqatloa with the tyrant]
samsam984006 1 month ago

Those folks breed like rabbits and make Africa overpopulated, so no proble when a few 1000 are killed.
koertje 1 month ago 8

why are they in a truck and not sat up a tree??
bigsatan64 1 month ago 3

كلهم فى قبور مصراته هههههههههههههههههههه مستقبلهم  يوفروا بترول لمصراته من تعفن وتحول جثثهم الى نفط وغاز حرروا مصراته من اراوواحكم حيه عليهم مصراته كلتهم [All of them in the graves of their future Misurata Hahahahahahahahahaha Misurata to provide oil from the rot and turn their bodies into oil and gas liberated from Misurata Misurata Arawoagm neighborhood hired by them]
MahraQ 1 month ago

@MahraQ الى جهنم [go to hell!]
freeeeelibyan 1 month ago

My comment, which was posted yesterday and there briefly, was something like "don't any of you feel ashamed at the ignorant, racist hate on display here? These guys were black Tawerghans, not African mercenaries. Your heroes cleared the whole town, packed them in crates, and sent them away to God knows where. They were human beings." but I didn't save it before "freeeeelibyan" deleted it. The poster had first responded with these lines, also removed now, which I saved from e-mail alerts:
FUCK YOU.....all those guys are dead the came to misrata ..LIBYA.....they al went to hell

FUCK YOU ....ALL those guys went to hell because the tried to enter MISRATA .....LIBYA...all of them are dead ...this is warning to every one who to invade misrata

The comment I was planning to follow up with - heck, I should try... As I suspected. "You have been blocked by the owner of this video," just like the coward "Quatchi Canada" did, but even quicker. So here, where FREEDOM rules (freeeeelibyan, you're freeeee to comment here, scumbag!) is my response to this ignorant, ugly, propaganda bullshit of the type that's contributed to thousands of unjust and often brutal murders across Libya:
Okay then, allow this or don’t.

You don’t get to decide where people go after they die, least of all yourself. Repent.

These guys were black Tawerghans, part of “the people of Libya.” They came to criminal-held Misrata to help re-impose order. They surely killed people. That’s war. Rebels should have thought of that before they started it.

With NATO help, Tawergha was taken. That’s war also, uneven as it is.

A mass grave was "found" there, 150 people rebels said. Some were beheaded. No further specifics. Likely civilians or else they’d admit to it. Instead Gaddafi was blamed. Others were packed off in cargo containers to God knows where. The city was emptied, and that finally goes beyond war.

And as for the Black crimes in Misrata some say went beyond war to start with, the #1 gripe, rape parties, are clearly a myth. This charge is supported only by extracted “confessions” from two teenage Tawerghans held prisoner. Making up tales like this to pump up the racist mobs before taking the town – that goes beyond war, as does the result, the Misrata rebels' final solution for their southern neighbors.
Per the last link, the burning of loyalist homes and permanent cleansing of the town was rubber-stamped by rebel TNC leader Mahmoud Jibril (who's sometimes called Ahmed Jibril, which is funny considering the PA103/Libya mix-up). And to be fair, we don't know that the people in shipping containers were actually shipped any further than Misrata. Either way, I fear for them.

As for "freeeeelibyan," apparently someone smarter advised this bulldog to simply ignore me, and definitely not to provoke me. I'll also take this as a challenge to finally wrap up the article "The Fall and Purge of Tawergha" in the next couple of days.


  1. Keep digging. You are slowly building up a resource that will come into its own; especially once things start falling apart for the gang that think they took over.

    people don't comment because they are pretty disgusted, as I am, and believe they are pissing in the wind.

    Pretty hard to do what you are doing, but don't think nobody notices. Keep it real and don't be tempted to spin things if it doesn't paint a one sided picture.

    Thank You

  2. Very encouraging comment, thanks. I do wish sometimes there were more comments, but not too many more, because I like to respond to each.

    And hey, don't underestimate the power of pissing in the wind. Ever see a few million people do it at the same time? It's ... well, pretty gross anyway. It could put out a forest fire maybe. Worth a try.

  3. Tawargha was and remains a great crime.
    Executions, estrupro, ethnic cleansing, torture.
    Look and you will find that British special forces were commanded that final action against the city.
    Seek and find films of people being executed, the inhabitants being expelled.
    Even in refugee camps continue to be harassed, raped and killed.

    But everything was done under the aegis of the most often mentioned racism.
    You'll find Al Jazeera video colluding with it all!

  4. Tawargha é a face mais nítida da violencia contra a Africa !

  5. Do., hi! I dug a little last night, but didn't find any actual videos, just talk of them. And the special forces, nothing immediate. HRI mentions their support for rebels in general, and that congressman said some Europeans were beheading people to blame the rebels, but I doubt that.

    Do you know of good spots to dig?

    Contras of Africa... I wonder if it's hoped they'll go cross-border in some future conflict to solve more African problems for the West?

  6. Do keep up the good work!

  7. I wanted to post this somewhere - involving a shipping container and dated 11 September, so here goes...
    In a photo set unearthed by Petri Krohn, Daniel Etter photographs someone with the caption:
    Abdul Rahman Muftar Ali Ahmed Sharif, 23, shows where he was bound to be tortured in a factory in Khoms, Libya, Sept. 7, 2011. During the last days of the Gaddafi Regime he was held in a shipping container with nine others, who all died of suffocation or dehydration. Sharif was taking part in protests against Gaddafi and he thinks he was arrested because someone saw him spraying anti-government grafitti.
    No other reference in English shows this name, or this exact version.
    The accompanying, traditionally blurred of course, video footage, somehow acquired by Reuters, was diligently reproduced by The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph
    Gaddafi loyalists' 'torture chamber and mass grave' in Khoms - video

    Amateur footage obtained by Reuters purports to show anti-Gaddafi fighters being tortured in what appears to be a shipping container, while residents of the Libyan town of Khoms, 60 miles east of Tripoli, have unearthed the bodies of 17 men in a mass grave
    is the Guardian's title. The video maker (Guardian site) is taken around a site by one .
    The whole scenario reminded me greatly of the Tripoli shed episode, without the burning...and of course a mass grave was dug up too.
    "“It was all part of a deliberate strategy,” said Nabil Al-Menshaz, an official in the rebel council which took over Khoms after Gaddafi’s rule there collapsed last month"

    Human Rights watch only got on the scene 3 days later,Libya: 19 Suffocated in Gaddafi Detention but with much more detail...Local journalists in al-Khoms showed Human Rights Watch a video they said had been taken from the cell phone of a Gaddafi soldier...

    What does anyone else think???

  8. Quote: The bodies of the men who were said to have suffocated to death on June 6, 2011 in al-Khoms, are seen at the Tripoli Medical Center morgue. © 2011 Fred Abrahams/Human Rights Watch

    I was already going to comment on this incident earlier at the Dr. Salem al-Farjani page. So far I thought this story was believable; I have now changed my mind. Dr. Farjani works at the Tripoli Medical Center. Any information that has passed through this falsification factory must be regarded as untrue.

  9. I missed out the name of the witness, Mohammed Ahmed Ali, with voluminous white beard and cool shades on the top of his head. The younger survivor is identified by a shorter name, Abdelrahman Ahmed Sherif
    2 Sole survivors...(from 2 different containers..), it is a familiar pattern.

  10. Take a look at the Sky Video , accompanying report Gaddafi Prisoners 'Left To Die In Desert' uploaded 10.41 hrs September 2 2011:

    The Younger witness is now described as Abdel Rahman Moftah Ali, 24 and a third witness is appears in the text, but not in other reports, Faraj Omar al Ganin, 27
    Diana Eltahawy, North Africa researcher at Amnesty on camera is "certain these crimes were committed by Gadaffi Forces". Based on "found mobile phone footage"?? We know about witnesses' reliability from the Tripoli Khamis Shed massacre... Has she been taken for a ride? However Eltahawy had only recently been reported by Simon Denyer of the Washington Post on 26 August where she
    described a record of abuse, torture and the extrajudicial killing of captured pro-Gaddafi fighters that has followed the rebels from east to west as they have taken over the country.

    Am I correct to assume, somewhat surprisingly, that Diana Eltahawy somehow completely missed the Khamis Shed / Warehouse massacre in Yarmouk??

  11. To keep this together, more Container massacre stuff here, thanks to Petri Krohn, from The Blaze. The story needs to be compared with those above...2 survivors again now...
    another search team found 18 bodies near a road construction site ....... Geography student Mohannad [sic] Berfat said he endured 10 days of beatings and electric shock in the shipping container-turned-prison in the coastal town of Khoms....Berfat, the former detainee whose cousin died in one of the containers, was called over to help with an ID. [At the Tripoli Medical Centre....]


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