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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

US Cluster Bombed Misrata?

June 1/2, 2011

Here I'll first just mention, and later comment on, an interesting and very specific allegation. A while back, extra deadly and widely banned cluster bomb(s) were discovered to have been used in Misrata. Of course, the blame went right to the besieging Libyan forces loyal to the government of Libya. As usual, I'm not convinced that's true.

But supposing the bomb(s) or their signs really were found there (I haven't looked into the details yet), someone is responsible. There's no worthwhile tactical advantage for any side to use such a weapon in Misrata, where people loyal to both sides reside and struggle. The only clear value to anyone is the bombs being sent - dropped, fired, or simply set down - by forces loyal to the takeover effort, strictly as dehumanizing propaganda against the government.

That has been alleged by an organization called Human Rights Investigations, of whom I also know little. (sorry, time is so limited for me these days...) First, a summary of the allegations worked into a new article for "The Examiner"
PSYOP: US Navy cluster bombs oil-rich Libya, blames Gadaffi
Today, Human Rights Investigation (HRI) has called for accountability related to the recent cluster bombing of Libyans in the nation's third largest city, Misrata. HRI has evidence that, although Human Rights Watch and a US media reporter blamed Gaddafi supporters for the war crime of cluster bombing Misrata, it was the United States Navy and Western allies who cluster bombed the city in April in the US led war on oil rich Libya, and then led a deadly psychological operation for further violence.
The Libyan government has consistently denied the charge, which many take as proof that the charges are true. But this group with a website claims it can all but prove the opposite, who did cluster bomb Misrata.

The findings are mentioned around elsewhere, like at the Iranian Press TV.
The HRI said it has convincing evidence that the cluster bombing blamed on pro-Gaddafi forces was actually carried out by the US navy.

So, the link given is this:
But that only covers some possibly unusual ships/crews in the right area to have done it. I'll have a look and report back on this plus the following further articles in support.
The cluster bombing of Misrata: The case against the USA
Admiral James Stavridis
As the official story of Misrata unravels…
June 2: I've skimmed through all of them. There's nothing like proof, but a good case is made with some admirably detailed research. The second link ("case") is particularly useful, and at the very least explains just what the supporting evidence there is for when, where, and how the cluster bombs came in. I'm instinctively a little skeptical of this (I have over-active disinformation detectors), but I've decided it's all worth considering closely, over the next week or two. I'll bump this post to the top again when I decide what else to type.

June 8: Once I got through it, I realized it was a very interesting case. I decided to relate it in a separate post. Please see that - my official opinion, explained there: we don't know who caused these bombs to burst over Misrata, although the United States Navy appears the most likely candidate if we had to pick someone. But either way, it's looking very unlikely it was Libya. They need to be de-blamed as soon as possible.

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