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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fail "Caesar" part 6-D: Delay and Decay

Fail "Caesar" part 6-D: Delay and Decay: Left to Rot, but Where? 
Feb 20 (incomplete)
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<< Part 6: Evidence the Victims were NOT Prisoners of the Government

From a variety of sources and observations, the SNHR decided bodies were routinely left at the garage for days at a time. SNHR heard about 250-350 bodies total hauled every 3-4 days. (p15 ) This match suggests daily average between 62 and 116 bodies, while "Caesar" says it was up to 50 a day and usually less ... but numbers aside, the point is they were piled up for 3-4 days.

Such a delay is entirely possible. But maybe that's just their false explanation for why some bodies seem to be left somewhere for days. As many have noted, most victims appear quite freshly killed, almost as if they were simply trucked from a prison nearby right after execution. But there is a minority of cases that show various levels of decay.

Some show slight decay consistent with a couple of days, like 216-350, - damaged eyes are swelling and the lids turning black, but the other signs (including the eye damage) suggest horrible death by chemical exposure and a beefy build - not decay. In other cases, bloating causes the eyes to pop out, but this is different.  Another case like this is 215-4052 (14-8-2013), with only the eyes blackening yet. Another that's further along and bloating is alleged military police victim mp-004 (2-2013). A copy of that photo I found earlier on Facebook is at right. (I wish I had saved more of those...) The un-blurred number says 4 like it should. He's turning black all over, especially at the neck (that might suggest an injury there...)

Or the worst case I've seen, in an early-released photo here but not on the SAFMCD site, shows a face reduced to slime on skull from perhaps two weeks or more of face-down decay in water. This case connects back, below...

227 "zone" branch has more than most; 227-2478 (right) and 227-2485  are good examples of badly bloated and dead for probably over a week when photographed. The upper 2600s and 2700s (from a 000 folder between 7-7 and 14-8 of 2013) shows a stretch of mostly one type of victim: starved, eyes seemingly gouged out, and older than usual - probably dead 3-5 days but  left dry and dusty (ex: 2687). A few like 2690 and 2691 are turning black with microbes.

Sometimes these are numbered consecutively with more recently killed people. Branch 251 "internal security" branch - with by far the highest percentage of decayed bodies - has in its 3-2013 folder victims 63 (freshly killed), 64, (dead a week) 65, (dead a week and just partly shown (a bloated chin and mouth?)), and 67 (recent kill). I can't find 66 - it seems to be missing.

Much higher in number (but in an earlier folder, 2-2013) are 251 victims 3835, 3837, 3838, and 3839, and 2340, with a wet and slimy decay otherwise not much seen. 3836 is missing as far as I can see, but is shown in the SAFMCD video in some detail at 6:54 (and also in an early photo - both compared at right). It's not a face anyone's likely to recognize, with a distorted head and layers of slime (also has a CV catheter inserted at the collarbone - see part 6-C). The slimy face photo mentioned above seems to belong to the same set, and the number - barely readable as 3831 - implies another 3 unseen anywhere (3832-3834), for at least 10 victims in this group, with only half shown on the SAFMCD site.

These 10+ bodies were left somewhere wetter than the garage, for more than 3-4 days. That might be why the video claims - ridiculously - that these victims prove "mutilation with strange materials" but really they suggest: possible chemical exposure,  left oozing mucous, blood, and/or vomit, and then left face-down somewhere wet, muddy, and crawling with germs for several days before being brought in.  The gloves and boots the workers wear are supposed to prove the use of "strange materials")

215 "Raids" branch has at least the bloated and dark purple 215-3665 attributed to it. That's at least 5 branches (251, 227, 215, 216, mp) with supposed prisoners showing advanced decay. These are unlikely to all three let bodies lay around their premises rotting and stinking up the place. And so the delay and decay are presumably happening at the garage. Or maybe elsewhere - like near the highway next to a rebel-held part of Douma, or at the hostage detention center they were killed at in Harasta, etc...

Also consider this: If the hangup is mainly at the garage, then the decay has set in there - before the photo is taken - in these few cases anyway. Why take most pictures right away and wait 'til the end for a few others? So most likely the decay was before the morgue, and not at a security branch prison either. Most likely it reflects a haphazard collection process as with found bodies. In the broad collection most are found with unusual speed, and that's a point of interest. But in some cases it might take weeks for a corpse to be discovered. That would only be natural.

Questions: At least 6 missing photos are in the spans described above. Most gaps aren't yet identified, and the one the was just in a set that didn't seem worth including in a database meant to identify victims by face.But other decayed bodies are likely among those "Caesar" didn't feel "safe" enough to save, or admit to. Was he trying to minimize the issue perhaps, by cutting out bodies dead for even longer? Was it perhaps a significant portion of the missing 40%? Was the swift processing trick not as uniformly achieved as it seems?

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