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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October 30 Douma Market Attack

October 30 Douma Market Attack   
November 3-4, 2015

Previously  at this blog I've analyzed the Douma Market Attack of August 16, and fairly well shown it to be a false-flag incident. In review, the surprisingly solid findings suggest a surface rocket attack, from 800 meters to the south, when rebel were quite clear it was a jet strike. Also, while they remain vague about the attack time, but it seems most victims were already dead before those false-flag rockets landed. And there are various victim clues consistent with their being gender-segregated captives before they were killed. And in some cases, it's pretty clear they died from terrorist execution methods, not from any bombing.

That was neither the first nor the last alleged government attack on Douma public markets. They were allegedly attacked again on October 30 - like yet another entry for precedents article but later. So far much less is known, and it will for now gain more from the August precedent than the other way around. 

Articles and General Observations
(will hopefully be re-organized) 
This time, the victims seem to more mangled (more realistic) than last time. This time they blame jets and/or surface attacks with rockets and/or mortars, complicating any repeat of the same de-bunk I used for the August attack (see below: Locations and Attack Clues). 

This time, Russian and regime bombing are blamed (will try to sort that out) and the body-damaging attack came a day after an alleged Russian air strike allegedly damaged the area's hospital and medical staff, enhancing the death toll by limiting treatment options. They imply this is no accident but clearly a diabolical plan between Moscow and Damascus to bleed Douma's civilians into submission.

AFP via Indian Express
early toll “There were 40 people killed and at least 100 wounded in the centre of Douma,” ... adding that the toll was expected to rise as people were still being pulled out of damaged buildings.

Thursday attack:
"Government air strikes yesterday hit a market and a hospital, killing at least nine people, the Observatory said. An AFP photographer at the scene said Thursday’s attack had wounded hospital staff, limiting the treatment available for the wounded on Friday."

SNC tweet blames Russian bombing


Douma is regularly targeted by government air strikes. A medical centre run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF)was bombed on Friday killing 70 and leaving at least 550 wounded.

wrong - the death toll is for Friday, the exact numbers MSF gives. But they and everyone else say the hospital was hit the day before. MSF, Oct 31
"This was an extremely violent bombing,” said the director of a nearby MSF-supported hospital who assisted in the first wave of the mass-casualty response. “The wounds were worse than anything we’ve seen before, and there were large numbers of dead. We had to do many amputations. And a lot of the wounded had massive blood-loss, which means we needed large amounts of IV fluid and blood bags. We did our best to cope, but the number of critically wounded was far beyond what we could handle with our limited means.”

A total of 250 patients required surgery, including for severe, multiple-trauma wounds, and a further 300 patients were treated for wounds not requiring surgery. As the closest makeshift hospital had been bombed the previous day, local medical workers struggled to cope with the influx of injured people. The devastation caused by the initial airstrike on the market was exacerbated by further shelling on the rescue teams who were attending to the wounded.
Victim Records
The opposition Center for Documentation of Violation in Syria (or Violations Documentation Center - VDC) - which id based in Douma, by the way and had its director abducted by the Islamists running the area - still seems to have no problem helping the Islamists launder their massacred captives (as I suspect the bulk of these martyrs are).

For this attack, they list: 79 martyrs from Damascus suburbs, mostly Douma, killed by "warplane shelling" (simplified) from 10/29 to 11/01. 8 on the 29th, 11 after the 30th (may be just died from injuries or include new attack victims), only 60 on the 30th, so 70-71 seems right for the Friday attack, including the expected delayed deaths. Of those 71 listed as dying on Friday and after, 60 are men3 boys, 5 women, 3 girls round off what VDC records for who died buying veggies and/or rescuing on this day. As I've previously shown, this is about the usual proportions for such attacks in Syria (by VDC records, which tend to agree with other opposition sources). Boys are a little under-represented here; usually men and teenage boys predominate by far.

Relatively few repeat names (transliterations vary sometimes); four named Haddad (4 men), 4 with versions of Jaroudi (2 men, a woman, a girl, 4 Medawars (3 men and a girl), 4 Delwans, 3 Srewels, another unlucky al-Tout man, etc. ... 

Locations and Attack Clues
In the August 16 incident, a mapping of the 4 attack sites proved supremelt impoertant in showing it could hardly be bthe jet attack activists claimed. In this case, I haven't tried placing anything yet or even analyzing videos, and may not bother. This time they blame an airstrike and/or surface rockets or mortars, and I'd have to learn more about the alleged order besides mapping and analyzing the sites. It miht still happen, but no promises.

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