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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Rebel Infighting

2014 Rebel* Infighting
July 12, 2014
(last edits, Jan. 6, 2015)

Where "rebel" means the people I called that in 2011 - those involved with the outside powers in the destruction of the last functioning government Libya ever knew.

I open here a new space for comments for my good gremlin "h" and perhaps other to drop helpful information about the new fighting and what it means, etc. Sorry, I'm swamped.

Nov. 23 note: I'm currently absorbing the 110 comments below, plus some basic sources, to get some kind of grasp on this year's situation. While I'm at it, I'll distill this into a readable summary, for what it's worth.

Jan. 6, 2015: With the entire year 2014 to catch up now passed, with little progress, I officially say screw it for now. Who cares if I know about it and can blog about it? H has kept us updated in comments I have been reading some of. I've invited her (her/him) to be a team member and post posts, but no luck. Any other readers willing to give it a try? Preferably someone with analysis and writing skills, but mainly a knowledge of what's up and good links, and on a wavelength compatible with the site ... I forget just how but it's do-able. Join the blog, and you can join me, Petri, and Felix as the three people (or is it all 45 "members"? never been clear on that) who could be authoring visible posts here (and you can edit/update your own posts later, just not anyone else's - I think I get to edit anyone's but not sure about that. I can delete spam, for certain)


  1. Zero comments? I hope I didn't offend you there, h. No pressure, just if you have useful links on these stupid new clashes in Libya, they could go here to save space elsewhere. I saw only the airport fighting, Misrata now called Misratis, and there was some other fighting news I saw in passing ... sorry.

  2. These are some pictures of Tripoli this morning .. On Sunday, 13/07/2014.




    Tripoli after clashes between Zentan and Misrata rats.

    Zentan managed to return control of all regions where they were expelled from.
    Misrata will stay empty handed


    @ Adam , sorry , still busy counting the bayda/shahat /benghazi
    burned , lynched , executed people ,
    maybe 500 in 1 week
    defending their homeland,

    And after that in 2011 : killing or wounding a 90,000-120,000 Libyans and foreigners

    Twenty four hours earlier an Atlantic Alliance command unit, located approximately 30 miles off the Libyan coast, in a direct line with Malta, and NATO’s targeting unit had signed off on 49 bombing missions for June 20th, the last day of spring and the last day of NATO’s original UN bombing mandate.

    The authority for NATO’s  bombing, which far exceeded  earlier estimates ,
    killing or wounding of between 90,000-120,000 Libyans and foreigners,
    and the displacement of more than two million Libyans and foreign workers was claimed from the hastily adopted UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and UNSCR 1973.  
    UN resolutions 1970 & 1973 gave NATO UN Chapter 7 authority to enforce a no-fly zone over Libyan airspace, initially for 90 days which ironically ended
    the day before its bombing at Sorman.


    July 15, 2014
    90% of aircraft destroyed at Tripoli airport,

    Libya may seek international assistance


    which party will be bombed this time?

  3. March 24, 2014
    Protests outside Military Intelligence offices at appointment of Salah Badi
    The headquarters of the Libyan Military Intelligence was blockaded yesterday
    by staff protesting about the appointment of former General National Congress (GNC) member Salah Badi as its new head.

    Officers and other staff members from the department complained at the decision to appoint Badi as the Director of Military Intelligence.
    It appears that Badi, a former Air Force officer, was appointed in November last year, following his promotion to Colonel by order of GNC head, Nuri Abu Sahmain.

    However, the decision was not made public until very recently. The entrances to the Tripoli headquarters was blockaded with sand bags, according to Bawabat Al-Wasat.
    They said they would prevent Badi from entering the building and one of the protesters said that Badi was not qualified to do the job.

    Spokesman for the Military Intelligence Commission Abdul Basset Al-Shaari said that although the Commission had heard about Badi’s appointment, it had not been asked to vet him. “We haven’t received any papers to investigate him after his appointment as chief of Military Intelligence,” Shaari said. “When he was promoted to colonel, he also should have been investigated by the Commission but again we didn’t receive the relevant papers so we could not open the enquiry.”

    Badi was elected as an independent to Congress in July 2012 and became a member of Wafa bloc. He resigned following the request by Misrata’s Local Council that all the city’s GNC representatives to do so following the Gharghour massacre in November 2013
    in which some 40 people were killed and scores injured.

    Salah Badi trying to come in Tripoli. May 21


    13/07/2014: المجرم. صلاح بادى ودرع الوسخيٰ يقومون برمي مطار طرابلس بالقذائف
    Outlaw. Salah Bady and Wadida Aloescha threw missiles at Tripoli airport

  4. 15 July 2014 As many as 15 people have been killed and 70 wounded at Tripoli Airport
    as missiles have rained down hitting its control tower and two planes, sources on the ground have claimed.

    Reports have come in of several fires at the airport as its air traffic control tower burned after being hit by one rocket. The attack on Zintani forces on the premises has been said to be coming from forces in Qasr Ben Ghashir and Wadi Rabia.


    On Sunday, militia including members of the Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room (LROR) tried to seize control of the airport from the Zintan militia,
    (which has controlled it since Gaddafi was toppled. )

    14 July 2014 Only Labraq airport now operating

    Tripoli, 3 June 2013:Members of the SSC unit supposed to guarding Tripoli Airport this afternoon instead barricaded the entrances


    Misratan-led forces take control of military barracks and airport in Sebha
    By Jamal Adel.Tripoli, 10 April 2014:The Misratan-led Third Force has taken control of Sebha’s military barracks and airport,

    Zintani and Sebha forces secure local airport
    By Jamal Adel.Tripoli, 30 January 2014:
    Sebha airport has now been secured by Zintani revolutionaries, working with members of the local 6th . . .

  5. JULY 14, 2014
    A statement from the government of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni described the attackers of Tripoli's International Airport as "armed militias acting outside the law and without any official orders."

    The government called on all sides to refrain from using force.

    Nonetheless, leading Muslim Brotherhood member Abdul Razag al Aradi supported the attackers, describing their grab for the airport as a response to "aggression" by Khalifa Haftar, the ex-general who has been leading Libyan armed forces in a crusade against Islamist militias.

    The Zintanis have been actively supporting Haftar's "Operation Dignity" -- his fight against Islamist militias in the east -- and they have also played a role in Haftar's forces in Tripoli. The Zintanis supported Haftar's demands for the dissolution of the General National Congress (GNC), which they see as under the sway of the Islamists.

    Justice and Construction Party member Mahmud Abdulaziz also endorsed the operation, hinting that he knew about it in advance. "Libya Shield forces from Misrata have told me they'll keep the number of causalities to a minimum as they attempt to take over the airport," he said in a post on his Facebook page.

    All these statements underlined the continuing collapse of state institutions and the inability of the country's leaders to challenge the rise of the militias.


    The assault on the airport can be interpreted as a pre-emptive move to exert more influence by seizing important installations in the capital.

    The Islamists are determined to maintain their position as a key player on the political scene, following their defeat in the recent elections and the rising threat from Haftar's military operation against the Islamists in eastern Libya.

    The general has said that he will soon target Islamists in Tripoli as well.

  6. September 19, 2011 SIRTE, Libya — More than 100 families fled the war-torn city of Sirte Monday morning

    "Salah Badi, the high commander of the Western frontline, said there were still at least 20,000 families inside the city.


    Some families were heading toward relatives in other cities.
    For those without shelter, temporary accommodation has been set up in a group of abandoned apartment blocks in the city of Tuwarga.



  7. http://www.albawaba.com/news/haftar-libya-590664

  8. h, awesome, thanks!

    "still busy counting the bayda/shahat /benghazi
    burned , lynched , executed people ,
    maybe 500 in 1 week
    defending their homeland,

    I've seen lots of comments there. You have a count? I'll have to look into that.

    Any other suggestions for posts/comment spaces that would help?

    "These are some pictures of Tripoli this morning .. On Sunday, 13/07/2014." (done as links):
    - 1
    - 2

    Some other good info, worth working into their spots and maybe even making new spot - if there were two of me, it'd be done soon. Otherwise... I'm still on Syria mainly and pushing on a strong lever - aiming to change as many minds as possible about the Houla Massacre. Will be happening largely at a new blog here.

  9. Eddie, good the hear from you too. Good article. I typed almost a review of it earlier and swear I hit submit but now it's gone. Short version: I forget what I know about Heftar except not too good, I thought. Here - okay. These developments seem to have some good features. The tribes are good. Islamist loss in parliament is good. Less Islamists in Syria and Iraq is good.

  10. http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/security/2014/05/libya-battle-haftar-militias-course-future.html#

    Libyan sources that were well-informed of the military situation told As-Safir that the real clash was between national democratic forces represented by the Qaaqaa Brigade and the Special Forces Brigade on the one hand,
    and on the other the Libyan Revolutionary Operations Chamber and the Supreme Security Committee, under the control of Hashem Bashar, Abdel Raouf Kara and the remaining extremists, mostly linked to the so-called Libyan Fighting Islamic Group (LIFG) and the war in Afghanistan.
    After having received reports of armed clashes between Zintan and Misrata militias in Tripoli, the sources said that the real clashes were not between these two forces. They said that this portrayal was promoted to turn the issue into an internal regional clash, since the Misrata militias lost their influence and presence in the capital.

    Hashem Bashar,

    Abdel Raouf Kara

    SSC Mohammed Salem Shibl ,Abdul Rauf Karah, Souk Al-Juma ,Al-Awfia Brigade tarhouna,Habshi
    Abdul Rauf Karah, the commander of the SSC’s Souk Al-Juma brigade,

    bin humaid honours hifter

    The Libya Shield forces for Central Region are under the command of Colonel Muhammed Musa and are usually stationed in Misrata.

  11. crimes 'Salah Badi' in Bani Walid!! 2012

    Salah Badi is known as a former member of the Libyan National Congress parliament , allied himself with the Muslim Brotherhood, and well established links with the Libyan Fighting Group, and the rest of the organizations and armed militias linked to al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia.


    The Brotherhood and a number of organizations and allied militia”s have launched ten days ago a military operation under the name of "the dawn of Libya" to support Qatari and Turkish for control of the capital Tripoli,

    The process of 'dawn Libya' failed to control the Tripoli International Airport,
    Qatar, Turkey transported hundreds of Libyan and Tunisian extremists from Aleppo, Syria via Istanbul to Libya

    Chancellor Taha Al-Khatib: Israeli and Turkish Intelligence in Misrata

    Libya: 47 Killed in Fighting at Airport

  12. I finally double-checked Heftar - as I once knew, he's the CIA-groomed Virginian. What I said about this being good is qualified by the fact that a CIA guy is trying to lead this fight against Al-CIAda. Depending where he actually stands now and who with, it could be okay. Otherwise, it could be bad.

    US diplomatic staff pulled out now, I hear.

  13. Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia are openly backing Hiftar,
    as is the military coup leader in Egypt, General Sisi.

    Having suppressed, jailed and shot in large numbers Egypt's own Islamists,
    Sisi and his Gulf backers are determined to prevent them consolidating power in oil-rich Libya.

    There are signs that Sisi – who complains that the west failed to garrison Libya after Gaddafi's overthrow – wants to use Libya's crisis to send in his own forces. 22 May 2014.


    comment February 19, 2012 at 9:03 PM
    "We want to train our guys to be ready to go to the front," says Fawzi al-Ubeidi,
    a 46-year-old former sergeant in the Libyan army who defected to the U.S. with Hiftar, and who left his home in Johnson City, N.Y., to join the rebellion

    A guard stands with his weapon in front of a sports club ahead of Khalifa Hifter's news conference in Abyar, east of Benghazi, May 21, 2014. (photo by REUTERS/Esam Omran Al-Fetori)

    In May, Haftar declared a campaign to rid the North African oil-producing country from armed Islamist groups.

  14. 13 July 2014 A few days before he was elected Egypt’s president in May,
    Abdel Fattah al-Sisi discreetly visited tribesmen living along the border with Libya.

    Tribal leaders there say Sisi, former head of the army, urged them to help Egypt
    confront what could be a security nightmare for the biggest Arab nation:
    Islamist militants operating just over the frontier in Libya.

    “Sisi came to us and asked us to stand behind the security forces and army to help them to control the border because what is happening in Libya poses a grave danger to Egypt,” said Mohamed al-Raghi, a tribal chief.

    Wearing a flowing white robe and a traditional black cap outside a mosque in the border town of Salloum, Raghi said he and other tribal leaders had assured Sisi they would help him.


  15. Lastly, after a series of concerned remarks from Egyprian President Abdel Fattah Sisi,

    former Arab League General Secretary Amr Moussa

    announced that Egypt might step up its role in the ongoing Libyan crisis
    over concern for regional and internal stability,
    invoking the country’s right to self defense in light of the political and security vacuum
    that currently characterizes the region of Cyrenaica.

  16. “We know the Egyptian military council is helping us, but they can’t be so visible,”
    said Hani Souflakis, a Libyan businessman in Cairo who has been acting as a rebel liaison with the Egyptian government since the uprising began.


    25 feb. 2011 However, Washington decided to look outside Europe for an army to go into Libya.
    Its eye fell on the Egyptian army.
    But when over last weekend, the US first took the matter up with Egyptian Defense Minister and head of the Supreme Army Council ruling the country,
    Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawi,

    the silence from Cairo was eloquent, DEBKA-Net-Weekly‘s military and Washington sources report. The generals clearly had enough on their plates with sorting out the mess left in the wake of the turbulent uprising which removed Mubarak and were too busy to get involved in other troubles.

    Unbearable economic strain on Egypt from returning laborers
    But when the Egyptians employed in Libya starting flocking back home,
    the military rulers changed their minds and decided to give the American proposition
    a second look. They were moved by six considerations:( )

    As of now, DEBKA-Net-Weekly‘s military and intelligence sources report that Washington and Cairo are discussing a limited Egyptian excursion into Libya.
    It will be presented as a US-backed Egyptian campaign, with some European participation, embarked on as the only recourse for terminating Libya’s civil war and forcing its dictator to relinquish power.

    But the immediate mission will be for an Egyptian air umbrella to close the air space over Cyrenaica against Libyan air and sea raids.

    US military planners calculate that no more than a single Egyptian armored division in Cyrenaica – or even a half of one – would suffice to curb Qaddafi’s offensive on the rebels and force his troops to withdraw.

    6. The scenario taking shape in Washington and Cairo according to our sources is this: Limited Egyptian military intervention supported by European sanctions would result in Libya’s partition into two national entities: Cyrenaica and Tripolitania, which will also include the Fezzan region.


  17. http://rt.com/news/177128-libya-islamis-militants-emirate/

    Libya’s Islamic militants ‘seize’ Benghazi, declare it ‘emirate’July 31, 2014

    Thursday, February 24, 2011 The group began calling itself the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in 1995, and carried out a low-level insurgency that included assassination attempts against Gadhafi and attacks against military and police patrols.

    2.24.11, 11:34 Meanwhile, Al Qaeda's North African wing has condemned Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and expressed solidarity with protesters revolting against his rule, the SITE Intelligence Group quoted it as saying on Thursday.

    Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) accused Gaddafi of hiring African mercenaries
    and ordering aircraft to fire on protestors, SITE said, citing a jihadist statement issued on Thursday.

    AQIM urged Muslim scholars, thinkers and journalists to support the Libyan people in their uprising.

    "We were pained by the carnage and the cowardly massacres carried out by the killer of innocents Gaddafi against our people and our unarmed Muslim brothers who only came to lift his oppression, his disbelief, his tyranny and his might," AQIM was quoted as saying in the statement.

    "We only came out to defend you against these despots who usurped your rights, plundered your wealth, and prevented you from having the minimum requirements of a dignified life and the simplest meanings of freedom and human dignity," AQIM said.

    The group, under pressure from Algerian security forces in the north, moved some of its operations to the desert area straddling Niger, Mali, Algeria and Mauritania where the vast expanses and porous borders have provided it with a safe haven.


    7 July 2014 In the last few months, Nato intelligence has identified the Acacus Mountains in south-west Libya, the town and surrounds of Oubari, possibly also Sebha and parts of the Messak ranges, as terrorist “hideouts” and possible new bases.
    In addition, there has been a lot of “chatter” in intelligence circles that Algerian terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar has now established himself in Libya and is planning terrorist operations in Chad.


    US armed forces are now involved in 49 out of 54 African states,
    along with the former colonial powers of France and Britain,
    in what's becoming a new carve-up of the continent:
    a scramble for resources and influence in the face of China's growing economic role, underpinned with an escalating military presence that spreads terror as it grows.
    hat will bring its own backlash, as did the war in Libya.


  18. Tobruk, August 4, 2014 - began Monday morning in the city Tobruk,
    the opening ceremony of the first meeting of the House of Representatives,

    in the presence of First Deputy Chairman of the National Congress Ezzedine Awami
    and the presiding member of the House of Representatives Mustafa Abubakar Bairh




    Director of training, the Arab Organization for Administrative Development of the Arab League in 1987, 1991.

    Scientific specialization: Professor in the field of management and administration and the economy.

    He holds a master's degree in international management from the University of California Ucla - Los Angeles, USA - ranked among the top 20 universities in the world.

    A member of the European Association for Management in Brussels - Belgium

    His name was included in the list of administrative organization Transparency International - Berlin.


    Abu Bakr Bairh , a prominent member of the people of Cyrenaica, which calls for the establishment of a federation in Libya


    عزالدين العوامي Ezzedine Awami

    Moses Rizak/ Moussa Rizkallah Awami
    first officer Bolt legitimacy who announced his defection on 17 .. 2 .. 2011

  19. Meeting Tobruk

    And a delegation from the Arab League and the African Union
    as well as some diplomatic missions

    and European Friends of Libya

    will participate in the opening session tomorrow in Tobruk


    only nine out of 22 members of the Arab League voted for the no-fly zone.

    The vote was essentially a House of Saud-led operation,

    with Arab League secretary general Amr Moussa
    keen to polish his CV with Washington
    with an eye to become the next Egyptian President.

    2 September 2011 The “friends” came to Paris not to discuss aid to Libya,
    but rather the lifting of economic sanctions imposed under the Gaddafi regime
    and the unfreezing of Libyan assets in foreign banks,
    measures designed to get money and resources flowing out of the North African country

    On the day of the summit, the French daily Liberation published the copy of a letter written in Arabic, purportedly from a representative of the Benghazi-based National Transitional Council, promising to cede to France 35 percent of its oil in return for its support.


    However, a conference call between US and EU leaders has so far led
    to a mere renewal of statements of support for the House of Representatives
    and for a bigger role to be played by the UN.


  20. A military source announced in Libya that seven civilians were killed and 18 others
    were injured as a result of Allied bombing that hit the area trait Alforjan 7 april 2011

    Libby said a series of explosions that rocked a number of suburbs of Tripoli Friday led to the death of four people and wounding several others seriously injured in the trait Alforjan 18 june 2011

    Libyan television announced that NATO aircraft (NATO) bombed
    civilian and military targets in Al Furjan trait in the south-eastern suburb of the capital
    5 august 2011

    خــلة الفرجان. 141. 26. قصر بن غشير. 143. 27. ســوق السبت. 149. 28. ســوق الخميس. 151. 29. الســــــبيعة. 165. 30. تاجوراء الوسط. 167. 31. اللـــــطفة. 169.
    Alforjan trait. 141. 26. Qasr Ben Ghashir. 143. 27.

    خلة الفرجان : منطقة تقع جنوب طرابلس تم تحريرها يوم الجمعة 26 8 2011 وبالرغم من أن تحريرها جاء متأخرا نظرا لوجود 9 معسكرات بالمنطقة مليئة بكتائب القذافي والمرتزقة , فقد قمعت المنطقة طوال ثورة 17 فبراير وأكبر دليل هو المحرقة التي وجدت في معسكر 32 التابع للمردوم خميس القذافي

    Khela Alforjan: an area south of Tripoli was liberated on Friday 26 82 011
    that edit came late

    because of the 9 camps in the region filled with Brigades Gaddafi mercenaries,

    has suppressed the region throughout the February 17 revolution

    and the biggest proof is the Holocaust that was found in the camp 32's Mrdom Khamis Gaddafi


  21. http://s1.directupload.net/images/140808/dsk7xof2.jpg
    roads from zawiya

    After liberation of the city Zawiya ( 19 august) at the hands of rebels zawiya and the mountain all,
    we received the order from NATO not to progress from the bottom of zawiya , but via Junction Azizia,
    and has already directed the rebels out of there in a day to liberate Tripoli

    NATO asked us to divide between the roads leading to Tripoli through the Azizia with the rebels of Azizia Kklh

    In an area called Ras Allfh On our way to the retail we were accompanied by Apache helicopters from above
    and an ambulance and we had wireless, called to go to the breaker zone

    We gave our coordinates to the contact person for Belhaj from Qatari and already came type Station 5 cars
    such as those used by Gadhafi and rode with them
    and two hours later he (belhaj) was speaking to Al-Jazeera correspondent Azim editor for Tripoli

    By the evening of the 21st, however, the rebels had taken control of most of Tripoli.

    I was staying with the rebels in a makeshift camp in Tripoli airport.
    Tripoli had been cleared of Gaddafi’s forces, with the exception of the Abu Salim quarter. I was with the 17 February Martyrs.
    Another rebel group had entered the district already and we were behind them.
    Snipers were shooting at us from a building ahead, and once we got to Humdorman,
    at the heart of Abu Salim, we encountered heavy resistance from the remains of Gaddafi’s forces.

    The rebels, divided into groups, occupied the whole area.


  22. http://ar-ar.facebook.com/236054633109101/photos/a.236277643086800.50500.236054633109101/236277716420126/?type=1&permPage=1

    Local Council Khallet Alforjan

    Was the discovery of the Holocaust .. battalion son of the tyrant Gaddafi .. T ..
    It was the discovery of the Holocaust by young volunteers

    Local Council Khallet Alforjan

    The request of brother Abdul Rahman Ferjany to all members of the local council and the military has not been granted on the member page list because this list has been published

    in the mosque Ammi

    and was signed with the consent of the population by region.




    mosque Ammi Saladin road
    32 47 41N 13 13 1E


    Saladin road

    khallet al forjan
    46 46 32 N 13 17 16 E

    21/8 morning was Trbuls editor, some neighborhoods of Abu Salim and Bab al-Aziziya
    and Ammi and the airport.


    part of Alzara The Ras Hassan was liberated on 23/8 with Mr. Masri

    Feb17Voices also says "more than 900 were freed from Ein Zara Prison today, most were political prisoners" citing an Al-Jazeera Arabic report. There are also reports of more NATO bombing in Tripoli this morning
    UPDATE 185, Sunday, August 21, 12:33 a.m. EST/ Monday, August 22, 6:33 a.m. Tripoli (Hamed Aleaziz):

    Direct source of Tripoli :::
    Home Front about hospital Sbaah and the former Aviation College,
    and the spread of armed rebels around the airport in the direction of the south
    and the headquarters of the river + Research Center at the intersection of Spring Valley
    and the end of the Khallet Alforjan to get around,,2011-08-20 05:17

  23. د 53 جثة محترقة في خلة الفرجان - طرابلس

    53 burned bodies Khallet Alforjan - Tripoli


    airport road yamuk
    32°44'34"N 13°7'55"E



    About 45 in the shed, 32 un-burnt around and across the road, the severed-hand guy,
    the four dug up on the 6th, and the 22 at the Yarmouk mosque dump nearby.

    45+32+5+22 = 104


    The Libyan Society of the Missing says that 106 prisoners
    were killed in the building on August 23 when Gadhafi loyalists threw grenades inside.


    1. Catching up here and saw this - very cool. My count, including the segregated group of 22 black guys, is just two off from the official collective death toll - which, coincidence or not, verifies again that about 50 people allegedly survived, and most of those completely unharmed... insane story, and they're sticking to it.

  24. Ali Boukhatwa :The soldiers of the Khamis Brigade often played loud revolutionary songs,
    he said, adding that the area's residents avoided walking past the barracks.
    The Khamis Brigade reportedly moved into the area shortly before the uprising
    and forced some of the neighboring residents out of their homes.
    Those houses now stand empty.

    On the other side of the yard is an area with warehouses. Rafaii says that the regime supposedly used them to house mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa.



    shed location



    In Al Furjan members of Gaddafi's mercenaries began to gather behind the camp
    (formerly the Yarmouk refugee camp), known as the Agricultural Society, Inc. Yugoslav adjacent to the site of military vehicles,
    comment April 4, 2014 at 5:15 PM

    19 feb. 2010
    Will be demolished residential area located between the mosque and the Yarmouk camp Khallet Alforjan display only 400 meters · no more will be demolished region between random company Repsol 19 feb. 2010
    سيتم هدم المنطقة السكنية الواقعة بين معسكر اليرموك و جامع خلة الفرجان بعرض 400 متر فقط ليس أكثر · سيتم هدم المنطقة العشوائية بين شركة ربسول 

    جامع نوح بخلة Mosque Noah Bkhalh

    21 jun. 2014 A piece of land near the mosque Noah Bkhalh Alforjan , an opportunity ...
    Title: - Khallet Furjan near the mosque Noah. Tripoli ...-Spring Valley

    قطعة أرض بالقرب من جامع نوح بخلة الفرجان لدى موقع عبسي في ليبيا,فرصة ... العنوان :- خلة الفرجان بالقرب من جامع نوح. ... طرابلس-وادي الربيع


  25. Saturday August 27

    After the massacre, the soldiers threw car tires into the warehouse and set fire to them, says Rafaii. It seems plausible:
    Tires burn for a long time, which would explain why the ash surrounding the skeletons was still warm on Saturday evening.
    It could also explain why only the bones of the dead were left, which would not have happened with a short gasoline-fueled fire.

    still smouldering on 27 – 28 august




    example of bodies charred in a car :


  26. Ali Boukhatwa

    1. Wide of Supreme Security Council (SSC) building in Tripoli's Abu Salim neighbourhood


    Tripoli - 27 June 2013

    6. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Hussein Boukhatwa, eyewitness:

    "A group from the Khakha brigade and Sawaek Brigade
    attacked the Supreme Security Council with an armed vehicle and heavy and medium weapons."

    11 mrt. 2011 - "We have four dead and 35 wounded, but there's still many more coming,"

    There were scenes of chaos at Brega hospital, where some of the bodies and wounded were being taken and the more serious cases being transferred to Ajdabiya, the next town further east into rebel-held territory on the coast.

    "We have four dead and 35 wounded, but there's still many more coming,"
    Said Boukhatwa, the hospital official registering the casualties,
    said overnight.

    It was not immediately possible to speak to doctors, who were preoccupied with the wounded, moving out medical supplies and barking orders at each other.Mohammed Wanis, hospital manager, said scores had been wounded but not all the casualties were brought to Brega."We expect to find more bodies," he said.


    - Boukhatwa, an all-knowing local from a few hundred feet away, is sure that the black soldiers defected, were tortured and then executed, ...
    [Local witness] Ali Boukhatwa confirmed this version of events and also said that the soldiers had been tortured.

  27.   March 2012, 9:24 pm Hisham Alkrekshy Vice Chairman Tripoli Local:
    Supreme Security Committee protects a state facilities (landfill Sidi Sayeh)

    and the road leading to Tripoli

    to secure the transfer of trash to the landfill.


    June 7, 2012

    the mechanics of the Supreme Security Committee of the trait Alforjan
    don't own this place anymore,
    according to the statements of the security branch of Tripoli members of the security committee were transferred to another location
    and also denied the rumor which says vehicles Supreme Security Committee
    of the Khallet Alforjan were confiscated


    A "money" container found in camp of Yarmouk
    found by the fourth division of the Supreme Security Committee, which was conducting large excavations at camp of Yarmouk
    In the container new money was buried . December 9, 2012

    العثور على حاوية " أموال" بمعسكر اليرموك عثرت الفرقة الرابعة التابعة اللجنة الامنية العليا التي كانت تقوم بعمليات حفريات كبيرة بمعسكر اليرموك على حاوية أموال كانت مدفونة بالموقع.

    escape of Misurata militias

    New video of clashes trait Alforjan 26 jun. 2013

    June 26, 2013
    Situation in Tripoli- bad by the abuses and the ongoing clashes on the Yarmouk camp ... all their forces moved in the direction of trait Alforjan
    until the arrival of supporting rats Misurata.
    7- News about the concentration of vehicles in the area Grad Spring Valley that bombed camp of Yarmouk, which ..

    November 2013
    The official handover of the Yarmouk camp by the brigades of Ministry of Civil Defense
    Distribution of brioche and drink to guests for the handover ceremony Yarmouk camp

  28. The Chairman of the Committee to integrate the rebels Interior Ministry Hashim humans said that Libya Shield forces stationed in the region of Central Khallet Alforjan south of Tripoli. 22 may 2014


    The future of Libya - Tripoli: News about the bombing exposed in "Khallet Alforjan"
    Salah al-Din area near Qasr Ben Ghashir now. The fall of one missile locusts. 24 mei 2014


    #طرابلستم إقفل طريق خلة الفرجان بسواتر الترابية و تم إقفل طريق جامع الخله و طريق النهر في خلة الفرجان ... مقطع فيديو يظهر العثور على سيارة مفخخة فى #طرابلس.
    Khallet alAlforjan Psoatr dirt near mosque Ammi
    and River Road in Khela Alforjan ...
    video clip shows the car bomb found in # Tripoli. 2014-07-22


    Competition correct belief in a mosque trait Alforjan Jul 8, 2014 Organized by the Libyan Association for Science and Sunnah

    July 13 2014

    Channel capital Tripoli : has been captured in the range of approximately 50 people
    from the middle shield

    because of their attack on the headquarters of the brigade civil Yarmouk camp Bkhalh Alforjan Water wrap the fabled Bay.

    july 27 2014 Yarmouk camp and the camp of armor is now under the control of Zintan

  29. NFSL Leadership

    Ashour Shamis, Libyan exile journalist in London

    Secretary General Dr. Mohammad al Magharief

    Col. Abdoulgassim Khalifa Haftar

    Commandant Abdoulsalam Cherafdine

    Former Prime Minister Abdelhamid Bakouch

    Mohammad Saifal-Nasr, Shaikh of the Awlad Sulayman Tribe and former Governor of Sabha


    Calling his campaign “The Dignity” movement,
    Haftar has militias from Tripoli and Zintan under his command. He has also recently garnered the backing of the Air Force and Navy as well former elements of Qaddafi’s forces.

    His campaign has made the city of Benghazi its primary objective.

    These forces have fought the Libya Shield alliance led by former Islamist parliamentarian and Misrata militia commander, Salah Badi, as well as the Benghazi Shura Council,
    which is mainly composed of Ansar al-Sharia in Libya.

    Haftar’s forces have also been targeting Qatari and Turkish interests in Libya due to their ties to Islamist factions.


    Today, all sides in that rebellion continue to play a role, whether militarily or politically. Indeed, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG),
    or Ansar al-Sharia in Libya had no intention to lay down their arms after Gaddafi was finished.

    For one thing, Qatar and its ally Turkey, who have long supplied such groups with weapons and money, realized that the most important part of the uprising was the post-Gaddafi phase, and that the only fruits worth picking are the ones that are ripe.

    Qatar and Turkey had their way with the Islamist domination of the General National Congress

    that was elected in July 2012, after successfully turning their minority into a majority against Mahmoud Jibril’s faction.

    The fact of the matter was that “independent” MPs were actually supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood from day one.

    Hence, the Islamists dominated the country. The militias affiliated to them were given official cover under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj, who was a former LIFG leader.
    These militias consisted of jihadis who returned from Afghanistan, and are very close to Qatar and Turkey.

    But Saudi Arabia would not tolerate the expansion led by its small neighbor in the Gulf
    into North Africa. Saudi Arabia could not tolerate for the Muslim Brotherhood, now its archenemy, to control an oil-rich country like Libya, and decided to press “the reset button” in regards to the situation there.
    Saudi and its ally the UAE thus began supplying the Zintan Brigades, which sporadically controlled Tripoli International Airport, with weapons and money.


    27 8 2014
    For Misratans, though, the presence of Zintan militias at the airport is a problem.
    “Zintan must leave the airport,” said Anwar Suwan, a member of Misrata’s military council on Sunday, a week after the first attacks, from a small farm in Gaser Bengashir,
    a district in Tripoli east of the airport, where Misrata are basing their attack.

    According to reporting by the New York Times this week,
    senior U.S. officials accused Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, both U.S. allies,
    of carrying out two airstrikes in recent days targeting militia groups vying for control over Tripoli. The strikes, the Times reports, mark "a major escalation of a regional power struggle set off by Arab Spring revolts."

  30. 2014
    The UAE acted in desperation to protect their clients in Libya, according to analysts

    “The rationale behind the strikes was likely that the airport was the main lifeline for the Zintanis in terms of armaments and refilling their arsenals.
    By taking the airport the Misratans have eliminated one of the main weapons supply hubs for their opponents.”

    Libiya UAE Aref Ali Nayed Tripoli's ambassador United Arab Emirates

    2011-08-08 Aref Ali Nayed, the head of the planning cell for the task force,
    said it was important that the general public "knows that there is an advance plan".
    "What you have obtained was an early draft," he told the paper. "We are now working on a much bigger picture."

    A 70-page plan prepared by the National Transitional Council (NTC) with help from Western powers and seen by the paper concedes they have little chance of toppling the long-serving ruler but that internal divisions will force him out.

    In that event, the rebels plan to establish a 10 000-15 000 strong "Tripoli task force" to secure the capital and capture prominent Gaddafi supporters.



    The document was drawn up by the National Transitional Council (NTC) in Benghazi
    with Western, and especially British, help.

    "We are asking for more Apache action," AP quoted Aref Ali Nayed as saying
    from Dubai. "They're very much needed." 21-8-2011


    In Dubai, Libya's new rebel-allied ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, urged for stepped up Nato air attacks over Tripoli, including the use of helicopter gunships.

    "We are asking for more Apache action" to counter Gaddafi forces clashing with rebels, said Aref Ali Nayed, who is also spokesman for a rebel transition team.

    The United Arab Emirates is among the Arab states that have strongly backed the rebellion against Gaddafi and could provide critical assistance if the Libyan leader is ousted.



    Prof Aref Ali Nayed, one of Libya's most senior religious leaders and a member of one of the major tribes in Libya, the Warfla tribe, tells the BBC World Service he expects that the tribes will stand united against the government of Col Gaddafi in this crisis: 21 Feb 2011

  31. Today, Libya has two nominal governments that pretend to preside over an anarchic, stateless region that is being pillaged and harassed by terror gangs.

    One parliament, dominated by non-Islamists, meets in Tobruk, an eastern city 1,000 miles away from Tripoli.

    An Islamist-dominated parliament, previously elected, does meet in Tripoli, but is hardly in control there; Operation Dawn, an Islamist rebel group, seized control of Tripoli's airport this week, setting the place ablaze.
    And Operation Dawn isn't even the biggest "winner" on the ground; that honor would probably go to Ansar al-Shariah, another Islamic extremist group.

    Meanwhile, the country is also reportedly being bombarded by Egyptian and Emirati airstrikes, according to The New York Times, as the conflict goes regional.

    The list of opponents of the Libyan Parliament/HoR :
    Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani and Scholars Association Libya
    and the Supreme Council for the Rebels
    and the Operations Room Libya rebels
    and coordinating political isolation
    and the Shura Council of the rebels of Benghazi, an alliance «Ansar al-Sharia» and armor, and the ruling Justice and construction Party ,
    and Shields of the central region.

    The opposition to the House of Representatives
    had only 23 seats out of 188 seats

  32. 2011 Colonel Salah Badi

    According to the diplomat, Mr Cameron and President Sarkozy discussed how to help the rebels on the ground last Friday. A security source in the Gulf also told The Times that British and French officials discussed selling arms to Qatar with a view to Doha passing them on to Benghazi.

    “The issue was not whether to do it but how much [to send],” he said. “The Qataris are buying a lot of hardware from France and supplying the Libyans on the ground through Doha. France has denied it is engaged in such actions but we have good information that it is happening.”

    Colonel Salah Badi, the commander of rebel forces in Misrata, said that British officials rejected their request for arms. He complained that the officials had acknowledged that rebel leaders were correct in claiming that Colonel Gaddafi was breaking the arms embargo with weapons supplied secretly across the Algerian border.

    In a statement yesterday, a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry said:
    “None of all that is true. We are acting strictly within the framework of United Nations resolutions 1970 and 1973 and we are not supplying weapons to the Libyan insurgents.”

    A Downing Street spokesperson said: “We are committed to fully implementing both UNSCR 1970 and 1973. We are not supplying arms to the National Transitional Council
    and we have no plans to do so.”

    Qatar has so far declined to comment on what products it has delivered to Libya,
    but western and rebel sources say it is supplying the rebels with money, fuel and now arms. These are believed to include French-made anti-tank missiles.

    Though its support is less publicised than that of Benghazi’s western allies,
    Qatar’s investment in the three-month-old revolution has been huge, and indicative of the major role that the affluent Gulf monarchy is taking in the region’s political affairs.

    “Qatar is our biggest Arab donor,” said Othman Mohammed Rishi, of the revolution’s Ministry of Finance and Oil.
    “They have given us fuel, credited us millions of dollars, and paid the bills for imports we could not afford. We are very grateful to them.”


  33. 2014

    . His name is Salah Badi, who suffers terrible post-traumatic stress disorder.

    "What hurts me most are the young ones lured by the crazy Salah Badi from Misrata

    who involved them in the war; this battle cannot be settled," commented Noman Benotman, a terror group researcher and president of the Quilliam Institute.

    Benotman added that the death toll from Saturday's battle in the capital was reportedly 18 from the city of Misrata.

    "That city supported and is responsible for the destruction and killing of Tripoli and its people and the displacement of Tawergha residents," he said.

    #HappeningNow in #Libya | Saladin Badi militias launch tank attack against #Trpoli Intl airport.
    Jul 20, 2014, 05:53 UTC

    2011 – 2012

    Libyan fighters launched a two-pronged assault Friday on one of the last towns to resist the country's new rulers, clashing with Moammar Gadhafi's supporters inside Bani Walid : Sep 9, 2011

    crimes 'Salah Badi' in Bani Walid!!


    MisRATa Militia commander Saleh Badi on the run

    The death named (Imran Salam Ayb) Field Commander secret cheetah of the Tiger Battalion
    after being hit in front of Bani Walid.



  34. A team of about 60 Qataris helped set up rebel command centers in Benghazi,
    the mountain city of Zintan and later in Tripoli, according to Qatari Staff Colonel Hamad Abdullah al-Marri, who later accompanied Mr. Belhaj on the march into Tripoli on Aug. 22, broadcast live on al-Jazeera.
    Mr. Marri said that during the rebel training, he interacted with about 30 Western liaison officers, including Britons, French and several Americans.


    Between April and the fall of Tripoli, at least 18 cargo planes left Qatar for Libya,
    filled with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and other small arms, as well as military uniforms and vehicles, say people familiar with the situation.

    Qatar funneled much of its aid through Ali al-Sallabi, say NTC-allied officials.
    They say the cleric's aid network, manned with his associates, allowed affiliated militias
    to receive the lion's share of both guns and money.

    Ali al-Sallabi helped to orchestrate more than a dozen of the shipments from Qatar, including 10 through Benghazi, these people say.

    At least three others went to the Western Mountains, where Mr. Belhaj was a top leader
    of rebels being trained by Qatari and Western advisers....

    People close to Mr. Belhaj emphasize they operated under the auspices of the NTC's Defense Ministry and that any weapons shipments were blessed by transitional Defense Minister Jalal al-Dugheily.

    wanis mabrouk al warfala

    One of the candidates for the committee 60 to prepare the constitution for the city of Benghazi
    At the airport in Doha, Qatar, with the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi .20/2/2014

  35. 5 march 2011
    "We have a huge explosion in a weapons depot," Mustafa Gheriani,
    a spokesman for the rebels' self-declared national council set up in Benghazi, Libya's second largest city.
    He said "sabotage" could have been the cause."The whole town shook," he added.

    Residents say the military base, about 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the city, is the main warehouse for weapons in the area.


    The experts said transfers of arms to Syria - where a two-year-old civil war
    has killed more than 70,000 people -
    had been organized from various locations in Libya, including Misrata and Benghazi,
    via Turkey or northern Lebanon.


    The article pointed out hat Mousaeeb is “a Libyan from Benghazi and the head of an organization called the Libyan Council for Relief and Support,”
    which is delivering supplies to the armed groups in Syria.


    Libyan Relief Effort – Paypal Naeem Gheriany naeem @ easy . com



    p.5-7] "IIRO [International Islamic Relief Organization] serves as a major financial sub-branch of the Muslim World League and reportedly receives 70% of its charitable funding directly from the Saudi government.20

    According to Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Ali, a past Secretary General of the MWL, the League provides 'humanitarian assistance' through the arms of IIRO.21

    However, the supposedly 'humanitarian' facade of IIRO hides a covert agenda of the group. Even since the early days of the Soviet-Afghan jihad, IIRO enabled Muslim World League
    to provide Arab-Afghan militants with a covert international military and financial infrastructure....

    The ship’s captain was “a Libyan from Benghazi and the head of an organization
    called the Libyan National Council for Relief and Support,” which was presumably established by the new government.


    3) An 11 Sep 12 meeting with Mahmoud al-Mufti
    , a “politically active” shipping broker
    from the Benghazi shipping agent Al-Marfa.
    Mufti had previously explained his company's role in aid shipments in a 30 Mar 11 report in USA TODAY,


  36. Issued this WEDNESDAY 23rd of February, 2011 for IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    Network of Free Ulema - Libya


    15.04 A coalition of Libyan Islamic leaders issues a fatwa telling all Muslims it is their duty to rebel against the Libyan leadership and demanding the release of all jailed protesters.

    Calling itself the Network of Free Ulema of Libya, the group of over 50 Muslim scholars
    said the government and its supporters "have demonstrated total arrogant impunity and continued, and even intensified, their bloody crimes against humanity.



    Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia the Muslim Brotherhood supporters removing Daash sign "fourth"
    from their personal accounts

    Sadiq al Ghiryani, a Libyan religious leader, told Al Jazeera a "massacre" was under way
    in the city and troops firing shots were mostly mercenaries.. Kamal Hudethifi, a judge, described the killings as "ethnic cleansing". : 20 Feb 2011

    Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ghiryani ‘Fatwa on Syria’ by 107 scholars 21/02/2012


    Dr. Ali Al Sallabi Libya
    Dr. Salem Ash-Sheikhi Libya
    Dr. Salem Jabir Libya
    Dr. Usamah Al Sallabi Libya
    Dr. Muhammad Abu Sudra Libya
    Dr. Nader Al Umrani Libya
    Sheikh Dr. Hamza Abu Fares Libya

    Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs himself, Hamza Abu Faris,


    has indeed admitted during an interview on April 15 to the Libyan press,
    that most mosques in Libya, Tripoli to Benghazi and Sirte in Misrata,
    were now under the control of Imam Salafists who, in addition to the Taliban to pledge allegiance to Al Qaeda, are, as everyone knows and as every true democrat feared above all, the most extremist of the most radical Islamists.

    Abu Yahya called on Libyan clerics to get involved in politics
    to ensure the Islamic character of the state
    and to veto those among the politicians whose
    attachment to Islam is not sincere—a reference to “hypocrites,”
    or al-Munafiqhin in Arabic,
    a term used by extremists for moderate Islamists or secular Muslims who lean toward compromise.

  37. The Phenomenon of Foreign Fighters from the Arab World in the Syrian Civil War,
    Most of Them Fighting in the Ranks of Organizations Affiliated with Al-Qaeda and the Global Jihad

    Mukhtar Muhammad Badi (Abu al-Abbas al-Libi) – From Misrata.


    Muhammad Sufian bin Qmo in Syria

    1. 48. The number of Irish foreign fighters in Syria was estimated as between
      10 and 26 (Irishtimes.com, May 3, 2013).

      Apparently the overwhelming majority are Muslims.

      Some who went to Syria were veterans of the battles in Libya.
      Four deaths of Irish foreign fighters have been reported in Syria,
      including that of a 16 year-old boy.


      Husam Najjair, 34, akaIrish Sam, al-Harati's brother-in-law.15
      He was born in Ireland to a Libyan father and Irish mother;
      he worked as a contractor. Before he went to Libya he had no military experience. Arriving in Libya, he joined al-Harati's Tripoli Brigade, where he received the nickname "the Dublin sniper." In Syria he used his experience to
      train rebel forces and fight alongside them
      (Vice.com, May 2013).

      A crash course in warfare followed for the Dublin born Najjair.“I am also a sniper.
      It’s not rocket science. You just hold your breath and shoot,” he added.


      Husam Najjair, 34, akaIrish Sam, al-Harati's brother-in-law.15
      He was born in Ireland to a Libyan father and Irish mother; he
      worked as a contractor. Before he went to Libya he had no military experience. Arriving in Libya, he joined al-Harati's Tripoli Brigade, where he received the nickname "the Dublin sniper." In Syria he used his experience to
      train rebel forces and fight alongside them
      (Vice.com, May 2013).

      A crash course in warfare followed for the Dublin born Najjair.“I am also a sniper. It’s not rocket science. You just hold your breath and shoot,” he added.

  38. Mar 24 2011

    Mustafa Gheriani was a construction contractor shuttling between the United States
    and Libya when the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi broke out.

    The big oilfields are near Benghazi,” said Yousif Al Gheriani, head of the 17th February Committee for Oil and Gas. “We need an economic balance with Tripoli.”

    Mr Al Gheriani said that locating the company in Benghazi would bring jobs to the city.
    “The international oil companies would come here and also the service companies.”

    sept 12 2011
    And said Joseph Ghiryani - engineer in Al-Jouf oil services - The opening of an office of the institution in Benghazi would ease the burden on Tripoli. -


  39. Online Petition: Libya No-Fly Zone | Avaaz.org | 18.03.11

    The International Crisis Group, for instance, where I worked at the time, published a statement on 10 March arguing for a two-point initiative: (i) the formation of a contact group or committee drawn from Libya’s North African neighbours and other African states with a mandate to broker an immediate ceasefire; (ii) negotiations between the protagonists to be initiated by the contact group and aimed at replacing the current regime with a more accountable, representative and law-abiding government.


    The decision to launch airstrikes on Libya was made in about 96 hours,
    by self-described "humanitarians" who took up the emerging international norm
    of "responsibility to protect" as their reason for war.
    To the applause of Bernard-Henri Levy and other munitions-grade faux intellectuals,
    they argued that Western governments had a duty to use military resources to help civilians who were being abused by their governments.


    Posted on 18/04/2011

    Istanbul - UAE Foreign Minister H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan
    called on Friday for ratcheting up international pressure on Qaddafi's regime to leave power.

    United Arab Emirates: Libya’s new rebel-allied ambassador to the United Arab Emirates on made a case Sunday for stepped up NATO air attacks on Tripoli, including the use of helicopter gunships, as the rebels fighting Muammar Qaddafi’s forces neared the capital.

    “We are asking for more Apache action” to counter Qaddafi forces clashing with rebels, said Aref Ali Nayed, who is also spokesman for a rebel transition team that has set up a temporary base in Dubai.

    1. Aref Ali Nayed He is also the secretary of the Network of Free Ulema – Libya.


      Aref Ali Nayed :A United Arab Emirates-supported "10,000 - 15,000 strong 'Tripoli task force' "

      is planned to control Tripoli, "secure key sites and arrest high-level Gaddafi" loyalists.

      Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Al-Ghiryani said
      “We have been active in Tripoli for more than two months, and our movement includes civilian, military, and security men as well as people from across the social spectrum.

      We have more than 200 elements in Tripoli,

      and we have approximately 600 fighters in the Western Mountain

      and approximately 459 in Tunisia.”

      He said that a few days ago, one of these organizations executed two women of the pro-Al-Qadhafi`s Revolutionary Guard in a Tripoli street.


      Smuggling Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani and many of the characters from Libya to Tunisia during the revolution - Channel Gharyan on Facebook meets a group of soldiers anonymous Rkdalin

       By City Rkdalin more than 400 people has been smuggled out of Libya
      since the month of February 2011 of those who stood against injustice, who defected from the disorder and former regime

      of whom Cheikhna Galilee , Sheikh Gheriani and Sheikh Dokali and Sheikh Hamza Boufares and daughter Nouri Mesmari

  40. Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    Fawzi al-Ghiryani National Movement for the Liberations of Libya


    Al-Ghiryani, a former businessman and merchant who joined the revolutionaries,
    revealed that his is a secret movement opposed to Al-Qadhafi, and that it regards itself
    as the military wing of the Tripoli branch of the (Transitional National) Council.

    Fawzi al-Ghiryani, the general coordinator of the National Movement for the Liberations of Libya (NMLL), which claimed responsibility for the Al-Andalus operation,
    told Al-Sharq al-Awsat from his headquarters in the Tunisian island of Djerba,
    that Abdallah al-Sanusi, Libyan intelligence chief, “was killed” and that Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmudi was wounded in the attack.

    Al-Ghiryani revealed that the secret movements in Tripoli, including his movement,
    have succeeded in infiltrating Al-Qadhafi`s regime`s security.

    Al-Ghiryani said that the RPG`s that were used in the Tripoli attack were purchased from pro-Al-Qadhafi security elements, noting that there is an bustling weapons market in Tripoli, where anyone who has money can buy the weapons one wants.

    2011-11-09 16:46:07

    Libya Satellite TV broadcast footage of Libya's key religious leader,
    Sadiq al-Ghiryani, returning to Tripoli on 9 November.
    The Islamic shaykh, who was described as "mufti of the Libyan lands and head of the
    Supreme Council of Fatwas", was shown arriving at Tripoli Airport.

    The footage did not appear to be broadcast live, featuring clearly
    edited clips of Al-Ghiryani's arrival.

    Tripoli military commander Abd-al-Hakim Bilhaj, the deputy head of the
    higher security committee, the head of Tripoli's local council and
    various National Transitional Council (NTC) members all received the

    Throughout the Libyan conflict, Al-Ghiryani issued fatwas in support of
    the NTC and its forces, speaking via Skype to the Doha-based pro-NTC
    Libya al-Ahrar TV channel (also known as Libya TV).

    On 7 August, he called on "people in the besieged towns to start civil
    disobedience", speaking on the Misratah-based Voice of Free Libya radio


  41. 2012

    Sixty days before the attack (September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. ) ,

    the Libyan MB (who had received direct support from the US during the revolution)

    were dealt a severe blow by garnering just 17 seats
    (the smallest minority) in the new 120-seat Libyan government

    while the MB off shoot party of Ali al-Salabi
    and Abdulhakim Belhadj (al Watan) secured just one.

    The Libyan MB was also working in conjunction with foreign
    governments including Turkey, Qatar, (and probably the US)
    as well as the Syrian MB
    to supply weapons & fighters to the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).


    Ali al-Salabi used his contacts with MB spiritual leader Yusef al-Qaradawi
    and the MB PR arm (al-Jazeera TV) to further the MB agenda in Libya.

    His brother, Ismail al-Salabi and fellow MB member Fawzi Bukatef
    controlled the umbrella security group, the Feburary 17 Brigade , in Benghazi.

    Ali al-Salabi also used his contacts in (MB sympathetic) Qatar
    to increase his prominence in post-Ghadafi Libya.

    It's implausible to believe al-Salabi and Belhadj did not receive other aid from MB leaders in Egypt during and after the revolution, and it's likely both looked at Egypt as “the model” for the new Libya.

    However, unlike in Egypt where the MB received tacit approval and support from the US,
    the Libyan MB certainly viewed
    some “push-back” from the US: The support of “secular” Mahmoud Jibril for interim president and then Prime Minister;

    the reported lack of support for Belhadj from Ambassador Stevens
    and the public interference in weapons shipments to MB factions in Syria are the most publicly known.

    1. However, unlike in Egypt where the MB received tacit approval and support from the US,

      2011-02-21 Egypt: - bbcmon

      The official Muslim Brotherhood (MB) website reported on 21 February that

      MB General Guide Muhammad Badi

      said that the group's Guidance Office decided to prepare
      for the inauguration of a new party
      with the name of "Freedom and Justice".
      "The names of the party founders would be announced within few days," he said.

      "The party membership will be open to all Egyptians who accept its programme and orientation," the MB general guide said.

  42. http://altagreer.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/10425377_612944038820607_8704828265309687713_n.jpg

    Libyan rebels' Tripoli military commander Abdel Hakim Belhaj, center,
    Misrata field Commander Salahidin Badi, left,
    and Military adviser Mustapha Mohamed, right, are seen in Tripoli.

  43. 28 apr. 2013 - Adel Al-Ghiryani (C), spokesperson of the Supreme Council of Libyan Revolutionaries, speaks to the media in Tripoli April 28, 2013.



    10th May 2013

    On 10th May a demonstration outside the Tebesti Hotel in Benghazi was interesting because an effigy of Emir Sheikh Hamid bin Khalifa al-Thani was burned.

    Benghazi is a troubled city where the US ambassador Stevens was killed in an attack
    on his consulate and over 20 senior military, air force and police officers have been killed.

    Many suspect the Salafist militia Ansar Sharia of complicity in these killings.

    So incensed was his defence minister, Mohamed Bargahthi, that he resigned in protest against the use of force to influence a democratically elected congress.

    Prime Minister Zedan singled out Adel Al-Ghiryani,
    the president of the ‘Supreme Council of Libyan Revolutionaries’, as the possible instigator and leader of the armed intervention.
    It is easy to see why. Al-Ghiryani spoke to the media outside the besieged Foreign Ministry in Tripoli demanding the dismissal of Ministry employees, including Libyan ambassadors who had worked for Qaddafi.
    His Vice President, Mr Kaabar, went further and stated: “We are determined to bring down the government of Ali Zidan.”
    5th May 2013

    The Misrat’s clan headed by Abdelrahman Suehli and country’s Mufti al-Sacliq al-Ghiryani do everything with support of Qatar and French funds to destabilise situation in region and to dethrone Zeidan cabinet.


    The Islamists seem to be closer to the British in their policies and do not object to London's orders.

    This is reflected in London's relationship with Abdul-Rahman al-Sowaihali al-Misrati who claims to be representing Misrata, a representation based on his control of a battalion of gunmen.



  44. 14 August 2013 reports an attempt to assassinate el mofty el ghiryani



    Ghariani Stay grandson Alkhaan who handed Omar Mukhtar to the Italian occupation in Libya:

    Ghariani + Tagouris


    UK 2011 Arifi + Khafifi


    Ghariani , Salabi

    This is the word of the Supreme Council for Fatwa Sheikh Sadiq Bin Abdul Rahman Ghiryani ,
    to the rebels and in particular the people Nalut and Zintan and Kklh and the castle and Kabaau and Ifrane and Gado and the rest of the cities of the western mountain ,
    in this word sincerely intent to work and not a conflict for the purpose of this world

    1 - Grand Mufti al Ghiryani statement in Zuwara "the whole idea of constitutionalization
    of Tamazight language is Fetna", and thus must be combated.


    1. 2 jun. 2011

      People found the body of Martyr Hamdi Jumaa Al-Shalwi
      in Darna city eastern Libya.
      His head was cut off and then placed in front of the headquarters of the Internal Security Dernah.

      That was after being kidnapped from a checkpoint complex Herich. In response to this Al-Shalwi family erected a funeral tent to receive condolences in which the green flag [of Libya] was raised.

      After the funeral the whole city of Darna rose up with all its tribes which include:- the Abu Jazia family, Al-Shalwi family, The Quba families, Ain Marra families.


      Commenting on the UNSMIL invitation,
      political analyst and researcher at the Ain Studies and Research Foundation

      Hisham Al-Shalwi

      told Al-Ahram Weekly that “on the whole, I believe that UNSMIL is not a neutral party because it espouses the outlook of a particular party for a resolution to the political crisis. That party is the National Forces Alliance and a group of businessmen in the GNC whose interests are linked with the movement led by Prime Minister Ali Zeidan.” 

      Al-Shalwi said that an inclusive national dialogue was essential, as long as it was conducted without preconditions and in accordance with a comprehensive framework of principles aimed at safeguarding social peace and establishing the structures of an institutionalised government based on the peaceful rotation of power.“I do not shrink from saying that the National Forces Alliance and those who revolve in the orbit of the prime minister are responsible for driving the crisis to its furthest limits with the aim of obtaining gains by undermining the political process.

      [These forces] primarily aim to exclude the revolutionaries from participation in the national polity and to shake, indeed, topple the GNC, which is the last link in the interim phase as established by Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration,” he said.“In addition, this scheme aims to strike at the moderate, centrist Islamist trend that believes in the rotation of power through the people’s election of their representatives and rulers.

      Finally, it seeks to rattle the general public’s confidence in the mufti,
      Sheikh Al-Sadeq Al-Gharyani, who, regardless of how we might differ with him with respect to many of his political ideas, remains the conscience of the collective mind and a symbol of the 17 February Revolution.”

  45. dernah

    2014-06-13 A Libyan jihadist just home from Syria was shot dead in Derna
    this week during a feud between rival terror groups.

    The al-Battar Brigade, which is affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), issued a statement on Monday (June 9th)
    saying that heads would be cut off, stomachs slit and Libya filled with graves to avenge Mahdi Saad Abu al-Abyadh al-Gaithi.

    Al-Ghaithi was killed in a clash with the Abu Slim Martyrs Brigade, inflaming the conflict between the jihadist groups.

    On the other hand, Ramzi Yousef, a member of Ansar al-Sharia said, "The group of al-Battar, the word refers to one of the names of the sword an affiliate of Ansar al-Sharia.

    It was founded in Syria and all its members are from Libya.
    They are the fiercest because they do not negotiate but just act. "
    He affirmed that it was a group trained in weapons and specialising in suicide attacks, bombings,
    and assassinations that they learned in Syria.
    According to local residents, the threat to Libyan civilians from the rival extremist groups is not just violence.
    "A family next door with eight young girls was forced to escape to Benghazi in August,"
    engineer Firas al-Mansouri, 32, told Magharebia.
    "The father was afraid and moved, to get away from extremist groups
    that marry off Libyan girls to al-Qaeda, against their parents' will."

    "The Abu Salim brigade is another form of al-Qaeda and Ansar are the same as ISIS," al-Mansouri added.


    Muhammad Sufian bin Qmo in Syria



    U.S. and Libyan forces on Monday captured Saifallah Ben Hassine, the leader of Tunisia’s Islamist militant group Ansar al-Shariah, Tunisia's state news agency TAP said, citing a security source.
    He was apparently captured in the Libyan city of Misrata.December 30th, 2013


  46. benghazi

    MARCH 2, 2014
    Benghazi has been dealing with a low-grade guerrilla war between Islamist militants and security forces that defected from the former Qaddafi government.
    The security forces are now the closest thing to an army, and they have been facing a growing campaign of assassinations and bombings by Islamist militants
    for months. ( = years!)


    News reports citing Libyan officials said that at least two lawmakers were shot as they tried to flee. One was Abdul Rahman al-Swehli of Misurata, who was said to be hospitalized but not critically injured.

    The latest attack coincided with news confirming the arrival of reinforcements from Derna to support armed brigades against Haftar, in addition to the return of Libyan fighters from al-Battar battalion in Syria that joined Ansar al-Sharia.

    The battles resulted in water, electricity, and telecommunication cuts and shuttered vital services in the city.
    Even medical personnel were unable to work. 29/07/2014
    Tariq Elourfi, a local official in Benghazi, called on the city's population to protect their neighbourhoods.

    He also appealed to elders in Benghazi and its environs to intervene.

    Meanwhile, Ansar al-Sharia announced the death of nine of its leaders, including Ahmed al-Zahawi, brother of its emir, Mohamed al-Zahawi.

    August 9,2014
    A source from inside Ansar al-Sharia, Y. M. G., told Magharebia, "On Saturday, August 9, fierce fighting took place
    between Ansar al-Sharia and the Central Shield led by Wisam Bin Humaid,
    resulting in the loss of seven people in their ranks."


    The same source added that the reason for the fight was a power struggle in that "Ansar al-Sharia, led by Mohammed al-Zahawi wants an Islamic emirate in Benghazi

    and Wisam bin Humaid wants the Muslim Brotherhood to rule, which led to fighting between them and the rift that took place."


    August 1, 2014
    After fall of Benghazi, Libya fears Islamic State



    Syrian terrorist was killed by the #Libyan Air Fore airstrikes in #Ganfoda district of #Benghazi #terrorism #Libya 12 8 2014

  47. February 17, 2014

    Malek al-Sharif, the founder of Libya’s Rejection Movement [Harakat Rafed] :

    Sharif said, “In the last elections, the Brotherhood did not win the required percentage [of votes], because of the alliance between the national forces in the political conflict.

    However, they succeeded in reaching the National Congress by running as independent candidates.
    After succeeding, they announced that there were affiliated with the Brotherhood and a number of ministers in the current government became part of the Brotherhood.”

    He said that the Brotherhood in Libya was training some of the groups fleeing Egypt,
    and there were figures from the Egyptian Brotherhood that had arrived in Libya
    and were being trained in the use of weapons before they returned to Egypt.

    The best evidence of this correlation is that the Brotherhood leader Safwat Hegazi was arrested while he was on his way to Libya to be protected by the Libyan Brotherhood.

    On the statement of the Libyan ambassador in Cairo, who had said that those who were kidnapping Egyptians were affiliated with the former regime to cause a division between Egypt and Libya,
    Sharif told Azzaman, “This is not true and the Libyan ambassador needs to review past events. When US troops assisted Libyan troops in arresting al-Qaeda member Abu Anas al-Libi, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was kidnapped by armed militias in Libya.

    However, the operation has failed, because Abu Anas was moved outside the Libyan territories. Under international pressure exerted on the General National Congress, Zeidan was released.
    The best evidence is that Abu Obeida Zawi was arrested recently in Egypt, because
    he is a member of the Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room,
    which is involved in acts of violence in Egypt and supports the Muslim Brotherhood,
    despite claims by Egyptian authorities that his arrest was because his residency expired.

    In response, the Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room kidnapped Egyptian diplomats until the release of Abu Obeida.


  48. 25/01/2014
    The abduction came hours after Libya's state news agency reported the arrest of a militia commander, Shaaban Hadiya, in Egypt.
    Mr Hadiya was a top member of the Revolutionaries Operation Room, a militia blamed for the abduction of Libyan prime minister Ali Zidan last year.
    It claims to answer to the Libyan military but is widely seen as operating independently.

    Operation Room spokesman Adel al-Ghiryani called on Egypt to release Mr Hadiya, who was on a medical trip to Egypt.

    Mr Al-Ghiryani told The Associated Press that he has no idea why Mr Hadiya was detained, and denied his group was involved in the kidnapping of the diplomats.
    "We have no relation with this issue," he said.

    26 jan. 2014 - The abduction is believed to be in retaliation for the arrest of Shaaban Hadiya - also known as Abu Obaida al-Zawy
    Egypt has evacuated its Egyptian embassy staff in Tripoli and Benghazi consulate in Libya after five Egyptian diplomats, including the administrative attaché Hamdi Ghanem and the cultural attache Hilali Sherbini, had been kidnapped by an armed group on Friday and Saturday.
    The abduction is believed to be in retaliation for the arrest of Shaaban Hadiya - also known as Abu Obaida al-Zawy - the Egypt-based commander of the Libyan Revolution Operations Room.
    The Egyptian authorities arrested Hadiya in Alexandria on Friday on charges of links to Al- Qaeda.

    Hadiya, also known as Abu Ubeida al-Libi, had travelled to Egypt for medical ...

    Hadiya is the head of the militia known as Revolutionaries Operation Room, which claims to answer to the Libyan army but is widely seen as operating independently.
    Last year the Libyan government blamed the group for the abduction of the prime minister, Ali Zidan, who was briefly kidnapped by gunmen in Tripoli.

    On Saturday the militia's spokesman, Adel al-Ghiryani, said that Hadiya, also known as Abu Ubeida al-Libi,
    had travelled to Egypt for medical reasons but was detained there.

    The Abu Obeida Al-Jarah Brigade is a secretive brigade  july 30 2011

    The Egyptians’ release was confirmed after Hadeia, head of the Operations Centre of Libya’s Thuwar (revolutionaries), announced his release himself on television.
    “The five diplomats and a further member of staff of the Egyptian embassy are free,” Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Abderrazak al-Gridi told AFP.
    “They are at home and they are safe. They were treated well and their health is good,” Gridi said, without elaborating on the circumstances of their release.

    A Libyan security official speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity said the kidnappers freed the six as part of a deal between Tripoli and Cairo. The official said the kidnappers, who have not been identified, demanded the release of Hadeia, also known by his nom de guerre Abu Obeida.

  49. 2014
    In an interview today on February 5, and through the National channel
    Sheikh Sadiq Gheriani decreed it is not permissible to go out on the National Congress

    Ghiryani condemning the violence and the attack on the hotel and the targeting of ministries, but in this video clearly put pressure on the Congress to legitimize war on Bani Walid, which resulted in the complete destruction of the city as a result of indiscriminate shelling artillery for almost a month,

    - 5 Feb 2014
    Libya's grand mufti "it is permissible to fight protesters who demand the removal of the GNC

    Urgent Zintan: - will take (capture) Ghiryani because of the fatwa that decreed the killing of members of the military june 2014

    the Network of Free Ulema called for full rebellion against Libya
    Sheikh Sadiq al-Gharyani (Libya):We call people to support the Free Syrian Army

    Libyan cleric Sadiq Ghiryani visited British Mi6 intelligence building and met with the officials of Middle East file and the English Intelligence Service. The meeting was coordinated by the Muslim Brotherhood leader Ali Alsalabi.
    July 4 2014


  50. TRIPOLI, Aug. 1, 2014: Mohammed Ghiryani (C), spokesman of the Islamic militias
    who surrounded the Tripoli International Airport, speaks during a news conference, confirming the continuation of the military operation to control the airport and some of the surrounding camps, in Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 1, 2014.


    May 4, 2014 Libya's parliament swore in a new prime minister supported by Islamists despite a disputed vote Sunday and walkouts from a largely secular bloc,
    Despite the protest from a number of non-Islamist parliamentarians, the interim parliament swore in 42-year-old businessman Ahmed Matiq in a rushed televised session headed by the second deputy of parliament, Saleh al-Makhzoum, and member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Justice and Construction Party.

    Lawmaker Mohammed Samoud confirmed Matiq, from Libya's third-largest city, Misrata, won.
    Matiq, educated in Britain, runs a group of hotels and is involved in construction.

    But Mahmoud Salama al-Ghiryani, a lawmaker and supporter of Matiq, said the adjourning of the session was not legal and that most of the members in the house were against it.

    Omar al-Hassi, a political science professor from the country's second-largest city of Benghazi, ran against Matiq.
    He is backed by the hard-line Islamist bloc in parliament.

    A rival body, the General National Congress, has named pro-Islamist figure Omar al-Hassi to form a "salvation government."

    Interim authorities have been steadily losing ground
    to the militias and the Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn)
    mainly Islamist alliance, which seized Tripoli airport on August 22 after weeks of fierce fighting with nationalist rivals.


    The day after Tripoli fell to the Islamist group Libya Dawn, Ghariani sent congratulations to the Islamist militants using his internet channel, Tanasuh: “I congratulate the revolutionaries in their victory, I give blessing to the martyrs,” he said.


    The Guardian reported on August 29th that the Foreign Office had confirmed that Ghariani was residing in the UK, from where he is encouraging his followers to overthrow the client regime in LIbya.

  51. A Warning About the Avaaz Petition for Prosecution of Libya’s Grand Mufti


    Mary Fitzgerald - Avaaz.org
    Mary, Alice, Luis, Pascal, Anna, Marie and the whole Avaaz team




    We have no time to lose -- the people of Libya are being slaughtered by their own government. Click to send a message directly to all the UN Security Council delegations to stop the violence, and share this with everyone -- let's spur the UN to action with a flood of messages:


    Eighteen years today Gaddafi regime killed 1200 political prisoners in its infamous Abu Salim jail. Massacre still casts long shadow #Libya Mary Fitzgerald    @MaryFitzger Jun 27, 2014 09:57:27 GMT

    Nun on Irish visit accused of peddling ‘regime lies’ about crisis in Syria
    17/08/12MARY FITZGERALD, Foreign Affairs Correspondent (The Irish Times)


  52. International Organization for Human Rights.

    Issued in London, United Kingdom on 06/09/2014
    (11 photo's)



    This is an image of the captured martyr Ahmed Jweideh , kidnapped 2 september 2014 by Berber Nalut While he was wounded inside an ambulance he was handed over to the militias Zawwiya who tortured and killed the wounded prisoner.
    Ali was killed after being tortured way Daash


    the victims of human trafficking 2014







    Around 8,000 detainees held in relation to the 2011 armed conflict are still in detention facilities; around 3,000 of these are held in government custody, the rest by militias.


  53. 2013
    Warshefana massacre

    The events that took place in the town of Warshefana, between December 19- 29, 2013,
    are the best example of the tragedy of blind tribal zeal afflicting Libya.
    Islamist tribal militias stormed the Warshefana area between Tripoli and al-Zawiya, 40 kilometers from the capital, with thousands of men armed with heavy, medium, and light weapons, including guns, tanks, armored vehicles, and rocket launchers.
    The militias plundered the city, killing 21 people and injuring more than 100.
    Ghargour massacre
    85-year-old Sheikh Mohammed Alchuirv sentenced to 7 years Misrata prison

    UN mission in Libya has "not always had full access" to detention facilities, new report of OHCHR says
    UN in Libya "documented cases of torture and ill-treatment in various locations," including deaths in custody


    Bani Walid massacre


    15 12 2012 the killing by torture
    of Sheikh Mohammed Ashandolee ,70 years,Bani Walid ,
    in the dark prisons of souq juma battaillion#RIP



    Tawergha massacre

    abu saleem hospital massacre

  54. Today " Hero " Badr Mohammed Kerkom lost his leg in battle while cleansing Wershvana
    He is one of the Champions Battalion Ali bin Abi Talib - Misurata


    كما بث ناشطون سوريون صورا على الإنترنت تظهر تشكيل كتيبة جديدة تابعة .... سرية «علي بن أبي طالب»، في منطقة الحولة (أعلن عن تشكيلها في 27 أيلول 2011).


    Syrian activists also broadcast pictures on the Internet showing the formation
    of a new subsidiary battalion secret .... «Ali bin Abi Talib», in the area of ​​Hula (announced its formation on September 27, 2011).


  55. 16 august 2011 closing the coastal road in anticipation of any passage
    by the Phalange ..
    الثلاثاء، أغسطس 16، 2011

    3- هروب أكثر من 50 مرتزق ألباني من فندق كورنثيا
    4-أنباء عن أشتباكات عنيفه الان فى تاجوراء وأنباء عن قتل العديد من المرتزقه من الكتائب ... الله اكبر
    3 escape of more than 50 mercenaries Hotel Corinthia
    4-reported violent clashes now in the Tajura and news about the killing of many of mercenary battalions ...


    What happened August 21?
    EXCLUSIVE | Rebels stormed Palm City in hunt for Gaddafi

    Maltese eyewitnesses told MaltaToday that on the evening of Sunday 21 August,
    some 200 fully-armed rebel fighters shot their way through the gates of the Corinthia-owned luxury residential resort in Janzour in search of the Gaddafis, just one hour after the Bab Al-Aziziya compound had fallen.

    One of the tweeters sent out the registration plates of the Chevrolets in which Gaddafi loyalists fled Palm City, while another said that looting was taking place inside the complex during a gun battle with rebels.

    20th Ramadan Road (Tripoli)
    Souq juma- Al-Fernaj

    32°40'37"N 13°3'19"E Zahra Bridge near Fornaj
    the road link between Tripoli and Gharyan precisely Bridge Zahra
    al aziziya road


    situation 17 august 2011

    NATO bombing the weapons depot near Frenaj, Libya 11.08.2011


    August 19, 2011
    The spread of armed rebels around the airport in the direction of the south
    and the headquarters company of the river and Research Center
    at the intersection of Spring Valley Road
    to circumvent the trait Alforjan


  56. Mohamed Al-Harizi, the head of the Justice and Construction Party

    Posted: Saturday, August 20, 2011
    A representative for Tripoli on the rebel leadership council told the AP that rebels were surrounding almost every neighborhood in the capital,
    and there was especially heavy fighting in Fashloum, Tajoura and Souq al-Jomaa.

    Those three neighborhoods have been bubbling with discontent ever since the beginning of the Libya uprising. They paid the highest price in deaths when protesters took the streets in anti-Gadhafi protests, only to be met with live ammunition by government militiamen.

    “We don’t have exact numbers yet, but we are hearing that many fighters have fallen — very likely over 100,’’ said Mohammed al-Harizi.

    A second case, known as “the Slovenian company case” (a reference to the company that ran the compound before it was taken over, as a makeshift prison) involves five named defendants:

    Hamza Mabruk Muftah Harizi,

    Marwan Emhemed Khalifa Gaddoura, Musbah Mohamed Musbah Ajim, Naji Massoud Najjar
    and Sami Saleh Ragie. Their trial is set for 8 January 2013.

    The third case involves just one defendant: Sergeant-Major Hamza Mabrouk Muftah El-Harizi.
    He is accused of mass murder. This case is said to be being handled by a military court.

    National Transitional Council justice coordinator Jamal Bennor said now is not the time
    to be putting former rebels on trial.

    comment : Bennor Marwan :
    You need to get you facts right.
    This guy [Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa ] is NOT from Tajura
    he is from Tarhona but lives in Tajura.

    Tajura has given enough blood to this uprising, we lost five people from one Family.





  57. Rebel forces say that Saturday's Tripoli offensive—codenamed "Operation Mermaid Dawn"—was coordinated with NATO, with Colonel Fadlallah Haroun,
    a Benghazi-based rebel commander,
    telling the AP that weapons were sent via tugboat to Tripoli on Friday (18 august)

    UPDATE 166, Saturday, August 20, 10:40 p.m. (Asawin Suebsaeng)

    Fadlallah Haroun Al-Shahibi


     In one classified document (see image to right) it stated that, “…
    it was commissioned that Fadlallah Haran Musa is to head the centers of the National Security Fares in Barqa [east of Libya]
    and to also commission Khalid Atiyeh to be his assistant.”
    These two, according to our sources, are “Islamist operatives connected to Al-Qaeda.”

  58. 19 aug. 2011 According to rebels sources "Operation Mermaid Dawn"
    crucial for the Liberation of Tripoli was launched last night.

    The capital operations, most notably in the vicinity of Abu Salim prison
    in the central Nasr Street.

    أفادت مصادر الثوار في ليبيا أن عملية "فجر عروس البحر" الحاسمة لتحرير طرابلس انطلقت الليلة الماضية. وشهدت العاصمة عمليات، أبرزها في محيط سجن بوسليم المركزي وفي شارع النصر.

    On Friday evening [ 19 aug], two more formations of RAF Tornado and Typhoon aircraft returned to Tripoli. Their target was the main operations room for the Ministry of Interior's security forces, which NATO intelligence had identified as located in a compound in the Abu Salim district.

    Eight Paveway guided bombs scored direct hits.


    Melody defying fatigue 08-20-2011, 04:12 PM
    The rebel takeover of the weapon depot and light weapons in the plateau region.
    And that those who escaped last night from the Abu Salim prison ,,

    Green plateau next to the Green Hospital
    الهضبة الخضراء بجانب مستشفى الخضراء


  59. 20 aug. 2011
    In conjunction with these developments, planes and helicopters
    of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
    bombed security headquarters and command centers of the brigades of Gaddafi
    in different areas of the capital.

    The Libyan television showed sites said that NATO aircraft had been shelling
    and one of those sites is located in the area of ​​Abu Salim,
    where there is a security centers
    and political imprisonment popularly known as Abu Salim.

    The news that the rebels were able to liberate prisoners detained in prison, "Salim"
    after NATO bombing targeted the security gates in the perimeter of the prison,
    and armed clashes and demonstrations recorded in some neighborhoods.

    The aircraft belonging to NATO has bombed targets in Tripoli yesterday,
    including the home of the intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi, close to Colonel Gaddafi. NATO source spoke last night about the killing of al-Sanusi, but the alliance later backtracked on this


    20 aug. 2011

    ووفقا لمواقع معارضة, فإن تعزيزات كبيرة من الثوار تتجه إلى طرابلس من الجبل الغربي, ومن المدن المحررة حديثا مثل الزاوية وصرمان وصبراتة. وحسب المصادر نفسها, فإن مجموعات من الثوار بلغت منطقة العزيزية (30 كيلومترا جنوب طرابلس).
    According to opposition websites, the large reinforcements of rebels moving to Tripoli from the western mountains, and the newly liberated cities such as Zawiya and Surman and Sabratha.

    According to the same sources, the rebel groups reached Aziziyah area (30 km south of Tripoli).


    وسيطر الثوار كذلك قبل أيام على مدينة غريان (100 كيلومتر جنوب طرابلس), وأول أمس على زليتن (160 كيلومترا شرق العاصمة الليبية).
    The rebels control since a few days the city of Gharyan (100 km south of Tripoli),
    and the day before yesterday on Zlitan (160 kilometers east of the Libyan capital).

    Eradication last Tahlob in Badri \ plateau 24/8/2011
    Uploaded on Aug 24, 2011
    Tahlob called Herb been eradicated by Kklh rebels and Gharyan on the plateau


  60. Yasser Ben Haleem

    The Derna battalion was the first to enter Tripoli.

    A)  I am proud to say that I was amongst the first of those who was injured on 20 August.


    oh, not forgetting Tarek Ben Halim طارق بن حليم من طرابلس in the list of victims,
    son of a former prime minister,Mustafa Ben Halim.(Mansour Ben Halim appears in the same line) Tarek died of brain cancer in December 2009. How strange.

    felixJune 18, 2012 at 10:58 PM

    Abdulatti Musbah Bin-Halim of Zlitan
    The number 170 is fairly close to the 180 dead that Bin-Halim would report that day,
    and he was among four alleged escapees being treated for injuries at Tripoli Medical Center


    Militia's Omar Mukhtar brigade Abdelmonem Mukhtar Mohammed Hassan Drouy,

  61. Uploaded on Aug 22, 2011
    Battalion Champions Zintan controls the Tripoli International Airport


    The rebel-led Tripoli brigade launched a fresh offensive Saturday in a southern suburb, mopping up pockets of pro-Gadhafi fighters

    who are believed to have retreated there after a three-day battle for control of the nearby international airport.

    With Moammar Gadhafi on the run after a 42-year reign,
    thousands of exiled Libyans are preparing to return home to rebuild their country. WSJ's Neil Hickey reports from Washington.

    A phalanx of 40 pick-up trucks
    armed with anti-aircraft weapons and heavy machine guns
    and brimming with fighters drove out of Tripoli in the early afternoon
    to join units in Qasr Ben Ghasir, located approximately 30 miles south of the capital.

    Rebels now control the airport, but it is not open and not operational. There is at least one plane on the runway that has been bombed.

    Palace rebels ben Gasheer Cavalry Regiment previously and the elements of the fourth division

    Revolutionaries Qasr Ben Ghashir Cavalry Regiment

  62. 22 august 2011

    August 22 2011 Brazilian warehouse :A second warehouse, a few hundred metres away

    22 august 2011 Another doctor died before he could find a vehicle
    but the remaining two were evacuated to the Al-Afia Medical Centre in Qasr Ben Gushair.[106]

    why Al-Afia Medical Centre Qasir bin Ghasir and not Abu Saleem Hospital or Saladin Hospital?
    Or TMC?

    22 august 2011 one doctor was left to look after 25 patients /Abu Slim Trauma Centre,

    In a statement, Al-Jazeera said the jamming "originated south of the capital of Tripoli
    from a Libyan intelligence technical administration building" headed by a general.

    The building was "located in front of Salah al-Din hospital in an area of the same name,
    in Al-Khadra al-Hadhba district" it said, adding it made this conclusion from "accurate studies carried out by specialised companies."



    TMC Salem Rajub / Ferjany
    This list of Members of the scientific councils list 47 names accredited with the Tripoli Medical Center. One member of the Scientific Board of Emergency Medicine is named "د. فرج عبدالسلام" which Google translates to D. Salam Faraj. His specialty is stated as pediatrics.

  63. Ammunitions and Weapons Hidden Near Tripoli's Airport (Tripoli, Libya) Aug. 26, 2011 طرابلس

    another weapondepot @ 5.08 said to be conquered at same date as depot in Yarmouk/
    Tripoli-Derna Brigade

    Latest update : 2011-08-26
    The Tripoli airport was under rebel control but faced regular shelling from pro-Gadhafi forces
    to the east. At least three planes were burned in heavy shelling overnight, although the airport otherwise appeared largely intact, with a dozen other passenger planes on the tarmac.

    "NATO is bombing those guys but they are still shelling from the east of the airport,"

    Nasser Amer,

    a civil aviation official told The Associated Press.

    Amer, a former pilot, traveled to Tripoli to try to get the airport running again.
    Latest update : 2011-08-26



    We are told by our correspondent from the Palace of Ben Ghashir that NATO has bombed the camp of the few Khamis T
    Road near the lighthouse company Alkahraaba Flames were seen from very long distances



    معسكر عويدات ... بطريق المناره بمنطقة قصر بن غشير بجوار مدرسة الفروسيه ثم قصفه من قبل قوات الزنتان والان اليات الدروع اليهوديه المزراطيه مشتعله وراكبه فيها النار وقوة الاستهداف عليهم .... والنار والدخان في كل مكان وتاكل كل شي فالمعسكر

    Camp Owaidat ... accidentally lighthouse area Qasr Ben Ghashir next to equestrian school
    and then bombed by the forces of Zintan, and now by Misratans

    tripoli Airport Road 19.8.2014

    @ 0.40
    compare : qasir bin ghasir?


    yamouk – ben aoun – qasir bin ghasir

  64. 2014
    Gneoh Albaraka and Haitm Tagouris provide the rocket launchers for gangs Misrata
    at the Farmers and Abu Salim prison and begin shelling the airport road
    from several directions source : larbi

    24 augustus 2014

    21 aug. 2014
    And subjected to the violent armed clashes at Tripoli International Airport and surrounding areas since July 13 last year, between the rebels of Zintan, who control it and forces operations room Libya rebels and some of the rebels of Misrata and the cities of the West, led to the deaths of more than 200 people and injuring at least a thousand people.

    august 22 2014

    مقر الشرطة العسكرية The headquarters of the military police
    august 22 2014 Airport Road


    Control on the headquarters of the Interior and the headquarters of the military police
    Airport Road


    شارع ولي العهد Crown Street
    After the injury was a hero with the help of God burning cars and equipment of approximately 9 Qaqaa cars and sheep launcher, and 14 of the 27 Toyota Crown Street), God is great and the blood of the martyrs will not be wasted and the rebel Lord saves in all axes through the airport

    طرابلس شارع ولي العهد


    Al-Karimia neighbourhood, which is located near Tripoli airport, has recently witnessed heavy fighting that killed over hundred people prompting the civil aviation authority to announce closure of the Libyan airspace by August first. 29 july 2014


    19 augustus 2014

    15 july 2014
    For Misratans, though, the presence of Zintan militias at the airport is a problem.
    “Zintan must leave the airport,” said Anwar Suwan, a member of Misrata’s military council on Sunday, a week after the first attacks, from a small farm in Gaser Bengashir,

    a district in Tripoli east of the airport, where Misrata are basing their attack.

    Islamist-led militias launched an attack on Tripoli's international airport on Sunday against units allied to Khalifa Haftar, the former general who has vowed to defeat the jihadis.

    Buildings and fuel tanks were set ablaze by artillery, rocket and anti-aircraft fire
    in the worst fighting seen in the Libyan capital since 2011.

    20 Grad missiles Hit # Tripoli # Libya Airport in the Last Two hours According to eyewitnesses, UAE plane exploded. Pic.twitter.com/uzzLFya1YT
    Feras Kilani (@ feraskilani) 2014 년 7 월 14 일

  65. 18 august 2011
    One of the first battalion of tanks, buildings destroyed by NATO aircraft on Friday night / Saturday.


    22 jul. 2014 The source said that the elements of the operation room Libya rebels
    had fired shells "locusts" to the airport ,and the area adjacent to Salahuddin ,
    the former camp Gaddafi forces
    where "brigade civil"' Zintan is located






    a yard used to store farm machinery in the Yarmouk area of Tripoli's Salahuddin district,
    adjacent to the capital's largest military headquarters, "Leewa 32", the command center
    run by Khamis Gadhafi, The (London) Times reported.




    shed victim outside on groundmover


    Behind the broken refrigeration there is a black body lying face down with white sneakers.
    Is this the faceless body brought in by the front loader? There is another video showing the front loader scooping up a body among threes. Is this the same place?

    Also see by comment on the "earth movers" in the post dedicated to the Shed Massacre: Vehicles.


  66. On 22 August 2011 the thuwar had reached Salahadeen

    مديرية الأمن الوطني طرابلس National Directorate of Security Tripoli
    " امانة الامن العام سابقا "

    22 january 2011
    Evacuated patrols and security support members of the public security sector units
    early Saturday morning ... on Airport Road in the "place of the Security Directorate of Tripoli previously"

    مديرية الأمن الوطني طرابلس طرابلس

    Salah al-Din neighborhood

    the day of the liberation of the other middle rebel camp of Yarmouk

    21, 22, 23, 24, 25 august 2011

    Lafi Hussein



    Muhammad el-Lafi, Zawiya , Osama el-Lafi, Zawiya ?

    Hussein told me how he called out to his three brothers in the warehouse,
    but none of them survived the attack."After the shooting stopped,
    I pushed the dead bodies off me."

    Feras Kilani reports



    @0.10 Yamouk attack from Ben Aoun 4\8\2014

    +khela al furjan-ben aoun-yamouk





  67. Draaou

    Militia's Omar Mukhtar brigade Abdelmonem Mukhtar Mohammed Hassan Drouy,


    A / Brigadier M'Hamed Aldberza

    B / M'Hamed Dean Black

    C / Colonel Mahmoud Draaou

    D / Colonel Muftah Futaisi

    And / Alzerat my father, Dr. Ali , battalions have slapped and insulted him in front of people

    at the Palais bin Ghashir at the moment of his arrest

    G / Dr Omar Salboa


    C / Colonel Mahmoud Draaou

    Martyr: Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omran Draaou ,   Born: 1965
    Camp Volcano air defense Zliten
    Colonel pilot at Camp Volcano Brigade Zliten quote on 24/08/2011 at the prison in Tripoli
    in the night liberation Tripoli

    has been arrested without any charge in 7 months

    has been jailed for a month in the Brazilian company in Qasr Ben Ghashir behind the Yarmouk camp

    and then executed by the Phalange in the night liberate Tripoli

    he had three officers from Zliten with him

    and I have some video clips from the execution of the martyr and his comrades
    and tortured,
    but I could not pass the ugliness!


  68. Salahadeen facilities

    The Slovenian complex , Khalet al Furjan

    PHR expresses its sincere gratitude to Dr. Mohamed Othman
    and Dr. Salem Al-Fergani for their inestimable support in carrying out this investigation

    another nearby camp, in a Brazilian-owned industrial complex
    Mohammed said some of the Tawerghis may have been taken to another nearby camp,

    in a Brazilian-owned industrial complex.
    On Tuesday, that camp was empty as well, with the gate locked.
    September 13, 2011



    Yamouk Salahadeen area just a five kilometres away from Qasr Ben Ghashir military camp ?

    Ahamronah - Qasr Ben Ghashir Tripoli, Palace Ghashir / Ahamronah

    Reuters) - Clouds of smoke rise from an explosion at an ammunition store
    that had been used by pro-Gaddafi forces in Ahamronah, east of Tripoli International Airport, about 35 km (22 miles) south of Tripoli city, September 12, 2011.
    No people were injured in the explosion, which was caused by missiles, according to anti-Gaddafi forces in the area. REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny

  69. Khela Alforjan: an area south of Tripoli was liberated on Friday 26 8 2011
    that edit came late

    because of the 9 camps in the region filled with Brigades Gaddafi mercenaries,


    There are in fact three distinct "Khamis Brigade" bases in the Saleheddin area.

    There is a large barracks compound with bombed out warehouses 1 km south of the eagle gate base, further down the al Hadhbad Road.

    There is a large arms depot with a small barracks building
    half way between the al Hadhbad Road and the Airport Road.
    It is located just north of the north-east corner of the large "crop circle" fields.
    This location is about 1,5 km east-northeast of the eagle gate.

    I believe this is the arms dump taken over by rebels on August 26th and shown in this photo.

    al hadhbah rd



    former military compound Beb bin Ghasir

    II- Nader Abd-Alkader.
    - Date: 21th of August 2011.
    - Sedi Belal camp was burned and rubbed.

    Hamza military base


    18 aug. 2014 -
    The Wadi Al-Rabie camp north east of the airport, held by Islamist forces is now
    the major operations base for Misratan forces under Salah Badi.

    طرابلس مقر حرس الحدو
    attacked yesterday Guard headquarters facilities Salahadeen
    26 jun. 2013


  70. a Turkish-owned industrial complex in the Salah al Deen neighborhood of southern Tripoli

    .One of these three sites in the district of Salah al-Din in Tripoli , and was used by a Turkish company
    in the past , and used by militias loyal to Gaddafi in the weapons storage .

    .The second site is the camp April 7 in the neighborhood of the gate gypsum ,
    معسكر 7 أبريل طرابلس

    .while the third site was an intelligence building in the neighborhood of Sidi al-Masri.

    حي سيدي المصري. Sidi Masri neighborhood.



    2014 Aug 24, 2014

    the dawn forces in Libya camp April 7

    معسكر 7 ابريل التابع للواء القعقاع شارع الكنيسة يتعرض للقصف حاليًا. ... معاش اتقولو ثورة والله فى بنغازى الحالة توجع توا بيخربو طرابلس ربي يحفظ هلنا يااارب.

    Camp April 7th Brigade Qaqaa Church Street currently exposed to shelling.

    Church Street Tripoli crimes militias security rooms and Salah Abu Ubaida Badi
    2014 july 21, 2014

  71. 2014 All of these forces have been involved in campaigns with and against each other
    in order to take over Tripoli.

    You don't know anything about Libya, the targeting people were neither defenceless
    nor innocent and are actively terrorising the Libyan people.
    If you're happy with that then you are the one who is lost.

    .. 1- Almanoura base, concentrated within it the Salah Badi and Hussien Shaka militias.
    Areas targeted or bombed:

    1- Almanoura base, concentrated within it the Salah Badi and Hussien Shaka militias.

    2- Alfourisiya base next to Almanoura concentrated within the Lalhlboos militia along with other militias from around Libya

    3- Yarmouk base concentrated within the Shield of Libya militia

    4- Artillery School concentrated within Hteen, Almarsa, and Ali3sar.

    5- The River Industrial Company, concentrated within the Salah Almarghani militia

    6- A number of Howitzers in Wady Alrabi3 used to shell Tripoli

    7- A convoy of trucks carrying weapons smuggled from Sudan.

    8- Alsada base on the road between Bin Waleed and Sirte, concentrated within are Alqaeda affiliated forces.

  72. Sunday 21 august 2011

    Then on Sunday, August 21, the sound of automatic rifle fire could be heard
    for up to half an hour

    A few days ago I passed under the bullet-scarred archway at the entrance to its headquarters in Tripoli that stands topped with a giant eagle, the brigade’s symbol.

    Targeted heavily by Nato’s war planes, the main command buildings that sit within this fortress compound the size of a small town lie smashed by hi-tech bombs.

    But nearby there were other more visceral secrets that the Khamis Brigade had tried to hide
    Rebae Fereg Kashot lives only a few hundred yards from the Khamis HQ.

    Every day during the breaking of the Ramadan fast he would take dinner to an old man
    who lived right next to a compound that sat behind the headquarters.
    That same old man had begun to tell him of what he was hearing and seeing.

    “He said he heard shooting every night, and people screaming,” Kashot recalls.

    Then on Sunday, August 21, the sound of automatic rifle fire could be heard
    for up to half an hour.

    Kashot himself approached the compound but was stopped by a soldier
    who he described as one of Gaddafi’s mercenaries from the West African country of Chad.

    In the days that followed, he and other local people uncovered the terrible evidence inside the compound of one of the worst war crimes to date during this six-month Libyan uprising.

    “Can you smell it?” asks Kashot. “Look at these flies.


    The refrigerated truck has echoes from elsewhere: a Dr Essam Ben Masoud reported to Rick Gladstone of the New York Times following the fall of Bab Al- Aziziya:

    The next day “we found a refrigerator truck — like a refrigerator for transporting cheese — with 28 dead bodies in it,” Dr. Masoud said, suggesting that the Qaddafi forces had killed people in the street and hid the bodies


  73. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/world-news/tripoli-after-the-fall-the-fear-the-jailers-brought-in-a-bulldozer-and-dug-a-big-hole-and-started-filling-it-wit

    the day of the liberation of the other middle rebel camp of Yarmouk

    @ 4.16 the man with the white clothes inside the truck looks the same

    as the man beneath the stairs inside the internal security buiding

    or when having a closer look :darker pants !





    More bodies turned up in the streets on Friday, where occasional volleys of gunfire were heard. Near Colonel Qaddafi’s abandoned citadel, Bab al-Aziziya, rebels began hauling away nine bloated bodies.
    he face of one was so badly decayed it appeared charred.
    Maggots crawled over the torso of another.
    “Only a butcher could commit a massacre like this,” said Sami Omar, a rebel.

    Six were dumped near a trash receptacle,

    two left under a stairwell

    and one thrown in a large ditch, his hands apparently cuffed.
    Rebels said Qaddafi loyalists had killed them as they celebrated his fall.

    But one resident said they were his fighters, slain by rebels.


    Rixos Al Nasr Tripoli


  74. August 27 2011 Death's ceremony lies on the floor,
    as the hundreds
    make way for the thousands of bodies to be disposed of.



    The Videos of fighting on the airport highway by ahmed19951999
    are actually right outside the 11 June Hospital which is formerly the Tripoli Oil Clinic
    طرابلس مصحة النفط
    (as written above the door). It seems that this was in rebel hands by the 24th.


    Monday= 22 august internal security building
    In the first case, at least 17 detainees’ bodies were found in a Libyan internal security building in the neighborhood of Gargur on Monday as the rebels prepared their assault
    on his compound nearby.



    A more direct link. Internal Security building, Ghargour.

    They say a unit of Gadhafi fighters commanded by a local man from Gargur
    left the leader's stronghold and fell back to this neighborhood on the night of Aug. 20.



    Matiga hospital
    Not all of Gaddafi’s henchmen made it out of Tripoli, however.
    On Friday,( 26 august) at the Matiga hospital in the west of the city, I watched
    as a group of wounded pro-Gaddafi fighters were brought in for medical treatment
    under rebel escort.

    Dressed in camouflage fatigues and speaking English with a distinct Mancunian accent, one of the rebel guards, Hatem Shabil, told how the men had been captured

    shortly after the fall of Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziyah fortress compound.


    Wadi Ar-Rabi spring valley



    name ayn zahra road continues to the south as Wadi Ar-Rabie' Road , area spring valley

    #Tripoli: 5 acre premises of Nageco Oil Co. located between airport road & WadyRabee used as Missile modification workshop. #Libya @NATO RrowleyTucsonRRowleyTucson

    More RTs here Seems to originate with @thanku4theanger
    Ramco - Qatari company.

    In mid-March [2012], a mass grave containing 40 bodies was found at Wadi Rabie
    near Tripoli

    clashes this morning ammo fired from Wadi Al Rabee area landing
    near Al Yarmouk military camp Jul 23, 2014, 05:09 UTC


    The black boy in the top photo was captured on August 26th on Al Hadhbah Road,
    some three kilometers north of the Yarmouk military base.



    Many may never be identified. Of 297 bodies brought to Tripoli Central Hospital since Aug. 20, some 170 had to be buried without names, said the director, Gassem Baruni.

    At the Tripoli Medical Center, a majority of the nearly 200 bodies collected in the second half of August were unidentified, morgue attendants said.


  75. In the area of durum mosque

    Musa Ibrahim made a very beautiful dedication to the fighters of Abu Salim


    1) #LT For those who don't know, Abu Salim is the poorest neighborhood in #Tripoli. When #Tripoli fell to #NATO in August 2011, residents of 2) were the last to resist, even after the Libyan Army was beaten.

    Another mass grave was discovered on Treeg Mattar (Airport Highway), Tripoli with up to 1,000 bodies



  76. Maya . Women’s Military College . "Kilometer 27" . Camp 27

    Following the fall of Tripoli, Faraj al-Swehli established a Tripoli headquarters in the Women’s Military College.
    Al-Swehli reportedly had as many as 200 combatants based in Tripoli,
    divided into two separate platoons, each led by a field commander.

    liberalization of Tripoli Contact Aref Nayed security company (Blackwater) located to the heart of the crisis management and military balances through training and consulting

    بتاريخ 8/18 قُبيل تحرير طرابلس إتصل العارف النايض بشركة أمنية ( بلاك ووتر ) تخصصها إدراة الأزمات
    وقلب الموازين العسكرية عن طريق التدريب والإستشارات 

    Aref Ali Nayed :A United Arab Emirates-supported "10,000 - 15,000 strong 'Tripoli task force' " is planned to control Tripoli, "secure key sites and arrest high-level Gaddafi" loyalists.

    20 august 2011 Reports now that rebels from direction Zawiya have reached janzour,
    a Tripoli suburb that was in local rebel hands already. They are entering Tripoli now.
    It has been reported that several hundred people were killed last night in just one night of fighting August 21, 2011, 2:19 pm

    1. 2011 , JULY 1: British Apache helicopters carried out strikes against the
      al Mayah military camp, near Zawiyah. NATO reported that the camp
      was used to terrorize locals, and that the helicopters destroyed a command and control vehicle, a bunk, and three tanks. (BBC)

      Following the fall of Tripoli, Faraj al-Swehli established a Tripoli headquarters in the Women’s
      Military College. Al-Swehli reportedly had as many as 200 combatants based in Tripoli,
      divided into two separate platoons, each led by a field commander.
      I visited Qwat mutaharika camp, I'd say 1/2 Amazigh 1/2 fr Janzur Zawia etc. formed by Ashour Shwali ex MoI.

      August 2011 dr ahmed shalabi : 350 bodies in old regime's compound near janzour
      6.30pm: There doesn't seem to be any Gaddafi forces left in the vicinity of the compound, Alex Crawford from Sky reports.

      November 21, 2011
      The new army, which numbers a few thousand and includes many soldiers
      who deserted Colonel Qaddafi’s military, needs barracks, uniforms, vehicles, boots, radios, even flashlights, officers say. Rather than having a central unified command, it is being formed by distinct committees in different cities,
      following the model of the diverse bunch of militias that fought the war against the dictatorship. And perhaps most troubling, the militias across the country are already refusing to take its orders.

      The army has already become one of several armed forces vying for power, both military and political.

      Abdel Hakim Belhaj, the army’s leader in Tripoli, told Prime Minister Abdel Rahim el-Keeb in a speech last week that he expected him to keep his promise to include former rebels in cabinet posts as Mr. Keeb was forming his government.

      In an interview, Mr. Belhaj, an Islamist who fought against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan but is now critical of Al Qaeda, said the army would give the militia fighters “a choice to join the Ministry of Defense or police, or give up their weapons and return to civilian life.”

      But one of the militias, from Zawiyah, has already broken its promise to keep its weapons at home, setting up a roadblock on the main road a couple of miles west of the army base as a sign of resistance.
      Armed with heavy machine guns atop pickup trucks, the militiamen say they are going nowhere. Meanwhile the army troops are staying at the base, putting a fresh coat of white paint on the outer walls and beginning to clean up the grounds.

      “We can’t tell them to surrender their guns,” said Capt. Hakim el-Agouri, the local army commander in Al Maya. He shrugged. “There are people out there who won’t give up their weapons, and if that is the case, there won’t be stability in Libya.”
      camp of the "27" under the leadership of its president Shaaban Hedia nicknamed "Abu Obeida Zawiya."

    2. In the summer of 2012, American Green Berets began refurbishing a Libyan military base 27 kilometers west of Tripoli in order to hone the skills of Libya’s first Western-trained special operations counter-terrorism fighters.
      Less than two years later, that training camp is now being used by groups with direct links to al Qaeda to foment chaos in post-Qaddafi Libya…………
      ………Things went downhill for Camp 27 in June of 2013 when two rival militias stormed the training facility and seized the equipment therein. At the time, no U.S. personnel were on the base, according to two U.S. officials who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity. The only soldiers protecting the base were local Libyans.
      Nonetheless, the base itself had a number of American weapons that wound up in the hands of the raiding militias. Those raids were first reported by Fox News. The U.S. defense official confirmed these reports and said the militias were able to seize night vision equipment, M-4 rifles, pistols, military vehicles, and ammunition……..
      …And now these militants have a base close to Tripoli, and an array of advanced tactical gear. “The biggest challenge we have is all the arms ammunition and explosives from Libya that continue to move throughout the region to northwest Africa,” he told the committee. When asked if those arms have aided al Qaeda in Africa, Rodriguez answered, “It continues to support them throughout northwest Africa.” – http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/04/23/jihadists-now-control-secretive-u-s-base-in-libya.html


      16 nov. 2013 Meet fighter Abdel Raouf Al Falah in the fields ... indiscriminate bombing from inside the "Camp 27" in Tripoli · 18 Sudanese killed


      Just to get an idea of how bad things are now on the ground, a training facility set up by the United States with the goal of training the nascent Libyan security apparatus has been taken over by one of Osama Bin Laden’s associates and trusted lieutenants, Ibrahim Ali Abu Bakr Tantoush. The base, located twenty-seven kilometers outside of the Libyan capital of Tripoli, is now used to train wannabe jihadists, before sending them off to sure martyrdom in Syria or Iraq. July 14, 2014

      5 April 2014 : armed formations from the area of ​​Tajura stormed the headquarters of Haitham Tagouris known as "Camp ostrich", near Bir Usta birth (15 km west of Tripoli), besieged it for more than 24 hours, and the seizure of all existing weapons inside the camp

      Tripoli, 5 August 2014: Warshefana forces are reported to have captured Camp 27, the major military barracks between Zawia and the Warshefana area. ....


  77. -more than 200 bodies in the area Gargaresh.

    -the approximately 200 people, are the victims of violent clashes between the rebels and al-Gaddafi during entry rebels into Tripoli on Aug. 20 -Imran Kamal told Xinhua,

    The burials took place at night ,stressing that the bodies buried here were more than 200 bodies.
    and the people of the region participated in it
    and because of the unpleasant odor that was emitted from the corpses some residents of areas surrounding the cemetery left their homes,

    cemetary gargaresh

    Birds fly above the destroyed Sidi al-Hamed shrine in the Gargaresh district of the Libyan capital Tripoli on October 10, 2011.

    October 5, 2011 (Xinhua) The power of "the Protection of Tripoli," the Council's military
    in the Libyan capital Tripoli
    revealed today (Wednesday) that the total number of bodies in several cemeteries
    in the capital and some surrounding areas such as Tajoura and Gargaresh
    is up to more than 900 unidentified bodies

    Issawi said that there are some bodies, handcuffed from behind and clearly showing the shots
    and some of the bodies have crushed skulls and ribs and arms, and some of the bodies
    bearing signs of torture,

  78. The guards and supervisors of cemetery "Sidi Hamed," said to a reporter of news agency (Xinhua), that they buried them here on 20, 21 and 23 August
    when the clashes took place between the rebels and al-Gaddafi during the liberation of Tripoli, noting that volunteers collected the unidentified bodies that were dumped on the streets and in the vicinity of Bab al-Aziziya may be
    for al-Gaddafi and the rebels and civilians, and they were brought to the cemetery, "Sidi Hamed," and we have buried them

    He confirmed that the bodies found in a mass grave behind the hotel "Rixos" were handcuffed from behind and we know the identity of two of the bodies of two young men and these two are of one family of the Sorman area.
    dumped on the streets and in the vicinity of Bab al-Aziziya :
    why bring the bodies to Sidi al-Hamed ?

    and not to the cemetery in the abu saleem area ? Sidi Husain Cemetery,


    Alhidad Street Tripoli, TripoliLibya (32.82843,13.189) Sidi Husain Cemetery,

  79. Another mass grave found in Janzur & another 20+ bodies yesterday. Local NGOs claim at least 30 mass graves found since Tripoli fell 8 sept 2011

    Over 800 Bodies Dumped in Libyan Cemetary by Rebels

    The majority of the more than 800 bodies and sets of remains in the "pro-Gadhafi" cemetery are without names or identification other than digital photos of their faces taken by the volunteers who run the cemetery.

    Many of the bodies have simply been left at the cemetery by the rebels to be buried,
    with no information about where they were killed or found.

    Tripoli, April 2 , 2012: Another mass grave has been found today, Tuesday, this time in the wadi just outside Qaddafi’s Bab Al-Aziziya barracks.  There are no details as yet as to the numbers of bodies found nor when the victims were killed.

    The site is being protected by brigades from Tripoli and Misrata.
    Several other mass graves have been discovered across the country in recent days.

  80. More than 30 Gaddafi troops were killed, opposition fighters said, adding that they had held captive 104 Gaddafi elements, among them an air force major general and an army lieutenant colonel.

    emmaomo2011 emmaomo AFP: FF seize large ammo and weapons at the 27th barrack and now heading to Janzoor #Libya

    The 27th barracks is where the remnants of the Chamis Brigade were supposedly stationed... it looks like revolutionaries advancing from Zawiyah will be firmly in western Tripoli tonight.
    by Lawrence on Sun Aug 21, 2011 at 08:43:19 AM PDT

    A Libyan rebel celebrates inside the captured military base, "Kilometer 27", home to soldiers loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, 16 kilometers west of the center of Tripoli, on August 21, 2011, as the rebels said victory in Tripoli was imminent and urged NATO to join the final battle with Apache assault helicopters. (Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images

    Ramadan in 2011 started on Monday, the 1st of August

    yamouk shed
    The torture of detainees led to their death in at least four cases. One week before Ramadan [044] and [038] were interrogating one of the detainees, in the office attached to the warehouse.
    They beat the detainee to death. [007] threw the body behind Camp 27. 

    Three engineers, who were working for a communication company died under torture in Yarmouk at the end of May 2011 during interrogation by an officer called [025] - they were subjected to electric shocks and severely beaten with sticks, having been accused of communicating with NATO and providing information on military locations.
    After they died, [007] took their bodies and threw them in the sea at the end of Camp 27.[70]

    Tuesday August 22, 2011 Nato warplanes have hit at least 40 targets in and around Tripoli

    in the past two days
    - the highest number on a single geographic location since the bombing started more than five months ago, officials said.

    NATO stepped up bombardments in and around Tripoli, hitting 22 targets August 20, with assistance of six armed U.S. Predator drones, reported the Post. According to Pentagon figures, Washington—which since April has organized key military support but left most airstrikes to London and Paris—nearly doubled air attacks on Libya August 11-22, compared to sortie strikes the previous four months.

  81. Mitiga air base.

    In a sign of the coordination among rebels, as the main force moved into the city from the west, a second force of 200 opposition fighters from the city of Misrata further east landed by boat in the capital. They brought weapons and ammunition for Tripoli residents who join the rebellion, said Munir Ramzi of the rebels' military council in Misrata.

    "We received weapons by sea from Benghazi. They sent us weapons in boats," said Ibrahim Turki,
    a rebel in the Tripoli neighbourhood of Tajoura, which saw heavy fighting the past two days. "Without their weapons, we would not have been able to stand in the face of the mighty power of Gadhafi forces."

    The media committee for the February 17 revolution Nalut , Asil al-Tajuri

    Eyewitness Asil al-Tajuri told Aljazeera Arabic by telephone that the revolutionaries in Tajoura captured 6 government troops, and that they freed 500 prisoners from the Hamidiya penitentiary.

    The Tajoura popular forces also captured the Muitiqa military base in the suburb and stormed the residence of Mansur Daw, the head of security forces in Tripoli.
    september 2011
    At a school in the Intisar neighborhood, 76 detainees including 3 women were found on September 1. About half of the detainees appeared to be sub-Saharan Africans, the remaineder being Libyans accused of having fought for Gaddafi. HRW saw the prisoners being prepared for transfer to the Mitiga air base.

    september 2014
    The biggest campaign of arrests the city of Tripoli has ever seen before ... the arrest of political activists and activists on social sites

    The number of girls since the occupation of Tripoli now to 37
    Place ... Amotaiqh military prison base.

  82. Armed vehicles inside Camp 27 - (archival) 19 may 2014

    Military source confirmed camp "27" in the west of Tripoli was attacked for the second day in a row by the youth of the area and Rishvana.

    The source pointed out in an exclusive statement to "middle gate" that the shelling is still going on until that moment, pointing out that the targeting of the camp was about the concentration of some hardcore headquarters.

    Stationed room Libya rebels camp of the "27" under the leadership of its president Shaaban Hedia nicknamed "Abu Obeida angular."


    أبوعبيدة الزاوي Abu Obeida Zouwy/Zawiya
    شعبان هدية Shabani Hadia

    24 August 2014
    Mohammed Hadia spokesman for Fajr Libya operation (Dawn of Libya) accuses the UAE and Egypt of being involved in the two air raids against them this week (AFP)

    23 September 2014

  83. Tuibih area was completely burned

    Sep 22, 2014
    According to press sources the militias "the dawn of Libya," the Shield Libya middle of the city of Misrata together with the room Libya rebels led by Abu Ubaida angular, carried out more than a month strikes
    and the shelling led to the destruction of the homes of innocent people in the area Rishvana after the withdrawal of fighters of the national army and the army of the tribes and the abandonment of its military positions
    The operation room of the brigade Rishvana has accused the tribes of failing to fight alongside elements of the national army division Zintan and the army of the tribes


    Sep 22, 2014
    The burning of homes Rishvana

    September 19 2014

    crimes dawn terrorists burning and destruction of houses and property of the people Rishvana

    Led by the head of sedition commander Western Shield Jadid Chribich
    رأسهم رأس الفتنة قائد درع الغربية الجديد على خريبيش

    URGENT: arrest militia commander shield of the western region Ali al-Kilani,
    of new Ali Chribich in Kerkozh axis Mamoura


    Militia shield the new Ali Chribich of the western region in Kerkozh axis Mamoura fleeing
    from the area Kerkozh, and Alannagar Albzadeh and Badi now surrounded in a triangle

    Mohammed Kilani .Zawiya


    Mohammed Kilani One of the leaders of militias that attacked Bani Walid


    1. Mohamed al-Kilani from Zawiya
      Bani Walid october 2012
      Despite this relatively weak support within the GNC, the military power of the revolutionary camp and the close connections between certain deputies and the evolutionary brigades involved made the operation possible.

      Salah Badi from Misrata and Mohamed al-Kilani from Zawiya,
      both leaders of revolutionary brigades as well as GNC members, participated actively in the military offensive.

      The GNC spokes-man, Omar Ahmidan from Zliten, helped disseminate false reports

      about the supposed detention of one of Gaddafi’s sons in Bani Walid
      that were intended to lend legitimacy to the military operation.

      26 september 2014 The Saraya Gharyan revolutionaries known as the dawn of Libya announced two days before its control over the regions of Al-Azizia
      and Sawani
      down to Zahra.


      March 7 2011

      Feras Killani, a Palestinian refugee with a Syrian passport;
      Goktay Koraltan, who is Turkish; and Chris Cobb-Smith, British,

      were stopped at a checkpoint at Al-Zahra

      south of Zawiya on Monday 7 March.


      The Los Angeles Times March 7th 2011 the rebels are holding their ground using light guns, Molotov cocktails and knives.

      People jumped inside the tanks and killed the people inside with knives.”

  84. September 9 2014

    Shaaban Hadia Al-Zway , "Abu Ubaida,"

    Some of the houses that were destroyed today in the region Mamoura and Kerkozh after bombardment by the militias of the incitements to terrorism, war criminal Obaida Zawiya
    عبيدة الزاوي
    the kidnappers of the Egyptian diplomats demanded the release of a "Shaaban Hedia " "Abu Ubaida,"

    September 1, 2014

    Indiscriminate rockets fired by Operation Dawn militias, killed three people in Wershafana area. Libya



    19 august 2014


    Rockets locusts area Mamoura Kerkozh Alhachan by Zawiya and Western shield


    | Kerkozh region and Mamoura and Maya subjected to random shelling very violent by Western Shield

    March 11, 2014
    The events that took place in the town of Warshefana, between December 19- 29, 2013, are the best example of the tragedy of blind tribal zeal afflicting Libya. Islamist tribal militias stormed the Warshefana area between Tripoli and al-Zawiya, 40 kilometers from the capital, with thousands of men armed with heavy, medium, and light weapons, including guns, tanks, armored vehicles, and rocket launchers.

    1. Sept. 15, 2014 The fighters form part of a militia coalition that took effective control of Tripoli two weeks ago.

      They have been heavily shelling Warshefana from their surrounding positions
      for the last week

      and have so far killed more than 70 residents, including at least 12 children.

      An additional 140 are believed to be injured.

      The fighters, primarily from the town of Zawiyah, are aligned with the Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn) coalition that captured Tripoli International Airport on Aug. 23.

      The group has re-declared the authority of the previously disbanded Islamist-aligned General National Congress (GNC) in the capital, in opposition to the newly elected parliament in Tobruk.

      The Zawiyan forces are led by Shaaban Hadia, also known as Abu Obeida al-Zawi, a prominent commander and head of the Libyan Revolutionary Operations Room, the group that kidnapped former Prime Minister Ali Zeidan in October.

      Hadia was arrested in Egypt in January but then released in exchange for the freedom of five Egyptian diplomats taken hostage in Libya by his fighters.


  85. 30 September, 2014: The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani, has condemned yesterday’s UN-sponsored meeting in Ghadames between active members of the House of Representatives and those boycotting its sessions in Tobruk. He has ordered the later to stop taking part in the dialogue, at least until the Supreme Court rules on the legitimacy of the HoR.


    Sep 29, 2014 Rival Libyan lawmakers held talks brokered by a United Nations envoy
    on Monday, in the first attempt to bridge the gap between warring groups that left the North African nation torn between two governments and parliaments.At a press conference held in western city of Ghadamis, Bernardino Leon said the goal of the talks is to reach a "complete ceasefire". He described Monday's round of talks as "historic" and said that the two parties were sitting together "in brotherly atmosphere" and engaging to "overcome their differences through a political dialogue”.

    The talks included lawmakers from the two parliaments.

    Libya witnessed a spasm of violence this summer when militias mainly from the western city of Misrata and groups allied to Islamists swept through the capital
    Leon said that the two sides agreed to discuss airports which have been closed
    and work towards opening all of them.

    30 9 14 Libya Dawn militia rejects UN talks
    The announcement by the Libya Dawn umbrella group on Tuesday followed the first round
    of UN-brokered talks between Libya's rival lawmakers held on Monday in Ghadames,
    a southern town near the Algerian border.

    The talks are an attempt to bridge the gap between warring groups that have left Libya torn between two rival governments and parliaments.

    Libya Dawn, which controls Tripoli and which is affiliated with the militia from the western city of Misrata, said on its Facebook page on Tuesday that the only way to end the fighting is to disarm its rivals and arrest their leaders.


    Fajr Libya is a coalition of Islamist militias, mainly from Misrata, east of Tripoli.
    Ansar al-Sharia controls around 80% of the eastern city of Benghazi.

    2 August 2014 Faraj Nejim, a lawmaker and head of a committee responsible for moving the parliament to its new venue, told The Associated Press that

    some of the lawmakers who didn't attend the session are from the city of Misrata — known as a stronghold of Islamic factions.


  86. 30 September 2014: The Warshefana Crisis Committee is urging those displaced by the fighting in the district to return to their homes, beginning with residents of Aziziya – despite the fact that heavy clashes continue in the wider area.

    Aziziya itself was taken by Libya Dawn forces from Zawia, Janzour and Gharian last week.


    are these Amazigh armed groups supporting Op Fajr,
    they are all part of single group called quwat mutaharrika which consists of fighters from entire Nafusa mount,not single city

    Libya: Information about the horrific reprisals by extremists Sep 27, 2014
    Drawing the latest report from the area Rishvana southwest of the capital Tripoli,
    a grim picture of the humanitarian situation after the control processes of the so-called forces of "the dawn of Libya" and "lion", which includes fighters from Misrata
    and its militant groups allies on this area recently.

    The Shura Council of Elders Borcvana said in a report issued on Friday, that about
    half a million people have been forced
    to leave their homes to seek refuge with relatives or areas near Rishvana or out of the country in Tunisia or Egypt,
    pointing out that these numbers are increasing due to the deteriorating situation and the growing reprisals
    and stealing and looting and burning down houses.

    The report considered that the attacks of the armed formations on the area did not respect the basic principles of international humanitarian law, pointing out that the process of displacement took place without any interference or help from the Libyan government or humanitarian organizations
    also the government did not provide any services for the entry of humanitarian aid.

    It accused the armed formations dugging graves in the region
    and taking the remains of some to the cemetery Alcdoh in Azizia and Kharouba Bakrkozh cemetery and cemetery boys Issa gospel Bank.

    Cemetery Kharouba children Embarak
    Kharouba grave Mamora

    Alcdoh then named Azizia proportion of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz


    26 september 2014
    Mass grave found with 20 unidentified bodies buried in one of the suburbs of Aziziyah area Borcvana during combing the area »


  87. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=763592653700109&id=220802247979155

    17 dead and 50 injured in ‪#‎Sebha‬ clashes according to #Sebha Medical Centre ‪#‎Fezzan‬ ‪#‎Libya‬ September 30

    BREAKING: Militias from #Misrata and #Tripoli led by Igniwa Alkikli have arrived in #Fezzan to control oil fields 28 Sep 2014

    Igniwa Alkikli
    Abdel Ghani Alkkly aka (Gnjoh) /Gneoh Alkkla Chairman Abu Salim military.


    April 6, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    Up to 12 reported killed in clashes between militias and police near El Shahara oil field 17 Sept.
    The mainly Tebu 25th Brigade, a.k.a. Ahmed Al-Shareef Brigade, which guards the Sarir and Messla oilfields as well as at the Shula oil compound, announced it is joining Khalid Haftar's forces. June 8, 2014

    Misraties r n the south, we r protecting the south & we will rebuild it 5 Mar 2014

    The Qaddafists remain shadowy, unidentified characters that provide the Tripoli government with a reason to reactivate its reliance on a more tangible threat, Libya’s unruly and independent militias.
    The emergence of the elusive Qaddafists could, as suggested by some, to be part of an effort to create an external security crisis (as opposed to Libya’s internal security crisis) to preserve the Zeidan administration at a time when it is under strong criticism.

    This article first appeared in the January 25, 2014

  88. http://www.china.org.cn/world/Off_the_Wire/2014-10/02/content_33667144.htm

    16 Houses of _alqmazfah tribe in Sabha, burned and destroyed by the hands of militia's dawn and gangs Tripoli

    These weapons were used ,is it a a clusterbomb?


    they are shelling civilians with a tank 28 Sep 2014

    Cluster munitions.
    The Commission is aware of reports of the use of cluster
    munitions by pro-Government forces in their attempt to regain control of the besieged city
    of Misrata. On 15 April 2011, HRW reported that Government forces had fired cluster
    munitions in residential neighborhoods of Misrata further specifying that the cluster
    munitions were Spanish produced MAT 120mm mortar projectile, which open in mid-air
    and release 21 submunitions over a wide area.241
    Other independent sources including Amnesty International have confirmed the incident and stated that Spain sold such munitions to Libya in 2007. Further investigation, including military and forensic pathologist expertise is, however, required to confirm or deny the usage of cluster

  89. August 2013

    The chief of the Supreme Security Committee in Tripoli Hashim Humans according what appeared in the pages of social networking said "the existence of meetings between Humans and the commander of Saraya Brigade Abdel Raouf Hater and leaders from Misrata," with the aim of planning and preparation for the entry Wershefana

    Abdel Raouf Hater on left

    Jun 23, 2013
    The Police Department and military prisons Ameitikh Base Prison in Tripoli, attribution of the first private secret "Tripoli Battalion rebels previously, received on Sunday morning "37" people , military detainees belonging to the former regime. The head of the Supreme Security Committee Tripoli "Hashim Humans," addressed their files, and accused the referral on charges of minor offenses to the prosecution. "human beings" told the Libyan news "that there are" 28 ", accusing some of them of murder and others of theft, and some of them on charges involving moral turpitude, and they will soon be referred to the Public Prosecution. Pointed head of the security committee of the Supreme temporary Tripoli, that most of those arrested in Ameitikh prison are those who took part in the fighting against the rebels during the war of liberation, including military commanders issued orders to kill Libyans unarmed during the 17 revolution in February


    august 2011

    Une vidéo filmée dans la salle d'opérations des rebelles lors du lancement de l'invasion de Tripoli. Un rebelle en contact avec l'Otan qui les aiguille sur les régions à bombarder.

    "Tripoli Battalion rebels previously

    1. More than 100 militia brigades from Misrata have been operating outside of any official military and civilian command since Tripoli fell in August.

      Members of these militias have engaged in torture, pursued suspected enemies
      far and wide, detained them and shot them in detention, Human Rights Watch has found.

      Members of these brigades have stated that the entire displaced population of one town, Tawergha, which they believe largely supported Gadhafi avidly, cannot return home.


    2. 4 Oct 2013
      As far as expanded Human Rights Watch to be realized, issued military and civilian courts in Misrata and Zawiya , Benghazi and Tripoli, 28 death sentences , including 12 sentenced in absentia , since the end of the conflict of 2011 .

      Those provisions include issues related to dispute 2011, in addition to ordinary criminal cases mostly on a murder charge.


      However, the issues of Ibraham, Dbnon, stirring additional concerns on human rights and the integrity of the proceedings, according to Human Rights Watch

    3. # Misurata
      Date: 09/25/2014

      Time: 5:00 pm with Dawn

      Event: The execution of the symbols of the former regime

      Names: Abdul Wahid Bousnina Warfali, Mahmoud Salem Grira Warfali

      Charge: torture and killing of members of the Libyan people
      التاريخ : 25/09/2014
      الزمان: الساعة 5 صباحا مع الفجر
      الحدث : إعدام لرموز النظام السابق
      الأسماء : عبد الواحد بوسنينة الورفلي ،محمود سالم قريرة الورفلي
      التهمة : التعذيب و قتل أفراد الشعب الليبي

    4. 10/13/2014 An appeals court in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Sunday adjourned until November 1 the trial of 23 figures of the regime of late ruler Muammar Gaddafi, including his son, Seif al-Islam.

      Trial judge Mansour Okasha said the postponement was requested by the defendants' lawyers who wanted to add additional documents to their defense.

      He said he and fellow colleagues would look into the additional documents on November 1.

      The judge said Gaddafi's son, who remains in detention at a prison in the western Zintan region, could not be brought to Sunday's trial for "security reasons."









  90. In a surprise move Mitiga airbase was for the 3rd time in 2 years handed
    to the Ministry of Defence and occupied by Central Shield militias on 12.07.
    Following this handover, a meeting between various Islamist militias was held
    preparing for Operation Dawn.

    12.07saw a meeting of the Security and Stability Force in Tripoli that was a who is who among Islamist militia leaders.

    The end result of the meeting was the announcement of a new group
    -the Stability and Security Force, made up of Central Shield; LROR;
    Fursan Janzour; Ignewa and other smaller Islamist militias

    Particularly notable was the attendance of Saladin Badi and Abdulmonem Al-Said

    Badi is the leader of the Central Shield Hettin Brigade and is known as“The Butcher of Ghargour”, he was the leader of the Central Shield unit

    that fired and killed 47 protestors in the Ghargour area of Tripoli in 2013.
    Abdulmonem Al-Said was a leader in the LROR and was directly linked to the kidnapping of Prime Minister Zeidan in late 2013


  91. Oct 12, 2014, Fighting between Islamist militias and rival groups in a western Libyan town has killed at least 23 people, a hospital official said Sunday.

    Emad Khalifa Abdul-Salam of Gharyan hospital, southwest of the capital Tripoli, said the ongoing, intense battle in the nearby town of Kikla left another 43 people wounded, including 10 in critical condition, mainly from shrapnel wounds.

    The fighting is part of a nationwide power struggle between Islamist-backed militias,
    which have seized control of most of Tripoli, including its international airport,
    and their opponents, which back an internationally-recognized government based in the country's far east.

    The anti-Islamist Zintan militia, named for its hometown in the west, attacked Kikla— an Islamist stronghold— on Saturday.

    A commander in the Islamist militias, known as the Dawn of Libya, said the Zintan militia, with the backing of local tribes, was able to seize parts of Kikla and briefly cut roads between Kikla and Gharyan, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Tripoli.

    But the Dawn of Libya fighters forced them to retreat, allowing traffic to resume,
    the commander said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

    Facebook pages affiliated with the Zintan militias showed pictures of Dawn of Libya vehicles they claimed to have seized in the fighting.

    Fighting in the east has meanwhile intensified as troops loyal to Gen. Khalifa Hifter have battled more radical Islamic militias. The two sides are currently fighting over an eastern airport.


    1. bankimoon @ 9.45

      بشير الجغمني Bashir Aljgmana @ 1.09

      @ 8.17 : sadiq germani was there over 3 months

      Some of the names of the traitors and NATO customers who wanted to liquidate zawiya

      43. Faisal Lafi
      61 Aljgmana


  92. Oct 12, 2014, In a rare visit to Tripoli on Saturday, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged all factions to stop the fighting and endorsed a reconciliation process that launched talks between rival parliamentarians. The U.N.-sponsored talks also aim to include armed groups.

    November 2, 2011 Ban during his visit went to a mass grave and met the families
    of people killed by Kadhafi's forces, UN deputy spokesman Eduardo del Buey said.

    Ban did not visit Libya during the eight months of the armed uprising
    which led to the fall of the Libyan regime and the death of Kadhafi on October 20.

    On 6 June 2011, Ban Ki-moon formally announced his candidacy for a second consecutive term as Secretary-General of the United Nations.[65]
    Of the 28 people in one five-meter-by-six meter (15-foot-by-18-foot) cell, one had blistering burns on his face, neck and arm. Naji, the guard, said volunteers were still setting up a medical clinic.

    In that 12-by-15 foot cell, together with nine others, all you could do was go to the bars
    and look at birds clinging to the steel grating above the courtyard, or gaze up at the stars over Tripoli, or lie on a sofa made of woven rugs, waiting to smoke part of a shared cigarette.
    It dawned on me that this prison might be more removed, more insulated, than the first.

    a warehouse -- roughly 30 feet by 45 feet 175 people

    Charred bodies littered the ground around a warehouse -- roughly 30 feet by 45 feet --
    where the detainees were kept.
    A volunteer who helped remove them, Bashir Own, estimated that he had seen
    about 150 bodies.

    He is not related to Muneer Own, who said he barely escaped an ordeal that started about a month ago. CNN



    1. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2011/08/201183192245344872.html
      Last Modified: 31 Aug 2011

      The Eid celebrations had began late on Tuesday with bursts of red tracer rounds fired into the sky as a substitute for fireworks.

      Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the ICC prosecutor, said he may also apply for an arrest warrant for Khamis, after Human Rights Watch said members of the Khamis Brigade, a force commanded by him, appeared to have carried out summary executions of detainees whose bodies were found in a warehouse in Tripoli.

      On 29 August, it was reported that anti-Gaddafi fighters 60 km south of Tripoli claimed that a NATO Apache helicopter had fired on
      Khamis Gaddafi's Toyota Land Cruiser, destroying the vehicle

      On 22 August, Al Jazeera reported that the bodies of both Khamis Gaddafi
      and his father's intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi may have been discovered
      in Tripoli during the battle for the city.[24]

      However, a rebel commander later stated that he believed Khamis Gaddafi was in Bab al-Azizia.[25]

      The refrigerated truck has echoes from elsewhere: a Dr Essam Ben Masoud reported to Rick Gladstone of the New York Times following the fall of Bab Al- Aziziya:
      The next day “we found a refrigerator truck — like a refrigerator for transporting cheese — with 28 dead bodies in it,” Dr. Masoud said, suggesting that the Qaddafi forces had killed people in the street and hid the bodies

      Sun Aug-21-11 03:57 PM AsmaaBintLibya Asmaa Bint Libya
      Senousi's son shot dead. AJA #Tripoli #MermaidDawn #Libya

      Deputy Chairman of the Federation of rebels Surman Ali Miloud Alkoidera
      Marwan Gdoura , Gadoora, Guidara Surman

      Hours after the execution, Marwan said, he fled with about 200 soldiers under the leadership of Khamis el-Qaddafi, another of the dictator’s sons.
      The convoy ran into rebels, and Khamis was killed in a gunbattle.

      The witness named those Qadhafi forces members present that :

      At least three men made it to a local mosque

      where their accounts are likely to provide the backbone of evidence
      to the International Criminal Court


      Atiri : “ I run away with me both Amer light Ogress
      of the population of the city of Tripoli Friday market,
      and Ali Chettr from the city of Zliten area Mager “
      rebel shaheed :

      97 Mohammed Mustafa Ashtar 25 Alfornaj (28/8)

      363 Abdullah Daou Ogress 25 Agricultural Fri / Thurs behind the camp
      398 Mohammed Ahmed Ragab Ahbich 34 Five / company wood 6/6

    2. The first thing you see as you approach Jalal’s base in the Tajoura neighborhood is a bullet-scarred bus — now almost a holy relic — that was used as a shield by rebels during the first protests in Tripoli in early 2011.

      Rebel Mohammed Zenoppe/ محمد زينوبه in 32 brigade headquarters (formerly (battalion T)) Tajoura


      The militia commander now standing behind him ,
      Jalal Ragai, had been one of his favorite victims.



      Published: May 9, 2012One night last September, a prisoner
      named Naji Najjar
      was brought, blindfolded and handcuffed, to an abandoned military base on the outskirts of Tripoli.

      Husam Najjair,the best snipers in the world

      Housam Najjair,Tripoli Brigade ,shooting a libiyan soldier , who tries to crawl away

      The brigade was involved in the August assault on Zawiya outside Tripoli
      and was one of the first units to enter and hold areas of Tripoli,

      which it attacked from three directions.

      It was reported as leading the shock assault on Gaddafi’s Bal al Azizia fortress.

      After the fall of Tripoli, the brigade was given particular responsibility
      for guarding strategic locations and infrastructure in the city while hunting down
      remaining Gaddafi supporters.

    3. 10 mei 2012 – National Transitional Council spokesman Mohammed Al-Hareizi, has extended
      the Libyan government's 'warmest congratulations' to France's new President.

      Marwan explained that the Yarmouk prison commander,
      a man named Hamza Hirazi, ordered him by phone to execute six prisoners,

      including Omar (Zenoppe) and several officers who had been arrested for helping the rebels.

      More than two months later, on Aug. 24, Nasser got a call telling him Omar had been shot in the Yarmouk prison

      Qasr bin Ghashir 25.08.2011
      25.08.2011 وجدي الزاوي 4/ ابراهيم اللوشة التاجوري 5/حمزة الصرماني يتبع محمد منصور ضؤ والمدعوا ناجي من قصر بن غشير ومروان الصرماني من قصر بن غشير ويتبعان ...
      اللؤاء 32

      Those responsible for the Holocaust in the Yarmouk camp were:
      Hamza الحريزي /Harizi
      from Surman and Wajdi Alkkla from Zawiya
      who issued it to Major Mohammed Mansour
      December 16, 2010
      An Gaddafi emissary, Head of state media Abdallah Mansour,

      is arrested at the Hotel Concorde Lafayette trying to contact Mesrami.

    4. 344 Haitham Juma Mohammed Al-Hajjaji 26 Yarmouk camp ♦

      Al-Haji and Humaid
      were the last of eleven political detainees sentenced to prison last June for attempting to foment rebellion against the "people's authority system" and conducting unauthorized communications with an official of a foreign government (ref A).
      Tue, 17 Mar 2009 11:13 UTC
      Wissam Bin Hamaid,

      and Jamal Al Haji, Chairman of Adhari Park Development
      Company during an official visit today (15 August).

      Jamal Al Hajji.” ... December 23, 2010
      A delegation of Libyans arrives in Paris for meetings with Mesrami and other French officials. The Libyans are Ali Ounes Mansouri, Farj Charrant
      and Fathi Boukhris.

      These three men will be known later together with Ali Hajj
      as leaders of the revolution, that started from Benghazi.

      A French ‘commercial’ delegation leaves for Benghazi.
      In the delegation there are officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and representitives from Cam Cereals, France Export Cereals, Cargill, Glencore, France Agrimer, Soufflet, Louis Dreyfous, and Comagra. Among the delegation, posing as government officials, there are French secret service agents and military staff.

      Their ‘business’ was meeting army officers indicated by Mesmari who will be ready to defect from the Libyan army.

      While in Benghazi, contact is made with
      Libyan air defence colonel, Abdallah Gehani,
      who was indicated by Nouri Mesmari as an army officer who is ready to collaborate to topple Muammar Gaddafi. Gehani had good contacts in Tunisia too.


    5. In this Channel 4 video from August 28th Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson makes a reference to the two "earth movers" and an "attempt to dig mass graves."




      I do not think either of these two front loaders were used to dig the pit.
      They are in exactly the same location as in the August 20th satellite image.

      The "grave" must have been dug by a third front loader, possibly the one we see bringing in the faceless body on August 28th.

  93. Sun Dec 14 Fighting near Libya's main border crossing to Tunisia



    On Saturday, a force allied to the Tripoli-based government, whose opponents say has links to Islamists, moved along the coast to seize eastern oil facilities and fight troops of former general Khalifa Haftar loyal to Thinni.
    Clashes continued on Sunday with both sides claiming progress as Thinni's forces sent jets to bomb the rival force. Al Nabaa television showed troops loyal to Tripoli loading tanks and artillery guns.

    National Oil Corp, headquartered in Tripoli, shut down production at the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf ports, whose fields had produced some 350,000 barrels a day, or more than half of the country's crude output. Most staff left when the state firm declared force majeure for both ports.

    Some 800 km to the west, near the Tunisian border, jet fighters under Thinni's command bombed forces loyal to the Tripoli government while Zintani tribesmen - his local allies - tried to take the Ras Jdir border crossing to Tunisia.
    Dec 08, 2014

    Brigadier Saqr Jeroshi commander of the Libyan Air Force accused Ankara and some other Arab countries to support terrorist militias, at a time when news circulated about the arrival of Turkish ships loaded with individuals, weapons and military equipment to the port of Misrata,
    which is controlled by the "Shield of Libya" militias loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    He stressed that the Libyan National Army in various formations designed to eliminate this support, and to defeat "Daash

    He said in a telephone conversation about the military and financial support provided by Turkey to terrorist militias : "we already destroyed a number of them, as we spotted cargo planes Turkish and Qatari and Sudanese landing in airport Mitiga which is in control of the militias, "the dawn of Libya" loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    He added that the Libyan air force also managed to destroy a special center in Egypt "Nofaliya" area to train elements of the Muslim Brotherhood,

    During the past three days the Libyan air force attacked the forces "the dawn of Libya"
    a terrorist group classified by a decision of the elected parliament,
    also bombed the port city "Zuwarah" west of the capital Tripoli,
    and sites belonging to terrorist militias in Derna in eastern Libya,
    which turned into a center for recruiting fighters
    who participated in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria.


    March 27, 2013 Port of Zuwarah
    We all know Turkey's position and standing with Gaddafi diplomatically ", militarily
    in the beginning of the revolution and suddenly changed its position
    and sided with the revolution of February 17,
    and after a while we discovered the ships and carriers, oil fill oil from the port of Zuwarah
    outside the framework of the law and conventions without any permit from the National Council, headed by Judge Mustafa Abdul Jalil, and today Egyptians smuggling oil from the same source,
    Zuwarah port Its mainland huge oil trucks are smuggling oil out of the Libyan border,
    said military officers in charge the day before yesterday who hit the smugglers
    I wonder what happens in the port of Zuwarah?

    The opposition also claimed control in Zwara, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) from the Tunisian border
    in the west, after local army units sided with the protesters and police fled.

  94. December 8 2014
    Omar Mukhtar Almdhuna prominent terrorist leader Ansar al-Sharia
    and the commander of the military council Sabratha
    one of the field commanders of the forces of the Roma in control of Tripoli,


    Mohammed Bu Sidra mourns the so-called head of the military council of the city of Sabratha Almdhuny terrorist, Omar al-Mukhtar, who was killed today in clashes with the so-called tribal army forces.
    Last month, the brigade’s camp outside Sabratha was bombed in an LNA air raid. Madhuni himself was reportedly captured some weeks previously near Ajdabiya but then released in a deal that remains veiled in secrecy.There are meanwhile unconfirmed reports that the brother of Mohamed Al-Kilani, the controversial Islamist congressman from Zawia who was killed fighting against the Wershefana in September, was captured in clashes in the area earlier this week.

    Dec 14, 2014
    Salah bady's statements about control at the head of Ajdir border crossing

    Sun Dec 14, 2014
    A Tunisian security source said there was fighting in the Libyan area of Boukamech near Ras Jdir. The border station was open, though Tunisia had advised its citizens to avoid the crossing.


    Omar al-Sanki, interior minister of the recognized government, said his forces had seized the western Ras Jdir border crossing, the main gateway into Tunisia.
    But a Libyan border official and the mayor of Zuwara, a town east of Ras Jdir, denied this.
    "Our forces...are still in control of Ras Jdir and it is not true that the borders have been taken by the army of tribes -LNA," said the mayor, Hafed Juma.

    24/02/2011 11:03 A Tunisian holds an old Libyan flag as he delivers humanitarian aid
    Wednesday at the Ras Jdir border post between Libya and Tunisia,
    near the Tunisian city of Ben Guerdane. [AFP

  95. 11 Dec 2014

    Col Saleem al-Ferjani was appointed yesterday
    as chief of the Internal Security Organization (ISO).

    Col Saleem al-Ferjani is from Benghazi and has served as the head of ISO's Counterterrorism Department for Cyrenaica region for more than 15 years.
    He's a veteran of both Chad and Lebnan wars.
    Jihadis used to describe him as ISO's most ruthless officer in Benghazi, Libyan security experts say he's the best man for the job
    Dr. Salem Ferjany member of the National Committee to identify the victims of the war of liberation







    *4 Ramadan Mahmoud Jabr, 69, Zlitan, held four days.








    1. It is noteworthy that among the too-many alleged miraculous escapees,
      there is one rather toothsome 70-year-old man who turned up at the massacre site
      and spoke with Bild (Germany) and BBC.

      This was on August 27, as "Dr. Salim Rajub" was there.

      He was named

      Fathallah Abdullah al Ashter,




      Dec 21, 2014
      Libyan chief of staff of the self-declared government in Tripoli, Jadallah al-Abidi (R) stands next to

      Brigadier Mohammed al-ashtar


      speaking during a press conference to announce
      the creation of a joint operations room
      to control the military operations aimed notably at securing the borders and ensuring peoples security

      Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn), a coalition of Islamist militias, seized Tripoli in August after weeks
      of deadly fighting with a nationalist group.
      Hassi's government was installed at the end of August by the militias.

      Dec 22,2014
      A Bank in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Sunday was robbed by gunmen,
      stealing seven million Libyan Dinars (five million U.S. dollars), according to a bank official.

      The official told Xinhua that a number of gunmen came in two cars
      and attacked the bank, located in downtown Tripoli, stealing seven million Libyan Dinars before leaving.

      "The attack was sudden and fast.
      The gunmen, who were carrying many weapons, surrounded the main gate of the bank and threatened to kill staff if they follow them." The official added.

      Libya has suffered continuing lawlessness since the 2011 civil war.
      The largest armed bank robbery in Libya is in the city of Sirte last year,
      when a group of gunmen attacked a vehicle of the Libyan central bank carrying money to Sirte branch.

      The money stolen was about 50 million Libyan Dinars (35.7 million dollars) along with foreign currencies.

    2. Col Saleem al-Ferjani was appointed yesterday
      as chief of the Internal Security Organization (ISO).
      He's a veteran of both Chad and Lebnan wars.

      Salim Al-Hassi as Chairman leader of Libyan intelligence, , also commissioned Colonel Mustafah Noah,
      a former supreme security committee member as vice chairman 2012
      Salem Al-Hassi is among the elements of National Salvation Front, he was formerly assigned
      to security duties in the front in a period of intense activity abroad in the 1980's to 1990's.
      He came from the ranks of old intelligence,

    3. Col Saleem al-Ferjani was appointed yesterday
      as chief of the Internal Security Organization (ISO).

      Col Saleem al-Ferjani is from Benghazi and has served as the head of ISO's Counterterrorism Department for Cyrenaica region for more than 15 years.

      24 Dec 2014
      During its 112th session in Geneva from 7 to 31 October 2014,
      the United Nations Human Rights Committee issued its decision
      in the case of Saleh Salem Hmeed and several members of his family,
      who were arrested,detained and tortured
      by the security services of Gaddafi's former regime.

      07 February 2011
      Libya: 23 years in prison for a crime Saleh Hmeed never committed

      By Feb. 15 of last year, about a month into the uprising, the doors at most of the country’s prisons and jails began to swing open, allowing thousands of criminals to flee.

      According to government officials, about 26,000 criminals — political prisoners were kept in separate facilities and remained in lockdown — were serving time when the escapes began.

      Almost 200 of those escapees were facing the death penalty for serious crimes, including murder.

      “There was panic inside and outside the prisons,” said Dya Adin Badi,
      who, at the outset of protests last year was in charge of seven detention facilities stretching from Ras Lanuf through Sirte to Misrata.
      “The guards had fled. There was no security, no staff.
      We didn’t want a riot on our hands.”

      Badi said angry crowds began to form outside his prisons.
      Relatives began demanding the release of loved ones, many of whom,
      Badi said, were facing false or excessive sentences.
      Hundreds joined the rebel frontlines.

      Several climbed the ranks to become commanders.
      Many were killed in battle. Others simply fled, their whereabouts unknown.


      Since the end of the revolution, both ex-rebel militias and police have also administered their own form of justice, also in a “climate of impunity.” While members of Gaddafi forces are hunted down and imprisoned — so far without formal charges or access to legal aid — those who commit offenses from within the revolutionary forces continue to go unpunished.


  96. Hussein Khalifa Khafifi and Sheikh Salem Jaber.



    One of the first Martyrs Came out in the February Revolution
    and participated in the storming of the Holy Battalion was

    Salah Saad Khafifi city of Benghazi,

    with the Aljdharan Brigade secret Hamza in Sirte , found his body on 10/10/2011 .
    He was buried in family cemetery area Drianh


    Khalid Khalifa Khafifi الخفيفي after the fall of the holy battalion.

    Martyrs, God willing (Marwan Khafifi and Hani Khafifi)
    Knights Martyrs Battalion Free Libya Syria in the Levant

  97. 15 december 2014

    Salem Jaber / Jabr/ gabr/ Jabir

    Sheikh Salem Jaber)) sermon in Misrata accuses people of Cyrenaica of ignorance

    Salm_gabr in his speech today in front of the Plaza Misurata where 9 funerals coming off
    from Bin Jawad says: "I detest the shepherds that lead you" meaning the people of Cyrenaica ..

    sheich salem Jaber addressing the “thuwars” in Benghazi Oct 30, 2011

    Joint Declaration on Syria by 107 Muslim Scholars from throughout the Arab World

    Dr. Salim Jabir (Libya)
    Sheikh Sadiq al-Gharyani (Libya)/Dr. Ghaith Mahmoud al-Fakhiri (Libya)

    Sheikh Hamza Abou Faris (Libya/Dr. Ali al-Sallabi (Libya)/Dr. Salim al-Sheikhi (Libya)

    Dr. Muhammad Abou Sidra (Libya)/Dr. Nasir al-Umrani (Libya)

    His Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs himself, Hamza Abu Faris,
    has indeed admitted during an interview on April 15 to the Libyan press,
    that most mosques in Libya, from Tripoli to Benghazi and from Sirte to Misrata,
    are now under the control of Imam Salafists

    11 Dec 2014
    Jordan declares Libyan Ambassador to Jordan Ghirani (also LibyaDawn FM)
    as persona non grata and asks him to leave within 72 hours

  98. : 20 Feb 2011 22:05 GMT
    Sadiq al Ghiryani, a Libyan religious leader,told Al Jazeera a “massacre” was under way
    in the city and troops firing shots were mostly mercenaries..
    Kamal Hudethifi, a judge, described the killings as “ethnic cleansing”.

    31. Al Jazeera finally picking up the story. Showing videos above. Thank you AJE! n/t
    Sun Feb-20-11 08:43 PM

    35. Audio transcript: A massacre is going to happen in Zawya.
    on FEBRUARY 20, 2011 Sun Feb-20-11 08:46 PM
    Audio in Arabic
    Arabic: God is great. Now, within 20 minutes, there will be a massacre in Zawya in Libya.
    English: A massacre is going to happen in Libya in Zawya. We need full coverage from all the broadcast channels, please help, please help, please help. There will be a massacre, all of these armies are coming, in 20 minutes or less they will be in Zawya and it’s going to be a massacre,
    mass murder. Please we need your help, all the international media you are watching and standing and doing nothing. Arabic: We need your help, for God’s sake, for God’s sake.

    Translated by @tasnimq

    20 Feb 2011 22:05 GMT
    Sadiq al Ghiryani, a Libyan religious leader,told Al Jazeera a “massacre” was under way

    RT @abdu: BREAKING: Al-Fadhil Brigade building in #Benghazi has fallen. This is the last base and the ppl are in control of Benghazi. #Libya
    1 minute ago Favorite Retweet Reply Sat Feb-19-11 01:47 PM

    iyad_elbaghdadi Iyad El-Baghdadi
    Reports that African mercenaries trying to break into Al-Jala Hospital in #Benghazi #Feb17 #Libya
    4 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply Sat Feb-19-11 02:15 PM

    Oea newspaper said that a group of protesters killed the managing director of AL-Galaa hospital in downtown Benghazi, Libya 's second largest city. The victim's body was tortured, it added

    REUTERS Sunday, February 20, 2011 3:06:23 EST PM
    Habib al-Obaidi, who heads the intensive care unit at the main Al-Jalae hospital,
    and lawyer Mohamed Al-Mana, told Reuters members of the "Thunderbolt" squad had arrived at the hospital
    with soldiers wounded in clashes with Gaddafi's personal guard.

    1. RT @abdu: BREAKING: Al-Fadhil Brigade building in #Benghazi has fallen. This is the last base and the ppl are in control of Benghazi. #Libya
      1 minute ago Favorite Retweet Reply Sat Feb-19-11 01:47 PM

      20 Feb 2011 22:05 GMT
      Sadiq al Ghiryani, a Libyan religious leader,told Al Jazeera a “massacre” was under way

      actually there has not been a massacre in Libya (by Khadafi )
      Richard Haass testified


  99. Al-Qa'ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) released a statement today about the intifada (uprising)
    in Libya against dictator Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi, "Support and Advocacy for the Revolution of Our People,
    the Free, Descendants of 'Umar al-Mukhtar."
    They invoke a popular resistance leader who was executed by the Italian Fascist colonial government on September 16, 1931,

    The statement was issued by AQIM's Al-Andalus Media Foundation

    and distributed by the Al-Fajr (Dawn) Media Center,

    a shadowy transnational jihadi-takfiri media network

    that distributes all media materials from AQIM, Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP),
    the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), and Al-Qa'ida Central (AQC),
    as well as for some Pakistan-based Urdu-language jihadi-takfiri media outlets like Hittin Media.

    Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Andalusia Foundation for Media Production

  100. 2012
    Public criticism of the thuwwar, who are widely hailed as heroes, is uncommon.
    Even officials, activists, journalists, lawyers and victims of human rights violations who privately acknowledge the prevailing lawlessness and abuses committed by the thuwwar
    do not raise their concerns in public, fearing reprisals.
    Their fears are justified.

    “The Misrata thuwar have killed, arbitrarily arrested and tortured Tawerghans across Libya.
    nearly four-fifths of residents of Misrata’s Ghoushi neighborhood were Tawergha natives.

    crimes against humanity and war crimes |

    May 22, 2012
    Testimony of Torture Survivors of the NATO rebels prisons in Libya

    3 okt. 2013 bin Ahmad in his testimony about a secret prison area stopper near the city of Misrata (200 km east of Tripoli) where 400 detainees from the town of Bani Walid


    منظمة ضحايا لحقوق الإنسان-بنغازي السبت 1فبراير 2014

    Victims Organization for Human Rights-Benghazi Saturday, February 1, 2014
    because of the domination of aggressive militias and assassination attempts continued for judges the most famous assassination Chancellor Najeeb Howeidi, and the attack on the judge Marwan Thana who was threatened several times to be murdered , and also burning and bombing of many of the courts in an attempt to abolish the courts and the establishment of Sharia courts place,
    many of the leaders of the former regime has not obtained the right of defense or witnesses
    and live in difficult conditions of detention, even some of them are exposed to slow death
    because of the poor conditions of detention, which deny them food and medicines ,
    and on top of these Abdullah Senussi head of intelligence in the era of Gaddafi and Ahmed Ibrahim Gaddafi, who were sentenced to death in the city of Misrata in a comic trial,

    6 october 2014

    سجن «السكت» Prison «Assakt»
    Board member of the National Commission for Human Rights Libya Abdel Moneim Qrimidh
    said that he received the news of the implementation of physical liquidation cases against six of military prisoners four days ago.

    سجن «السكت»
    Misratah / 32°19'22"N   15°0'38"E

    National Human Rights Commission called the international human rights organizations
    and the United Nations and the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya
    and the Office of Human Rights :
    appeal to immediately intervene to save the lives of the remaining prisoners
    detained in the Air Force Academy prison
    those responsible for these prisons :
    "ابوبكر الظابطي، سالم الفقيه، حمد مانيطه

    "Abubakar Zabti, Salem al-Faqih, Hamad Manath"


  101. 118 violent deaths in October to date in #Libya, 1859 since start of 2014



    12 Dec 2014
    Fighters for the Islamic State militant group have been training in remote areas of Libya, heightening the Obama administration’s concern about a country that U.S. officials have largely ignored since its 2011 revolution.


    Training camps with several hundred Islamic State fighters have been spotted in parts of eastern Libya, and some U.S. intelligence reports suggest a new presence for the militant group near Tripoli, in the country’s west, U.S. officials disclosed in recent days.

    By the latest info from #UN #Libya became a transfer zone of drug transportation. Total profit is 1 billion #USD
    12 Dec 2014

    December 12, 2014

    Islamists of Libya's Darna form coalition to against army attacks
    The formation of "Shura Council of the Mujahedeen of Darna" was announced on Friday
    to include various Jihadist fighters against any attacks of the army and forces of major general Khalifa Haftar, local media reported on Saturday.

    The Islamist militants, including Ansar al-Sharia militia, announced the formation of the "Shura Council of the Benghazi rebels" to fight Haftar's forces after the army commander announced the military operation "Libyan Dignity" on May 16, which he said aims to eradicate "terrorism from the country."

    Qatar funneled much of its aid through Ali al-Sallabi, say NTC-allied officials.
    They say the cleric's aid network, manned with his associates, allowed affiliated militias to receive the lion's share of both guns and money.

    The military operational commander of the islamist Shura Council of Benghazi is Wissam Ben Hamid (left).

    - Islamist fighters launched a three-pronged attack Saturday on a key oil region in eastern Libya but were pushed back by pro-government forces, military officials said

    The attack came as Islamist militias in the eastern town of Derna say they have formed a new coalition ahead of an expected assault by pro-government forces

  102. December 11, 2014
    Libyan recognized PM says campaign to seize Tripoli will continue

    13 Dec 2014
    # Libya: Libyan Air Force fly over the city of Sirte # preparation for the bombing of the concentration of militia positions "the dawn of Libya."

    December 13, 2014
    Islamist-allied militias from the western city of Misrata clashed with an eastern militia
    that holds a major oil terminal on Saturday, in violence that killed at least two people, Libyan officials said.
    The officials say the Tripoli-based government — backed by Misrata militias and Islamist factions — ordered its forces to "liberate" the Sidra terminal.

    The officials said that aircraft affiliated to Omar al-Hassi's rival government
    carried airstrikes targeting an air base in the central city of Sirte but caused no major casualties.

    An aide to al-Hassi, the Tripoli-based prime minister, said that the assault on Sidra is the beginning of a wider offensive called "Sunrise."

    Al-Hassi's allied militias launched an earlier offensive called "Libya Dawn" in Tripoli to take control of the capital and its airport.

    Sat Dec 13 2014

    صلاح بادي علي راديو مصراتة : Salah Ali Badi Radio Misurata:

    Radio Misurata - we are ready to clean up all the mountain - including Zintan - and will not leave the place without the full sweep
    And preparations have been completed to cleanse eastern region of the ousted Gaddafi and federal .

    11 Oct 2014
    Badi: Participating in a dialogue is an act of betrayal, no fear of the International Criminal Court.

  103. 13 december 2014

    Islamist-allied militias from Misrata attacking oil terminals of Ras Lanuf and Es-Sider http://www.thestar.com.my/News/World/2014/12/13/Air-strikes-clashes-near-two-eastern-Libyan-oil-ports/ 

    Joseph Ghiryani - engineer in Al-Jouf oil services - said : The opening of an office of the institution in Benghazi would ease the burden on Tripoli. -
    The branch will oversee the companies operating in the east of the country,
    such as the Arabian Gulf Oil Company and Sirte Libyan oil and gas company Ras Lanuf. -

    December 11 2014
    Hassan Yusef Bolifa, an engineer and an executive of the Arab Gulf Oil Company in Benghazi, has not been seen for four days.

    November 28 2014
    In a step to assert control over the oil industry, Thinni's government said on Wednesday it had appointed a new chairman of the National Oil Corp.
    Thinni had initially retained the state oil firm's previous head, Mustafa Sanallah, but he remains in Tripoli.

    Hassi said Libya might break up if the international community allowed Thinni to appoint its own NOC chairman and eventually form an eastern oil company. Fri Nov 28, 2014

    December 11, 2014
    Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni of the internationally recognized Tobruk government is planning to approach it with a financial perspective. He wants to stop the payment of oil exportations to accounts that are not under its control in order to drain the financial power of the Tripoli government.


  104. 13 december 2014

    Aljdharan receives an armed convoy of Tabu to fight with him in the so-called dignity


    23 dec. 2013
    Rebel leader: Ibrahim Jedran seeks separate government for eastern Libya

    14 Dec 2014

    pro-fajr #Libya activists claiming fighter planes used for the first time to strike Ibrahim Jedran's forces. Big shift in tactics if true

    1. 17-12-2014
      HoR 'names pro-federalist' as new head of Audit Bureau

      03 Nov 2013

      Eastern Libya has declared an autonomous regional government with an official ceremony, challenging the country's weak central government that failed to assume unifying power over rebels and various tribes since the 2011 war toppled Muammar Gaddafi.

      Leaders of an autonomy movement met on Sunday in the small town of Ajdabiya
      to launch the government under the name of Barqa, or Cyrenaica as it is also known, supporters said.

      A pro-federalist television station showed more than 20 ministers taking the oath
      at a podium decorated with a Cyrenaica flag.

      They were joined by the tribal leader Ibrahim Jathran, the former head of Libya's Petroleum Protection Force in charge of guarding oil facilities, who defected in the summer and seized the biggest ports Ras Lanuf and Es-Sider with his troops.

      Jathran was standing next to the self-declared Prime Minister Abd-Rabbo al-Barassi, a defected air force commander.

    2. Tue Dec 16, 2014
      On Monday, a force allied to the rival assembly based in Tripoli, the General National Congress (GNC), moved to the east
      to try seize the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf oil ports.

      Both terminals have closed, drying exports of an estimated 300,000 barrels a day of oil.

      The recognized government, forced to work out of the east since losing control of Tripoli in August, launched more air strikes on the rival forces positioned near Es Sider, eastern officials said.
      They also said the rival force had for the first time used a jet to support its troops, though its spokesman Ismail al-Shukri denied this.

      "We confirm the campaign will continue," Shukri told reporters, adding that oil facilities would not be harmed.
      GNC spokesman Omar Hmeidan said the assembly was supporting the U.N. talks but said the venue needed to change and talks should reflect that the GNC was the legitimate body.

      "Members of the GNC will attend the talks as representatives of the legislative body," he said, proposing to hold the next round in the southern town of Hun.

      The House of Representatives, the legislature aligned with recognized Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, said in a statement it was supporting the U.N.-led dialogue but rejected talks with GNC members and its armed factions.


    3. Fighting continues around the key cities of Ras Lanuf and Sidra after the start
      on Saturday of an offensive by the Libya Dawn camp dubbed ‘Operation Sunrise for the Liberation of Oil Ports‘.

      The operation is aimed at dislodging federalist and Tubruq-aligned forces
      from key oil sites in Eastern Libya and the Tripoli-based establishment maintains it is legitimated by a 2013 GNC-issued order to liberate the then federalist-blockaded ports.

      On Saturday, Libya Dawn forces were repelled for the most part by Operation Dignity airstrikes targeting them around the town of Bin Jawad, an urban centre located approximately 30 kilometres to the West of Sidra on the costal road.

      On Sunday, however, fighting involved ground forces on both sides and engulfed oil terminal facilities as well. In particular, reports emerged of Grad rockets being fired towards Sidra oil port while fighters from Operation Sunrise arrived at one point within half kilometer from it before being repelled by further airstrikes. As a result of this, Sidra’s oil port shut down its operations.

      On Saturday 13 December, air forces belonging to Khalifa Haftar’s Operation Dignity attacked military forces and convoys of the Misratan-led Libya Dawn camp that were heading towards the oil ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra.

      The Misratan moves comes after weeks of talking about pushing Eastward
      to challenge the HoR and the Federalists control of these key locations


    4. HoR 'names pro-federalist' as new head of Audit Bureau 17-12-2014 :

      The CBL has not been the only body putting a squeeze on HoR spending.

      Libya’s Audit Bureau announced last week that transactions from the CBL
      to ministries and public companies would come under new restrictions.
      The CBL is now only authorised to pay for public sector salaries and expenses below 200,000 Libyan dinars ($163,750).

      “The new regulations are in response to a crisis over the CBL’s assets, with the rival assemblies – the HoR and revived GNC – vying for control,” reported Libya Monitor.

      The Audit Bureau is an independent body based in Tripoli that is answerable to the “legislative branch”,
      according to MEE’s Libyan source, who said their decision pointed to increased restrictions on the HoR.

      “The Audit Bureau has the power to block any project expenditures by government entities,” they said.

      “If the coordinate with the CBL, as they appear to be, they could create another layer of resistance to government expenditure, as spending has to clear the CBL accounts and seek approval by the bureau.”


    5. Abed Rabbo Barasi now president of the Court of Audit
      News Monday, December 15, 2014

      (former)president of the Court of Audit Khalid Ahmed Shakshak.
      Still attend the meetings of the ruling Justice and construction party

      did not provide any corruption case until now .. But kept files of the staff of extorting thieves for their involvement in the looting of Libyan money ...


      members of the National Transitional Council 2011
      29 / Khalid Ahmed Shakshak Zliten

      Islamist group declares the creation of Justice and Development Party


  105. 1952 Libya King Idris banned political parties. (Econ, 1/12/13, p.43)
    July 30, 2010
    Raphael Luzon (pictured) has long expressed his wish to take his aged mother to visit Libya before she dies, and light a candle for eight relatives murdered in Benghazi in 1967.


    1967 Jul, In the wake of the Six Day War some 2,000 Jews in Libya were compelled to leave the country. (WSJ, 1/10/07, p.A19)

    March 25, 2011
    the former American diplomat James Atkins has described the as-Senussi monarchy as “one of the most corrupt in the world.”


    In 1969, the British Special Air Service (S.A.S.) was contacted by the Libyan Royal Family and planned an assassination to restore the Libyan monarchy. The plan was dubbed the "Hilton Assignment", named after a Libyan jail.

    The plan was to release 150 political prisoners from a jail in Tripoli as a catalyst for a general uprising.
    The prisoners would be recruited for a coup attempt, and the British agents would leave them to take over the nation. The plan was called off at a late stage by the British Secret Intelligence Service because the United States government decided that Gaddafi was anti-Marxist and therefore acceptable.[363][364]

    October 20, 2011
    Today Mohammed El Senussi, considered by Libyan royalists to be the heir to the old Libyan throne, issued a statement saying::4.42pm:

    13 December 2014:
    A handful of monarchists outside the locally-called “Chiesa” Mosque in Tripoli’s Algeria Square (Photo: Sliman Gashoot)

  106. 20 August 2011
    The TNC has drawn up a 14-page “constitutional declaration” in Benghazi, which was shown to AFP.
    It lays out the foundation for a right-wing Islamist government in Libya.

    Busidra [ Ahmed Zubair] presented his vision for an Islamic fundamentalist and pro-imperialist puppet state in Libya.

    On 6 March 2012, Eastern Libyans declared their desire for autonomy in Benghazi.
    Mohammed's relative, Ahmed al-Senussi was announced as the leader of the self-declared Cyrenaica Transitional Council.[22]

    May 6, 2013
    Salem Juha on Misratah channel says: Sheikh Ahmed Zubair, head of Libya !!!!

    He [ Ahmed Zubair] had his own theories about international involvement in Libya,
    alleging that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the CIA were backing the federalist cause.

    Nonetheless, the federalists (Shihaibi's camp) and the Islamists have a fundamentally different view of what the country should be. When I pressed Bosidra on which of the Islamists’ demands might raise objections from his political rivals, he raised two. 

    12 Dec 2014 Ahmed Al-Zubair al-Senussi was speaking this morning at the first Sakharov Lecture organised by the European Parliament

    12 Dec 2014
    Omar al-Hassi chairing a meeting of the Islamic Gathering for Implementing Sharia

  107. http://s4.reutersmedia.net/resources/r/?m=02&d=20141128&t=2&i=995344301&w=580&fh=&fw=&ll=&pl=&r=LYNXNPEAAR0N9

    Libyan Prime Minister Omar al-Hassi (R) meets with Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti in Tripoli November 10, 2014.

    Sunday 14 December 2014
    ICC chief prosecutor shelves Darfur war crimes probe
    Fatou Bensouda prompts triumphant response from Sudanese president and concerns over viability of Hague-based institution

    The Sudan has trained a bunch of radical Islamists to fly helicopters and planes.
    These radical Islamists were delivered to Libya yesterday via Mitiga airport under the
    control of Al Qaeda leader Abdulhakim Belhaj.

    June 13, 2014
    . Belhaj denied allegations that during a recent visit to Sudan he had organized the shipment of military supplies,
    and that the supplies had been sent from Sudan to the Mitiga Airbase.


    Sunday 7 September 2014

    The London-based Al-Arab al-Youm newspaper quoted the commander of the air force in the pro-Heftar Libyan National Army, Brigadier Saqr Jeroshi as warning against a “hellish” scheme in which Sudan provides personnel and weapons, aimed at empowering the Muslim Brotherhood and its allied the Jihadist militias to control the eastern city of Benghazi.

    "This scheme approached its final stages, where the Muslim Brotherhood has stepped up its actions in support of its militias that are armed with personnel and ammunitions from Sudan," benefiting from close ties with the Sudanese government, which he described
    as a Muslim Brotherhood one.

    He added that the army confirmed information that a Muslim Brotherhood figure by the name Ahmed Al-Zuway, who has a tribal links in Sudan, is overseeing the process of bringing in arms and personnel from Sudan to Kufra in cars and trucks.

    “The process of the transfer of arms and personnel from Sudan to Libya has taken in the last period a remarkable development, as planes were observed in the skies of the Sahara, coming from Sudan, in an effort to overthrow the city of Benghazi, to which hundreds of extremist groups from Misrata and Derna are flowing, in an effort to control it in favour of extremist groups."


    Already on Sunday, (20 february 2011 ) Sheikh Faraj al-Zuway, leader of the crucial al-Zuwayya tribe in eastern Libya, had threatened to cut oil exports to the West within 24 hours unless what he called the "oppression of protesters" in Benghazi was stopped.

  108. 23 feb. 2011 0945 GMT: UN rights council to hold special session on Libya on Friday

    The ICC intervened in Libya when the United Nations Security Council referred the deteriorating situation in the country to the ICC on February 26, 2011.

    With unprecedented speed, the Court opened an investigation in early March
    and, in June 2011, issued arrest warrants for Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi, Saif al-Islam, and Abdullah al-Senussi.


    We urge you to send a clear message that, collectively, the international community,
    the Security Council and the Human Rights Council will not be bystanders to these mass atrocities. The credibility of the United Nations — and many innocent lives — are at stake.

    According to Physicians for Human Rights: “[This letter was] prepared under the guidance of Mohamed Eljahmi, the noted Libyan human rights defender
    and brother of dissident Fathi Eljahmi, asserts that the widespread atrocities
    committed by Libya against its own people amount to war crimes,
    requiring member states to take action through the Security Council
    under the responsibility to protect doctrine.”

  109. 12 jun. 2012
    " I can confirm that the ICC delegation entered Zintan and visited their colleagues,"

    Ahmed al- Jehani, Libya's ICC envoy,

    said on Tuesday, adding that the delegation was allowed to visit their colleagues despite being halted initially at the entrance to the town by militia members.

    Dr. Gehani informed Mr. Gaddafi during meeting Dr. Gehani is ‘architect’ of allegations against him


    Ahmed Jehani began his career in the 1960s, specialising in the technical aspects of oil production. For nearly a decade after that he served as general counsel for the Libyan National Oil Corporation, the state oil company under Muammar Qaddafi's regime.

    Now he is tasked with helping to restart the oil pipelines and repair the refineries that, before the civil war, provided Libya with nearly all of its income.


    While in Benghazi, contact is made with Libyan air defence colonel, Abdallah Gehani, who was indicated by Nouri Mesmari as an army officer who is ready to collaborate to topple Muammar Gaddafi Gehani had good contacts in Tunisia too

    18 feb 2011 )
    Al-Jihani and around 70 others, including friends from his unit, visited a nearby base the Friday ( 18 feb 2011 ) before the Katiba attack and found it empty; the soldiers there had already joined the people, he said.
    They took rocket-propelled grenade launchers, AK-47s and anti-aircraft guns. Source AJE
    Fri Feb 18, 2011 Amnesty said in a statement sources at al-Jala hospital in Benghazi had reported 28 deaths
    medical center's director general, Dr. Fathi al-Jehani

    August 25, 2011
    Dr. Aref Nayed and Ahmed Jehani, leaders of the TNC Stabilization Team announced the formation of a Tripoli Security Committee and called for rapid U.N. assistance.


    16 5 2012 Asma Magariaf ‏ @LibyanBentBladi Dr. Fathi Jahani of Benghazi Medical Center has been shot by unidentified individuals after dispute w/ unelected head of local council

    Former director 19 february 2011 : a group of protesters killed the managing director of AL-Galaa hospital in downtown Benghazi

    03 June 2014 "The son of Benghazi Medical Centre director Dr Fathi Jehani was killed by shrapnels from a rocket that fell on their house at dawn Monday," a source said.

  110. Carol Corillon is Executive Director of the International Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies, an organization that she helped create in 1993.

    The International Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies,
    of which I am executive director, and many other concerned groups, sent repeated
    and urgent appeals for Mr. al-Jahmi’s release on humanitarian grounds for health reasons
    to Col. Quaddafi and Libyan government authorities
    About HHR

    In 2011, the Alliance of Youth Movements rebranded as “Movements.org.” In 2012 Movements.org became a division of “Advancing Human Rights,” a new NGO set up by Robert L. Bernstein after he resigned from Human Rights Watch (which he had originally founded) because he felt it should not cover Israeli and US human rights abuses.28

    Advancing Human Rights aims to right Human Rights Watch’s wrong by focusing exclusively on “dictatorships.”29 Cohen stated that the merger of his Movements.org outfit with Advancing Human Rights was “irresistible,” pointing to the latter’s “phenomenal network of cyberactivists in the Middle East and North Africa.”30

    He then joined the Advancing Human Rights board, which also includes Richard Kemp,
    the former commander of British forces in occupied Afghanistan.31

    In its present guise, Movements.org continues to receive funding from Gen Next,
    as well as from Google, MSNBC, and PR giant Edelman, which represents General Electric, Boeing, and Shell, among others.32


    In mid February, Libyan dissident Najla Aburrahman begged Western media to pay attention to the bloodbath unfolding in her country. "If the Libyan protesters are ignored," she wrote, "the fear is that [Libyan dictator Moammar] Qaddafi—a man who appears to care little what the rest of the world thinks of him—will be able to seal the country off
    from foreign observers, and ruthlessly crush any uprising before it even has a chance to begin."

  111. The decision to go to war with Syria was made by President George W. Bush at a Camp David meeting on September 15, 2001,
    just after the spectacular attacks in New York and Washington.

    Simultaneously attacks were planned in Libya to demonstrate the ability to act in two theaters at once.
    This decision was corroborated by the testimony of General Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme commander, who was opposed to it.

    In the wake of the fall of Baghdad, in 2003, Congress passed two laws instructing the President of the United States to prepare wars against Libya and Syria (the Syria Accountability Act).

    September 2, 2008 Of particular concern is the near-total ban on independent political activity

    In the era of the Kingdom of Libya under King Idris .. Was canceled two parties of the Libyan Parliament, and one of them is the party of the Muslim Brotherhood .

    Tue, 17 Mar 2009 11:13 UTC Gene Cretz, Ambassador
    Jamal al-Haji and Faraj Humaid have been released from detention and are with their families.
    He did not provide information on the terms of their release or whether legal proceedings had concluded. Al-Haji and Humaid were the last of eleven political detainees sentenced
    to prison last June for attempting to foment rebellion against the "people's authority system" and conducting unauthorized communications with an official of a foreign government (ref A).

    A Danish citizen activist, Jamal Al-Hajji had just been released from prison, having conveniently arrived in the country in February 2011.


    The Qadhafi Development Foundation's (QDF) Human Rights Director, Saleh Abdulsalam, was the primary interlocutor for HRW/PHR; Abrahams and Allen also spoke by telephone with QDF Executive Director Dr. Yusuf Sawani, currently on travel outside the country.

    HRW/PHR described the QDF's cooperation as "superb, forthright and professional". Abdulsalam stressed that from the perspective of the GOL and the QDF, el-Jahmi's legal issues were "closed matters" and the GOL was "out of the picture". El-Jahmi had been free to return home since his "release" was announced on March 11

    CLASSIFIED BY: J. Chris Stevens Charge met November 1
    with MFA Secretary for the Americas Dr. Ahmed Fituri and reiterated Post's
    request for timely access
    to returned Guantanamo detainee ISN-194 (Muhammad Abdallah Mansur al-Rimi)
    to follow up on ref A and B requests for further information on when and how al-Rimi sustained an injury to his left arm and suffered the loss of several teeth.

    The CDA also requested access to ISN-557
    (Ben Qumu Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamouda),
    who was returned to Libya September 26,
    to assess his condition.

    Whenever I hear Ansar Sharia isn't so bad, my mind sees the son of
    Sofian Bin Qumu (AS / LIFG) calmly holding a decapitated head on video.


  112. March 2010.
    The deal done, a clean-shaven Belhadj was reintroduced to the world at a press conference chaired by Saif al-Islam Qadhafi in March 2010, nodding in agreement as the dictator's son described the new friendship between the regime and its Islamist enemies.

    More prisoner releases followed — the last, ironically enough, just two days before fighting broke out in Benghazi.


    March 2010.
    Amnesty has more details about one ghost-detainee:
    Khalid al-Sharif, known as Abu Hazem, spent about five years detained in Libya before his release in March 2010. He agreed to talk to Amnesty International.
    He described his arrest by US and Pakistani forces in Peshawar on 3 April 2002 along with Mohamed Shu’iya, known as Hassan Ruba’i and his detention in various facilities in Afghanistan and Pakistan – in Peshawar, Islamabad, Kabul and Bagram.

    Al-Senussi is now being held in the small maximum security Hudba al-Gassi prison in Tripoli, where many former members of the Qaddafi regime are being held.
    The current roster of prisoners in the facility includes three former Prime Ministers and former military intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kharroubi.


    Al-Senussi, who faces the death penalty if convicted, is rumored to have been tortured
    on his arrival in Tripoli and to have attempted suicide while in Hudba al-Gassi,

    but these allegations were denied
    by the man responsible for keeping him behind bars,
    Khalid al-Sharif, a former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)

    and now the head of Libya’s National Guard (al-Sharq al-Awsat, September 20)

    Libya's deputy MoD Khalid Sharif's personal pics of war against Soviets in Afghanistan
    a reminder 100s of Libyans were there at the time 1/2

    Libya's deputy MoD & ex-LIFG shura Khalid Sharif posts FB pics of himself in Afghanistan war against Soviets in '88

    Zeidan appointed Khaled al-Sharif as deputy defense minister.

    Sharif’s appointment to the post of deputy defense minister was part of Zeidan’s efforts to enlist the heads of the militias - including the Islamic ones - to work for the government,
    by appointing them to senior positions in government ministries.

    At least 11 militia leaders were appointed to such jobs, but every militia head continues to maintain his own private army.

  113. Physicians for Human Rights was able to get a team of interviewers into the embattled city of Misrata

    from June 5-12, just after Libyan rebel forces expelled Gadhafi's loyalists.

    Rape was also "a weapon of war," Richard Sollom, the lead author of PHR's report,
    told the Associated Press on Monday.

    While he said no one has evidence to prove that rape was widespread, the fear of it certainly was, he said.
    Jun. 9, 2011

    The report, published Wednesday by three U.N.-appointed experts, says the violations committed by pro-Gadhafi forces were severe enough to also constitute crimes against humanity. They said violations by opposition armed forces, however, were not severe or widespread enough to be considered crimes against humanity.

    It wasn’t until July of 2011 that HRW would admit that Libyan rebels were carrying out systematic abuses of their own, and even then they were whitewashed and excused.

     "I really fear vigilante justice and retribution and attacks by civilians against other civilians," said Richard Sollom, deputy director of Physicians for Human Rights,
    who is back from a June fact-finding mission in Misrata, Libya.

      Sollom said Monday that his Boston-based group knew of about 500 Darfuris "who are desperately trying to get out of Libya. They have no money, they are basically homeless because they are from Darfur, and they very much fear for their lives because of the color of their skin."
      Guest workers from Sudan, Chad, Darfur and other sub-Saharan African locales have been targeted in part because Gadhafi did hire foreign African mercenaries, Sollom said.

        New York-based Human Rights Watch said Sunday that the evidence it has collected so far "strongly suggests that (Moammar Gadhafi's) government forces went on a spate of arbitrary killing as Tripoli was falling."


    3.14pm: Human Rights Watch Richard Dickler said Gaddafi's alleged war crimes should still be investigated, even if he has been killed today.

    A UN Commission of Inquiry reported in March that grave violations were committed by anti-Gaddafi forces during the armed conflict and in the period since. November 6, 2012


    The ICC prosecutor’s briefing to the Security Council is expected to provide an overview
    of the investigative activities of her office to date. In May
    November 7, 2012


    Impunity Rules: Libya Passes Controversial Amnesty law

    Impunity was a serious problem. The scarcely functioning criminal courts struggled to try abusive Qadhafi-era officials, but generally skirted the pressing problem of abuses during the year by post-Qadhafi militias, in part because of militia intimidation of judges.

    When authorities did attempt to conduct trials, threats and acts of violence often influenced and curtailed judicial proceedings.

    Aside from adopting but not yet implementing legislation to provide a new legal framework and sponsoring dialogues on its implementation throughout the country, the government did not take concrete steps by year's end to advance transitional justice.

    There were rare investigations and still fewer prosecutions of those believed to have committed abuses.

  114. Richard Sollom, the lead author of PHR's report, deputy director of Physicians for Human Rights : Sollom said Monday that his Boston-based group
    This writer called the Boston office, the home office, to complain about the decision to back the Sanctions bill. I was given to understand by one staffer that I was not the only member to register dissatisfaction. I inquired who made this decision and how it was made.

    Initially I was told that such decisions were not made in the home office but at a smaller office in Washington, which works closely with Congress.

    In a subsequent email I was told that “the policy and program decisions are made by our Executive Management team.” Who is the “Executive Management Team”?

    This member does not know and has not been told.

    Furthermore the PHR web site does not contain any information about the Executive Management Team, as far as I can see.

    Are personnel of the U.S. government consulted in such deliberations? (The PHR membership clearly is not.)


  115. Images of the burning of one port of Sidra tanks Bunker Oil today December 25 2014


    Flames and black smoke engulf a tank at the port of Sidra, Libya’s largest oil terminal, on December 26, 2014.
    Es-Sider (Sidra) oil terminal: By day's end (Dec 30), fire extinguished in 3 tanks, still burning in 3 tanks, reignited in 1 tank

    @jonathanaleff excellent graphic - you can add tanks 1, 4 and 10 were destroyed in 2011 war
    (pictures from sep '11) pic.twitter.com/6VpEgUFysN


    The explosions took place on monday afternoon = 24 october 2011

  116. Omar Mukhtar Brigade Ajdabiya to secure Sarir oilfield area. February 12, 2014 ·


    At the Ajdabiya front was the Omar Mukhtar Brigade, composed primarily of men from Derna, Benghazi and Ajdabiya. The brigade is made up of about 200 men and 10 trucks, the fighters said.19 Apr 2011



    27 July 2014
    As of this week, in fact, the oil business, on which modern Libya rests,
    is being done not by government but by a smooth–looking 33-year-old bandit
    called Ibrahim Jathran.

    Jathran was once commander of the ‘Hamza’ brigade,

    and a bright star in the rebel army. During the Libyan war he and his men took the eastern ports from Gaddafi, and he was rewarded with a top job post-war: head of the Petroleum Security Guard.

  117. @0.20 Jadhran Secret Hamza Brigade fuel station Abu Hadi area Sirte sept/oct 2011



    quite a few people, over 100 by some reports, were killed on October 24,
    four days after Muammar Gaddafi and 100 with him were killed

    Nato aircraft struck 11 pro-Gaddafi vehicles that were part of a larger group
    of approximately 75 vehicles near Sirte, the statement said.

    And Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said
    a preliminary decision had been made
    to end the air operation on October 31.


  118. Jan 3 2015
    Fourteen army soldiers and three civilians were killed Friday in an armed attack
    at a security check point in Libya, an official said.

    The incident took place at Sukna town, 650 km southeast of Tripoli.

    September 22, 2011 Sukna near Sirte

    excellent graphic - you can add tanks 1, 4 and 10 were destroyed in 2011 war
    (pictures from sep '11)

    Jan 3 2015
    “A number of gunmen attacked on Friday the security check point of Sukna town,
    which links the western Al-Shweref town and the eastern Wadi al-Shati area,”
    Xinhua quoted a security official as saying.

    He added that the gunmen killed 14 soldiers of the army’s battalion 168 infantry,
    which is in charge of securing the desert region.

    “The attackers also killed three civilians, and took over three military vehicles
    of the soldiers who were killed,” the official said.
    No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.


    In the last few weeks, similar attacks have taken place on army check point and sites.

    The most recent attack was last week in the city of Sirte, 500 km east of Tripoli,
    which killed 19 soldiers who were securing the city’s power plant.

    Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:30am EDT
    Meanwhile, in early October, even in safer, southeastern parts of the oil-rich Sirte basin,
    local workers were alone and still prepared for the worst.

    Close to Wintershall's site in the southeast, at the Amal oil field joint-operated by
    Canadian oil firm Suncor, the manager recounted how locals defended the site
    from looters and attacks during the war and were ready to face more action.


    Abelulla Mahdy volunteered to fly a team of around 20 of the company's Libyan employees past the battlefield at Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown and the city outside which he was killed last week, and over the Sahara for nearly 200 km (125 miles) to a base at an oil field
    called Amal, an hour's drive to the Wintershall site.

    The flight required special permission from NATO and the usual company plane had to be left behind in Tripoli.

    October 24 2011


  119. September, 2011

    Sheikh Nasser Bjvol-Zway/ الشيخ ناصر بجفول الزوى
    commander of the battalion of Kufra February 17,

    Nasser Al Attia Bujafool who left the life of luxury (Australia )
    and came to his homeland
    to stand next to his family

    عبدالله بدر الزوى
    Abdullah Badr Zway an expert in the installation of weapons 14.5 and 23


    he joined the company of rebel town of Kufra Front Sirte after editing Hun area and Jufrah

    preventive security on the southern front of the city of Sirte 0.29 nasser bu shiful al sway

    0.30 bodies of handcuffed people

  120. The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) played a vital role to expel the Gaddafi elements
    from the city of Kufra (7). They then recaptured it again, through an attack via three axes managed through the destruction of most of the Gaddafi battalions.


    One of the biggest successes of NISS was the process of normalization between Sudanese government and Chad, which led both governments to sign a military and security protocol (8) in January 2011 to protect their borders (1280 km).

    Now the borders between Sudan and Libya are also under the responsibility of a joint Sudanese-Libyan force,

    According to a Wall Street Journal article on Oct. 17, 2011, 20,000 tons of weapons were provided not to the Transitional National Council, but directly to militias run by Belhadj
    in 18 shipments.

    A dozen other Qatari-funded shipments came to Libyan rebels allied with the LIFG via Sudan.

    The shipments continued in September even after the fall of Tripoli.


    August 28, 2011 Speaking to the press following the meeting, the NTC chairman expressed the gratitude of the Libyan opposition to the Sudanese government
    for the support provided in their fight against the regime of the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi during the past six months.

    "It is time to announce that Sudan provided military support to the revolutionaries,"
    Jalil said adding that this support helped them to "liberate some cities,
    such as the city of Kufra" in the remote southeastern desert.


    Nov 25, 2011 Meanwhile, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the leader of the NTC, visited Kartoum yesterday, the capital of Sudan, to thank President Omar al-Bashir for his assistance
    in supplying weapons via Egypt to the NTC fighters in their battle against Gaddafi.

    “If [it were] not for Sudanese military assistance, it would not have been possible to liberate Kufra,” said Jalil addressing a Sudanese conference for the ruling party.
    Kufra is a remote town in the south east of Libya not far from the Sudanese border.

    Libya expels Sudanese diplomat over allegations of supporting militias
    Sunday 7 September 2014
    September 6, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The Libyan government ordered the Sudanese military attaché to leave the country, amid accusations by Tripoli about the involvement of Khartoum in supporting some of the Libyan warring factions.

    A statement by the Libyan government on Saturday night claimed that a Sudanese military transport plane bound for Tripoli airport, that is currently under the control of an Islamist armed group, entered its airspace.

  121. Oct. 1, 2014,
    The Libyan boarder is totally secured,
    especially after the victory of our allies (Libya Dawn Forces) [Ed note: see here] in Tripoli.

    We managed to reach to them the weapons and military equipment donated by Qatar and Turkey and we formed a joint operations room under a colonel for coordination purposes with them on how to administer the military operations.

    Turkey and Qatar provided us with information in favor of the revolutionaries on top of the information collected by our own agents that benefit them to win the war and control the whole country. [Emphasis ours]

    21. Khalid al-Sharif is also the head of the Libyan National Guard
    which is under the Ministry of Defense and involved directly with the Border Guard, patrolling the borders and providing security for Libyan oil installations.


    November 3, 2012 Abdul Wahhab now works in charge of Border Control and Strategic Institutions in Libya.



    Toubou leaders also criticize the nomination of Abdul Wahab Hassain Qaid as commander of border security in the southern part of the country.
    Brother of Abou Yahya al-Libi, the No. 2 of al Qaeda

    Libya's southern borders cover over 2000 km with Sudan, Chad, Niger and Algeria stretching from from east to west, with the main oasis-town of Kufra in the southeast
    and the border town of Ghat near the Algerian town of Jannet in the southwest located in this vast Sahara desert.
    http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/02/10/ghat-a-former-qaddafi-stronghold-struggles-to-keep-up-with-libyan-revolution/ …

    December 4, 2014
    On December 4, 2014 Maghreb Confidential, a newspaper published in Paris

    and focusing on reviewing political and economic events in the North Africa,
    reported on a secret meeting in Algiers between two iconic Libyan leaders.

    These are Ali Sallabi, a theologist known for his clerical views, presently the spiritual father of the Al-Fajr Islamist coalition,
    and Mahmoud Jibril, the leader of so-called secular coalition, the National Forces Alliance,

    NFA. Judging by Mahmoud Jibril’s statements, NFA allegedly supports the new Libyan government in Tobruk.

    The meeting between the two leaders was preceded by a series of consultations
    between Mahmoud Jibril and Mustapha Nouh, the Islamist deputy intelligence chief.

    Seemingly, conditions of a possible compromise were discussed.
    The possibility of Ali Sallabi’s trip to Algeria was most likely discussed by the Islamist leaders in Tripoli and the trip was probably authorized by their military leader, Abdelhakim Belhadj.

  122. The first French ambassador to what the documentary calls “free Libya”

    6 mrt. 2013 – RT : LIBYA: French occupation inaugurates Sabha Castle and focus Seif family to rule the Fezzan


    MANSOUR SAyf AL-NASR the descendant of a large family from fezzan
    and a fluent french speaker, Mansour Saif Al-Nasr spent 40 of his 64 years in exile


    NFSL Leadership Mohammad Saifal-Nasr,
    Shaikh of the Awlad Sulayman Tribe and former Governor of Sabha
    M. Mansour Seif EN NASR, ancien Ambassadeur de Libye à Paris.

    The first French ambassador to what the documentary calls “free Libya”

  123. 2011 2015 French military intervention in Libya


    Slimane Bouchuiguir, Secretary General of LLHR, addressed the UN Human Rights Council at a special session in Geneva on 25 February 2011

    Getting the Libyans to Strasbourg was not easy. The meeting of the ALDE group was on 8 March,

    France recognised the TNC as the legitimate Libyan government on March 10th

    As in 2011 when Nicolas Sarkozy rejected any possibility of a negotiated option
    and chose war

    1. In the meantime, France has been stepping up its rhetoric about the presence of terrorist elements in southern Libya. France has also sent reinforcements to Niger and Chad, and refurbished an old military base at Madama, 100 km from the border with Libya, while putting pressure on Chadian President to send forces to Libya to fight alongside the Tabu against the Tuareg. Recently, French Defense Minister Le Drian visited Nigel and before it Chad, calling explicitly for international action against terrorism in Libya.

      So the question that begs itself here is this: What is there in the Libyan south that France wants so badly?

      The Ubari region, the ancestral home of the Tuareg, floats on top of a sea of black gold. The region has many oil wells that the Gaddafi regime had closed down to preserve for future generations, and there are huge “virgin” oil reserves there ready for the taking. The Tibesti Mountains, meanwhile, the land of the Tabu tribes on the border between Libya and Chad, also sit on thousands of tons of gold and uranium.

      Then, perhaps, France’s share will be in the Libyan south. If Paris decides to go into southern Libya, it would be hitting more than one bird with just one stone: Energy sources in southern Libya will be in its hands, and the old Libyan-Chadian dispute over the Aouzou Strip will be rekindled, guaranteeing France a foothold in the area. More importantly, France will become a key player in sub-Saharan African countries, after a period of declining French influence in favor of the United States and China.


    2. I suppose this Charlie Hebdo war Hollande has declared will have some reason to take over / secure just that part of up-for-grabs Libya.

  124. 02 January 2015
    Le Drian : "Éradiquer le terrorisme au sud (de la Libye)"

    02 January 2015

    French defense minister visits Niger military base

    A l’extrême nord du Niger, à 100 km de la frontière libyenne, se situe un vieux fort en pisé datant du début du XXè siècle. L’armée française y installe une base avancée pour contrôler les mouvements suspects venus du sud libyen.

    , May 14, 2013
    French troops stationed in Mali could also be redeployed to Libya. According to France’s Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, a new “terrorist hotbed” has developed which is threatening the “sovereignty” of the US-NATO supported Libyan government:

    Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 07:27 GMT
    A high-ranking official in the Libyan government said that France intends to establish
    a military base in the south of Libya.

    An agreement in this regard was made between the Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and the French government on the sidelines of the forum Friends of Libya, which was held in Paris earlier this month, according to the same source.

    12 December 2011

    Saturday 3 January 2015 15:27 GMT
    The official, who asked not to be named, told the newspaper on Saturday
    that the question currently under discussion in Paris is not whether France will launch strikes in crisis-hit Libya,
    but when.
    French military intervention in Libya 'within 3 months': sources

  125. Libya was a test case. The first war actually commanded by Africom, it proved remarkably successful – a significant regional power was destroyed without the loss of a single US or European soldier.
    But the significance of this war for Africom went much deeper than that for, in taking out Muammar Gaddafi, Africom had actually eliminated the project's fiercest adversary.







    Where AFRICOM Is Active In Africa – May 2013


    AFRICOM was separated by Washington’s strategists in 2008
    as an independent military structure “to organise an effective war on terror,
    to provide security for American economic interests in the region,
    and to prevent preferential access by other countries to
    the continent’s natural resources, in particular China, India, Japan, or Russia.”


    What If Everything You Know About Terrorism Is Wrong?

  126. After the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi in October 2011,
    the former French ambassador to Libya Christian Graeff
    told French radio station France Culture that it was responsible for the diffusion of lies
    and war propaganda on behalf of Nato throughout the war. 

    Graeff also warned the broadcasters that such disinformation could only work on the minds of serfs but not in a country of free minds.



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