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Monday, December 31, 2012

Shed Massacre Trial, part two

December 30, 2012
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See Part one

The Captive Soldiers
The nine named men awaiting trial for the Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre, as announced by the Libya Herald, are largely know to us by name from previous study. They weren't necessarily all guards or commander at the Yarmouk alleged prison shed. Rather, they were part of an overall team that ran that plus another compound quite nearby at Qasr Ben Ghashir, at the facility here called "the Slovenian company." The alleged massacre there at about the same time as the shed massacre is at least as bizarre, having three different official dates given so far, for one thing, and approximately five prisoners killed, and 70 escaped when they suddenly realized they could let themselves out of their cells.
- The Tripoli Massacres: Killings at Qasr Ben Ghashir
- See also A Question Mark Over Yarmouk (QMOY, PDF link), section 1.4, pp 20-31.

So ... the four men accused over that smaller alleged incident are to go up in the dock second, on January 8. Two days before, the five tagged for atrocities at the larger site have their turn. A high-level commander is named in the lesser case, and in his own separate military tribunal. Let's take a look now at the men named and, more importantly, a couple who were not mentioned.

The main source for about 50% of the info we have previously collected is an amazingly useful piece by Robert F. Worth, New York Times, May 2012. This was based on visits to rebel-held prisoners in Tripoli and the Western Mountains (but not Misrata), who stood accused of the atrocity he had earlier written about. (side-note: in that, I suspect, he was advised by Dr. Salem Al-Farjani, under yet another pseudonym: see QMOY p. 88)

Jan. 6 Trial:
Yakhlif Sifawi, Abdul-Razak Baruni, Juma Daqdouq and Mohamed Harous

Mohammed Harous and Yakhlif Sifawi are new names to me. We have nothing to add, unless Mohammed is the same one mentioned by alleged escapee M.M. Zedan: “someone called Ibrahim Tajouri came, with him another one called Mohamed from Abou Salim and some Tuaregs…” (QMOY p. 76) A "Jumaa" was seen on supposed loyalist torture videos by Worth, made to dance in such a way the rebels always busted up when they saw it. The family name Daqdouq is new. Although it wasn't specified by Worth, I wonder if he's a Black Libyan of sub-Saharan descent. (open questions to Mr. Worth - is either hunch so far ventured correct?)

Abdul-Razaq Barouni is a special case. In a couple variegated names, he’s been hailed by alleged escapees as a hero. He was a guard, but had a good heart and even acted on it. He helped them, or tried to, in several conflicting ways, with maybe another guy named perhaps Mustafa or Osama. Depending on the version, Abdulrazaq tried to free the prisoners 30 minutes before the attack (but they never made it out the unlocked door), or successfully released the survivors after the worst of the killings, or offered no help at all, leaving the prisoners to die or escape on their own. He then ran away, it was said, perhaps with the other semi-hero guard(s). Later, he was arrested by rebels, apparently Misrata ones.

Mr. Barouni presumably struck a plea deal long ago, as his name has been written into the rebel cover-story from day one. He sounded more like a legend at first, an added detail of the script the "survivors" were working off of. But he shows up as a named captive in Robert Worth's report in May 2012. One Tripoli fighter said the Misratans shot the guard in the foot during interrogation, and took him back to Misrata with them. (see QMOY report pp 74-76 for the varying legends, and p. 63 for Barouni as an unseen captive) According to the Herald's announcement, he's still alive and ready to face the charges both ways, perhaps to some dramatic acquittal. We might finally get to see the guy.

Jan. 8 Trial
Hamza Mabruk Muftah Harizi, Marwan Emhemed Khalifa Gaddoura, Musbah Mohamed Musbah Ajim, Naji Massoud Najjar and Sami Saleh Ragie

Hamza Harizi, the base commander, is a special case that will be covered below. Musbah and Sami are new names to me. Marwan and Naji, however, we know, again mostly via Robert Worth. The following summaries are directly from the report QMOY, pages 63-64:
Naji : Naji Najjar, a former Yarmouk guard, is now apparently a base trustee, whipping boy, and clown. He reportedly is happy to beg for beatings, and for family of his alleged victims to beat him at will and break broomsticks over him. A letter from his brother was read out: “Naji is being held by an illegal entity, being tortured on a daily basis, starved and forced to sign false statements.” They all laughed, even Naji. Ragai’s rebuttal to torture, starvation, and false confessions by an illegal entity was “there is no legal entity for us to hand the prisoners over to.”
Then there's Marwan Gdoura, the 28-year-old newly-devout Muslim scholar, involved in the execution of prisoners at “Yarmouk,” Worth writes, but apparently at Qasr Ben Ghashir by the details. There, on August 24, he ignored Dr. Omar Salhouba/Salhoba’s plea to “fear God” and killed him, along with five others. Interrogator Nasser Salhoba, Dr. Omar’s brother, says he still wanted to kill Marwan and once beat him severely for reflexively failing to step on a green Jamahiriya flag, showing a lack of remorse, and “that he would kill all of us here if he could.”
Hamza Harizi: Hazy
Harizi alone among these nine gets a military trial for some reason. Given as Hirazi in Worth's article, he was held in or near Az Zintan, apparently, with no visit managed. His jailer Eissa Gliza cited security concerns, explaining that the prisoner had to be moved frequently due to repeated death threats, two of which became thwarted assassination attempts by unspecified parties. No rank was there given, but a high one implied; he was “the Yarmouk prison commander.”

Sgt. Maj. Hamza el Harizi is mentioned in a late 2011 report by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), as “the officer-in-charge” of the Yarmouk detention facility. there his superior was Lt. Col. Mohammed Mansour (see below), whoin turn reported directly to the Libyan leader's son Khamis Gaddafi. Thus, Harizi was ostensibly set just two degrees from Khamis. UN report, March 2 the commission found the “immediate commander” of the Yarmouk base was the soldier called [056], reporting to a brigadier [028] who in turn reported to Khamis. Thus, [056] is most likely Harizi. It doesn’t seem the UNHRC commission spoke with him and it’s not clear if he was in custody at that time or still at large. But by the time of Worth's visit, Harizi was locked-up. As QMOY summed up (p.64)
The CIWCL was eager to learn what the second link said, but for security reasons, there was no meeting. Worth too wrote “I was eager to talk to him,” hoping for insight into “one of the central mysteries” of the massacre: “Why? And who gave the orders?” [RW2] The presumptions so far has been “evil,” and “Khamis,” but perhaps Worth was hoping to have an expertly handled captive spell it out with alleged second-hand authority.
And now this prisoner of opaque condition is slated to get his day in court, under whatever rules of fairness and transparency govern military trials in "Free Libya."

Note: Harizi was heavily implicated, by alleged eyewitnesses and at least one alleged subordinate, with the Yarmouk shed massacre. They have him directly passing on the order to kill the lot, overseeing the elimination of survivors, and the burning of (about 50 of) their bodies back inside the shed days later. According to what's reported, he will be tried not in connection with that crime, but on the 8th, in connection to the smaller alleged massacre at the "Slovenian company" prison, as well as by tribunal. That's slightly interesting.

The Lesser Missing Names
There are more sources than Robert F. Worth feeding into the CIWCL's previous knowledge base, but only a few alleged accomplices fall outside his roster, mostly excluded from this trial list.

The first notable exception is actually  one of Worth's central interviewees, a young Ibrahim Lousha, mentioned in part 1. The oft-cited Ibrahim Lousha/Tajouri/Sadeq-Khalifah, aged 20, of Tajoura Tripoli, says he did it all. Devil child. He threw the grenades, headed up the heavy shooting, finished off the survivors 'til 2 am, and/or burned them alive. He left little for the other four or so alleged executioners, but candidly confesssed to everything and helped his jailer Ibrahim Bietalmal prove there was no torture in Misrata's jails. I mean, just look at this kid!

Yes, can we have a look at him now? He's not listed as about to stand trial for his crucial and shifting role. Has he been forgiven and released, or knocked off? Perhaps fake-knocked-off, his character forgotten or written out of the show with a wink?

Massachusetts-based Physicians for Human Rights witness "Laskhar" may or may not be missing from the list – the name was a pseudonym. One likely real/alleged name behind that is Wajdi Kikly (QMOY p. 57), from Az-Zawiya, who reportedly helped execute and later burn the victims, along with his boss, Hamza Hreji/Harizi (see below). Laskhar was from Az Zawiya, it was said, turned in by his uncle after taking a solid and all-seeing role in the Yarmouk killings. (QMOY p. 56) Laskhar also related the ridiculous days-long clean-up process with his commander Harizi, that consisted of burning them on about the 25th. His account was especially well-suited to the mainstrean understanding of the evidence, and was supported with curious precision by PHR's other well-managed witneeses. But of course, it's contradicted by most of the other information from sources not so well-meshed.

Missing: Mansour/Brigadier [028]
And then there's the top link between the multi-dead Khamis Gaddafi and the highest acknowledged captive, Hamza Harizi. This is Lt. Col. Mohammed Mansour, as perviously given, and according to the Herald, Mohammed Mansour Dhau, a continuing threat.
The Yarmouk association has urged survivors as well as families of those killed to attend the trials and keep track of the cases. It added that a number of people believed to have been involved in the massacre are still at large, including the officer in charge of the camp at the time, Colonel Mohamed Mansour Dhau.
It's never been clarified 100% that Mansour was in custody, but previous research had suggested it pretty strongly. The QMOY report had taken it as likely true, which was perhaps an over-estimation, especially since it suggests the lack of confirmation suggested he was killed, as opposed to never held.

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) deputy director Richard Sollom wrote in late 2011 that “alleged war criminals from all sides of the recent conflict remain at large” and that “holding these individuals accountable is the most effective way to end impunity and establish the rule of law.” But he only named one such person, from one side; “one whom Libyan authorities should detain and hold accountable is Lt. Col. [Mohammed] Mansour, who ordered his troops to kill 153 men in late August.” PHR were told, and believed, that he “reported directly to Khamis Qaddafi,” who originated the order.

PHR's witness "Laskhar" had Mansour firmly in his overly-clear picture of the command loop (QMOY p. 56):
At 12:30 pm on the day of the execution, Laskhar said, Khamis Gaddafi was there at the base conducting a meeting, with bigwigs including Lt. Col. Mansour and the deputy chief of military intelligence. A few hours later, Laskhar says he also saw his boss Sgt. Maj. Harizi get a call from Mansour, relating the order to kill all the prisoners that very night. Unsurprisingly, Hamza also confirmed for Laskhar that the order came straight from the younger Gaddafi.

The name twist "Dhau" suggests two villainous brigade commanders on record - a Mohammed Mansour and a Mansour Dau - are one and the same (while other clues argue against that). The latter was named as a mind-controlling rapist by alleged girl executioner Nisreen Al-Farjani (no known relation to Dr. Salem). She later allegedly escaped rebel custody and claimed all this was a lie extracted under torture and rape. But she said, while shackled to a bed under rebel guns, that a female controller named Fatma "had an office at the 77 Brigade base and there was a room with a bed next door." She was sent there one day, and "Mansour Dau, who was the commander of 77 Brigade, then came in and shut the door" and raped her. Thereafter, she became a regime slave, she said (more willing than that, others smirked), forced to shoot at least a dozen rebels point blank in the face just for the added evil and insult. She was 19 at that time.

If Col./Lt. Col. Mansour/Dau is currently at liberty, it might be that he escaped. A commander code-named Brigadier [028] was met by the UN’s investigators. Brigadier is sometimes a general term for a higher-ranking officer, so this could without contradiction be Mansour/Dau. He had been in command of “the Khilit al-Ferjan zone,” which includes the Yarmouk base. Mansour is said to command that base but, since his subordinate Harizi ran it, Mansour's turf might have been the broader area.

The UN commission related as a fact they believed, based on what rebels told them, that 028 "reported directly to Khamis Qadhafi," as did Mansour, allegedly. Although they believed it, he didn't confirm it; "he denied this to the Commission.” Both Mansour and 028 are said to have visited Yarmouk on the day of the massacre, but then left-after passing on the order but prior to its execution. (see QMOY p. 55) This crucial, high-level, witness – a link if not the link to the leader’s son – says there was no such link. This lack of "confession" is unusual among those captured. Perhaps he was one of those not being tortured, or not yet broken by it. His denial had a little more detail:
“He told the Commission he was simply in charge of personnel at the Military Intelligence (Istikhbarat). … he says he never was tasked directly by members of the Qadhafi family. When asked about his knowledge of the massacre, he claimed he only heard about it after the event and “if you’re interested inhuman rights violations then I don’t know why I am here.”[UH p.70]
I suspect Brigadier [028] has died in the interim, whoever he was. Robert Worth visited in the spring of 2012 and heard exactly one past-tense reference to Mansour, by young Ibrahim, as a giver of the kill orders. (QMOY p. 62)
[Ibrahim Lousha] names commander Muhammad Mansour, who “arrived late in the afternoon and ordered the guards to kill all the prisoners in the hangar.” He previously said Mansour threatened them with his gun, but Worth adds, as the UNHRC does, Mansour / [028] then left the site, with his gun. With the threat removed, Lousha says: “the other guards had the grenades. I told them, ‘Give the grenades to me.” He threw two of these in on the prisoners...
No one else even mentions Mansour/Dau at all. He may well have been dead already by then, and he may not have gone out comfortably. If [028] is someone else, we apparently have a missing captive anyway; this Khamis-linked non-confessed commander doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else; no one higher in rank than Harizi has been acknowledged. The UN investigators should come clean whether it was Mansour they spoke to or someone remarkably similar. Because if it was him, he’s since been eliminated and erased as a captive, and turned into a ghost at large. And that's not how "Free Libya" was supposed to work (or was it?)


  1. Lt. Col. [Mohammed] Mansour : do you consider him the same person as Dhaou in Sirte ?

    Acc to an UN investigator who was driving around in Libiya , probably july 2012, with the "lions of the desert ":

    The argument with the mayor continued. Eventually he placed his fingers together, touched them to his mouth, spoke, and the men left grumbling.
    “I told them I am only the mayor,” he said to us, “I have no control over such matters.
    But if the government does not deal with this they will have a crisis.” He said. “Now how many I help you.”

    “We are journalists here working on a documentary on the end of Qaddafi and the birth of a new Libya,” I told him.
    We would like to meet with Mansour Dowd and the Younis brothers.” I told him.

    When Qaddafi tried to escape Libya on October 20, 2011 he started with 200 men. Three survived. I had interviewed them when I was with the UN and wanted to get them on camera to talk about Qaddafi’s final harrowing moments.

    The mayor said no.

    “These men are under investigation and without the authorization from their legal counsel I can not give you access to them.”
    I understood and thanked him.
    Without a witness to Qaddafi’s final moments we had no story. The only three survivors were in a prison in Misrata. That was a dead end.


    Libiya herald claims :


    a number of people believed to have been involved in the massacre are still at large, including the officer in charge of the camp at the time, Colonel Mohamed Mansour Dhau.


    Brahim Mansour


  2. Sorry took a while. Vice does some interesting stuff. I might even take a look at that. Thanks.

    I don't think Dau/Dhaou (not Dowd/Daoud/David) is the same person as Lt. Col. Mansour. It's not even clear the Herlad had conflated them together, or if it just kind of seems that way. There's some confusion, on my end anyway. It's worthy of note.

    In fact, I'm not totally sure this is the same Dao Nisreen spoke of, but he's clearly in custody. Was described as "the former commander of Libya's Revolutionary Guards and the colonel's cousin." Nisreen specified commanding 77th Brigade, no such family connection mentioned, but taking rape charges right to the highest levels and family of "the regime" is standard stuff. Odd that it wouldn't be specified...

    I've seen no news on the trial outcomes. Although there was something I caught babout bodies - and money? - being dug up in the Yarmouk area over the last few months or so. (new post coming). I suspect one-day trials, quick guilty pleas, a defense team that says only yes and no a few times, and executions by about now. Maybe it's a little more subtle than that. H and other readers (there are still readers here daily), make sure we're informed. I don't have much time at all to follow things about Libya these days.

  3. The Brazilian compound[98]

    62. A second warehouse, a few hundred metres away was also used as a detention centre. This was an abandoned warehouse which had belonged to a Brazilian Company.  The Brazilian Company warehouse was also under the command of [056].[99] One detainee interviewed by the Commission was transferred from the agricultural warehouse to the second detention centre at the beginning of August 2011. Between 26-30 persons detained there by the beginning of August 2011.[100] Other guards reported as working here included [046] and [065].[101] Torture continued here, with one detainee naming two of the guards from the Yarmouk warehouse [038 and 036] as having beaten him unconscious with electric cable.[102]

    63. On 22 August 2011, in the morning, a detainee interviewed by the Commission heard Sergeant [030] talking on his mobile phone and saying that there were a large number of detainees.[103] One of the guards recalled how [046] called [030] around 0700hrs[104], informing him that the thuwar had reached Salahadeen. [030] told them to execute the doctors and the “officers” and lock the others inside the warehouse. [105] 

    64. At around 10-11 am, one of the guards, a soldier from the 32nd (Khamis) Brigade, [040] came to the warehouse and took six detainees outside. After less than an hour the witness heard the sound of shooting. The witness then heard the sound of heavy bombardment in the area. A few minutes later, having not heard any movements from the guards, they opened the door and freed themselves. In an adjacent room, the witness found three of the six already dead while the other three detainees who had been taken outside were wounded. He then ran out to the street, looking for a vehicle to take them to hospital.

    Another doctor died before he could find a vehicle but the remaining two were evacuated to the Al-Afia Medical Centre in Qasr Ben Gushair.[106]

    The witness named those Qadhafi forces members present that morning as [030], [046, 073 and 040].[107]

    65. A former guard told the Commission that the guards from the Brazilian warehouse [062 and 065] had arrived in Yarmouk shortly thereafter and reported that they had “performed the assignment”.[108]


  4. Mohamed El Shatshat The names of the criminals involved in the massacre

    Ibrahim TagouriMohammed Altoariqy Hamza Harizi Sorman Wagdy Alkkly angle Khairy drummer AboSaleem Issued orders Major Mohammed Mansour The first martyr in the massacre: Ibrahim Alchoudy of Misurata The first martyr of the soldiers Elly Salém by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri: Mohamed Lamine Zliten Who rescued prisoners: Abdul Razak Baroni Osama angle

    August 28, 2011 at 12:19pm · 3

    August 28, 2011, at 12:21 pm Mohamed El Shatshat eyewitness testimony Mukhtar Mahmoud Zadam The names of the criminals involved in the massacre Ibrahim Tagouri Mohammed Altoariqy Hamza Harizi Surman .


    أغسطس، 2011‏، الساعة ‏12:21 مساءً‏. Mohamed El Shatshat شهادة شاهد عيان مختار محمود الزدام. اسماء المجرمين المشاركين فى المذبحة. ابراهيم التاجورى. محمد التوارقى

  5. Mohamed El Shatshat family doctor at Eastern-Interlake-Health-Authority





  6. Welcome to LibyaOnline.com. Libya on Line your Cyber Gateway to Libya. ... Mohamed Nagib shatshat. Born in Benghazi 1949 Works in the medical faculty ? ...
    www.libyaonline.com ]

  7. https://ar-ar.facebook.com/M.L.A.fallhuda?sk=map&activecategory=%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B5%D9%88%D8%B1&session_id=1334612660&filter=2

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    Mohammed Yusuf Juma Aoun, a Yarmouk camp prisoners was kidnapped on the date mentioned above is subjected to torture Ali Yusuf Juma Aoun beaten severely violent and last seen in a hospital Gargaresh

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    Amir Fathi winter Aoun prison in 8/2012 and was said to have suffered a concussion and was said to have forgotten his name because of the psychological pressure was seen in Gargaresh hospital under a pseudonym

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    نور الدين التوغار تم الافراج عليه تحت ضغط النيابة العامة متعرض للتعذيب النفسي والمعنوي
    امير فتحي الشتوي عون سجن في شهر 8/2012 وقيل انه تعرض لأرتجاج في المخ وقيل انه نسى اسمه بسبب الضغط النفسي وشوهد في مشفى قرقارش باسم مستعار
    مع العلم انهم مسجونون في سجن الرويمي عين زالرة طرابلس وهو سجن خارج عن شرعية الدولة
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    نتمنى نشر هذه الشكوى في صفحتكم الموقرة وشكرا

  8. 1 Videos Of The Libyan Revolution Videos and pictures uprising of February 17, Hamza Harizi Surman and Wajdi corner Alkkla and charity drummer and Ibrahim Abu Salim Tagouri and Major Mohamed Mansour
    August 28, 2011 at 9:13am

    August 28, 2011 at 10:08am · 1 Kamal Abduelmula One of survival saw 3 of his brothers killed near to him in this massacre . he is from Zawia Now he in sever traumatic situation

    August 28, 2011 at 10:28am Mohamed El Shatshat Names Criminals involved in the massacre :


    ناجون من مذبحة معسكر اليرموك يروون تفاصيل المجزرة
    ‏مختار محمود الزدام يروي كيف نجا من المذبحة الشنيعة بمعسكر كتيبة خميس بطرابلس وتسلسل الاحداث وأسماء المجرمين الذين قاموا بقتل 53 من الأسرى وإحراقهم واسم الضاب...‏


    Survivors of the massacre of Yarmouk camp telling details of the massacre www.youtube.com Mukhtar Mahmoud Zadam tells how he survived the massacre heinous battalion camp Thursday in Tripoli and the sequence of events and the names of the criminals who have killed 53 of the prisoners, burned and name Aldhab

    أرجو من كل الأخوة الأحرار تسجيل كل هذه الأسماء المذكورة في هذا الفيديو وهي المسؤولة عن هذه الجريمة الشنعاء لكي يتم الإقتصاص منهم بكل شدة وحزم . كما نرجو نشر هذا الفيديو في كل مكان وإرساله لكل القنوات لكيلا يهرب هؤلاء الحثالة المجرمون بفعلتهم الشيطانية هذه. إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون .

    1. There, on Saturday night [ 27 august], The Daily Telegraph found their decomposing corpses. Several still had their hands tied behind their backs.

      still smoldering, on August 27.

      (NTC) fighter who discovered the remains on August 26 (friday), when the NTC forces first entered the area. [Salahadeen]

      A local resident who lived near the warehouse and had medical training said he heard the shooting and explosions on August 23.



      22 August 2011 Brazilian warehouse :
      A second warehouse, a few hundred metres away [ of the shed]

      On 22 August 2011 the thuwar had reached Salahadeen

      22 august 12.00 am shooting and bombardment [63]


    2. On 22 August 2011 the thuwar had reached Salahadeen

      22 august 2011 one doctor was left to look after 25 patients /Abu Slim Trauma Centre,

      22 august 2011 Another doctor died before he could find a vehicle but the remaining two were evacuated to the Al-Afia Medical Centre in Qasr Ben Gushair.[106]


      24 august 2011 Fighting around airportroad The area is called Al Hadbah al Khadra where I lived its not far from Rixos edge Nasr forest #Libya

      On 24 August, five kilometres away at Qasr Ben Ghashir military camp, guards loyal to Colonel al-Gaddafi shot dead five detainees whom they were holding in solitary cells. They were among some 75 people captured during the conflict who were being held at the military camp

  9. al Lafi shed august 2011:

    His older brother Mohammad was next to the wall. "I touched him and I could feel that his leg was missing. He said to me: 'Run away, save yourself, and go tell the world that we've been slaughtered'."
    Bashir confronted Tajouri and said: "When you entered you finished off a group which included Shaikh Mohammad Allafi,

    The Brazilian compound[98] september 2011

    Lafy Mohammed, whose house is across the road from the complex,

    said that on Saturday a group of revolutionary militiamen from Misrata, 120 miles east of Tripoli, had come to the camp and evicted its tenants
    "They arrested about 25 of the men," Mohammed said. "They were shooting in the air and hitting them with their rifle butts."

    At one, in a Turkish-owned industrial complex in the Salah al Deen neighborhood of southern Tripoli, a man looting metal from the complex simply said that the Tawerghis had “gone to Niger,”

    Mohammed said some of the Tawerghis may have been taken to another nearby camp, in a Brazilian-owned industrial complex. On Tuesday, that camp was empty as well, with the gate locked.


  10. The Libyan ambassasador to Australia, Musbah Allafi, cut its ties with Gaddafi 22 feb 2011

  11. reading the shed massacre one more time :

    Richard Sollom , Physicians for Human Rights :survivor Mohammad :
    two soldiers entered the hangar where he and some 150 other detainees were held and began firing automatic weapons.


  12. the yarmouk shed is 15 by 10 mtr


    a soldier normally has about 300 bullets supply


    300 rounds in 1 minute with AK 47


    ohchr : while Sergeant [038] and [017] used AK-47s to shoot the prisoners.[89]

    Detainees variously described the firing as continuing for between 10-30 minutes,
    before the guards ceased firing and retired to the supply room.

  13. http://oi49.tinypic.com/15g8i01.jpg

    bullet holes near to a victim who lays to rest on his matress

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=66zi4-laxSs#!

    An example of a shed on fire :blackens the whole thing and fire goes throughout the roof

  15. since the names who dunnit were ready made early morning 28 august one could wonder :

    Is the shed trial a theater of relatives or a settle of old scores ?

    20 march 2011 We hope to ask the February 17 rebels and all are free to collect the names of criminals of system for 42 years in order to circulate the names at airports and borders in order to be tried in Libya : all the angels of Abu Salim prison and 7 April and the Revolutionary Committees and the gang liquidation abroad and the Revolutionary Guards Revolutionary Committees.

    ibrahim tajouri
    Ezzeddine Hinhiri Tajoura of the Immigration Department of Homeland Security

  16. Hamza Mabruk Muftah Harizi
    20 May 2012 "We would have liked to uncover more truths but his death will not shut the Lockerbie file," NTC spokesman Mohamed al-Harizy told Reuters.

    "The Libyan government will continue to investigate the crimes committed by the Gaddafi regime using other witnesses."



  17. Marwan Gdoura, 28
    Then there's Marwan Gdoura, the 28-year-old newly-devout Muslim scholar, involved in the execution of prisoners at “Yarmouk,"
    It was Marwan who shot Omar and the other five victims first..."

    a relative of:

    10 february 2013 There have been clashes in the past two days inside the base Mitiga between family Kaddoura of souq al juma and a battalion of Misrata because of a conflict about airport control .

  18. http://video.ca.msn.com/watch/video/libyan-massacre-site/16a8w45nr?cpkey=cbcc2011-2608-1158-0043-210705052600||||
    A wide deep grave awaits the rest @ 2.19

    ohchr 57 : A Caterpillar digging machine was brought but it did not function properly.

    Having failed to locate another, he then came back and asked one of the other guards, [019] what to do with the bodies. The other guard suggested they burn the bodies inside the warehouse
    Two days later, on 25 August 2011, they brought fuel and burned the bodies.[92]

    On 22 August 2011 the thuwar had reached Salahadeen

  19. A witness of the shed massacre :

    Mohammed Bashir, aged 52



    Mohammed Albashir DOB: 15 Dec. 1959

    QI.A.212.06. Name: 1: ABD 2: AL-RAHMAN 3: AL-FAQIH 4: na
    Name (original script):عبد الرحمن الفقيه
    Title: na Designation: na DOB: 15 Dec. 1959 POB: Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Good quality a.k.a.: a) Mohammed Albashir b) Muhammad Al-Bashir c) Bashir Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Faqid) Al-Basher Mohammede) Abu Mohammedf) Mohammed Ismailg) Abu Abd Al Rahman h) Abd Al Rahman Al-Khatabi) Mustafa j) Mahmud k) Abu Khalid Low quality a.k.a.: na

    Nationality: na Passport no.: na  National identification no.: na Address: Birmingham, United Kingdom Listed on: 7 Feb. 2006 Other information: Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was
    concluded on 14 Sep. 2009.


    On 22 June 2011, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999) approved the deletion (de-listing) of the eight entries specified below from the Al-Qaida Sanctions List.

     The assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo set out in paragraph 1 of Security Council resolution 1989 (2011) therefore no longer apply to the following individuals and entities:

  20. February 9, 2013 at 3:27 AM : still smoldering, on August 27.

    When bodies are burned with tyres they remain complete .
    Crime-era old revolutionary committees and now disclosed


    aftermath of bombing : complete coaled bodies


    here a sample of NATO Bombing of Serbia @ 1.24

  21. February 9, 2013 at 4:27 AM : On 22 August 2011 the thuwar had reached Salahadeen


    this vid shows they had reached abusleem on 21 august 2011 :

    @ 8.59 rebel flag . abu saleem at left side of the bridge

    @ 11.15 smoke of bombardment

    This video clip on 21.08.2011 which is known as Pei massacre rapid good bridge eastern plateau

    السريع من جيهة كوبرى الهضبة الشرقية بى مذبحة



  22. http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.nl/2012/01/khamis-brigade-shed-massacre-charred_11.html
    victims without legs , what could be the cause ? August 10, 2012 at 5:54 PM :


    The BBC commented recently:
    The wounded arrive with horrific injuries – the result of mortars, grenades, and snipers.

    An increasing number have lost limbs – which may be the result of cluster bombs.

    The NYT strongly suggested that the use of cluster bombs helped justify Nato’s cause:

    The use of such weapons in these ways could add urgency to the arguments by Britain and France that the alliance needs to step up attacks on the Gadhafi forces, to better fulfill the United Nations mandate to protect civilians.

    There is also the embarrassing fact that British and American officials colluded in a plan to hoodwink parliament over a proposed ban on cluster bombs.
    WikiLeaks revealed that David Miliband, Britain’s foreign secretary under Labour, approved the use of a loophole to manoeuvre around the ban and allow the US to keep the munitions on British territory.

    Cluster-Bomb SHOWDOWN (With Slow-Motion)

    The International Criminal Court is considering a new arrest warrant for Muammar Qaddafi's son Khamis
    after a massacre was discovered next to his brigade's barracks.


    1. April 14, 2013 at 3:42 PM : The BBC commented recently:
      An increasing number have lost limbs – which may be the result of cluster bombs.

      Cluster munitions were also fired in the city [misrata]
      on 14 April 2011,
      where they landed near the Misrata hospital.


  23. Hamza Harizi: Hazy
    الحريزي Harizi

    Marwan الحريزي ?

    Quoting (Mohammed الضراط) brother of Dr. Ali today, 24 September : “Join the martyrdom of my brother الضراط in prison for Brigade 32 when he was executed by the named Marwan الحريزي orders of Hamza الحريزي after the liberation of Tripoli and the prison guards left the prison and the escape of the rebels were executed my brother and another doctor from Tripoli and 4 prisoners from the city of Zliten

    the killers were arrested Marwan found in Tajora and Hamza found in Gado). " Jadu (Nefusa western mountains),


  24. August 28, 2011 at 8:57am

    comment Zawi Sendeed:
    grandfather Alkkla dog
    has to be executed in the corner Ddina

    And Surman group they should execute Hamza الحريزي ... God curse them killers ....

    Best needed in the video that Bashir dead Bashir Aljgmana the sat RBI keeps neighborhood,


    بشير الجغمني Bashir Aljgmana,


    Some of the names of the traitors and NATO customers who wanted to liquidate zawiya

    43. Faisal Lafi
    61 Aljgmana


  25. بشير الجغمني Bashir Aljgmana,


    @0.30 apparently is hamza harizi from sorman ,
    جماعة صرمان Surman group

    حمزة الحريزي hamza harizi

  26. Deputy Chairman of the Federation of rebels Surman :
    Ali Miloud Alkoidera

    Marwan Gdoura , Gadoora, Guidara



  27. The Sorman group :

    حمزة الصرماني Hamza Abmana,
    مروان الصرماني Marwan Abmana
    from the town of Sorman - صرمان‎

    Six bodies of martyrs were recovered by the fifth column at the location of the Brazilian company's corporate complex in Qasr bin Ghashir.
    25.08.2011 وجدي الزاوي 4/ ابراهيم اللوشة التاجوري 5/حمزة الصرماني يتبع محمد منصور ضؤ والمدعوا ناجي من قصر بن غشير ومروان الصرماني من قصر بن غشير ويتبعان ...

    4 / Ibrahim Allohh, Tagouris 5 / Hamza Abmana, followed by Mohamed Mansour the light and المدعوا Naji Palace bin Gasheer and Marwan Abmana of the Palace bin Gasheer and following, Allaa 32


    22 August 2011 Brazilian warehouse :A second warehouse, a few hundred metres away

    Another doctor died before he could find a vehicle but the remaining two were evacuated to the Al-Afia Medical Centre in Qasr Ben Gushair.[106] The witness named those Qadhafi forces members present that morning as [030], [046, 073 and 040].[107]

    -Al-Afia Clinic is situated in Gaser, Benghashir, Tripoli, a 5 minutes drive from Tripoli International Airport


    26 aug. 2011 – ... ago on #Tripoli at Gaddafi's compound and further south toe the capital ...... A Gaddafi forces Bus has been burnt down in the area of Al-Falah. [Alnfat Hospital/ Al-Afia hospital in Alfalah area ] [Alfalah District,Airport Road ]

    (NTC) fighter who discovered the remains on August 26 (friday), when the NTC forces first entered the area. [Salahadeen]

    In addition to the Misurata rebels, factions from Tripoli

    and Kikla joined the fight.



  28. Mlegta, a businessman with roots in the western city of Zintan, maintained good relations with the Gaddafi regime but founded a revolutionary brigade in his home town when the uprising began and later participated actively in the liberation of Tripoli.9
    The Qa’qa’ brigade founded by Mlegta is today led by his brother Othman,
    who was a local functionary under the old regime. The brigade, most of whose members come from Zin-tan, guards several important facilities in Tripoli,
    including the seat of a major media outlet close to the NFA.
    It is also notorious for making illegal arrests and seizing state property.


    executed Colonel Mabrouk Ali Mohamed Trabelsi 17/2/2011


  29. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKDC8lcXQPE
    @ 1.36 Gneoh Alkkla junta chief Salim in Zintan

    Is abdul ghani kikhla from kikla ?

    Gneoh Alkkla junta chief Salim

    abdul ghani kikla famous junta chef abu saleem ,
    enemy of loyalists /criminals in bani walid and tripoli
    has led the [nato] communications of hay andalus and established the busleem plateau
    where they [loyalists] had their lookout


    @ 0.27 Gneoh Alkkla junta chief Salim inside Col Gaddafi's airplane

    Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:44pm EDT (Reuters) - Libyan rebels have taken control of Tripoli airport, Al-Arabiya TV reported on Monday, citing a rebel spokesman.

  30. At least 12 people were killed and two injured when a NATO air strike hit a bus Wednesday evening in Libya's Kikla city, 120 km southwest of capital Tripoli, Libyan state TV reported.



    fighters from Kikla at a hospital in Tripoli on November 15,


  31. Or does Gneoh Alkkla junta chief Salim hail from Abu Saleem ?


    Abu Saleem went to the mountain Nefoussa to join the Tripoli Brigade فيصل قريرة Faisal Egrira , جمال قريرة jamal aymen

  32. member of Gneoh Alkkla Saleem militia commander


    @ 1.30 same man ?


  33. Gneoh Alkkla junta chief Salim SSC


    See-Through Salem: Arrested? (SSC)

    Instead, he was confronted by members of the government's supreme security committee (SSC) waiting in the director's office, who dragged Forjani through the hospital, beating him so badly he lost consciousness in front of horrified staff



  34. correction of a small mix up between :

    @ 0.10 Hisham humans head of the security committee of Tripoli
    @ 0.17 alKikhla saleem militia غنيوة الككلي


    Hisham humans


  35. The alleged rebel in Souk al Jouma June 18 2011 /alKikhla saleem militia/غنيوة الككلي

    @ 0.35

    This video from one of the mobiles of brigades Gaddafi in Tripoli shows killing three of the souq juma , which came out in a demonstration at the funeral
    of one of the martyrs bearded Abdel Ati Pot

    Here's the faker in rudest health, October 2011

    alKikhla saleem militia غنيوة الككلي

    1. Abu Fares Inventory aka mohamed ali on the basis Bashir al-Saadawi battalion Ain Zara



      another Inventory from Yafran /Jadu , Mohammad Basir works in corner hospital

      Supreme Security Committee in collaboration with the battalion Bashir al-Saadawi arrest drug dealers and sleeper cells of the ousted regime



      battalion Bashir al-Saadawi in Tripoli near the street
      Orbit steal cars and kill citizens



      Nadir Belhaj lives in the Ain Zara served in the battalion Bashir Saadawi

      Bashir al-Saadawi battalion in front of Bani Walid.2012

      They are involved in the massacre on the Abu Salim plateau

    2. the killers were arrested Marwan found in Tajora and Hamza found in Gado). " Jadu (Nefusa western mountains),

      another Inventory from Yafran /Jadu , Mohammad Basir works in corner hospital


  36. الملتحي عبد العاطي قدور Bearded Abdel Atti pots

    Ali pots
    Ali pots , so-called martyrs and missing Minister Ali states that the number of the martyrs of the revolution February 17 is 5200 and the number of missing about 540 .




    8 january 2013 Deputy minister of martyrs says 4,700 rebel supporters died and 2,100 are missing, down from 2011's estimate of 25,000

    1. Pots / Hafeez Kaddour was Libiyan ambassador in Rome and one of first to defect

      Jamal Haji Hafiz Pots is one of those who attended the Rome Conference secretly last month [5 may 2011](which was attended by Shalgam, Mahmoud Jibril, the foreign minister and others.).

  37. Ali pots ?


    Minister of martyrs and missing


    Ali Abu Bakr pots director of the Institute of Oil in Tripoli

    1. Abdul Hamid Ghaddour /pots عبد الحميد محمد قدور

      the other two Battalions gets religious opinions from
      “ Emir” Abdel Raouf, El Tagoury and Mufti headquarters

      Abdul Hamid Ghaddour عبد الحميد محمد قدور

      Abdul Hamid Mohamed pots tortured from the first day
      of the fall of Tripoli

      and worked with Abdel Raouf hater in their investigations
      with kills and rapes and tortures /souq juma



      Omar’s fellow prisoners from Yarmouk told me he was always trying to contact Ghaddour, whom he saw as a possible savior

    2. Abdul Hamid Pots :

      Abdul Hamid Ghaddour عبد الحميد محمد قدور

      Abdul Hamid Mohamed pots tortured
      from the first day of the fall of Tripoli

      and worked with Abdel Raouf hater/khara

      with investigation methods as
      kills and rapes and tortures
      souq juma /tajoura/zenata,maitiga,abu saleem



      Omar’s fellow prisoners from Yarmouk
      told me he was always trying to contact Ghaddour,
      whom he saw as a possible savior.


    3. Ties with belhaj :
      Saraya rebels under the name "Tripoli Brigade advancing toward west of Tripoli 08/07/2011

      On the program, Belhaj allegedly said the following:
      I give great respect to Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahri
      and to the first teacher, Abu Musaab al-Zarkawi.

      I was saddened when Hassan al-Qaidi in Pakistan was martyred.

      Me and my brothers Sheikh Khalid al-Sharif, Sheikh Al-Mahdi, Al-Haradi, Sheikh Hassem, Baher, Abdul Rauf, Karah

      have formed a committee in Tripoli and we will not allow any foreigner, no matter who he is, to dictate what we do.

      We give thanks to the Mujahed, Sheikh Ismail al-Salabi,
      for his daring proclamation to the Darnah television station




    4. the other two Battalions gets religious opinions from
      “ Emir” Abdel Raouf, El Tagoury and Mufti headquarters

      ties with new goverment :

      the Chief of Staff of the Air Force , Brigadier General pilot Zawiya Ahmed mesmari sitting with hater :




    5. RED CARDS just for 1 massacre september 2012
      For carrying out terrorist operations and links to al-Qaeda wanted by interpol :


      1 - Ismail Sallabi another leader of Rafallah al-Sahati

      2 - Sam Bin Humaid [ Wissam bin Hamid ]

      3 - hater/khara

      4 - Salem Derby / Dernah

      5 – Zahawi head of the Ansar al-Sharia militia

      6 - Sofiene Ben Qomu,


      This is "derby Salem" - In the year 1996 was required كزنديق the criminal and fugitive


  38. Melody defying fatigue 08-20-2011, 04:12 PM
    The rebel takeover of the store and light weapons in the plateau region. And that those who escaped last night from the Abu Salim prison ,,

    Green plateau next to the Green Hospital
    الهضبة الخضراء بجانب مستشفى الخضراء

  39. Direct source of Tripoli : 2011-08-20 05:17
    [Home Front about hospital Sbaah and the former Aviation College, and the spread of armed rebels around the airport in the direction of the south and the headquarters of the river + Research Center at the intersection of Spring Valley]

    and the end of the trait Alforjan to get around,,
    Salah al-Din Gate H salah aldin military hospital

    خلة الفرجان طرابلس الخريطة


    لإحداثيات: 32°46'35" N 13°12'52"E


    map qasir bin ghasir yarmouk abu saleem

  40. http://communicationcrisis.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/tripoli-prison.jpg

    خلة الفرجان (طرابلس)

    Khallet Alforjan (Tripoli)


    32°46'46"N 13°17'6"E Yamuk

    Coordinates: 32°46'26"N 13°17'2"E Gulf Martyrs' School (Tripoli)
    مدرسة شهداء الخليج (طرابلس)

    32°48'11"N 13°18'6"E Farm Salem Eshteiwi bin Omar (Tripoli) مزرعة سالم اشتيوي بن عمر (طرابلس)

  41. Mohammed Bashir Ali Eshteiwi

    A witness of the shed massacre :Mohammed Bashir, aged 52
    Mohammed Bashir Ali Eshteiwi, 1951 Misratah 2011/02/04
    A list of 17 february revolution prisoners in Abu Salim Prison


    But 31-year-old Maryam Eshtiwy


    Sirtawi Fathi Salem Ali BuMariam was detained in #Sirte by G forces in April and was taken to AbuSaleem. now he's free :) !


    18 feb 2011 , friday, Meanwhile, the paper said that a group of protesters killed the managing director of AL-Galaa hospital in downtown Benghazi, Libya 's second largest city.
    The victim's body was tortured, it added.

    1. Tarek Abdul-Hadi Eshtiwy RSD Relief Aid Association of America


  42. 2013
    3000 meters for sale (Tripoli) 32°46'44"N 13°17'58"E

    google yarmouk map will be replaced soon


  43. Salem Guenida سالم قنيدي

    10 june 2013 President of the Libyan National Congress appointed
    Libyan Deputy Chief of Staff Major General Salem Guenidy
    as temporarily chief of staff of the Libyan army


    الإحداثيات:   32°52'21"N   13°16'32"E

    منزل الحاج سالم قنيدي (طرابلس)

    HOME Haj Salem Guenida (Tripoli)


    32°46'46"N   13°17'6"E Yamuk

    خلة الفرجان (طرابلس)

    Khallet Alforjan (Tripoli)

    32°46'46"N   13°17'6"E Yamuk

  44. Related ?
    سالم قنيدي [Col.] Salem Guenida
    القندي alguenda

    منزل ابن خالتي نور الدين ميلاد القندي
    My cousin house Noureddine Mabrouk Alguenda
    32°51'23"N 13°7'31"E

    32°44'34"N 13°7'55"E Yamuk

  45. 32°51'23"N 13°7'31"E the fugitive
    owner بوحليقة


    Buhaliqa / بوحليقة
    @ 0.09 Colonel Salah بوحليقة /Buhaliqa


    A picture of the victims of al-Qaeda's attack on the Khcom Horse gate in the south of Sirte. 26 june 2013 the battalion called بوحليقة

    1. https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/p480x480/390704_429698557126652_1227158240_n.jpg

      Today, May 8 anniversary of the Bab al-Aziziya battle / those to topple Gaddafi in 1984 and this rare picture of the group in Sudan before entering Libya in 1983 Huda Badr group

      From right to left : 3 سالم القلالي Salem Alqlala

      Haj late Salem Alqlala (Tripoli) [alqila] الإحداثيات:   32°53'25"N   13°15'28"E

      Salem الحاسي / alhasi [ not on the picture] serves as head of Libyan intelligence at the present time ..
      is one out of two who managed to escape

  46. The first martyr in the massacre: Ibrahim Alchoudy of Misurata الخفيفي ابراهيم
    by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri:

    1 martyrdom of the hero of Libyan Khaled الخفيفي [ Alchoudy] in Syria
    Mohammed Abdul Qadir Capricorn محمد عبدالقادر الجدي
    Death of Mohammed Abdul Qadir الضاحي / capricorn /aldhahi

    Death of Mohammed Abdul Qadir الضاحي one of the leaders of the banner of the uniformity of the Free Army militia

    and Libya Khaled Khalifa الخفيفي / [ Alchoudy] during clashes between the Syrian army and gunmen in a neighborhood of Aleppo.

    2 Death of Mohammed Abdul Qadir الضاحي
    Martyr of the nation pilot Captain Hamza Abdulkadir Mohamed Ahmed Abdulkadir - Alzentani

    Participated in the liberation of the capital Tripoli
    with booklet توار Tripoli - Liberation Brigade
    23/08/2011 Martyred in the area of Abu Salim

    Pilot Abdel Kader Alzentany and Transport Minister in the government of d. Zidane on an oath
    A pilot in the African Airways .. He has his son Shahid /martyr who completed his study of pilots abroad and was on his way to set in one of the largest global companies.


    1. “martyr “ Mohamed Saad Mohammed Alchouda 2011-02-11 :

      12 Mohamed Saad Mohammed Alchouda 2011-02-11 No Photo

      Muhammad Saad الخفيفي "punching". Of the الخفيفي family who have suffered from the continued detention at the hands of gangs of Homeland Security was not released from the prison of Abu Saleem was freed by the February Revolution after the fall of the capital.

      NATO bombing battalions editing more than 25,000 prisoners
      08-20-2011, 04:31 AM Allaqi: the liberation of all prisoners of Abu Salim


  47. with booklet توار Tripoli - Liberation Brigade souq juma and Tajura

    Girl Ahli Benghazi 08-20-2011, 12:45 PM Tajura free channel.
    revolutionaries Ilthmoun with توار Tajura
    and Friday market Tripoli upturned shooting everywhere

    [ثوار مصراتة يلتحمون بثوار Revolutionaries Misrata Ilthmoun the Bthoar ]

    NATO bombing battalions editing more than 25,000 prisoners
    08-20-2011, 04:31 AM Allaqi: the liberation of all prisoners of Abu Salim

    Snipers were planted in the southern point of the Abu Salim prison 08-20-2011, 04:58

    22-08-2011“Today, our team started providing medical facilities,
    including the Abu Slim Trauma Centre,
    with some of the supplies they need in order to treat casualties "

    32°51'16"N 13°11'32"E Abu Slim Trauma Centre
    32°46'46"N 13°17'6"E KhalletForjan
    32°44'34"N 13°7'55"E Yamuk

    From then appeared pictures of abhorred bodies in the hospital
    and said they were killed by Seif Gaddafi before he fled !

    And the testimony of one of the rebels who entered the area said that the rebels
    city الفولانية entered the Abu Salim hospital and liquidated the wounded

    فمنها جريمة مستشفى ابو سليم حيث دخلت مجموعات الثوار وقامت بتصفية الجرحى من كتائب القذافي في المستشفى ..من


    libyan revolutionaries using uav to track gaddafi rats 22 8 11

    Eradication last Tahlob in Badri \ plateau 24/8/2011

    1. with booklet توار Tripoli -Liberation Brigade souq juma and Tajura :

      Tajoura 21 august 2011 And so Bwisir and his crew,
      still relatively fresh off a tugboat from Benghazi,
      relieved them of their duty.

      Last week Bwisir joined a Benghazi brigade dispatched to help secure the capital after Gaddafi forces fled. He made bombs that the rebels used in their six-month revolution against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

      08-20-2011, 04:46 AM Urgent ... has been downloaded 1500 Thaer special forces led by Hifter in Tripoli by sea took control of Hotel Corinthia



      Ibrahim Buisir, an Irish citizen who has lived in the country
      for more than 20 years, was named by the American Treasury last year as the head of a European Al-Qaeda cell

      It also linked Buisir to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group which has attempted to assassinate Colonel Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi, the Libyan leader, on at least two occasions.[The Sunday Times 31 July, 2005 ]

  48. @ 8.53 Alchoudy Khalid

    Afghan Khalid entered the battalion of more than 100 members
    and killed more than 7 armed mercenaries in Bayda

    Guys Khaled الخفيفي from the Mujahideen of the city of Benghazi and other cities who fought and died in Misrata

    Rebel Khaled الخفيفي from Benghazi fighters who had a big role in
    the front of Misratah and was a combat veteran in Afghanistan

    Martyr Hamid الخفيفي, in Tripoli street in Misurata


    Evidence of a large battle is depicted in a house in Misrata

    According to Mohammed Al Jali, a rebel who took part,

    I45 Gadaffi troops were killed
    during a two day battle

    “It’s not difficult physically to kill,
    but mentally it’s hard...

    The first rule is don’t look them in the eye, because he will look like one of us .” p 22


  49. Ali الخفيفي Martyrs family order:

    1 - Jalal Suleiman Mhammed الخفيفي - cited in Brega
    2 - Hussein Khalifa Mhammed the الخفيفي - Battle of Brega
    3 - Hamed Khalifa Mhammed الخفيفي - Rouge Valley battle
    4 - Osama Musa الخفيفي - Battle of Sirte
    5 - Salah Saad M'hamed الخفيفي was, - Battle of Sirte
    6 - Fathi Sadek M'hamed الخفيفي was - Battle of Sirte
    7 - Marwan M'hamed الخفيفي was - battle of Sirte

  50. Joint Committee demanded to control and regulate foreign labor and illegal immigration, headed by, Ayman الخفيفي,

    Right: Member colonel pilot / Mohammed الخفيفي /The Permanent Court of Military / Benghazi

    Workshop Joseph الخفيفي Maintenance of heavy machinery and hydraulic

    Leader of Libya ... by Fathi الخفيفى

  51. Tagouris Dokdok/ Daqdouq

    Juma Daqdouq and
    Mohamed Harous, Yakhlif Sifawi, Abdul-Razak Baruni,
    are accused of torture and torturing unnamed victims to death at the camp.

    Haitham Tagouris,

    The offender and killer Haitham Tagouris, in a demonstration calling for dissolving all militias and armed brigades in Tripoli june 2013



    agents and traitors in the area Tajora
    9 - Osama Ali Mohamed Tagouris,
    41 - Abdul Karim Amer Mohammed Dokdok

    First:. The martyrs who have died under torture :
    7 - Mohamed Ahmed Da'duc -محمد احمد الدعدوش


    منزل منصور ضو Mansour Daou house
    Mr Danger, (as his friends call him) poses for the camera at the house of Mansour Dawer, Gadaffi’s chief intelligence officer which serves as a base for their katiber in Tajoura.


    The first thing you see as you approach Jalal’s base in the Tajoura neighborhood is a bullet-scarred bus —


    Missing from the trial roster Ibrahim Tajouri/Lousha/Sadeq-Khalifah He was captured by former rebels from his home in Tajura,
    a suburb of Tripoli, three days later, when the city was overrun by anti-Qaddafi fighters.

    August 21, 2011, 2:15 PM Witnesses say rebels have taken control of the Tajoura district

  52. Khairy Tabal Sabri Tahir Al-Tabal

    - Vice-president of the association of holocaust Yarmouk survivors
    Mr. Sabri Tahir Al-Tabal - صبرى الطاهر الطبال , 

    accused of Holocaust camp Yarmouk Khairy drummer /Tabal , AboSaleem

  53. listed about 157 detainees in a dirty scruffy little compound about 100 metres square



    40 survivors
    The martyrs who have died under torture. 9
    Martyrs who perished in the Holocaust. 55

    list written by Adnan Sari Association of Holocaust Victims arrested Yarmouk
    الصاري = mast = saree. Assary. Sari


    First:. The martyrs who have died under torture.
    6 - Abdulrahman Mohammed الذويبي /mlegta
    7 - Mohamed Ahmed Da'duc -محمد احمد الدعدوش
    35 - Ibrahim Alchoudy, الخفيفي ابراهيم
    [brother of Rebel Khaled الخفيفي /alchoudy from Benghazi fighters who had a big role in the front of Misratah and was a combat veteran in Afghanistan

    Mohamed El Shatshat:August 28, 2011 at 12:19pm :

    The first martyr in the massacre: Ibrahim Alchoudy of Misurata


    The first martyr of the soldiers by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri:
    Mohamed Lamine Zliten

  54. Aldberza

    17 feb. 2011 Martyr / Mohamed Mohamed Shaaban Aldberza Card No. (190)

    The names of some martyrs of the city of Zliten and the list goes on and continues to be renewed.
    a) Brigadier M'Hamed Aldberza – "العميد امحمد الدبرزي" Colonel Mohammed Shahid Aldberza

    15. Mohamed Mohamed Shaaban Aldberza

    Mohammed Mohamed Shaaban Aldberza - Algoalat /Ayaylat

  55. Mohammed Mohammed Shaaban Aldberza

    The photoshopped portrait held by the kid is of محمد محمد شعبان الدبرزى -
    Mohammed Mohammed Shaban Aldabrzi
    who was allegedly killed at the
    Slovenian company along with Salhoubh and Al-Darrat.

    On 24 August, five kilometres away at Qasr Ben Ghashir military camp, guards loyal to Colonel al-Gaddafi shot dead five detainees whom they were holding in solitary cells.

    Ibrahim Aldharaz / Darrat 5-على ابراهيم الضراظ

    Third:. Martyrs died at the headquarters of the company Slovenian

    5 - Ibrahim Aldharaz,
    6 - Omar Salem Mohammed Salhoubh

    Aug. 24 Nasser found the mosque and reached the graveyard just minutes after the body was sealed into a cement tomb

    More than two months later, Nasser got a call telling him Omar had been shot
    in the Yarmouk prison on Aug. 24

    They included three men from Zliten, and two doctors. One of the doctors is Ali Darrat.

    e) Dr. Ali Alzerat – "الدكتور على الظراط"
    f) Dr. Omar Salhoubh – "الدكتور عمر سلهوبه

    unknown place, some unknown victims 1.33 1.45 1.59

    darrat salboh 2.13



    some yarmouk victims acc to makhtoub blog :

    110/Ghaith Abdul-Hussein Alones/Yarmouk camp

    145/Ramzi Mohamed Mukhtar/ at Salah al-Din

    The arrest of the offender dog Ramzi Mukhtar - is accused of Holocaust camp Yarmouk -
    a resident - Palace bin Ghashir - Al-kalikh.

    tajouri's at qasir bin ghasir
    harizi 's at qasir bin ghasir

    1) Mohamed Abdel-Qader Tagouri –"محمد عبد القادر التاجوري" – a police officer known as a keeper over Alsberati.
    4 / Ibrahim Allohh, Tagouris

    5 / Hamza Abmana, followed by Mohamed Mansour Daou and المدعوا Naji Palace bin Gasheer and Marwan Abmana of the Palace bin Gasheer

  56. https://twitter.com/ramielobeidi/status/329942449839542273

    The names of some of the survivors from the area of Riyaana:
    3 - Sam Belaid #3 Wissam Belaid : Sam Bin Humaid ?
    1 - Muhammad Abdul Rauf Abuchras White. [abugres Bayda] : Abdul Rauf Hater/karah ?
    Inter Pol issued arrest of red cards for :
    1 - Ismail salabi 2 - Sam Bin Humaid 3 – Abdul Rauf Hater/karah
    4 - Salem Derby 5 - Zahawi 6 - Sofiene Ben Qomu, For carrying out terrorist operations and links to al-Qaeda

    Abdul Rauf Karah, the commander of the SSC’s Souk Al-Juma brigade,
    @ 1.53 Salem Derby Salem Derby former commander Martyrs Battalion Abu Salim

  57. Names of candidates running individual (independent) from the city of Zliten General of the National Conference : Mohamed Ramadan Mustafa Ben Halim.




    Deputy Prime Minister Ali Seabah

  58. Mohammed Seabah
    List of the names of the martyrs Yarmok: 42 - Mohammed Seabah

    on Friday, 2011.10.19 they took us to the detainee camp at the Agricultural Society,

    لإحداثيات:   32°50'49"N   13°13'22"E

    مزرعة كلية الزراعة طرابلس


    Tuesday, 2011.8.23 I [ Seabah] run away with me Amer [Nur,Daou?] Ogress
    of the population of the city of Tripoli Friday market/souq juma,
    and Ali Chettr from the city of Zliten area Mager,

    25 8 2011 martyr : Abdullah Daou Ogress /25 8 2011 /Agricultural Fri / Thurs

    20 august 2011 Process carried out by the naval landing Misratah and Zlitan rebels on the shores of Tripoli to lay siege to the battalions on more than one front

    2013 Lessons Learned : Saleem District easy to defend and difficult for the attacker to penetrate the District without the support of a very strong air cover from warplanes

  59. The memory of Holocaust camp of Yarmouk Libya date of passing away :


    @ 11.19 24 8 2011
    @ 11.20 24 8 2011
    @ 11.22 18 8 2011
    @ 11.25 7 -8 2011
    @ 11.32 15 8 2011
    @ 11.33 24 8 2011
    @ 11.37 18 8 2011
    @ 11.39 18 8 2011
    @ 11.42 23 8 2011
    @ 11.44 17 8 2011
    @ 11.47 16 8 2011
    @ 11.51 18 8 2011
    @ 11.52 19 8 2011
    @ 11.54 16 8 2011
    @ 11.57 8 8 2011
    @ 12.00 23 8 2011
    @ 12.02 23 8 2011
    @ 12.04 23 8 2011
    @ 12.08 23 8 2011
    @ 12.10 23 8 2011
    @ 12.16 21 8 2011

  60. 21 aug 2011 جسر غريان Gheryan bridge

    Shortly after taking Janzur, rebels from the Tripoli Brigade took control of the the Gheryan bridge, considered the western entrance to Tripoli proper, and entered the Syhia district and began clearing it. They took Hay al Andalus area shortly after and immediately advanced into Gergraish area of Central Tripoli.[44]
    Misrata brigade : Many of the rebels in and around the compound had arrived from
    Misrata using the road through Gharyan, south of Tripoli

  61. The man guarding Hirazi runs a large brigade of men from the Nafusah Mountains, three hours southwest of Tripoli

    Waheed Burshan Crossing over from Tunisia at Dehiba, he had looked like an American soccer dad on a family outing,
    Since April, he explained, he had been “project managing” the rebel push from the Nafusa mountain area for the Transitional National Council (TNC), working between Benghazi and Tunis.


    Waheed Burshan had driven along the same highway the previous day, heading for his family’s hometown of Gharyan, south of Tripoli.


    ♦474 Amin Sassi return Ifrane rebels 22/08/2011


  62. Nalut rebels , quick massacre AboSaleem,
    the issue of Abu Salim Bridge,


    Some pictures of the perpetrators of the massacre Expressway (Saleem Bridge)

    Hatem Tabab, or Fog

    Khairi cheese
    Chadian Mohammed Sam stained Hossam Agayloshi
    Saif Almchaa
    Faisal الشوشان
    Mohammed terrace
    Murad Zachary
    Almchaa friend
    Ashraf Abdel Aal
    Ayman دريوش,
    Bilal Sudanese

    and they are all clear Masorin [yafra , kikla]


    The arrival of Muharram and Walid Fog ,
    Office of Security Committee Saleem coming from Sabha,


    Abdel Ghani Alkkly Occupation before February 17 drugs dealer

  63. Abu Saleem Bridge massacres



    Highway massacre in Tripoli, in the month of Ramadan and at noon on 21-8-2011,



    @2.42 bodies at the road . Bodies abu saleem hospital
    @ 4.42 dry bed behind Khamees Eagle
    @ 8.07 bodies in the dry bed
    vid is meant to blame the massacres on the regular army and loyalists


    260Sadiq Mamedalmokhtar Alrabotta 34 Salim Bridge (22-8)



    قتلى من مرتزقة كتائب القذافى فى
    Dead mercenaries al-Gaddafi

    chaadi mauretani locals say

    أحداث السريع ابوسليم

    @ 0.31 dark skin victim

    مجزره كتائب القدافى كوبرى ابوسليم

  64. http://img.ziling.com/month_1109/110907062838f8bc9883b032cf.jpg


    The graves are located just off the 11th June highway, in the Souk al-Jumua area

    Bridge June 11,

    The corpses of up to 20 people have been found in two roadside graves on the outskirts of Tripoli.
    Forensic experts are investigating the deaths, thought to have occurred last month.

    The graves are located just off the 11th June highway, in the Souk al-Jumua area to the east of the capital.

    People from the area say the remains are those of African mercenaries who had been fighting for Colonel Gaddafi.



    our neighbour ,slaughtered , left on side of the road, 11 unio 'jun'street, 20 aug
    [vid deleted]

  65. 4 August 2013 “If there is no trial for him, the Libyan people will bring him to justice,”
    said Alajmi Ali Ahmed al-Atiri,
    the man who led the patrol that caught Saif al-Islam in the Sahara desert.

    I first met Atiri four days later. He was standing in the yard of the prison he had escaped from, a big man in a sweaty orange polo shirt with enormous, haunted eyes.

    By ROBERT F. WORTH Published: September 21, 2011

    Alajmi Ali Ahmed al-Atiri, the head of the brigade which captured Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam, holds up a document
    The Zintanis also say that Saif has information that could implicate Libya’s interim leaders and foreign countries in wrongdoing.

    From then appeared pictures of abhorred bodies in the hospital
    and said they were killed by Seif Gaddafi before he fled !
    the testimony of one of the rebels who entered the area said that the rebels of city الفولانية entered the Abu Salim hospital and liquidated the wounded

    his motorcade was hit by a NATO air strike as it left Bani Walid on October 19,

    the hunt for the Gaddafis

    Lebanese Pierre Akel hosts the popular Web site
    Middle East Transparent,
    Pierre Akel Saturday 26 February 2011 We are publishing the names with a view of the coming International Sanctions against the Qaddafi regime.
    The following names represent about 31 billion US dollars, much of which is in Dubai banks:
    And when he woke up, he asked from "الورفلة" take revenge "Tarhuna"! When no one listens to his appeal, came out of "Bani Walid" angry and went to area "الهيشة".


    For his part, Fathi الورفلي /warfalli member of the Libyan security Supreme Sunrise said Saief did not carry big money

    Fathi الورفلي the secretary of the Libyan Committee for Truth and Justice

    Uploaded on Feb 20, 2011 Fathi الورفلي,

  66. 11 August 2013 Colonel Abdulsalam Al-Lafi,

    a member of General Staff, was shot in Tripoli last Wednesday and later died of his wounds.


  67. Col Abdul Latif is the commander of Seraai al-Hamra, one of the four sub-brigades of the overall Tripoli Brigade.

    The brigade's Commander-in-Chief is a Libyan-Irish citizen Mahdi al-Harati[1][5] and Abu Oweis is deputy commander.[6] Mohamed Tabuni is the brigade's General Commander.

    Husam Najjair, Head of Security. Irish born relative of the Brigade's Commander-in-Chief.[20][27]


    Issam Shabaan, the son of Gaddafi's first defence minister,
    Mohammad Shabaan, is the NATO liaison with the Brigade.


  68. There are ominous indications that a bloody settling of scores is in preparation in Tripoli.

    The Washington Post wrote Sunday that a “Tripoli brigade” of Libyan “rebels”
    has “trained for months with special forces from the Persian Gulf emirate of Qatar.”

    The commander of this brigade told the newspaper of plans to arrest “over a hundred” people in Tripoli, who were described as “high-profile Gaddafi loyalists designated as criminals and potential troublemakers.”

    dovenews Libyan™Great work! #FF found maps+names of all ppl in #Tripoli who supported Gaddafi, & I mean House by House as the ex dictator had promised

    Pierre Akel  Saturday 26 February 2011
    We are publishing the names with a view of the coming International Sanctions against the Qaddafi regime.


    Lebanese Pierre Akel hosts the popular Web site Middle East Transparent,
    based in Paris

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  69. 26 august 2011 : 150 + 150 murdered

    Posted: 11:32 AM, August 26, 2011
    rebel leaders charged Friday his loyalist troops killed more than 150 prisoners in a "mass murder" as they fled the besieged capital.

    1. "In (Khadafy's compound) Bab al-Aziziya there was a mass murder.
    They killed more than 150 prisoners.
    The guards did it before running away.
    They threw hand grenades at them."

    ."There were instances of revenge in the last few hours before the fall of the regime,"
    Abdel Nagib Mlegta, head of operations for the takeover of the capital, told AFP.


    2. Amnesty International said earlier Friday it had uncovered evidence that forces loyal to Khadafy had killed "numerous" prisoners at two military camps in Tripoli, according to AFP.


    what is the cause of the number 100 , 150
    in so many mass graves?

    Bombed convoy Sirte : 103 bodies
    another mass grave Sirte : 153 bodies

    140 & 150 bodies 24 august , 18 august 2011

    The UK Telegraph's "As it happened"
    daily summary for August 24.
    06:15 The Information Center For Misurata Military Council claim to have found 140 bodies in a Tripoli prison



    18 August 2011 The spokesman said:
    'We discovered a mass grave containing 150 bodies in Tawargha.


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