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Sunday, January 13, 2013

December (2012) Digs at Yarmouk

January 14, 2013

This is just too strange. Libya Herald: No bodies found at Yarmouk camp: official Dec. 12, 2012.

Reports that unidentified bodies and money have been found at the Yarmouk camp in Tripoli have been denied by an interior ministry official, Fawzi Falaq.
He said that no bodies nor any money had been found when security agencies started excavating the site in response to such reports.
A local had reported digging at the Yarmouk camp, saying bodies were exhumed on each of several occasions. Somehow, money was also suspected, along with these unidentified bodies. But by the time authorities dug to check, there were no bodies, just bloody blankets and scraps of clothing. So that means ... what?


  1. acc ohchr report : discrepancy body amount

    57. Following the killing, one of the guards was ordered by Sergeant [030] to collect the bodies.

    He counted 109 bodies, including the ones inside the warehouse, on the street and in the yard in front of the warehouse.

    58. The next day, Friday 26 August 2011, local people were able to get into the warehouse, having seen that the guards had left.

    They found a total of 57 burnt bodies inside.

    There was still smoke in the air.

    20 bodies lay outside on the ground with gunshot wounds.

    The bodies were subsequently collected in body bags and reburied at Sidi Hamed in Gargarish..[93]

    Of the 157 believed to be in the warehouse on 23rd August 2011, only 51 survivors were confirmed, with 106 believed to have died.[94]

  2. Who can buy the crap that on 22 august people were shot some hundred metre away from the shed and soldiers keep on burning bodies on 25 august, instead of fighting?

    22 august 2011 a few hundred metres away [ of the shed] The Brazilian compound[98]

    62. A second warehouse, a few hundred metres away was also used as a detention centre.Six detainees, including three medical doctors, were shot a day earlier in a second warehouse, a few hundred metres away. Three of the six died.

    Shed 23 – 25 august
    On 23 August 2011, as Tripoli fell, guards threw grenades into the warehouse and then began to fire through the door, killing dozens.

    As the prisoners were so tightly packed, however, some survived and managed to escape.

    Two days later, the guards burned the bodies of those killed. Of the 157 detainees, only 51 survivors were confirmed.

    1. AI 26 8 11 : while guards at the other camp shot dead five detainees they were holding in solitary confinement.

      On 24 August, five kilometres away at Qasr Ben Ghashir military camp, guards loyal   to Colonel al-Gaddafi shot dead five detainees whom they were holding in solitary cells. They were among some 75 people captured during the conflict who were being held at the military camp.

  3. more proof of ohchr [ funny :5 months old liquid ]

    Ohchr (During its visit to the site in December, the Commission observed a number of bottles on the site filled with dark brown liquid which were identified by former detainees as having been used for this purpose.[67])

  4. ohchr 62 One detainee interviewed by the Commission was transferred from the agricultural warehouse to the second detention centre at the beginning of August 2011.

    Abdul Hadi Abu Shahayna, a Tripoli judge who said he was held at the facility, said the other prisoners included lawyers, other judges and engineers — opposition figures, but also regular people caught up in a post-uprising sweep. Judge Abu Shahayna said he was arrested on May 25 and held until July 10 with a group that fluctuated in size between 70 and 100 people.
    Tarek Abdul-Hadi, who heads the committee for missing people here in Misurata, said some of the missing ..

    Tarek Abdul-Hadi Eshtiwy a former Libyan prosecutor

    Tariq Abdul-Hadi RSD Relief Aid Association of America Tariq Abdul-Hadi RSD Relief Aid Association of America Internet/Friday, December 25, 2009
    But civilians were being gunned down in the streets of Benghazi by the government’s soldiers. Qaddafi’s men had ordered the hospital director not to treat the rebels.

    When the director defied their edict, government thugs began roaming the hospital, taking down the names of doctors who were continuing their work.

    But 31-year-old Maryam Eshtiwy did not take off her white coat and go home

  5. ohchr 20 bodies lay outside on the ground with gunshot wounds.

    Two blocks away, the badly decomposed bodies of at least 15 other men were found rotting in a wooded gully. One of the men had his hands tied behind his back with plastic flex cuffs, and a rebel commando said seven other bodies had already been carted away.

    About 45 in the shed, 32 un-burnt around and across the road, the severed-hand guy, the four dug up on the 6th, and the 22 at the Yarmouk mosque dump nearby.
    45+32+5+22 = 104


    Comment Petri :They are pale skinned :

    apparently different persons

  6. http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.nl/2012/04/shed-massacre-report-hidden-thread-of.html

    If so, what ever happened to the remainder of the 140-150 grenade-blasted "prisoners" they had an explanation for by 6 am on the 24th?

    cars bringing or taking bodies :



    al naseem car


  7. ohchr : 52. By the third week of August 2011, when the thuwar were closing in on Tripoli,
    the number of detainees had risen to 157.[73]

    It is known that in the trains to Auschwitz , many crammed up people died during the first day by suffocation.

    The people in the shed must have been remarkable
    sustainable :

    -threw two of the grenades into the warehouse

    55. The detainees were tightly packed and in consequence, some of the blast was absorbed by the bodies.

    -The blast blew the doors open.[84]
    -The guards then began to fire AK-47 assault rifles through the door.

    -Detainees variously described the firing as continuing for between 10-30 minutes

    51 survivors were confirmed

  8. Soaade Messoudi from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says relatives of the missing should not expect too much - especially in a country with little expertise in forensics.

    Excavating graves with diggers is not the best way to preserve bodies or collate evidence.


    Later, at a small centre established to help families of the missing,
    I gaze at a huge wall of photographs. There are about 800 pictures, mainly of young men, but also some older men and a few women.

    Crucially, they are not just opponents of the former Gaddafi regime but men in uniform and others who either supported or served the former leader.
    Hisham Sharif is hoping his brother has not met a similar fate.
    I went back with him to En Zara prison. This is where 40-year-old Tarek was last seen after he was detained at the clinic where he worked as a doctor.

    A Tribute to Tarek Al Sharif. The 6th February Report. © 2006-2010

  9. http://ar-ar.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=188505071227119

    martyr list : 523

    Tripoli, 7 January 2013: Casualty figures exaggerated, says Ministry


    During the revolution, 4,700 people died and 2,100 went missing, according to official figures issued by the Ministry of Martyrs and Missing Persons.

    1. muftah dawadi , al qaida

      2013 Miftah Duwadi, the Deputy Minister of Martyrs & Missing Persons told the Libya Herald that the numbers for revolutionary losses are still being checked but officials do not expect any major changes.


      16 feb 2011 Islamist gunmen have stormed a military arms depot and a nearby port in Libya and seized numerous weapons and army vehicles after killing four soldiers, a security official says.

      The group also took several hostages, both soldiers and civilians, and is "threatening to execute them unless a siege by security forces is lifted" in Al-Baida, the official told AFP on Sunday, asking not to be named.

      "This criminal gang assaulted an army weapons depot and seized 250 weapons, killed four soldiers and wounded 16 others" in the Wednesday operation in Derna, which lies east of Al-Baida and 1300km from Tripoli.


    2. another trustee of the new libiya :


  10. January 02, 2013 Ali Gadour as minister for Martyrs and the Missing,


    Gadour replaces Sami Al-Saadi who resigned

    2.10.2012 SSC : Abdul Latif Gadour, who helped lead the underground resistance against the Qaddafi regime during last year’s revolution, is to be replaced by Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Souissi

    Dr . Dorda, was held by members of a unit of anti-Gaddafi fighters who call themselves Brigades of the Martyr Abdelati Ghaddour.

    a doctor named Mahfoud Ghaddour


    1. Gadour replaces Sami Al-Saadi who resigned :

      sami saadi Guardian of the Martyrs families


  11. The head of the Missing Affairs Committee, Tariq Abdul Hadi Eshtiwy



    The graves presumably contain the corpses of government soldiers, although the Misurata Brigade is also widely believed to be responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Tawergha, where thousands of civilians disappeared.


  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLu_N8XpEq8&bpctr=1359594665

    Maryam Eshtiwy Shortly after the first gunshot-wound cases were carted into the emergency room of Benghazi’s Al Jala Hospital on the afternoon of February 17, 2011, the surgeon began shouting out directions.



  13. They listed only civilians killed by insurgents: unarmed Iraqis killed by Western military forces found no place in the Pentagon’s figures.


    Barely six weeks into the invasion, British officials were already boasting that NATO had killed over 35,000 such human beings (in the usual euphemistic way, of course – “We estimate that [Gaddafi] has around 30 per cent of his ground forces capability remaining,” is how one British official put it, after estimating an initial ‘capability’ of 50,000).

  14. felix : Fake Fake....June 18 2011: uploaded LibyanFreedom17Feb. The alleged rebel in Souk al Jouma, Tripoli is said to have been filmed by Gaddafi troops on a mobile phone, the usual gambit. Not only is the guy moving , but some British Libyans have bumped into him last October


    This is Mohamed Ali, in this video , he's still alive and just met him in Souk Aljuama,

    Here's the faker in rudest health, October 2011


  15. http://i46.tinypic.com/1zvqte8.jpg



    more than alive : busy in tripoli hospital to connect with nato



  16. http://i45.tinypic.com/a3p2th.jpg

    Twitter / Soliman Albrassi 20 Jun 2011 – Confirmed:Khaled Al KHwilidi's wife,son,daughter have been killed in NATO strike on his house in Sorman today morning #libya #17feb.



  17. Aug 24, 2011 Fadlallah Haroun, who helped organize the operation: "Honestly, NATO played a very big role in liberating Tripoli — they bombed all the main locations

    An increasing number of American hunter-killer drones provided round-the-clock surveillance as the rebels advanced.



    benghazi 2009 Fadlallah Haroun
    tripoli 2011
    Another example is that of Fadlallah Haran Musa and Khalid Atiyeh. 

    Both men have ties to Al Qaeda and have been placed in important government roles. 

    Musa has been made head of the National Security Fares in Barqa (eastern Libya) and Atiyeh has been assigned to be Musa’s assistant.


    1. Fadlallah Haroun


      contact with nato where to bomb / Tripoli


      Further complicating matters, another security officer,
      Fadlallah Haroun, told The Associated Press before Abdul-Jalil's announcement that security had found three badly burned bodies.

      Two of them were dead and one was unconscious, Fadlallah said, adding that one was known to be Younis, though they didn't know which one.

  18. Bodies to present to the press as proof of Khadafi crimes should not be to identify easily


    the victims to be seen here are probably dumped in a hidden grave . no western press present to present crimes


    the small room in the shed



    The second fire in the shed under rebel control



    Gaddafi did not have a history of "massacres :

    Hisham Buhagiar, commander anti-Gaddafi forces, said 28,000 prisoners had been freed so far
    9/6 - 9/10 From a Good Source - Libya Uprising Archive :

    Fathi Salem Ali BuMariam was detained in #Sirte by G forces in April and was taken to AbuSaleem. now he’s free :) !


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