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Monday, October 22, 2012

Khamis Gaddafi Once Again Killed (Ring of Truth This Time)

October 21, 2012

However fascinating it is, I don't feel like the person to write blog posts about what's happening in Libya these days, as Petri and I focus on Syria and the Houla Massacre investigation that I'm not even keeping up with quite well enough. So below, some comments, maybe even by me, on this strange new subject emerging from the final, or most recent, major battle of the Libyan Civil War, the unknown but currently happening siege of Bani Walid, of October 2012.  All somewhat unverified (??). They say, at the Libya Herald for example, that Misrata Brigades engaging in some kind of fighting there managed to capture Khamis Gaddafi, drive him towards Misrata, and kill him along the way.

Aside from the all-too likely truth of a hideous and genocidal ignored assault on a major Libyan city, this has all gotten really fascinating. More than a year after his last-reported, for real and for sure, violent death, (which I never quite bought), he was offed on the road by Misratans, get this, on about or exactly the anniversary of his father's exact experience. When an anniversary marker like that appears in Libya, it suggests it's been planned that way. Someone has good intel and capabilities and can choose their own time for the crime, anddoesn't mind letting us know it. Not unlike the now spontaneous, non-Al-Qaeda, non-planned consulate attack right on the anniversary of 9/11. Suuuure...

For those reasons, this has both the ring of truth, and the ring of Al Qaeda wreacking its slow vengeance for "the 1990s" on Libya, and on its slimming pool of secret backup plans. As usual, a victory for Al Qaeda is a victory for the CIA. That's all a few leaps from what precisely is known, especially by me. But clearly the plan for a pre-fabricated clash of civilizations is running fast, World War IV (or is this V already? Will depend on your definition...) looms, and at the very least it's intended Iran will burn to the ground.

It's a guess, anyway.


  1. Now more claims by "Freedom Group" that Khamis Gaddafi is based somewhere on outskirts of BW and is accompanied by sons of former officials.

  2. http://i47.tinypic.com/2jd3yc6.jpg

    The blurb from the Small World News website, which is behind the Alive.in projects, reads as a mission statement for citizen journalism.

    Small World News is about empowering global citizens to share their stories with the world, and provides a place of education and interaction for anyone interested in the real life political, military, economic and social situation in their world.

    Above all, we are devoted to assisting people all over the globe with sharing their stories with the world in a personal, candid and non-bureaucratic way. We endeavor to cut through the red tape and politics of corporate news and deliver the real stories, from real people, everyday.
    Credit : Small World News

    Translation to English is crowdsourced, thanks to Small World News


    Small World's initiative is called Alive in Libya.

    Director Brian Conley says about a dozen Libyans have undergone the training. They now can produce professionally-shot videos taken even with cellphone cameras.


  3. http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.nl/2011/05/contest-fakest-rebel-video.html


    Protestors, sympathizing w/ BaniWalid &angry w/media coverage of BW standoff, stormed offices of #Libya AlHurra tv here in #Benghazi @akhbar 21\10\2012.

  4. http://counterpsyops.com/2012/10/22/urgent-libya-misurata-preparing-a-fake-general-khamis-gaddafi-22-october-2012/

    URGENT Libya – Misurata preparing a FAKE General Khamis Gaddafi (22 October 2012)

  5. Government spokesman Nasser Al-Manaa has also announced that more than 100 wanted persons from Bani Walid, including former members of Khamis Qaddafi’s 32nd brigade, had been captured and several hostages freed.

    Al-Manaa also took the opportunity to apologise for apparently false reports from both the government and the National Congress regarding the killing of Khamis and the capture of former regime spokesman Ibrahim Moussa last week.

    “We apologise for mistakes made regarding declarations about the capture of different personalities”, Manaa said. “It was not our intention to mislead people or to hide something”.


  6. @Abdallah_172 @Eljarh What about the hundreds if not thousands of missing from Bani Walid, Sirte, etc...? Till now many go missing.

    Bani Walid residents say "I will not forget, my children will not forget and nor will my children's children." Other Libyans say this too.

  7. Libya gov that openly lied about Ibrahim and Khamis two days ago, now being politely parroted by west press on their Bani Walid version.

    These people are notorious liars, and it works: West press gets sooo willingly fooled over and over again!

    1. The weak government and the ministry of defence, however,
      seem to buy the disinformation labelling Bani Walid
      as Qaddafi's stronghold from beyond the grave.

      This pretext has given the militias a free hand.

      Two days into the invasion, many Libyan politicians claimed that Khamis Qaddafi, the dictator's son, had been killed and other high-ranking Qaddafi supporters captured.

      Less than 24 hours later, it became apparent that not a single fugitive had been captured or killed, while dozens of civilians including children were.

      The "pro Qaddafi" label has become a pretext under which hundreds of civilians have been jailed, killed or driven from their homes by those who claim to be liberators.

      Thousands of private properties have been confiscated under the same pretext, while the perpetrators have the immunity of being "revolutionaries".


  8. Hi Felix,

    I thought I would come by and visit to have a poke around.

    Good looking set up you have put together here.

    I am impressed - it far surpasses my feeble IT efforts!

    I hope you have had a chance to visit me at www.worldblogofblogs.blogspot.co.uk

    If not come by. I may be radical but am definitely independent!

    Nonetheless it would be good to hear from you direct after appreciating your comments on Aangirfan for a while now.

    Drop me a line to bloggerofblogs@gmail.com

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi Carol -
      I am only a very minor player and contributor. This is a major archive mainly put together by Adam which lifts the lid off the lies and disinformation promulgated by our media over the Libyan adventure, part of the so-called Arab spring which Aangirfan so accurately predicted would happen in Tunisia shortly before it did.
      I nearly started a blog called "something not quite right here" but I have little time...
      BTW there is a fantastic blog exchange which caught a now ceased blogger by surprise about the death of Chief Constable of Manchester on Snowdon. The CC's old lovers started battling it out there to the blogger's amazement. Something like the One Eyed Man. I forget.

  9. H: "Libya gov that openly lied about Ibrahim and Khamis two days ago, now being politely parroted by west press on their Bani Walid version.

    These people are notorious liars, and it works: West press gets sooo willingly fooled over and over again!"

    Hm, with a little time to reflect, that "ring of truth" could well be an illusion. It would mean I was finally suckered briefly, but that only after abandoning the issue for a while and getting rusty on the developing context.

    What matters is Ban Walid in general. A whole new cluster of war crimes is alleged, and where is the CIWCL? (that's a real and fair question for me, Petri, etc.) But we can't be slaves to the name we chose for a group that seems to have zero power to change things anyway ... I don't know. What do you think, H?

    1. You can ask yrself : who has written about facts & crimes committed to the libiyan people?

      I repeat the new commenter here above : Good looking set up you have put together here.

      You can be proud of yrself . Your readers don't take the MSM lies on Libiya for granted anymore.

      And maybe they will resist against injustice & the overthrow/ exploitation of countries under the banner of human rights

      The blogs revealing crimes against Siria are so many more than Libiya ever have had , so keep on goin on Libiya 2!

  10. Carol:

    Greetings. If you're the same CAV I know of, and that's the 9/11 "bumble planes" lady, cool. Welcome. I don't go for that stuff anymore, but that thought at least always struck me as intelligent and imaginative. It has a certain logic at least.

    To clarify, I started and administer this blog. Though Petri and Felix did join and we're listed in arbitrary order on the right as administrators. They've both contributed some great posts. All three of us have flaked on Libya, with h mostly keeping the site alive with comments. She's awesome.

    But Khamis (not Bani Walid, why?) brought us all back briefly along with you.

  11. @ felix : I checked the Aangirfan blog as far as they write about Libiya . Didn't see comments with yr name. Though I saw not long ago a felix commenting somewhere on a page of the level of information clearing house.

    Are you waiting till caustic returns?
    I miss yr sharp observations , regards , h

    1. h
      I'm very busy recently, but keep my eye on Libya. Syria is too depressing and complex and in any case I never went to Syria. I'll be back


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