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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beheadings in "Free" "Post-War" Libya

April 17, 2012
(quite incomplete)

It seems the heads reported a-rolling across Free Libya from February forward did not end with the conquest of tripoli or even Sirte or with the "dreadlocked head" next to the body of one of Muammar Gaddafi's guards killed just before the leader himself was brutally executed. Brand new fits of rage, months after "Gaddafi's brutal 42-year-rule" ended, are getting heads sliced off by people NATO just finished providing decisive air support for.

On Libya S.O.S. is a horrifying new report of a kindly math teacher, a Christian from Egypt who survived the war only to be beheaded by, apparently, Salafist Islamist thugs in Benghazi, preparing the way for a purified Islamic Emirate State of Barqa.

The story was first tweeted a few days before that posting. Further details forthcoming.

Hurriya mentioned another recent beheading in (Misrata?). I could find it quickly, but I welcome comments below. Hurriya, could you copy that over? Later I'll pull it together and do a little reading and writing on this trend in Libya's new freedom of expression.

Update May 15: 
I never did pull that up, but it's here, below. I also had a previous post had focused largely on beheadings in Free Libya as of mid-August. Until I work these in here, here is the link.

One I had missed and include here, from The Libyan Cyber Army to Defense of Libya, posted on Facebook June 5, 2011. I cannot verify any of the details or the stories of what happened next, but allegedly, we have our clearest yet rule-by-terror, heads on spikes incident, leading to a (brief?) return to Green rule.
People found the body of Martyr Hamdi Jumaa Al-Shalwi in Darna city eastern Libya, his head was cut off and then placed in front of the headquarters of the Internal Security Dernah and that was after being kidnapped from a checkpoint complex Herich. In response to this Al-Shalwi family erected a funeral tent to receive condolences in which the green flag was raised. After the funeral the whole city of Darna rose up with all its tribes which include:- the Abu Jazia family, Al-Shalwi family, The Quba families, Ain Marra families. After that, Al-Shalwi family and Bojazia tribe attacked the headquarters of the Transitional Council and shot all the rats (rebels) and green flags were raised. Furthermore, the son of Sofian Qamom [alt: Sufyan Bin-Qumu] was killed, also two members of Al- Qaeda got killed by residents of the city of Darna. The flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya was raised above Darna after the clashes.

If NATO or the approved (anti-Gaddafi) militias did anything to correct this situation, and I presume they did sometime prior to now, it would have been to bomb the green flag people and force them back under the forces of the "legitimate representatives of the Libyan people," to just deal with the kidnappings and beheadings however they do. This is humanitarian intervention as it plays out outside the textbooks.


  1. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/11/beheading-of-innocent-libyans-continue-warning-explicit-image/


  2. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8I8oadSFsOQ/T4k9ufj7K-I/AAAAAAAAFaw/Va0u3sF3o9c/s400/Egyptian+teacher+killed+in+Libya.jpg
    Slaughter of a Christian maths teacher in Benghazi.

    He was found in a school with his throat cut.

    Mr. Zia Sheva was Christian Egyptian teacher who lived in Libya for many years.

    Yesterday [ 15 april] : Tripoli: we got now the news that the rats from Misurata last night slaughtered a young man (Khalid M'hamed Ayyad) who is married and has 3 children (residents of Ain Zara), without any apparent reason. The young man's had his throat cut from vein to vein, in front of his home at the farm. RIP, and condolences to his family

  3. Urgent: #Libya commission 4 promotion of virtue and prevention of vice beheaded a civilian suspected of murder,10 april 2012

    The execution happened after a quick trial in the southern suburb of the Libyan capital #Tripoli

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l3WCgpUyyk&context=C47debe5ADvjVQa1PpcFMqX30h9vgw9hatFThtn8oTTf9DfaL80qM=
    Libya: Tripoli call for Islamic Sharia

    Al Qaeda militia went to Alshatee street where they abducted men and women from the beach and took them to Mitiga airport where they brutally beaten and whipped them.
    Libyan Resistance News: 08.04.2012.

    on the streets of the capital on Sunday carrying a slogan on their jackets proclaiming them to be members of Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Tripoli Branch.

    No one appeared to know who was in charge of the men or funding them, although many who were asked about the group expressed fears that there was now an active campaign to steer the country in the direction of hardline Islamist practices.

    1. @hurriya – The Libya: Tripoli call for Islamic Sharia video is important. Note the black al-Qaeda flag overlay.

      The account Libysche Revolution 2011 seems to be German speaking. Why?

      Most of the videos seem to be radical Islamist, like this one: Islamic flag over Libya العلم الإسلامي فوق ليبيا

    2. may be related ?

      Ali Zeidan self-appointed spokesperson from the Libyan League for Human Rights
      EnoughGaddafi listed on US State Department's Movements.org
      the "Twitter" to follow.

      Watch also this channel
      Uploaded on Aug 21, 2011
      apparently France based

    3. @petri : Libya: Tripoli call for Islamic Sharia is already deleted

  5. http://www.libyschegesellschaft.de/
    Ali Zeidan self-appointed spokesperson from the Libyan League for Human Rights

    Ali Zeidan
    There are many prominent people associated with the party including Abdul Hakim Belhaj, the former head of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and current head of the Tripoli Military Council as well as Mahmoud Hamza, Ali Zeidan and Mansour Saif Al-Nasar.

    1. #Libya's Islamist parties: MB-linked Justice & Construction; ex-LIFG have split between Hizb al-Watan (w/ Belhaj) + Hizb al-Umma (w/ Saadi)

    2. Khaled Sharif is Khaled al-Sharif,Sami Saadi is Abu Munder al-Saadi (also identified as Sami Mustafa al-Saadi)

      and Abdelhakim Belhadj is Abdallah al-Sadeq.
      Abdelhakim Belhadj / Abu Abdallah al-Sadeq,Abdelhakim Bilhadj Al-Kwaildi,
      commander of the Libyan rebel Tripoli Military Council;former Emir of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)

    3. http://jarretbrachman.net/?p=1363
      Attiyatallah Shouts Out to Libyan Homeboys


    4. Mansour Seif al-Nasr

      Le francophone Mansour Seif al-Nasr représente désormais le Conseil national de transition (CNT) à Paris,16/08/2011

      63 ans, dont 42 d'exil., 63 years, 42 years exile, he went to france 1969 , when the monarchy has fallen. lived in Niger, Nigeria, Maroc, Sudan, Algeriya & Zaïre. In 1990 in US


    5. https://twitter.com/#!/libyanproud/status/146160657987936256
      An ally of the Qatari-backed Islamists, Sheikh Hamza Abu Fas
      replace Sheik Salem al-Sheiki as the minister of religious affairs

      Mahmoud Hamza??

  6. In Tripoli, the military governor of Tripoli, the member of the Al Qaeda(= It’s Parent’s are CIA + MOSSAD) Abdelhakim Belhadj has funded the party ‘Hizb El Watan “with money from the Libyan people.

    It uses its influence to support this party. It uses the meeting rooms and hotels for meetings and gain the confidence of the Libyans.

  7. no beheading, but beheaders ?

    Salah Eddine near the mosque Tahar

    He added that at El Hadaba, in the former military academy, there are over 1000 al-Qaida fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan, who would like to act kamikaze operations against the resistance and the population, to create chaos in the country. They are located in the areas of El Hadaba et Abou Slim.

    This hideout of al-Qaeda’s terrorists, is super protected by the ‘rebels’. February 11, 2012


    According Yawm 17 Febrayr Fi Libya yesterday in Tripoli, Hadaba, rebels of the police in the region of Hadaba did a sweep on the road of Salah Eddine near the mosque Tahar . 13- 5 -2012

  8. #Flash: Report: #Belhaj resigns as head of #Tripoli Militry Council #Libya/15 may 2012

    1. Huh, wonder what that was over?

    2. http://af.reuters.com/article/topNews/idAFJOE84E01H20120515

      Libyan Islamist quits militia to enter politics:
      aide Belhadj, a former Islamist militant who helped topple former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in last year's revolt, is to resign his post as head of the Tripoli Military Council and set up a political party, his aide said.

      His party is unlikely to be able to register in time for Libya's first ever election on June 19, for a transitional assembly which will draft a constitution.

      But with Islamists gaining in influence since Gaddafi's overthrow, Belhadj's party will be well placed to compete in fresh elections to be scheduled by the new assembly.

      "He will announce his political party," Anis Al-Sharif, head of Belhadj's office, told Reuters, adding that Belhadj had sent a letter to the ruling National Transitional Council on his resignation.

    3. Analysts such as Webster Tarpley have argued that to some (a great?) extent religious extremists like Belhadj are CIA/MI-6 controlled. David Shayler, once an MI-5 agent, explained “that most terrorist actions attributed to Al-Qaeda are actually organized by the US-UK secret services, essentially the British one” (“David Shayler: ‘I Quit the British Secret Service When the MI-6 Decided to Fund Osama bin Laden’s Partners.’” Voltaire Network 24 Nov 2005 http://www.voltairenet.org/a131476).

      I thought Belhadj was going to Syria to work fulltime as a terrorist there.

      Art Bethea

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