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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Aleppo, is That You?

November 17, 2015

I haven't even done much today except master a bad-ass trance remix of a horrible techno song I made on cassette tape 20 years ago ... it sounds tight and snarly, and made a great sountrack to noticing good views today, especially on my latest good work. And ... the first time ever, 2 new viewers from Syria not just in a week but in a day. Maybe the 2nd time, but unusual. 

They came in a cluster. 4 page views in the span before I checked, including 2 of Chlorine, where was Tennari, no particular traffic source evident ... (I watch these things.) #1 for that moment!

I didn't even realize 'til recently how totally Aleppo was off the internet, until I read that it was finally re-appearing a week or so ago, after finally ditching their routes through Turkey. If this pattern holds, and I'm excited that it might, I don't know, I hope it does. It's a good sign in general, and good for the profile of our still-underrated work. Welcome, Aleppo! Snarl on!

Extra-viewed posts in that span/recently: Chlorine:where was Tennari, more for FSA-ISIS-Latakia, tips for commenting here. Oh cool, I hope so. :)

Aleppo events, covered here, not a lot. Nothing? The Syria master list is nationwide, has nothing about Aleppo, except a few mentions. Huh. I didn't notice that before. At ACLOS, much. See all pages. Accepting new info, etc.  I'm Caustic Logic there, as here, a main voice. My actual name is Adam, in case that helps.

To add: anyone who missed this should see it, re: "barrel bombs" on Aleppo. One of humanitarian interventionism's more reliable champios, Human Rights Watch CEO Ken Roth, made this classic double-blunder earlier this year. As noted, the shared tweet used an image of Gaza after Israeli bombing and called it Syrian government bombing of Aleppo (or rather said "it really is this bad." ...) When that was called out, he said it was telling how Aleppo's devastation looked that bad. It didn't. But the picture he used to show how Aleppo really looked was bad ... not as bad. Problem is, that was a photo from a Christian district suffering Islamist rebel shelling and fending off an invasion. I suggested some other dramatic images HRW could mis-attribute, one of which (Kobane after US-led bombing/defeat of Daesh), it turns out they already did, also to prove Syrian barrel bombing.

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