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Sunday, May 8, 2016

SAFMCD Named Victims: #CaesarPhotos Victim Profile

SAFMCD Named Victims: #CaesarPhotos Victim Profile
May 8, 2016

A very few "Caesar" photo victims have names attached - I've found eleven, mainly in the "sporadic views" and  "unknown branch" folders, one in AF Intel.  This may be all there is. When these can be matched to detailed records, they tend to be soldiers, what we presume to be a disproportionate trend...

1) Arkan
The SAFMCD's sporadic views folder includes أركان-1-000 (1)
Date not given, possibly not as early as the others. This is a young man who wore military fatigues, fighting with some side. He was apparently shot in the torso, given a nasty knock on the head and taken prisoner by opposing forces, and then his right eye was perhaps popped out.  

The Arabic translates to the name Arkan - apparently incomplete  - this is not a family name,
but an uncommon personal one that translates "fighting." Only one VDC "martyr" is in possible frame - Arkan Mustafa al-Khalil from Tibet Al-Ima, Hama. He was killed 2013-01-08 by Shelling - and a civilian, not likely to wear camo. Not a good fit. No one named Arkan appears among FSA, ISIS, or other fighters classed as "martyrs" by the VDC.

There are twice as many options in the VDC's other and smaller database for 'regime fatalities' - Arkan Ghasan Kewan, a Second Lieutenant from  Sahwat Kheder, Sweida Province. killed 2013-03-04, by Shooting. Facebook Page (active!) (two photos of him, I guess, in parades, riding a horse, holding the Syrian flag and an odd one - seems to be a variant Druze flag, same pattern shown in miniature here. appears an older and different than the man seen here)
Arkan Mahmoud Khider Zaiton, from Homs. Date of death 2012-04-25 by Shooting. Rank Colonel Notes Source : SANA (no link). Colonel sounds older than seen, but maybe. This "Arkan" might not be listed, at least under that name. Is it just a way of saying this one died while fighting?
Add 2018:
(88) Col. Mahmoud Khader Zeitoun, from the village of Khirbet Ghazi, in the countryside of Homs, was killed in Hama (23/4) (SANA)

2) Mohammed Noureddine Salkini
j-4-2012 (1)محمد نور الدين سلقيني

This is from the Air Force intelligence folder. He's prisoner #4 from folder "2012?"? There's no such folder otherwise. Or no number, from 4-2012? There's also no April 2012 folder, aside from him. (see here). 

The Arabic translates Mohammed Noureddine Salkini. That name is mostly listed by the VDC as Noor Eddin Salqini. non-civilian. Rank: soldier. Nothing about defection is noted. Occupation Telecommunications Engineer. From Homs, Inshaat. Pre-death photo below at right. 

He was Killed by "Detention - Execution" on 2012-04-29 "After ten days of his arrest in his military unit." (in? by? along with?) How they know his death date from secret detention is unclear. But it would put him in the April 2012 time frame ...

What they did after they arrested him, whoever it was, left his lips purple, skin and eyes red/irritated, mucous crust in mouth and eyes, yellow staining from more mucous around mouth and nose. All this says he was gassed with something caustic like chlorine (see upcoming report...). 

3) Alaa Yahya Alddar Rabha
The "unknown branch" folder contains
The Arabic comes out Alaa Yahya Alddar Rabha, with the 563 likely being his hospital number (unidentified body #563 re-branded as prisoner # of unknown branch - see FC7)
He's also listed by VDC, but again not with full name, and not even as a martyr. Army status here carried through - "regime fatalities' database includes Alaa Yahia Sit Al-Dar,  Rank: Soldier, from Homs. Citing a SANA article, they say he was killed 2012-05-20, by "shooting." The link doesn't work,  but http://fedaa.alwehda.gov.sy/node/139640 agrees. Autoi-translated, this lists "Rookie Alaa Yahya six House of Homs" as part of "The funeral of the bodies of 18 martyrs from the army and the maintenance of order and civilians," on May 22, 2012. 
To wind up among these photos, normally, he'd have to be briefly unidentified, separated from his team and found elsewhere. If that card only has numbers, then he was identified after. If that has his name, he doesn't belong among the "secret detainees" photos. 
4) Ismael Mumina
From the 'sporadic views' folder: 000-8-2011-اسماعيل مومنة (4)
like Salqini, apparent chemical victim - yellow crud from the nose and up the face, possibly mild cyanosis in lips or eye problems, otherwise not clear. 

The name here translates Ismael Mumina.  Searching the proper Arabic spelling, this one has two entries, one for after his non-secret death, another for when he was identified following the release of Caesar's photos (this one with the name built right in).  
Ismael Mumnah, from Qatana, Damascus Suburbs. Date of death     2011-08-27 Detention - Torture
Video of the martyr, posted September 4   (dark video, their still here) - not secretly buries but handed back to family and then seen by these activists - unless filmed by them before the body was dumped to find - certainly anytime in 2011 is a bit early for the eventual system to be in place - stupid moves might have ruled back then.

Another video shows he posed for lots of photographs,  wasn't big on smiling, but had a really zany mustache (before the war, I presume). 

Ismael Jamil Mumina Date of death     2015-03-09 Martyred under torture in the regime`s prisons, Date of death unknown accurately

5) Ahmed Hawas
Another I can match -up: 11-2011-Ahmed Hawas (1) that's translated - the Arabic is a partial name the VDC lists in full as  أحمد حواس الحريش الشمري  or Ahmed Hawas Al Hareesh Al Shemri, from Hasakeh,  Yaarebiyeh Hareesheh. No picture to compare, but the name is unique, can hardly be a coincidence. Consistently, it says he died from "Detention - Torture." Actual cause of death, unclear. Apparently related to the detention part: "Wounded by shot."  Date of death is a bit later - 2011-12-15 - same guy listed late here or early there seems most likely.
No Match? 
6) 261-1-2012-Musa Hammoud (4)-332262
7) Abdul Rahman Al-Harira- 02112012-intelligence department (3)-364778 
(possible or near-match - notes forthcoming)
Abd al-Samad al-Hariri
Age     56
Family Status     Married and has 6 children
Area     Daeel
Occupation     Pharmacist
National Number    
ID Card number    
Date of death     2012-11-01
Martyrdom location    
Cause of Death     Shooting
Notes     martyred by regime's random gunfire
The others (forthcoming)
8) 03062012 Saleh-Zahra (1)-966746
9) 03062012-Khaled Shaaban (7)-621591
10) 06082012-Ahmed Mohamed (2)-966077
11) Ibrahim al-Hur 1-2012-990937
Any I missed? 

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