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Monday, October 10, 2011

Video Study: Rat Detectives Sniff Out Crime

October 10, 2011
last edits Oct.12

I turn now to a video Posted October 1 by Quatchi Canada to his massive, deceptive, and carefully managed video empire, as "Captured Chadian Mercenaries in Sirte (Libya)" Sept. 29, 2011." It was also posted same day by scupcenter Tube as "Persecution of Black people by NATO Rebels Continues." (and then this huge account, like VSMRK's, was quickly deleted).

It shows a team of rebel fighters (NATO plague rats) gathered around a pickup truck, somewhere in whatever outskirts of Sirte NATO bombed them into. They'e detained two young black men, obviously suspected mercenaries, and have them cuffed in the back of the truck. They show the world all the clues that their hunch is correct as always.

If you're not familiar with their track record on this issue so far, give it a look before proceeding. I'd guess by now it's slightly higher than 0%, but back in February when everyone was screaming bloody murder over "the African mercenaries!!!" the rate seems to have been exactly 0%. Many of those accused were killed, burned alive, tortured, etc. Some were then shown off - as vicious mercenaries who deserved it, and who "proved" Gaddafi's army had defected.

And here they are at the end of September, considering another two for some kind of punishment fit for a mercenary. Whatever they're calling that these days, nearly eight months after they lynched their first innocent black man. Slow learning curve, or what?

- Skin check: they're pretty darn black. That's sometimes clue enough for a summary death sentence.
- Gaddafi loyalty check: Apparently, one had Muammar's green book, or some other small green book the rebels disdain.
- Headwear check: One of them has got a yellow construction hard hat, just like the notorious first mercenaries in Benghazi. They put it on his head momentarily for effect. See? Vicious killer.
- Wallet check: One has a photo of a pale person, the discovery of which elicits calls of Allahu Akbar for some reason.
- There is a moderate sized wad of cash money.
- An ID card is found for one of them, showing the flag of a foreign country - blue, yellow, red. Looking it up to be sure, it's the flag of Chad.
- There's a passport that prompts the cameraman to say "Chad." The name of the holder, in Roman letters, seems to be "Abdullah Doukmour Adin" (??). The embassy there should be hearing about him soon, right?
- Another paper says one of the two is HIV negative. That seems to be it.

Even with the lack of actual weapons or combat gear, all of this could mean only one thing - irrefutable proof these guys are African mercenaries. Why else would an African worker have money? Only Muammar pays his slaves, and then only to kill innocent Libyan protesters/freedom fighters. And the hardhat just seals the deal. Why would a simple foreign worker have one of those?

The captive on the driver's side is slightly darker in skin tone, dressed in sporty blue sweats, and perhaps not conversant in Arabic - he remains silent and withdrawn, and largely ignored. The one on the passenger's side is dressed more formally, and actually spoken to and asked questions, which he seems to answer with understandable Arabic.

In his shirt pocket is found some kind of charm or talisman - four or five small leather pouches on red string, which causes some amusement as they pull it out. His questioner starts repeating "haram," I believe, which means "forbidden" in Islam. This causes the boy to behave defensively, as if he was doing fine but had finally been caught in a crime. He seems to answer affirmatively when asked if he's a Muslim. "Well, that thing is haram," he seems to be told.

So one way or another, they've got something good on one of them. Some kind of Christain/animist/voodoo stuff, showing clearly he was there to kill Muslims, undercover even. Very deceptive. The sneers and grimaces of disgust on the surrounding, light-skinned Arab, Libyan Bubba faces might show they know the end of this story already. If anyone runs across a corpse around there dressed like him with such a charm, perhaps stuffed in his mouth, this will be the crime he was killed for in liberated Libya.

Note Oct.12: It just occurred to me these fellows might not have been captured in any sort of battle sense. Between bombs, rockets, and a lack of every basic of life that can be denied by the rebels, every single person inside the city is being compelled, sternly, to come out and put themselves in rebel hands. Quite a few people (nearly everyone from a city of 75,000, the rebels are saying, and the Red Cross puts it above 20,000) have already simply surrendered themselves, just to be allowed to leave and live.

Some of those people are bound to be black men, and even foreigners. Although the usual roadblock situation most refugees pass through isn't visible nearby, well, it wouldn't be. Best do some special interrogation like this off to the side.

People leaving Sirte as instructed might be expected to have with them, aside from other things (not shown) cash and papers. They might carry a green book if they're foolish and brave, and a hardhat ... if they're worried about flying debris in case a beardy kid starts shooting? A charm might be present, if he thinks it'll bring him good luck like he's never needed before, and doesn't realize it might get him killed instead. Haram + black in liberated Libya = a bad combination. We'll see how bad when and if Mr. Adin (or is it his companion? Can't tell) ever surfaces alive.

See the comments below for some better investigation (it's not too hard, really), especially on who's running this truck in Sirte processing "suspected mercenaries."


  1. I believe I have seen similar "charms" in some other rebel videos, possibly from Misrata.

    Anyway, I have finally starting bookmarking YouTube videos into playlists on my YouTube account

    The list for "African mercenaries - Libya" now has 62 items. The title given by Quatchi Canada gives me the license to place it there. (In fact, I already had a copy uploaded by zawia17feb.)



    In other issues, have you paid attention to this set of photos from the Benghazi morgue from February 21, 2011? (Warning: extremly "graphic" content)

    This copy claims they depict "genocide by the criminal Gaddafi."

    In fact they are the unmistakable remains of two belt-wearing suicide bombers.

    Petri Krohn
    Hands off Libya on Facebook

  2. Some small details from the video: The passport number on the HIV screening certificate from LARowad Medical Laboratory is something like 138-05?71193-22

    From the passport I read that Abdullah Doukmour Adin is born on October 21, 1984.

  3. The pick up truck is lettered for the Army or Military Council of the Town of Misrata. - Al-Majlis Al-Askari Mdina Misrata. It gets a name check on a forum which quotes the Army Rumour Service "arrse"
    "As long as the Misrata majlis al-askari gets a major say in Libyan politics prior to the elections, things should be OK. (Just not, btw, for the largely loyalist blacks of Tawargha, who I warned would get a shitty welcome from Misrata once my guys pushed southeastwards- and have).
    My khatiba- al-Ghabra- is currently garrisoning an electricity station in Tripoli. They're bored and want some action, and volunteers are being mustered for Bani Walid.

    And if it did come to a civil war- and I don't think it will, though they may be a few minor scraps before the dust settles- then without NATO/Qatari support the NTC forces, or 'Libya National Army', would lose heavily and quickly to Misrata, and I suspect the Berbers. Who'd come out on top politically? Whoever Qatar wants on top. ""

    notice "my guys"

    A subsequent forum commenter points to an Al Jazeera Video which shows probably UK ground troops in May 2011 west of Misrata.

  4. PK: Don't believe I'd run across your videos yet. Will have a look. Thanls for the link thing you did. :)

    On the remain, yes, I mentioned them once. "Unmistakeable" would have to be spelled out for me. I'd say consistent with is fair. Benghazi Feb 21 is a day after the Katiba thing, but the one (reported) suicide bombing we know of woulnd't even leave that much person, I think. It was a big boom. What do you think they might've bombed?

    I stay away from Facebook mostly, but may say Hi next time I'm in.

    And thanks for the small details. His family will be wanting him home soon for his 27th birthday celebration, if possible.

  5. Felix: That's a fascinating passage.

    My guys, yes. I read it as Misrata brigades,which he seems to be in with. They're the ones we see shooting and shouting around the empty streets, with only less lynching than they hoped.

    The thing about Misratans and the Berbers (Nafusah people, pretty much, I think) making a natural alliance makes sense to me. The two seem to be the most racist, most beardy, most "oh my God, we enabled THAT!?" among all the rebels. I suspect one or another of these elements headed up the hospital acquisition in Abu Salim.

    And they're put in charge of running the handling of black captives, captured or surrendered? What the fuck? I hate this shit.

  6. Sorry, above I meant to specify"They're the ones we see shooting and shouting around the empty streets of Tawergha..."

  7. Here is a video report by CNN from Sirte, most likely from Wednesday, Oct 12. The video shows a pile of executed captives on "the outskirts of Sirte" some shot to the head. The executed men are of fighting age. A "hospital official" Abdullah Al-Manghoosh says that "clearly they were revolutionary fighters."

    سرت - كتائب القذافي تقتل البشر وترميهم على الطرقات
    Uploaded by ArabMusica on Oct 12, 2011

    A quick analysis tells the following:

    1) The men are tied with plastic cable ties. -> They were captured in a combat situation.

    2) They are all wearing clean civilian clothes. Clearly they did not come to Sirte with the rebel army, but are Sirte residents.

    On this video from today teleSUR's Diego Marín quotes a NTC rebel: "Anyone found in Sirte with weapons will be executed."

    Confirmed NATO terrorists executing all people they capture in Sirte All young men are beheaded & girls raped and killed
    Uploaded by TVZNETonline on Oct 13, 2011

    Petri Krohn
    Hands off Libya on Facebook

  8. Comment at the CNN video, in case it's not allowed to remain:
    Help Libya! Revolutionary forces are running low in supplies. Needed: more ammunition and more plastic ties, plus swords sharpened. If fighting continues, may need spikes to place heads on.

    They might've been captured peacefully, just tied to avoid combat as they were shot one byone. Could be revolutionaries, but they tend to wear some camo. I suspect not, but not sure. For once, almost totally light Arab in color - that makes it a bit less clear.

    But the doctor's "we don't know" "clearly rev" story seals it. He's lying, they know, they're enemy.

    TeleSur promises to be better. Willwatch that next.

    Thanks for this tip, and from your videos page, the new (to me) partial beheading video mentioned at "rebel atrocity videos)

  9. بالاضافة الى شحذ. إذا استمرت المقاومة لفترة طويلة، قد مقاتلين من أجل الحرية تحتاج لوضع المسامير في رؤوس.

    Tried posting that, to be sure I was understood,responding to "Gaddafi kills people and throws them on the roadside." I been blocked by the user! Weaklings. I've never blocked anyone unless it's for volume spam. I can handle anything anyone has, but it don't go the other way 'round.

    Also: The bodies seem to be among a total of 42 found-get this-behind the "captured" Muttassim Gaddafi's [last known] home. Been dead days before FFs got there, they say. I have a post coming soon to start cataloguing the Sirte massacres. Source:

  10. seem to have lost some of the Arabic above. Ah well - I don't think Google translate quite worked. It translated back as gibberish.

  11. Two more comments on the CNN video:
    - It is also worth noting, that the bodies are fresh – no maggots, only flies.
    - The fact that Abdullah Al-Manghoosh is lying is an indication of the level of terror.

    I do not know if there are more than one body find in Sirte, have not compared the details.

    Reuters originally reported the bodies "had been dead for five days." Since then the story has changed many times.

    Libya's NTC fighters find 25 corpses in Sirte
    Reuters, Sirte, October 12, 2011

    "Mein Parteibuch Zweitblog" already did a write-up on the story.

    NATO’s TNC ground troops commit summary executions in Sirte
    October 12, 2011

  12. al Arabiya: More Bodies Found in Sirte
    Saturday, 15 October 2011

    Quote: "The corpses, believed to have been killed by forces loyal to former leader Muammar Qaddafi, were found face down and piled up, in an area in Sirte known as “Dollar Neighborhood”. NTC fighters said they found more bodies in a similar state in other parts of Sirte."

    To me "burnt bodies" says "al Qaeda."

  13. New post on the massacres, incorporating these reader tips:

    Petri, agreed on the flies. That's included.

  14. I finally came across the charms again. Of all the places they are shown on the Globe and Mail article by Graeme Smith on the al Baida massacre I failed to bring to your attention in April.
    A rebellion divided: spectre of revenge killings hangs over eastern Libya

    This image is shown with the following caption:
    "Uthman Suleiman, 32, who describes himself as a security chief for the rebel city of Al Bayda, holds up war trophies captured from pro-Gadhafi fighters in the early days of the revolution."

    Now the "charms" have turned into "war trophies." I still do not know what they are or what they are used for.

  15. Here is another photo of these book type amulets, from a pro-rebel Twitter account with an interest in al Kufra.
    #AlKufra: Picture: the sorcery things "7jabat" that were found with the chadians mercenaries. pic.twitter.com/DkxdHx1U

    Al Kufra is an oasis in the southern desert near Chad. There was some battle there earlier this week. At least six rebels were killed. Their bodies are shown in this Facebook video.

    Green resistance supporters claimed thay had taken over the town. I do not know if it is quite true. At this moment Feb17 Twitter accounts are tweeting about "Chadian mercenaries" that have been killed on their way to al Kufra.

    Joanne ♌ Leo – @FromJoanne
    #Reports: that #Libya-n Air force planes bombed the Support Heavily Armed Mercenaries cars coming from #Chad on their way to #AlKufra

  16. @Petri - the book type charms are called Gri-Gri, in this video from ImazighenLibya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBAjnxk20uI Capture de mercenaires en Libye avec leur gri-gri , Tripoli, 2 Sept 2011

  17. some "mercenaries" captured by tripoli brigade mercenaries

    0.17/ 0.27 the mate of harati /0.29 /1.08 , 1.09 manchester mercenaries /2.38 /2.45 spectacles behind zintani /3.16 another spectacles

    lol : amnesty : an element of racism [ cough]


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