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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hamza al-Khatib: "Abu Hamza" Tells it for Real

Hamza al-Khatib: "Abu Hamza" Tells it for Real
May 1, 2016
(last edits May 5)

I just finished comparing the evidence for how Hamza al-Khatib spent May, 2011 - tortured in unseen captivity or in refrigerant-delayed rot ... no one could know what happened after April 29, when activists say he was arrested. They couldn't know when he died and how, and the dark colors and possible bloating of his body in late May suggested he'd been dead for some time - maybe even back to late April, shortly before his "arrest" as unidentified body #23.

Then I noticed a video I'll have to add, but summarized - I'll have to cut most of this amazing material there, and this just barely deserves its own post to fail in its full glory.
Syria: A witness tells the complete story of killing Hamza al Khateeb. (#AssadWarCrimes) posted by Bashar Assad Crimes Archive, with English subtitles. Original channel: Al-Arabiya?

A special relationship with an amazing human being.
Abu Hamza al-Doumani is a pseudonym this guy at right uses. It means father of Hamza, from Douma. He says he was arrested April 12, 2011, from his makeshift medical clinic (in Douma?). He was taken in for providing medical care, which the regime hates. He was held 5 months, up to September 10, 2011, "a month" of which he spent with Hamza al-Khatib (0:49). Unlike Hamza, in the end, he was released to tell everything.

The boy's death date is not specified, but apparently near the very end of a longest-possible time of just under a month total. Mr. Doumani says Hamza was first transferred from Daraa to Sweida, then to Damascus, where he was killed, before his body was sent back to Deraa for the handover to his family. And this alleged witness says he was there for the whole majority time in Damascus.

Well, most of that time. When Doumani was moved from branch 293 to branch 248, date not specified, he says he was put in cell #4 with 88 people, including Hamza (he was already there) and 14 other children. Hamzah is said to be taken by AF intel in Deraa, but he was allegedly handed over to 248 by the end. This was their central Damascus branch, on al Tawjeeh street, between Kafersosa and al Mazza area.

"I recognized him at first sight," Doumani says of Hamza. He recognized what at first sight? The boy wasn't famous yet. Did he recognize, upon entering the false memory chamber, that this was the kid he needed to come up with the story about? If so, good job, but you aren't supposed to brag about that. He must mean he instantly noted the boy's special gifts (because Doumani himself has a gift for sensing this!).

He recalls the boy was 12 to 13 years old, with no facial hair. But Abu Hamza says he was  "impressed with his courage and steadfastness" as men were tortured to death around them. He admired the boy's adult-like and "sober" thinking, and his latent wisdom. He was, we could say, the very best of humanity, who was able to see clearly past the muck and the fear that plagues most adults. "I still remember him now," Doumani says in awe. "When I was set free I called myself Abu Hamza," father of Hamza, in honor of his immense courage.

A record of torture.
Doumani heard that when Hamza was transferred to Sweida, he was tortured there with "the chair," which involves the abdomen and must explain the recently-bruised belt-line seen in his morgue photos. Because of this, he says, there was already blood in his urine before he arrived in Damascus, and he repeats this as if it's important.

"We were tortured together" at 248, Doumani says, hanged by their wrists "between heaven and earth." Hamza was hanged there for 11 days, he for 17 days. Such a hefty kid, hanged for 11 of his last days, should show major wrist damage. None is really visible in the morgue photos. Doumani clashes with the physical evidence here.

Note: Doumani doesn't how any wounds of his own to prove the torture. Not that he should have to, nor that it would prove anything anyway - some method actors go that far (I suspect "Mazen Hamada" is an example). This one, however, seems far too lazy. I'm fairly sure "Abu Hamza al-Doumani" has no marks to show.

He says they were also both hanged upside down and hit with 220 volts of electricity until "our (heads) hit the ceiling." The photos are unclear about Hamza's ankles. He says this was done to 4 people, Hamza, him, a guy from Hama named Nizar Ma'lool, and someone else.

Hamza's final showdown with evil.
Mr. Doumani seems to know the name and hometown of every prisoner and every guard and interrogator at this place. The chief interrogator, he says, was a Captain Shiraz Khalaf, from Golan heights. He left the detainees' eyes uncovered durin interrogation, wanting to be recognized, from some psychological quirk. He also made other prisoners stand outside his office while he interrogated people, with the door open, to psychologically torture the others (5:30). And so, when Hamza was killed in Capt. Shiraz's office, Doumani says, "I was standing at the door and it was open." That's why he saw the whole thing, see. 

The questioning was intense. Shiraz, and his assistant Philip, from Tartous, wanted Hamza to admit to raping officers' wivesin the Saida housing complex. He wanted the 12-year-old to admit he helped destroy the electricity generator in Dara'a, and helped attack a battalion in the fifth squad, take their weapons and attacked the soldiers. ("you mean the officers' residences I believe?" asks the host. "I think so, there is a battalion in Dara'a ... I don't know the geography.." he responds). 

Hamza was offered freedom for admitting to being a terrorist, but he refused. "Give me a paper to sign, but never say anything on my behalf," Douman recalls the boy saying. Finally, they changed the challenge. Shiraz took down his portrait of president Assad, and ordered Hamza to kneel to it and accept him as his God. "this word is still ringing in my ears!" (8:43) He could go free and the torture could end. But the mighty Hamza looked at both of them, with a masterful stare, and laughed in mockery. Then, he pulled down his pants and urinated right on the picture "that's how I kneel," he told them with the calm certainty of the gladly doomed.

Of course, Shiraz and Philip were driven to an uncontrollable rage, but didn't shut the door. They and the helping soldiers were totally unembarrassed at the response; this is the death cult in action, openly demonic. Doumani and the others watched helplessly as Shiraz tied Hamza's genitals ("gentiles") with string, and and then cut off his penis with a knife "in front of us. I swear that I myself witnessed that." And now we know exactly why they did it.

Just before that, Shiraz poured fluids in the boy's mouth, 10-12 liters of soda, water, unknown. This might be what made him suddenly fat (apparently he wasn't before? Looked like the younger photo? Is this just who he "recognized"?). Or maybe this was to make him look bloated, maybe to darken him too and simulate early decay (fluid is unknown, likely magic). "His body started to swell" as they filled him up with it. Distorted and Orca-fied, and after the castration - Hamza was apparently stoic and "Braveheart" this whole time - they fatally shot him 3 times inside the office. Then they had a smoke, and started putting out numerous cigarettes on him, to "empty (his) body of water." 

The host seems less than convinced at points, and at the end makes "Abu Hamza al-Doumani" reiterate that he really means all of that, for history, for the world. Yes, he swears on his good name, the whole infidel world should hear this message.

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