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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shed Massacre Trial, part one

December 29, 2012
last edits Dec. 31

Note, Dec. 30: Part two, not today.

There has been nothing going on at this site for much of 2012, myself and other contributors having become wrapped up in the events in Syria. In a real sense, there’s more good to be done/bad to be prevented there. Libya, sadly, has been doomed to whatever it is as it hadn’t been for sure when I started this site in April 2011. The ongoing conflict in Bani Walid an elsewhere, the civil war as it exists in reduced form in the Libyan mind, and the various crimes and abuses of the new government and its forces, are all still well-worth study, but we only have so much time in a day.

But a reader alerts me to a development in an area I feel an obligation to; the Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre, which is set to take on a courtroom dimension some 16 months after the event. As a reader alerts me, the upcoming trial for several accused asoldiers was announced in the "new independent Libya daily" Libya Herald on December 27.

Yarmouk camp massacre trials to start in 10 days’ time
The trials of ten men accused of involvement in the Yarmouk Detention Camp massacre on 23-24 August last year are to start in January.
The Yarmouk association has urged survivors as well as families of those killed to attend the trials and keep track of the cases. It added that a number of people believed to have been involved in the massacre are still at large, including the officer in charge of the camp at the time, Colonel Mohamed Mansour Dhau.
Accused, by-and-large confessed, and innocent. This series of two posts will serve double as a first new article here in months (and a last chance for one in 2012), as well as an open letter to the defense team for this upcoming trial. Anyone who knows who that is and how to contact them should pass this on to them.

Our Investigation
We have of course covered this event quite extensivelyat this site and via the Citizen’s Investigation into War Crimes in Libya.
- All research here, links gathered
- 152-page report, A Question Mark Over Yarmouk (PDF link)
- Summary press release - "Holocaust" denied
- video:Amnesty by Way of Fakery

In summary: Something like 80 apparent Gaddafi loyalists were slaughtered at and around the overrun Yarmouk military base south of the capitol, and the majority charred beyond recognition (those who weren’t charred were primarily Black men). Then a stream of fake witnesses came forth, eventually making it seem that 51 non-loyalist prisoners out of an original 157 had escaped without a scratch to tell the tale – blasted at close quarters with machine guns and grenades, by Gaddafi loyalists and African mercenaries. They formed a survivor’s group and had an anniversary meeting earlier this year, featuring the first-ever Black survivor. Their original champion, Dr. Salem Al-Farjani aka Dr. Salem Rajab, might be dead by now.

Recommendation to the Defense
First, anyone claiming to represent these accused Human Beings should consider the PDF report, especially the overview (section 1.1 pp 7-9), any sections hinted at there that sound interesting, and the part about the captive soldiers now to stand trial (section 2.3, pp 51-67).

If such a thing won’t get the courthouse rocketed, try for a special defense of incrimination. Your clients aren’t guilty, torture-extracted confessions notwithstanding, because somone else is.

It’s hard to know just who executed the people in question, but the evidence suggests it would have been primarily fighters from Misrata. The Misrata Military Council had the first information on the crime, 140 grenade-killed prisoners, all dead, increasingly burnt as reports came in, just found in some prison in near Tripoli. These leaks started at 6:15 AM on August 24, just hours after the massacre is alleged, the same day some rebels say they conquered the Yarmouk base, and three days before the Misratans later acknowledged access to the place. There is simply nothing else known that they could have been talking about - they were at the scene way too early and they knew it. All else, apparently, is made-up to cover for that. (report p.129)

One name does rise to the fore as someone to blame; Ibrahim Bietalmal, leader of Misrata Military Council at the time. (pp 139-141) Since then overseeing a "prison system" plagued by endemic torture, executions, and disappearances, he also may have had a special role in crafting the cover story for his fighters' crime. For one thing, he played hands-on (cigarette-burning?) jailer to another Ibrahim, some kid held in one of his Misrata hell-holes. The younger Ibrahim does appear well-treated, pampered like a star actor almost. He claimed to be one of the Yarmouk guards, either the grenade thrower, the main shooter, the main torturer, or the one who burned everyone alive on the wrong date. His last name always changes – Tajouri, Lousha, Sadeq-Khalifah – but the visual and biographical clues and the unchanging first name make the link clear. Ibrahim's name is probably fiction, but it's the same name as a chief suspect in this unsolved crime. (p 59-62)

So far, the victorious teflon brigades have had the last word on their crime, filtered through their own captives and various alleged witnesses who seem to be speaking freely, but can often be proven to be lying or wrong in their memories anyway. In court, that could, hypothetically change. The details of "Free Libya" will decide whether or not that happens.

If no such defense is lodged, that would be a bad sign for the prospects of accountability and justice there. If they're found guilty, it will be suspicious, but not surprising. In fact, I predict very little fight for prosecutors to get the win. I predict guilty pleas, and begging forgiveness and/or for death. The "revolution" must be vindicated. Facts on the ground can't do it, so one way or another, the courts will have to help.

Anyone challenging that decision will have to have some courage. I'm really not sure if I hope they do or not. Thefight for truth iscosmicallyworth it, every time. But one more kidnapped-and-tortured-to-death lawyer, just to slow to process down a bit, might not be worth it to everyone involved.

Trial Sequence
The Herald got its information from members of the Yarmouk Massacre Victims Association, who named several defendants in three separate trials with set dates in the very near future. There's little time to prepare that hasn't already passed. My recommendation comes late.

January 6: trial of four men accused of torturing prisoners to death (and/or the alleged mass execution?) at Yarmouk:
Yakhlif Sifawi, Abdul-Razak Baruni, Juma Daqdouq and Mohamed Harous are accused of torture and torturing unnamed victims to death at the camp.
January 8, related Qasr Ben Ghashir killings trial (also covered in great detail in the report, pages 20-31):
A second case, known as “the Slovenian company case” (a reference to the company that ran the compound before it was taken over, as a makeshift prison) involves five named defendants: Hamza Mabruk Muftah Harizi, Marwan Emhemed Khalifa Gaddoura, Musbah Mohamed Musbah Ajim, Naji Massoud Najjar and Sami Saleh Ragie.
The third case involves just one defendant: Sergeant-Major Hamza Mabrouk Muftah El-Harizi. He is accused of mass murder. This case is said to be being handled by a military court.
Part two I don't have time for this morning will go into those names and give some profiles of the men in the dock.

Note Dec. 31: Part two


  1. http://www.frebend.com/forum/read.php3?f=1&t=1199&a=2

    alan imazign di libya ( jadu-zwara-nalut-gdames-yefren...

    issa gliza
    issa said gliza

  2. misrata prisons

    Misrata and the wedding of democracy

    giving prisoners new clothes before the arrival of human rights commission to prove that the prisoners are well treated according to norms and international conventions, and was considered to be a trick of militias stationed in Libya

    Former prisoner says that when rats learned that representatives of human rights organizations have decided to conduct a raid on prisons, they moved the prisoners in secret prisons, and their place was taken by other people, in good shape and clean clothing and the bastard sadistic rats concealed the traces of their crimes.


    A Libyan doctor who devoted himself to take testimony, photos and as much detail as he could, he sent to HRW and the UN.

    This man and his family were captured after a week , tortured and killed ,everyone including young children.


  3. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-02-28/libya-hobbled-as-misrata-s-armed-city-state-thrives#p2

    Doctors Without Borders suspended its operations in Misrata on Jan. 26, saying detainees were being tortured and denied medical care.
    During the six months that its teams spent working in Misrata’s detention centers, they treated 115 people for torture-related wounds. The group said it reported all cases to the authorities and that no action was taken.
    -Ibrahim Beitelmal, spokesman for Misrata's military council, said he believes Tawergha should be wiped off the map,

    -The head of Misrata's military council, Ibrahim Beitelmal, instead claimed that human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Médecins sans Frontières were part of "Gadhafi's fifth column." p 14

    -The head of Misrata's military council, Ibrahim Beitelmal, denies involvement in any abuses and says his accusers have a hidden agenda.

    -Ibrahim Beitelmal, spokesman for the Misrata military council, denied that fighters from his city were responsible. He said he believes the loyalists were killed by their own comrades, possibly after refusing orders to keep fighting.

    Beitelmal also alleged that "the damage in Sirte was done by Gadhafi forces to blacken the image of the rebels."

  4. Hey H! Howdy...

    Man, have I probably missed a lot of great comments from you. You're aware you're keeping this site alive, along with a few others
    --to all, sorry--

    1: That could be our Mr. Glizza, captor of Hamza Harizi. Not in the Misrata system, Nafusah people. I think we recognize some occasionally-inspiring ambiguity coming from that area.

    3 That Bietelmal/Beat'emall is just such a character. Possibly an evil version of Dr. Al-Farjani. What contortions this process has subjected the mids of Libyans to. They must all have pretty much gone insane in their own ways as the world went insane around them. Those already insane, of course, had the advantage and won the war.


    2 On Leonore's story there, I'll echo a commenter asking for citations. It's such a horrible story, I'm hoping it's a only a dark fantasy of one of those newly-insane people. But structurally, and considering the uunknown level of evil that seeped through the dimensional rift ... it makes sense and I wouldn't be too shocked if it's both true and completely ignored.


  5. To cover in part two but mention now:
    Missing from the trial roster are:

    Ibrahim Tajouri/Lousha/Sadeq-Khalifah. Forgiven and released? Retired and forgotten?

    Perhaps "Laskhar" -Wajid Kikly was the most likely real name, per a "survivor" MM Zedan

    Mohammed Mansour - mentioned in the article, but not as a defendant. Last we heard, he was a prisoner (or might be, brigadier 028). Denied any involvement in any such cockamamie plot when hemet UN's investigators. Not heard from since. No other corrolary among acknowledged prisoners (Harizi seems to be 056). Not likely forgiven. Who was brigadier 028? Why is Mansour listed now as "Still at large?"

    1. Missing from the trial roster are: Ibrahim Tajouri/Lousha/Sadeq-Khalifah. Forgiven and released? Retired and forgotten?

      Perhaps "Laskhar" -Wajid Kikly was the most likely real name,
      per a "survivor" MM Zedan :
      A Kikli 18 years was not missing at the Ghargour/roundabout massacres :
      Siraj Salah Kikli, 18, told Human Rights Watch that he witnessed a policeman from Dam el-Merkezi kill two people and then spoke to a third who survived the shooting.

      He said that the policeman, whom he knew, was wearing civilian clothes and a military flak jacket.
      He and another man had forced the three victims to get out of their vehicle.
      “They didn’t beat them,” Siraj Kikli recalled, “they just shot them straight away.” The bodies were removed from the site on August 25.
      Salah Saeed Kikli, 52, a medical laboratory engineer, told Human Rights Watch that he saw Gaddafi fighters in green military uniform kill two unarmed men, including one in medical scrubs, at a checkpoint by his home on August 24 around 11 a.m. after the fighters had previously approached him and threatened to kill him

      Kikli said that the third body, dressed in civilian clothes, was that of the driver.

    2. Emhemmed Ghula

      This week, in their smart offices, Emhemmed Ghula, a spokesman, had received word from observers of their dismal showing and rattled through the reasons why.

      Mounir el Ghoula, by name and loss of last-seen brother Abdullah, and total of four brothers:
      Amr Dau Algala

  6. Marwan Gdoura, 28
    "It was Marwan who shot Omar and the other five victims first..."
    He "killed six very qualified people whom Libya will need, two doctors and four officers. One of them was my brother," said Nasser Salhoba. Are the Qasr Ben Ghashir victims now squished into Yarmouk, as the first six killed? Did it still happen where the dead Serbians were found, on Aug. 21, 22, and/or 24? (an idea of shocking significance I'll explore in more detail here)

    Gdoura 2 :

    Behind him, Abedsamma Kudoura, a computer technician turned rebel fighter, shuffled under the weight of several small rockets, one dropping to the ground.


    The rebels’ Hamiz compound was a hive, men scurrying to trucks with rockets and crates under their arms and on their shoulders. Those rebels who were not already engaged in building-to-building combat were depleting two warehouses stocked with various kinds of ammunition and loading their trucks to join the fight.

    In addition to the Misurata rebels, factions from Tripoli and Kikla joined the fight. Those driving to the battle shouted “Allahu akbar!” (“God is great!”).

    1. factions from Tripoli and Kikla joined the fight



    2. Perhaps "Laskhar" -Wajid Kikly was the most likely real name, per a "survivor" MM Zedan

      Al-Kikly and Muhammad Al-Ghoul : the October 1993 attempted coup.
      written by : Saleh Mansour

      Colonel Mustafa Al-Kikly was the head of the intelligence training school and was second in command to Garroum in the October 1993 attempted coup.

      He was an honest soldier and a true Libyan patriot who sacrificed his life for others, and was ignored completely throughout the television parade of his comrades.

      Al-Kikly and Muhammad Al-Ghoul were tortured the most, and Al-Ghoul was acquitted and a few months after his release he died of slow acting chemical poisoning


    3. We have seen I O Zadan as shed survivor and as a member of the misrata military council


      Another MMC man : zwawi/zwayi

      Khalifa al-Zwawi, a judge who heads Misrata's transitional council {zwayi] said : Too many criminals freed in the chaos of the revolution remain on the streets.


      Then again, the chief says, they fought valiantly beside him. So what should he do with them?



      Osama Hadi Mansur Al-Swayi ,the survivor of the security building and the school executions
      On August 26, Human Rights Watch also found [..]in the Al-Amal al-Akhdar Internal Security building where Al-Swayi said he had been detained for two days

    4. Al-Adwani told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the role played by His Highness the Amir in providing assistance to other Arab countries in the framework of Arab solidarity is "highly admired and leading."
      Head of Misrata's transitional council Khalifa Abdullah Al-Zwawi, Leader of the Misrata military council, Ramadan Zarmoh, Head of rebels leadership in Misrata Dr. Miloud Elwakshi, as well as other local officials attended the docking and delivery process.

      Al-Adwani praised the reception organized for the Kuwaiti aid ship, which comes in favor to bilateral relations between Kuwait and Libya.
      The attendees thanked Kuwait's leadership and people for their continuous support, Al-Adwani said.



    5. 26. from mid-March until mid-May 2011, when Qadhafi forces withdrew from Tripoli Street in central Misrata.

      In its isolation during the conflict, Misrata developed its own leadership under the command of Khalifa Zway, who headed the local Misrata Council, and included representatives from the Misrata Military Council and Security Committee.

      In financing the conflict, Misrata largely relied on private donations from wealthy Misratan individuals, as well as weapons reaching Misrata by the sea from Benghazi and Malta.


      Weeks before the start of the Libyan rev­o­lu­tion, the port of Mis­rata used by the rebels to smug­gle con­tain­ers full of weapons, ammu­ni­tion and explo­sives with coop­er­a­tion of the rebels sym­pa­thiz­ers port’s managers …


    6. Management consultant Mahmoud Dakhil. [6]

      Libyan Tweeps, a few wks ago one of you tweeted a document proving the link between Dgeili & Qatari weapons. I d like to have that!

    7. Osama Hadi Mansur Al-Swayi

      The head of the Missing Affairs Committee, Tariq Abdul Hadi,
      is in charge of collecting information on missing persons in Misrata.

      He said 1204 people were unaccounted for since the uprising against Gaddafi started on the 17th of February. "Most of them were kidnapped by Gaddafi detachments," he said.



      Tariq Abdul-Hadi RSD Relief Aid Association of America Tariq Abdul-Hadi RSD Relief Aid Association of America Internet


      I paid Tariq Abdul-Hadi $4900.00 to build a business credit profile and he delivered me a file that I found out was a stolen identity from a company in Dallas, Texas.

    8. Another al Hadi , also from misrata :Samir al-Hadi :
      Gunmen then stormed the building and rolled burning tires down the stairs.

      Days later, its stairwell was charred black, and the smell of burnt rubber and dead bodies fouled the air.

      Burning tires to smoke Gaddafi forces out of a building, Misrata, © Michael Christopher Brown


  7. Gdoura 3:

    Collect a million signatures to condemn the massacres in Libya and urged the world to issued a statement publicly condemning the massacres and to act effectively to save the Libyan people




  8. I mentioned the photo in the link above before : the victim laying so neat on his matress when reporters arrived :


    before the reporters arrived the poor black martyr was laying next to the matress :









  9. comment 30 dec :2 On Leonore's story there, I'll echo a commenter asking for citations.

    @ caustic : will the blog ever get a repair , showing the comments ?


    Do not cry after viewing. This reality in Libya @ 4.20

    حقيقة سجون متمردي ليبيا | The fact of libyan rebels prisons


    If not enough citation for the commenter he/she cld read

    1. On Leonore's Brega story : @ 1.02


      من ذاكرة احداث البريقة:وكيفية معاملة الاسرى مستخدمي سرت في رمضان


      August 20, 2011 , Rebels claimed they had captured the strategic oil hub of Brega in eastern Libya on Saturday
      A fence was put around Brega. Local people objected. Western "blackwater" style mercenaries have taken over. Libyan population Brega is most likely zero.
      rebel battalion commander Col. Hamid Hassy
      The battalion commander Brega rebels was heard by the Americans on the attack against the American embassy.

      In April, when Vitol shipped out rebel-produced oil, it had backing from the office of British Foreign Secretary William Hague, oil and diplomatic sources say.A special group referred to by UK media as a secret oil cell, backed by British Prime Minister David Cameron, was staffed by a handful of officials and supported by Britain's MI6 secret intelligence service, a diplomatic source said.

      Others are more approachable, but still decline to be identified or say who they are working for because of the sensitive nature of their work. Many fixers are fresh from similar assignments in Iraq.

  10. About names of shed massacre actors , names never heard of it before :

    Daqdouq : a possible substitute ?


    October 26, 2011 Rebels Said to Find Qaddafi Tie in Plot Against Iraq
    Nov. 16 2012 (UPI) -- Iraq Friday released Ali Moussa Daqdouq,
    who had been cleared in court in May after being accused of involvement in the slaying of five U.S. soldiers in Iraq.



    Tripoli, 27 December 2012 : Juma Daqdouq



    - The U.S. intel­li­gence sup­ports some senior mil­i­tary offi­cials who defected from the Gaddafi regime, specif­i­cally those who are asso­ci­ated with the Mugharief Move­ment (National Front for the Sal­va­tion of Libya), which formed dur­ing the early eight­ies of the last cen­tury in Khartoum-Sudan with the sup­port of for­mer Sudanese pres­i­dent Jaf­far Nimeiri, Saudi Ara­bia and the CIA (Red Ant Lib­er­a­tion wrote on this con­nec­tion).

    Funny is that the U.S. started to con­nect Al-Qaeda and Hezbol­lah fight side by side with the Libyan Islamists to block them from power in the future.


  11. Libyan ‏ @Tripolitanian
    I would like to ask Lebanon to return our weapons so we can try to send them to the Syrians again, thanks.

  12. http://mylogicoftruth.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/once-nato-enemies-in-iraq-and-afghanistan-now-nato-allies-in-libya/

    Once NATO enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan, now NATO allies in Libya

    1. The Misrata Military Council had the first information on the crime, 140 grenade-killed prisoners, all dead,..

      the story seems so much like another story from the past @ 1.48

  13. Yakhlif Sifawi

    Head of Misrata's transitional council Khalifa Abdullah Al-Zwawi
    another name , not real alike : Sirtawia
    Last May, he was contacted by a sympathetic official who said somebody significant had been caught; Masood Sirtawia, the head of the Gaddafi militia who was in charge of the checkpoint where his sons were detained.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SHQfpWgd6E

    @ 1.14 Eissa Gliza ?, and his brigade is based in one of Tripoli’s wealthiest neighborhoods

    The man guarding Hirazi runs a large brigade of men from the Nafusah Mountains, three hours southwest of Tripoli. His name is Eissa Gliza, and his brigade is based in one of Tripoli’s wealthiest neighborhoods, in a flamboyant villa that used to belong to Qaddafi’s sons

  15. Eissa Gliza, and his brigade is based in one of Tripoli’s wealthiest neighborhoods, in a flamboyant villa that used to belong to Qaddafi’s sons :

    Zintan militia in Tripoli , Khalid Al Madani

    Sitting on a plush couch in a villa in the Regatta section,
    a seaside neighbourhood in Tripoli
    once preferred by expatriates and now controlled by the Zintan militia, a top officer in the militia resembles an old-fashioned warlord, dispensing rough justice, trafficking stolen goods and ruling his turf by the barrel of a gun.

    When the question of Himi arose, Khalid Al Madani paused for a moment to savour it.


  16. misrata Khaled al Madani

    Dr Khaled al Madani, head of the psychology department of Misrata University, has been trying to establish proper mental healthcare services in the city for more than a year.

    Marwan Emhemed Khalifa Gaddoura
    Ah'med Khalifa Al-h'emdani.

    Berberism & Berberists: Tamazight or Berber Political Movements : names
    Ah'med Mah'mud Ez-Zwawi . Abu Al-Qasem Saa'eed Maa'toug. Ah'med Khalifa Al-h'emdani. Ah'med Salen A'emran. Ah'med A'ali Salem Ah'med A'ali Maa'toug ...

    Khalifa al-Zwawi, a judge who heads Misrata's transitional council

  17. qasir bin ghasr

    26 august 2011 In Tripoli, the son of Libya's once-powerful intelligence chief came into the city's Al-Afia hospital to ask for treatment for 20 of his loyalist fighters,
    said a physician there, Fawzi Addala. He told me: 'I am a dead man - I'm Abdullah Senoussi's son

    Mohammed Senoussi's brigade had been shelling Tripoli's airport earlier this week, but had to flee the rebel advance.

    Al-Afia Clinic is situated in Gaser, Benghashir, Tripoli, a 5 minutes drive from Tripoli International Airport

  18. Tripoli, 2 March 2013: Exclusive: Interview with Abdullah Senussi’s imprisoned daughter

    By Ashraf Abdul Wahab.


    My older brother Mohamed was killed during the fighting between the city of Tarhunah and Bani Walid.  He used to live in Italy before the revolution.”

  19. Ashraf Abdul Wahab

    February 14, 2013 TRIPOLI — Assailants recently invaded Ashraf Abdul Wahab's house
    while he was away and at gunpoint evicted his wife, two young sons, and 70-year-old mother.


  20. Ashraf Abdul Wahab


    The direct authors of this lie are:
    journalist Ashraf Abdel Wahab, the press-Secretary of the press-service of the local Council of Bani Walid Saad Mohamed Al-Daba,
    the head of the Military Council of the Bani Walid Fathi Zili, the military commander in Bani-Walid Hussein Khalifa.

  21. Abdullah Senussi is being held in the Hadba Al-Khadra prison By Ashraf Abdul Wahab.

    Tripoli, 22 February 2013:A guard at the Tripoli prison where Abdullah Senussi is being held has been arrested and charged with smuggling  in a mobile phone for Qaddafi’s former intelligence chief to use.


    -Colonel Mohammed Gwaider, the prison governor.
    -Ahmed Gwaider A number of sources say that Gwaider, like many members of Gadhafi’s intelligence services, have been called back to work for the new government

    Why is Hamsa here? I also took part in the shootings, at the command of Abdullah al-Senussi


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