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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Douma Market Attack: Burned Faces

Douma Market Attack: Victim Analysis: Burned Faces
August 26, 2015 
last update August 27

The Men with Burned Faces
Among the 100+ adult male victims of the August 16 alleged market attack in Douma, there is a class of victims showing bright red burns to the face, with or without a layer of smoke. Just from the 40 or so victims shown in martyr identification videos (see Victim Analysis), I found these five examples:

Mahmoud Hijazi
The men with burns include
* DID5 0:015  Mahmoud Hijazi ( محمود حجازي )

* DID27 0:13  Khaled Mohiuddin ( خالد محي الدين )
(heavy smoke cover too, but clear redness from nose up - face intact, not clearly wounded, but a tooth is missing) 
* unnamed man seen at start of DID27- no wounds or marks at all visible
* DID6 0:11  Ziad Samir Shanawany (  زياد سمير الشنواني ) (heavy smoke cover too, but some red notable, and similar hair issues to some. ) 

* DID30 0:11  -Mohiuddin Durra- ( محي الدين الدرة ) (older man, gray bear, marks like shrapnel on left side of face, distinct red burns on right) (note also, he's one of those with a covered-up neck)

Khaled Mohiuddin
not named

Ziad Samir Shanawany
Mohiuddin Durra

It looks kind of like hot metal objects came in contact with each of their faces, and stayed there for some moments. Or maybe they had gasoline poured on, with some obstructions, and briefly lit up? There are patterns here I can't make out yet. Unnamed seems to have a faint, rippling pattern to his, for example. Was this done before or after death? If before, why weren't they using their hands to stop it? If after death ... who and why? 

The opposition activists would say that all these intact men - at least - had this happen as a random part of the missile attack, where all kinds of weird things can happen. I certainly don't feel up to ruling that out, but this is just weird enough I don't see why that's the best conclusion.

And it gets weirder. Somehow, from the portion I've seen, the worst was reserved - by the random missiles, of course - for the boy or boys we see with these burned faces. 

Khaled al-Tout, Mucous
DID1 0:18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5Ij3tjw3XY Khaled Ali Al-Tout  ( التوت ). This was the first martyr video that popped out to me visually, so it's #1.  This is a child victim by appearance, I'd say age 10-12. VDC has no such child. But adult-male Khaled al-Tout appears. Arabic entry gives : التوت - same name. What happened to this "man?" Hard to tell. his face is intact, but alternating black and red. Hair seems sticky with something, like some of the others. (still at right, small size to soften the shock)

He also had thick mucous coming out of his nose.Why is that? Khaled is the second-worst I've seen. The next-worst is maybe Hijazi above, washed up but nostrils plugged as if leaking. Was there some chemical element to part of this, or are these coincidences?

Drawn-And-Quartered Boy?
Khaled is the worst case from these videos of clearly-connected 8-16 massacre victims. But the worst is less clearly linked. ... an image I found in my twitter search, not widely re-tweeted, but allegedly connected: By appearance, he seems to me to have been drawn and quartered (pulled apart between two vehicles he was tied to, driving opposite directions). Usually, that doesn't happen, but here ... are there psycho terrorists in the area capable? The whole case, links, explanation, any second-thoughts or revisions, etc. - see here.)

Only the face matters directly here, if that. At right, small res, cropped, blown-up a bit. Total (3rd? 10th?) degree burns, nose at lest partly remains. The burns start right at the edge of his face, like a mask. Was he painted with napalm cream and lit up? Why wouldn't he shield his face with his hands? Oh, yes, they were gone, at some point. Again, order of operations here is unclear. One would hope it was all done after death, and maybe so, but the performance suggests none it was done after death.

This boy is different from the others in the different injuries (as far as we can see in most cases), much more severe burns, that he's seen in a photo, not on video, and that he's apparently alive and suffering (it seems like a proper hospital, but he's getting the treatment photographed, so it probably is a PR-centered rebel clinic).

But ... it says August 16, Douma massacre, Douma, and there were these other burned faces, so maybe it does fit.

"Silence" in the Face of "Incineration"? 
Generally, it's bombing that's blamed for killing the market massacre victims, but one activist at least seems to consider some kind of burning the most memorable part of it. In context, how creepy is this, from The Guradian?
“The people of Ghouta are furious because there is a double standard,” said Yasser Doumani, an activist who runs a pro-opposition media outlet, told the Guardian after the air strikes. “There is silence when Douma or Ghouta in general becomes the theatere of the worst crimes of murder and incineration of people.”

“The people find it strange how the world reacted in response to the crime of the burning of the Jordanian pilot by Daesh [Isis] terrorists, but we hear no condemnation of the burning of the people of Ghouta and their killing by all methods,” he added. “Aren’t the victims in both cases humans, or do different lives carry different value?”

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  1. Too few comments, especially relevant ones. So I'll say here I suppose mucous could be from facial burning with a number of accelerants. If one were still be breathing, they'd have to breathe the fumes from this, which might irritate the airways and cause mucous secretion. The worse cases would have the clearest mucous problems, as with Khaled and maybe Mustafa. That's my working guess for the chemical part, and it supports burning, with flammables, and while alive in some cases.


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