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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Syria: Ghouta Chemical Massacres (plural) {Masterlist}

May 26, 2015
last edits 3/4/2017

Incident: Early hours of August 21, 2013: the simultaneous "chemical" death of x-hundred civilians in the suburbs of Damascus, east and west, by apparently varied and usually unclear "chemical" methods. Rebels blamed government-fired rockets, and buried all the dead in their own mass graves. 

The UN later found Sarin remains in dirt next to rockets that may be irrelevant to the basements these folks were gassed in. And they found seemingly token amounts of Sarin product in the blood of some rebel-supplied alleged survivors. Of the people who died from deadlier doses of whatever - x-hundred in number, widely-parroted as 1,429 - none were tested for what killed them. It's said this is because a "dead body can't tell you how the person died," and/or it was a hassle that wasn't necessary - but that's clearly not why the UN's investigators chose to rely on living, rebel-screened, alleged survivors to speak for the dead.  

One man who might've pulled through and be a credible witness to sample and interview apparently started waking up in the morgue - a located one in Kafr Batna shown above (later as it's being emptied). In the center here here is a blood-soaked bed sheet they wadded under his neck after rebels finished "Assad's" work with a cut to the throat. It was okay, they had stand-ins, and now they had another dead body that can't tell you who gassed him. And they didn't have to settle for 1,428 martyrs making their case for a military bailout.
The basement these folks were gassed in seems to be directly beneath the floor here (or maybe it is a bit behind here and below, whichever - it's the former tuberculosis hospital, rebels say - see first link below for a start at the full story).

(fuller/different intro perhaps forthcoming - I just need this post up now)

Existing posts here, in order of importance
* The Ghouta Massacre's Sarin Myth, Brightly Lit: Exploring Kafr Batna's... Rebel Gas Chambers?

* Visual Evidence that the Victims were Prisoners and Unflattering before-and-after images of those prisoners

* Was Phosphene used in the Ghouta Chemical Massacre? Adding a valid hypothesis that phosphine, for example (later found in rebel chemical stocks in Aleppo) might explain some or even most of the deaths

* Ghouta Massacres (plural) by District (lots of details here but broken up - will be 10 district sub-posts when done)
** Part 2: Jobar - One extra-interesting example

* Ghouta Massacre Victims: Medical and Media Staffs Decimated? Killed in the line of duty, and/or with family, in Zamalka - strange clues of family-based targeting no wind can explain, clues we see in other sectors, but because of profession couched as an apocalyptic culling of the district's non-violent activists by Assad's chemical rockets.

* Death Toll and Estimates
** Body Recycling: Shown strongly between certain body displays, so far. May mean little past helping to set a visual minimum body count. May mean more than that.

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