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Monday, October 31, 2011

Rebel Atrocity Videos

April 26 2011
last update: Nov. 10, 2011
and 12/2/2017 (replacing and adding images) 

The following post will discuss a disturbing trend among Libya's rebel fighters, revealed in videos they themselves recorded and shared on social media sites, especially Youtube and Facebook. These have persisted despite a general ban on violent and gory images, perhaps for the posters' stated aims of supporting the rebel cause and freedom. Consider the inset screen capture from a video of at least four dead government soldiers being driven around Misrata, chased and insulted by the crowd.

Almost universally, the victims of these crimes are called "mercenaries," usually (black) African, though it now seems that probably none of them were. Their very presence on videos labeled as that, however, went far towards convincing the world when it mattered most.

For moths these have remained, some in several postings watched thousands of times each. But more and more people started noticing that these showed grossly inhumane atrocities, and said so.  Consider these excerpts from an excellent article at "Pajamas Media."
While the International Criminal Court has announced that it is investigating charges of war crimes against Muammar al-Gaddafi and other members of the Libyan regime, harrowing video evidence has emerged that appears to show atrocities committed by anti-Gaddafi rebels. Among other things, the footage depicts summary executions, a prisoner being lynched, the desecration of corpses, and even a beheading. The targets of the most serious abuse are frequently black African prisoners. The ultimate source of the footage appears to be rebel forces or sympathizers themselves.

What is probably the most harrowing of the clips depicts a public beheading. A man with a long knife can be seen alternately sawing and hacking at the neck of a man who has been suspended upside-down. The victim’s inert body is soaked in blood. The beheading takes place in front of a burnt-out building in what appears to be a public square. The Dutch public broadcaster NOS has identified the location as the main square of the rebel capital of Benghazi. [see below]
A crowd numbering at least in the hundreds cheers on the assailants. At one point, a man begins chanting “Libya Hurra!”: “Free Libya!” According to the NOS translation, someone can be heard saying, “He looks like an African.” As the principal assailant begins to saw at the victim’s neck, members of the crowd yell “Allahu Akbar!” Dozens of members of the crowd can be seen filming the proceedings with digital cameras or cell phones.
This Benghazi beheading video now has a split-off examination, in part for troubling implications for the government whose building this happened at.

Video #3, as given there, is one I have covered in some detail as "the al Baida massacre." It shows nine government soldiers and/or suspected mercenaries, held captive by armed rebels. This article links to a (poorly) English-subtitled version I've now saved a copy of to bolster my previous analysis. That suggests the nine prisoners were accused of shooting at someone's car, but only, they swear, after being shot at. They are all clearly threatened with death, and as noted in the video, compiled for Al-Libya TV, at least one and probably all but two of these nine were among the 21 or 22 found the next morning executed. And those 22 were among 130 Gaddafi soldiers killed by the regime itself, according to the rebels and the West at large, despite this available video proof otherwise (see the link for details).

A longer list of eleven videos accompanied an e-mail sent to Business Insider and oddly re-published by them on April 18. This was re-posted on other sites as well in the following days, and I watched most of them. But I checked the links a week later, and it was sudden attrition - nearly all deleted for "terms of service violation" or terminated account. Documented below are simply the descriptions give for a few of the videos in that e-mail (no guarantee of correct characterizations or implications).
- the boy that the rebels beat up because he supported the gov...
- here is an old man beaten by the rebels
- here some girls from Benghazi who are not with the rebels where raped by the Rebels the peaceful with risk to bring the videos to the public... she is calling for the Libyan army to come to save them!!!
- they are doing it just like the americans.. humiliating sexually - that is a direct evidence of the rebel-CIA connection
- Libyan rebels behead,mutilate a soldier that surrenderd... where is the cnn?
The last was still up, the "harrowing" video I cited above, and I saved a copy. (I've saved a lot of these, if anyone ever can't find any, I might have it). I had at first thought the sudden loss of videos showed an attack on them (spurring the saving spree). but it seems the above list was just too reliant on one or two sources. Other postings of most or all of these videos, plus many more, still abound. Here are a few I should have mentioned before but either didn't know of or think of them in time. I'll refrain from embedding them here, only giving optional links. Most people don't really need to see these things, just to know about them in general.

hesham shoshan.wmv
One famous video of a suspected foreign mercenary (who denies it in Arabic but is called a liar), being beaten to death by a crowd in broad daylinght, left face-down on the blood-stained street with his pants pulled down, and later hanged upside-down by one leg. His name is given here as Hesham Shoshan, and elsewhere as Hisham Mansour, DOB: 22-2-1983. I'm not sure the date of this attack, but it was probably within a few days of his 28th birthday. 100% Libyan citizen. This video focusses on the family and fiance he left behind, speaking of him and/or his killers.  Wish I knew what they were saying.

21-2-2011 Abuse soldiers Bawhita - ‏التنكيل بالجنود بالبيضاء
Basically, a black man is threatened vigorously with death, by a small armed gang, for several minutes, until he's harangued into saying the right thing. The video cuts without a single death. Wish I knew what they were saying.

Another couple of vids with no visible gore but disproving the myth of "peaceful Protesters" slaughtered by the military. Here they filmed themselves taking the fight to a military base, and seem to be firing numerous weapons - one assault rifle is fired repeatedly into the barracks, trees inside are burning, and at another point (later) they fire in the air to celebrate an ambulance running out of the compound. Real nice. They reportedly stormed the place, probably after getting more guns, and then took more yet.

A famous video published on Feb 19 (still at right) shows the corpse of an "African Mercenary" killed and shown to a camera, described as seeming to be from Chad. But as has been noted, he seems to be wearing the uniform of Libya's internal security forces - and as far as anyone knows, they tend to hire only Libyans. They killed a cop, broke his fingertip off (extracting the merc confession?), cut off his nose, somehow tore open his upper right cheek, and presumably shot him in the chest. That part was not put on Youtube, so we can't be sure in what order these things were done to him, and what other, less obvious, abuses he might've suffered.

Well, for one, he was just sorta found that way, all over again it seems, in a video posted March 5, two weeks later, unburied in the desert. Does he look two-weeks dried up compared to the earlier video, or is it just video that's so old old? Isn't that considered an atrocity itself in Muslim society, where burial within 24 hours is mandated? Such niceties aren't for Afro-Merc dogs?   

The "Chad mercenary" was, according to an online posting, killed in Az Zintan, the long-term rebel stronghold south of Tripoli. Many "mercenaries" were taken in alive there, but it seems others fled that town in the same days, and in late May, at least twelve bodies of black men were found in the desert to the south. In varying civilian clothes and frozen in their own final pathos, they were found half-mummified by prolonged exposure. I suspect they died there about three months prior, after being driven out there by an unwelcoming party. The sickening description on that (by a "Mr. Creosote" no less) says: "The survivors [sic] of a gang of Nigerian mercenary wretches [sic] who were forced to flee into the desert south of Az-Zintan are kept alive [??] by the heroes of free Libya. The gang fled into the desert without water, after coming under concerted attack." Why did the "mercenary wretches" cross the Sahara? To get to the other side? I don't think so.

On the survivor part, there is at the end of the video another scene of at least two living black men, shown being watered and cared for by someone. These tack-ons look emaciated, but clearly not "survivors" of the same doomed party as it was found and shown. Perhaps they were the ones who barely made it back to town after they were all dropped off for dead, but the rest seem a little close together to support much of a race. They may have been killed where they were, although none show any blood I noticed. 

Then there's the "Libya's Western-backed revolution" series, posted by user Sonbakkah. With 25 parts so far, each covering a certain atrocity, it might be close to comprehensive. Some of them ... I've become jaded, but parts 2 and 13 in particular made the bottom drop from my stomach in horror and gave me serious pause. Some are not clear in their relevance - gory dead people with little clue who they are and how they died. Each is just the raw footage, or someone else's edit (Saif Gaddafi's al Libya TV, etc.), with the same text intro, many without the original audio, but instead the same very sad Arabic music that I quite like.

Part 1 - Misrata I believe, a scene others have written of - quite a crowd stands atop a burnt-out tank in a main square while they take turns displaying high for all to see charred pieces of something, in different sizes. I can't make any of them out, but one's said to be a man's heart, another part of his whole de-limbed torso. I don't see what else it would be that everyone wants to see. Sick people, if you ask me.
Part 2 - A lone man on a side-street trying to back away from and fake-fight a nasty gang of about eight pumped-up, possibly stoned young men, some in no shirts, dancing around, swinging clubs and small furniture at him. He might be black, seems skinny and possibly mentally deficient. They tear his white civilian shirt off,  revealing a green undershirt, and it cuts before we see the end. Later, someone else I hope (lighter-skinned?) is shown, dead by then I hope, with slices from a heavy blade leaving guts, muscle, and bone visible, seeming to flex and breathe at one point as if alive. But then seeing the face I hoped not - sliced clean open, teeth, tongue, and nasal cavity are all right there. I can't go back and look again, sorry if I remembered wrong.  I almost cried there... The story isn't clear. (update 7/18: The especially aggressive shirtless kid is wielding a sword, not a club, so this might well be the result ... at the start, it should be noted, a young boy tries to stop the swordsman but is ignored.)

Part 3 - The famous Benghazi beheading scene - didn't watch it, so it might be a variation.
Part 4 - Same thing by the still image, so unless two of the same were posted, we have at least two recordings from the sea of cameras filming that night.
(note 2017: the green writing behind his body says Allahu Akbar, god is great)

Part 5 - Fascinating scene. It's nighttime, again in a main square somewhere, and a very large crowd surrounds a struggling black man attacked by some men who finally get a rope around his neck. A crane then yanks him up and leaves him dangling above the throng, which whack him with clubs like pinata. Mercifully, they shoot him a few times until dead after letting this drag on only a few seconds.
Part 6 - Another suspected mercenary, dead, hanging upside down from a fence of what seems a government facility. Stripped from the waist up, his shoulder is slashed open. It's daylight, and a pleased crowd is again taking pictures and video.
Part 7 - Two black men laying dead on debris-strewn ground, stripped from the waist up.
Part 8 - Again the "Al-Baida" massacre, 'dying soldier gets some water' version. I've counted 21 or 22 corpses in that courtyard (besides this likely actor), making this atrocity highly weighted relative to the rest, if not as bizarre and cruel as some. Like ...

Part 9 - A headless body, neck looking like stretched skin tucked behind - no visible blood. He's also suffered massive trauma to the legs, twisted, broken, swollen, almost unrecognizable, like a mutant with too many knees. One arm is also badly tweaked, with something hanging out of it. It looks like he was pulled through some kind of machine, or drawn and quartered. Possibly left in water and mud for a day or two? Again, the story's just not clear to me, no audio even for Arab speakers, but a document or letter is shown, perhaps barely readable.

Part 10 - A black man seated, tied up tight, surrounded by a small accusatory mob, scared, a pistol pressed tight against his head. One man in the back of the crowd is very eager to bring his large, shiny, sword into it, pointing it in, straining and cursing, but finally giving up. The gun is never moved for over 2 minutes but no direct violence is shown.
Part 11 - Very gory - a soldier in some junk-strewn warehouse, perhaps, with a lot of brain matter blown clear out of a vary large hole in his forehead, collapsing his otherwise intact face. He'd been shot from behind, while his head was over his right forearm, possibly while crawling. Spent casings lay in his blood. Something like seven or eight more dead soldiers in fatigues are panned across closely, piled against a far wall, partly covered in rubble. One has a head wrapped in bandages or cloth strips, none particularly gory. A few more are shown amid wreckage in the next room. Not really sure how much of an atrocity this was - soldiers die all the time in wars.
Part 12 - The same soldier (Hisham Mansour) covered above, and another shown being hanged, plus other Libyan soldiers killed in the massacres (no video available, sorry) have their paperwork and portrait photos in uniform shown. Apparently from al-Libya TV.

Part 13 - Seems to be a rooftop area. I don't know why, but there are body parts strewn about. They don't look like blown-up bodies, but torn up ones. In a recessed area with a rope net stretched across it, hang one dead body and two partial legs from different people (victims, 3). Then on the roof in the noonday sun, a human head, with a huge stretch of back skin attached. There's also an apparent bullet hole taking out his right eye and all surrounding tissue. It's pretty terrible stuff. (He's not black, and looks almost like a burly Roman soldier, not that I've ever seen one).
Part 14 - Several killed loyalists piled into the back of a jeep, some hanging over the sides. The bed is full of death and running with blood, an extra body stuffed in the passenger's seat, his slumped head pulled back for the camera.
Part 15 - The same soldier (Hesham Shoshan/Mansour) covered above, dead and bare-assed on the street, still being abused.
Part 16 - apparently missing. Must have been too horrible, the imagination supposes...

Part 17 - Dead soldiers or loyalists, two pickup truck beds full of them. The same video (which we opened with) is shown elsewhere as being from Misrata.
Part 18 - A man brings a torn-off leg into the hospital.
Part 19 - It looks like a man hanged in the green-painted gate of some official building, so one can't enter without bumping into it. His head is bent back, and someone standing up on the gate kicks it. (below we find he's on a meat hook). A man in a jacket with "POLESI" (?)  on the sleeve is pointing and directing others to do something, like clear the area. He seems totally ineffective. It's short, chaotic, and badly filmed.
Part 20 - Dead soldier, Arab in appearance, eyes frozen open, blood had come out his nose and mouth. The cameraman runs across a courtyard to where about six others are piled, hungrily zooming in on their bloodied faces and wounds. One has shirt and pants just soaked in blood, another, a nasty head shot.
Part 21 - the al-Baida massacre, behind the scenes as shown on al Libya, with longer interrogation footage than some versions.

Part 22 - A dead black man, naked, curled on the ground, partly covered with a blanket. He's got a bandage on his arm as if he'd had an IV installed earlier (snatched from a hospital? - I may have read an account of this racism-revealing incident where Arab government troops were spared). Another black soldier, I presume, lays on his back a few feet away, also dead, only half naked, nose bloodied.
Part 23 - Dead and reportedly burned soldiers beneath blankets. One looks like he was just badly sunburnt, others remain covered. Somewhere between nine and 12 bodies at least  are present.
Part 24 - two dead soldiers in the bed of a pickup truck.
Part 25 - dead soldiers across the hood of a truck. Widely re-posted elsewhere.

That last was just posted June 16, and I suspect there are more coming. That'll do for me, however.
Update June 29/July 5
I just found the site http://www.obamaslibya.com/, which then quickly disappeared - crashed or hacked, who knows. And I didn't know how to save any of them. Leave it to a spirited anti-Obama partisan to find the most horrible, disgusting-sounding videos I can't watch. I was able to view the first - a close-up knife beheading of a very frightened soldier truck driver (see below). Blessedly, the blade was sharp, but still, only a knife. A throat slitting is one thing, but it's another entirely when the butcher keeps on sawing when you know the victim is still alive and feeling his head come off. Are heavy swords or axes - or even mercy - that hard to come by in Libya? That left me shaking.

The second video I also saw, a re-post of one mentioned above - the extra bloody dead soldiers in a truck (see "part 14"). The third was just funny - an Islamist fighter declaring Jihad and then having his gun blow up in his hands. The others are few, unseen and now lost for the moment, and some I hope to God are mislabeled, exaggerated, something. Here are all the titles:

Libyan rebels behead Libyan Soldier
Libyan rebels Kill and steal weapons from Libyan Soldiers
CIA fighting rebels
Libyan Rebels sodimize Libyan Soldier with pistol
Libyan Protestors and Rebels hang and behead soldier
NATO bombs normal cars
Rebel forces Libyan Solider to cannibalize
Libyan Rebels Torture Small Child by Sticking a Pole Through His Body

I Can't look any more, for two reasons at least. But if anyone's seen this last especially ... is it real? Do we know it was torture and not a horrible accident following an explosion, etc.? Even these monsters wouldn't film that, would they?
Update July 18: Obama's Libya is back up - nothing new, just the same eight videos. I still can't find a way to save any of them. The sodomizing one is, again, killed soldier Hesham Mansour - I didn't notice before but the protesters stick what looks like a rifle barrel in his butt crack just before setting his boot on his butt. The "normal cars" NATO bombed are not a rebel atrocity and, according to a comment here, not normal but paramilitary/contractor/mercenary vehicles, and not even from this war, but from Iraq, a few years ago. And the bomb is supposedly a surface car bomb, not anything from the sky.

The child ... I watched that finally. It's from the Libya First website, as stamped, and he's a little trooper, making it less hard to watch. He's not really young, around 13 I'd say. He's awake, in pain, but staying calm in a hospital bed, as docotrs cut away his green shirt and prepare for surgery. It looks like a very bizarre accident or purposeful torture - the pole is thin, and does seem to run through his body, from his crotch area (it's shown, as modestly as possible, but I can't focus enough to see just where - it all looks strange) to his left shoulder, and sticking out of both ends. It seems just under the skin in spots, or just inside the rib cage in others, apparently piercing no major organs.

Does anyone more knowledgeable have anything to share regarding the story here? The text overlay gives this as happening in Misrata, where the government has alleged some other very heinous abuses... (see below)
July 5/6, later: Libya S.O.S. adds more videos, via a comment below. One post to start with, showing six videos embedded, but without working Youtube links: http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/06/bloody-scandal.html
top video: see "part 13" - re-post.
middle: See "part 19", this is an addition - the dead soldier (?) first being hoisted up - on a meat-hook under his chin (I may have read of this in an article recently).
Third and fifth, re-posts (al Baida massacre).
Fourth, new to me - dead soldiers in the street, heavily shot up - one's head is just a pile of mush. No particular cruelty shown - war is hell, and the rebels started it.
Sixth: I've seen it and even saved a copy, but didn't link here yet - no guts but lots of blood surround two dead, black, soldiers on the cobblestones near their truck, abused and insulted by the victors. One victim is  roughly picked up and dropped again, then mock-stomped in disdain.
July 18: Select others from Libya S.O.S., many available under the same titles at their Youtube channel:
(V) A family been raped by the Rebels
[with their clothes on? I don't know about this one - lots of blood, an attractive lady and possibly pre-teen daughter, laying face down, dead, fully clothed (though in short skirts), in a trashed living room, among huge pools of blood. One still image only at 1:05, long slow text additions before and after. The image I've seen elsewhere, given as from Misrata, and had the mother's blood centered at chest level, possibly tying in with the Misrata rebel rape-and-breast-removal stories I'm skeptical of.]
(V) Rape in Libya
[Speak of the devil - the story elaborated on Libyan TV, confessed by a former rebel. I didn't watch the interview, but read the transcript, provided.]
(V) Martyr blood of Varffala in Libya (+18)
[A backup posting of the knife beheading mentioned above - with added details in the text beneath:
"In the video, a man lost his life at the hands of "peaceful rebels".( March 20.2011.) Western-backed Al Qaeda rebels aka 'democracy seekers' beheaded Mr. Hamza al-Gheit Fughi , a truck driver from the Varfalla tribe. They beheaded him because he was pro-Gadaffi.
and let that be a lesson to the others, huh?]
(V) Cutting BABY's fingers, legs and hands (+18)
[two small children, a baby, and a heavyset adult dead (apparently for some days) in a muddy room that was blown open by shelling or something. One child is missing half a leg, the baby part of an arm, the adult maybe parts of legs, and part of a hand is also shown. It doesn't look intentional, and it's not clear whose weapons did this.]
[Soldier shot in the street, dead, much blood, is then set on fire by sick people and gasoline for a moment. It doesn't work, the lens steams up (?), and they start to drag him away.]
July 26: A new video from Benghazi, I'm presuming late February, covered in its own post here. Al Jalaa hospital, under rebel control. Their idea of medicine: decide the injured black man is a mercenary who doesn't deserve treatment. When he's too weak to stand and walk out, push him down the hall. When he falls and is hacked with a sword, drag him out and toss him on the street. When he just gets stomped and slashed more and can't do anything but die slowly ... well, the end I'll leave to those who read that.
July 29: A video from Az Zawiyah, Feb. 25, shows captive government soldiers in a makeshift rebel hospital. One black man lays dead and about three others of Arab complexion are injured, as well as a protester (the only one who's not a "foreign African mercenary" by the idiotic description.) Also, is it just me, or does it look like the dead soldier - as seen to the right - was injured in the hand and/or upper body, bandaged up, then shot again in the head? And what is that, a business card inserted into the exit wound?  
July 31: Hator-Ra has a clearer resolution version of police/soldier Hisham Mansour's death and humiliation, in connection with certain weaponry the rebels seized. (post in Spanish, imagery in universal). A non-lethal police weapon used in Libya, given as the FN-303 in another video, seems to be the same they're putting in his butt, apparently the one they caught him with and punished his mercenary ass for having.
August 9:
I've been alerted to a new video that's of supreme importance in showing what the Libyan people are up against here. The Nafusah Mountain rebels, illegally armed by French airdrops and emboldened by the West's patronage in general, expaned abusively into surrounding towns about a month ago. Somewhere in there, it seems they slaughtered at least 30 civilians and dumped them in a mass grave at Qala'a. See: The Qala'a Massacre
Aug 31:
The dead there number 34, and of course regime forces are blamed (the video was from one's "mobile phone," rebels say), but that's still in doubt - see above link for further details on what I've re-named the Qawalish tree farm massacre.

Then they took Tawergha, Zlitan, Az Zawiyah, and other cities, committing their atrocities primarily off camera, it seems. And finally the rebel atrocity videos from Tripoli itself started rolling in, but only mysterious, he-said vs. he's-dead, after-the-fact presentations. And the cameras are more professional. Alex Thomson reported for Channel 4 on the arrest of nine "Gaddafi fighters," African migrants called mercenaries whose brutal lynching was averted only by the camera crew staying when the rebels said to go. As he said, it's a dangerous time to be a black man in Tripoli, lately. Then they showed the charred skeletons of 53 people killed by the Khamis brigade, it's said. This has spurred me to finally note the atrocity videos of charred bodies that I'd somehow neglected to add here this whole time:

Feb 21, Benghazi - five charred bodies are found, and shown to the world, in the military barracks "protesters" just overran. They were pretty sure the dead had recently been mutinous soldiers, who wanted to join the people, but their officers had them burned alive. Just like the soldiers killed in the al Baida massacre! Or maybe they were mixed up, and these were instead the five Chadian workers the "protesters" had themselves just abducted, taken to the barracks, and burned alive. (See here) It's one of those two, anyway, point is, they wanted us to know the army was largely with the people, but up against butchers, and they needed humanitarian intervention to help get into other cities and, Inshallah, to Tripoli itself.

Now they're there, black men are getting executed in droves all over certain neighborhoods, and we cannot tell who was burned in that shed and by whom. My guess is it's the Khamis brigade, killed by NATO and the rebels, then burnt so false identities could again be attached to the unrecognizably charred dead.
Sept. 16: Are some of the rebels' own protesters-killed videos rebel atrocity ones as well? In al Baida, Feb.17, some half-decent evidence says yes. Video Study: Al Baida Snipers

Sept. 30: It's worth noting here too that the videos collected at this post seem to show the aftermath of a major rebel atrocity, for reasons explained there. About 75-100 people, mostly black men, mostly government loyalists, were found dead in a Tripoli hospital. It was said by the rebels who controlled it the old staff ran away fearing gov't snipers, leaving sniper-injured patients to die of neglect, and they just found it that way. But the signs of close-up gunshot executions of staff and patients alike, all over the hospital, kind of go against that. As does the black-skinned patient fully beheaded in his hospital bed. 

Oct. 13:
The situation remains somewhat the same in Tripoli, vis-a-vis videos - little more seen of recent violence.   Somewhere around August 23 or 24, some people trying to flee in cars with bedding were stopped from doing so, some with deadly force it seems. 20 of them of darker complexion were dumped at the hospital mentioned above. And more atrocities by someone are being uncovered in mass graves of executed prisoners from the battles of late August, with a recent batch said to total 900 bodies. A graveyard of about 800 unidentified pro-Gaddafi dead was also reported around Misrata, along with other such across recently taken areas. There's no video I'm aware of in any of these cases. A rash of atrocities from Sirte is in the offing. Whether or not any videos of the new government's handiwork there will be shared, I can't yet say. (later same day: CNN has footage, re-posted here, of 12 executed prisoners on Sirte's outskirts)

I've also seen several new videos from the older days, here and there. Most are unremarkable. One stands out enough to mention. I have no context information aside from it being in Banghazi and done by rebels, and it looks like rebel work to me. A fighting age man, apparently of partial black descent judging by nose and hair (skin tone medium) lies dead in the morgue. His hands apparently had been bound but aren'tnow, and his feet are still tied together.

He's intact except at the neck, where it seems someone tried to behead him but it didn't quite work all the way - his head (eyes frozen open) remains attached, apparently only by the spinal cord and tissue from there back, with all flesh cut through. The surrounding tissue on the left side is red and meaty and wide-open, and on the right side, it seems burnt, melted, and stringy-looking. His cheeks and jaw on both sides show marks consistent with burning. It's an odd type of injury, and my guess is he had burning-hot metal - a sword maybe, heated cable, or rifle barrel, pressed deep into his throat, effectively cutting and burning at the same time. Little point doing that to a dead man, or someone you want information from. This was a pointless torture of the condemned, cruelty on the way out for its own sake. Allahu Akbar!

Nov. 10: Like the recent finds in Tripoli, the leavings of the Sirte massacres we've been able to see have been due mainly to the presence of mainstream media in mid-late October. But recently I added a video analysis of footage from October 25 that finally has the true rebel atrocity video feel. Filmed on a wobbly mobile device, this one is made by Sirte locals, apparently, not rebels, documenting the actions of their oppressors. We see three bodies floating in a water reservoir, there for perhaps weeks, headless and disintegrating into slime. Human Rights Watch had been there just before and said there were ten bodies floating there, "apparently executed."


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    (V) Cutting BABY's fingers, legs and hands (+18)  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/06/cutting-babys-fingers-legs-and-hands.html
    (V) Bloody Scandal (+18)  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/06/bloody-scandal.html
    (V) Rape in Libya  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/06/v-rape-in-libya.html
    Rebels are killers It is so simply  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/06/visual-diary-shows-libyan-rebels.html
    (V) Crime in Benghazi  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/06/v-crime-in-benghazi.html
    (V) BRUTAL HANGING IN BENGHAZI  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/06/v-brutal-hanging-in-benghazi.html
    (V) TARGETING BLACK PEOPLE  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/07/v-targeting-black-people.html
    (V) BURNED SOLDIER (+18)  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/07/v-burned-soldier-18.html
    (V) SODOMISING A DEAD SOLDIER in LIBYA +18  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/07/v-18-pro-democracy-harassment-dead.html

    PROPAGANDA ala HOLLYWOOD STYLE ( part II)  http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/07/propaganda-ala-hollywood-style-part-ii.html

  6. Wow, more horrifying videos! Thanks, I think ... I'm updating the post to reflect these as well. Excellent site, by the way. I need to link to it...

  7. the person you mentioned that by sheer chance published in Bussiness Insider it was me. I also have saved all the videos which the west media & YT so suddenly brought down! thank you for putting everything in perspective. Well done keep up the good job!

  8. Your small catalog gave me the idea to create a growing one of my own, which I think is now the biggest and most comprehensive on the www. So I appreciate your work getting that together and out. Feel free to comment anytime or tip me off to anything.

  9. Many thanks for posting all this. it gives you an idea of the true state of affairs. a real eye-opener for me.
    your tax dollars at work, eh?

  10. Indeed, this is among the things the Libyan government and gree-waving citizens are up against.

    Not all the rebels are like this of course - just the ones who enjoy hacking people up and terrorizing. And those are the ones you should be worried about once NATO bombing has opened the way for them to enter your town.

    Maybe it's best to just surrender? Mmm, maybe not that either. I'm not sure what to do. Buy combination-locking metal full body armor they can't get off?

    No, then they'd just hit you with a flame thrower. Heat resistant? Tank. Crush resistant? They'd just bury you alive in it.

    Oh well, they're gonna win, the world's big gun leaders have decided, so people of Libya, get ready for freedom.

  11. There was a hint from the facebook-group "British Civilians for Peace in Libya" on Saturday concerning a new atrocity video from the Nafusa Mountains. But it was immediatly deleted on Youtube before I had oportunity to watch it.

    Libya S.O.S. has a copy now:


  12. Thanks, Peet! That's a huge story, and other than a delay for work, I jumped right on it. It's git its own post:
    And will get an update here soon.

  13. I'm not sure if this beheading video is new, maybe I saw it before, I don't remember...


  14. Yeah, that's Mr. al-Gheit Fughi, as Libya S.O.S. gives it. Someone else who couldn't find a save option, so they filmed it off the screen. I saved a copy. Thanks.

  15. Thanks for sharing the truth with the world, people need to know the atrocities happening around them by the Pseudo Global elites who have committed many crimes against humanity under the dark veil. The Fraud of International court is just another example!


  16. There is a video uploaded in August, but with screen details of 1 March showing Africans in Az Zintan being grilled about their country of origin. African mercenaries arrested in Az Zintan in Libya,القبض على مرتزقة افارقة فى الزنتان فى ليبيا

  17. No town here, but probably the east - in this video, uploaded by rahat1com on 20 February, but the African look like he was killed during and after the clip.Revolution of Libya captured Libyan soldiers participated in the massacres (autotranslate) from ثورة ليبيا القبض على جندي ليبي شارك في المجازر

  18. A couple of videos....المشهد مؤثر ...بالله انظروا
    uploaded by 17Febb on 23 November. guy with pants pulled off, draped in green. pieced side. "it is a mercenary..."
    and here - guys killed in a car, uploaded 23 August:قتل كتايب القذافي في بن عاشور شارع الظل -killed in Shadow Street, شارع الظل Ben Ashour,SE of Tripoli centre.

  19. Reading this may help understand the terror in the Libyan "civil" war.

    A Long History of America's Dark Side
    By Peter Dale Scott and Robert Parry

    It may be, that NATO has operated in a counterinsurgency mode – as opposed to a insurgency mode – from the very start of this war of aggression. In American counterinsurgency doctrine terror tactics (also known as "psy-war") play a central role. All this may be targeted to terrorize Libyans into submission.

    Quote: An Army psy-war pamphlet, drawing on Lansdale's experience in the Philippines, advocated "exemplary criminal violence -- the murder and mutilation of captives and the display of their bodies."


    It may seem that the Western media believe all the rebel lies they are propagating, maybe even their Western audience. I am not at all sure Libyans believe any of this. It may be that the very monstrosity of the lies is a central terror tactic. It portrays an aura of omnipotence – omnipotence of evil.

  20. Petri, that's a potent and over-arching typeof thought that I think cuts to the chase. Thanks for bringing it. I suspectyou're about on the mark, or onto a big aspect, and I'llsee about putting some more thought into how to approach that.

    For example, how do you suspect most co-opted Libyans would feel that they were paid/whatever to feed into this kind of terror machine of "omnipotent evil?"

    IF this is ever to be righted, and I hope to God it's possible, it'll have to push the bounds of free speech and thought vs. State and inter-state power like nothing else has. Big lies on a certain scale simply cannot be allowed to fall short of something like total war by a power that seems to comeout of nowhere, from among the human powers they've got pinned down in the fields world-wide, escaping in mass like the Yarmouk shed and running the whole base flat on its way to freedom.

    It seems unlikely, but it had better be possible.

    Sorry, still waking up over here... really slept in today.

  21. @ Petri Krohn. Of course. The "Monstrous Lie" a/k/a the "Big Lie" has been a central tool of repression since time immemorial. Terror is the other one. Combined they are almost unbeatable... almost.

  22. @Tawergha - While laying siege to Jerusalem during the "Holy" Crusades of 1,000 years ago, it is recorded that the Crusaders decapitated Muslims and catapulted the heads into the city to demoralise its defenders. This was of course done under the banner of "defending Christian principles". Not much has changed since then, except that in more recent times the Big Lie and its links with Terror, especially aerial terror bombing, are assisted greatly by the mass media. Hence the UN's and Nato's Big Lie promoted obligingly by the mainstream media about "protecting civilians" in Libya.

    There's an interesting seminal work on the links between lies and state-sponsored terrorism, titled Between the Lies: Rise of the media-military-industrial complex, by researcher Stan Winer. It's available in two parts as a free download at http://www.truth-hertz.net/part1.html and http://www.truth-hertz.net/part2.html

  23. Almost a whole year people could watch what happened in Libiya.
    Amnesty seems to wake up a little bit
    But it goes on and on :


    young girl burned in benghazi last week

    تعذيب مواطن من رقدالين إلى أن فارق الحياة من قبل ثوار جربه زواره

    Libia: los detenidos están siendo torturados y privados de atención médica

  24. I commented (can't find it now) on the Alex Thomson Channel 4 video in the Khamis Brigade Headquarters where he comes across 9 Africans under great stress, in particular about the presence of the Daily Telegraph who made a video of almost the same incident but with a slightly different cast. I now realise that Louafi Larbi also just happened to be present when two of the protagonists in the Thomsom video were apparently arrested in the middle of the road outside the Khamis base, which he captured on a camera shot.Rebel fighters detain a man accused of being a mercenary fighting for Muammar Gaddafi near the Khamis 32 military encampment in southern Tripoli on Sunday (28 August) Another coincidence???

  25. @Hurriya More about the Alex Thomson, Daily Telegraph,Louafi Larbi "arrest and release of the Africans". WHo else should also just happen by? Sergey Ponomarev of AP,. And then there were eleven. What are they doing? Where is the water fountain? It must have been a bit crowded in that foto op. Or was it re-enacted?

  26. I do not know if this can be called a "rebel atrocity video", but i sure has made headlines.

    Mail Online:
    Desecrated: The shocking video of Churchill's Desert Rats' graves being smashed to rubble... by the Libyans we helped liberate

    YouTube video:
    Libya: rebels destroy christian cemetery!
    Uploaded by MLAktion on Feb 29, 2012

  27. Hello Caustic. Am finding I don't know the best place to post findings. Maybe a 'Don't know' area for you to judge and transfer?

    Any way, This 'oldy' interesting? A rebel 'atrocity' citing Gadaffi doing it? Wonder if occupants were cadavers? Not much blood emanating if crushing happened?

    Also just came across this Never seen it before, strange for CNN, but makes interesting information especially re the tweeters that are still active. Obviously they were never in Libya if the vid is correct re Net shutdown? Maybe from Legoland, Vauxhall, UK, or equivalent US place?

    Rumour has it G is in Ivory Coast? Put the cat amongst the pigeons if so. Would be very nice to happen, but then, I am somewhat biased! :-)


    1. This might just be the right spot for the car video.I saw the scene before, different angle, presumed the car was empty, used as a roadblock, ignored, used to score propaganda. But there seem to be bodies in there. Cadavers? Would loyalists run over people they didn't know ere cadavers?Possibly. But all this came after rebels started stealing weapons. That started on day one. After that, when crazy shit happens with weapons, all bets are off as to who's running them. If it serves to rile people up, I suspect hardcore Islamist rebel provocateurs first. Note the rebel people just had this tank drive through them, calmly driving away, no fear on their parts. They know it was only there to crush this one car.

      So who'd they run over? Killed loyalists in their car is a good guess. We could run the plates if all the records hadn't been destroyed. Quite a stunt to pull just to add one more mostly ignored fake atrocity to the pile of hundreds, but it was a wasteful time.

      I doubt Muammar Gaddafi is anywhere as humid as Cote D'Ivoire

  28. I had not seen this before an I think this is new to others on the "team" too.

    ثوار الناتو يحرقون مواطنا ليبيا
    NATO rebels burned a citizen of Libya
    Uploaded by autreopinion on Aug 28, 2011

    (The video has a Libya17F overlay, so it may have been uploaded earlier by some other account.)

    The scene is very similar to be lynching of Black Libyan solders in Benghazi and al-Baida around February 18th, but given the date of the upload this could also be from Tripoli.

    Some flammable liquid has been poured onto the street next to a body of a Libyan soldier. Locals are trying to extinguish the flames.

    1. I do have this listed above:
      July 2 posting

      I think between these we have two views of the same part of the same incident. What do you think?

    2. Yes, same body. The burning thing is some kind of rag, but it still burns like gasoline.

    3. didnt this burning happen in Zawiya?

      @ caustic , off topic, this vid ain't work no more:
      The video as posted is labeled Az-Zintan, a city in the country's west, south of Tripoli and near the Tunisian border.

  29. This may be one more:

    مدبحه شبراملس.3gp
    Published on Apr 11, 2012 by glal rezq

    1. Ouch. Helpful people there. Was this "made necessary by the Feb. 17 revolution?"

      Google doesn't help with the title: Mudbha Hbramless

      Is this even in Libya? Could be Syria-there was a Christian guy sliced up and bloodied like that ... marched through town that way. Forget names and details

    2. I was thinking of Nidal Janood.
      He was apparently killed after this, and the Syrian government arrested his killers

      For some reason I can't get any of the videos or images to load today to get a comparison, but the small preview image of one video suggests it's not the same guy. Still, would need some more details, and the video offers none.

    3. I think this is Egypt - the town of شبراملس is near Zifta in Northern Egypt. Shabra ?Malis? as in this population census form for Northern Egypt The word Mudbha even prefixes the second Sky video of the shed...it's not in my dictionary, even under d-b-ha

    4. there are pictures at the wall @ 1.03 {rebel martyr?]

  30. bodies claimed as khadafi crimes :
    What became of our people after the Al Rajma explosion at an amunition store. #Gaddaficrimes #Feb17 #Libya


  31. ScupecenterTV has just put up this one. Provenance unknown.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6Blk6ZVVyU doesn't seem acted from the background noise.

    1. That's a lot of hard lashes to the soles of the feet. Auto-translate of description:
      Gibran Ashraf Libyan young man being beaten and tortured at the hands of militias and Misurata Aomrunh run and bark as well as to talk Naba, which indicates the poor ethics and education ... Gibran, one of them and threatens him and says I'll kill you metal which have killed Thread

  32. This guy is alive, a bit bashed, but is getting a good grilling:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5588Hn9dWBg - مرتزقة الطاغية الذين تم القبض عليهم في غدامس - "Tyrant mercenaries who have been arrested in Ghadames".
    Uploaded Oct 1 , uploaded etlafalkhoms17feb

    1. the above mentioned is a channel with many mercenary tale spreading :
      see for example :
      show yellow hat @ 0.28
      القبض على مرتزقة تشاديين بأسلحتهم وعتادهم العسكرى
      Chadian mercenaries arrested with their weapons and their equipment military

      arrested ppl : no arms to be seen , fluent arabic , money shown is just small amount dinars
      wonder these poor guys are still alive

      brigade icon 0.35

      man @ 2.41 , spectacles : no libiyan, or fr outside , i think @ 4.37 en face

      these primitivo's get an orgasm by harassing [ & more] innocents

      look from where the wind blows : http://www.youtube.com/user/etlafalkhoms17feb

      and this poor soul feels he can do something about reconciliation:
      In Libya, Andre Liohn cooperated with the ICRC

    2. $1.4 billion has already been paid out, demonstrating that it was the forces of NATO colonialism, and not former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who were reliant on "mercenaries".

  33. And here's one with quite a few dead soldiers, mutilated, from Misrata.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcqqu4ZSiq0 - كلاب القذافي تموت جيفة في مدينة مصراتة Gaddafi cadaver dogs died in Misrata city.

    1. I think these are the same victims appearing in Part 14 above.

    2. eyes stabbed out : handwork rebels or ?

      Libya: SAS veterans helping Nato identify Gaddafi targets in Misrata

      Ex-SAS soldiers and private security firm employees passing information to Nato attack helicopters, sources tell Guardian
      Former SAS soldiers and other western employees of private security companies are helping Nato identify targets in the Libyan port city of Misrata, the scene of heavy fighting between Muammar Gaddafi's forces and rebels, well-placed sources have told the Guardian.
      Special forces veterans are passing details of the locations and movements of Gaddafi's forces to the Naples headquarters of Lieutenant General Charles Bouchard, Canadian commander of Nato forces, the sources said.
      The targets are then verified by spy planes and US Predator drones. "One piece of human intelligence is not enough," a source said.
      The former soldiers are there with the blessing of Britain, France and other Nato countries, which have supplied them with communications equipment. They are likely to be providing information for the pilots of British and French attack helicopters, who are expected to start firing at targets in and around Misrata this week.

      Four Apache helicopters are on board HMS Ocean, which is approaching Libyan waters. Twelve French Tiger helicopters are on board the amphibious assault ship Tonnerre, which is understood to be already within striking distance of the Libyan coast. The French defence minister, Gerard Longuet, has refused to say exactly when they would be deployed, but added: "In any case, very rapidly."
      The revelations about the role of the rebels' advisers follow the filming of armed westerners on the frontline with rebel fighters in Misrata. A group of six were visible in a report by al-Jazeera from Dafniya, described as the westernmost point of the rebel lines in the city. Five of the men were armed, wearing sand-coloured clothes, baseball caps and cotton Arab scarves. The sixth, who seemed to be in charge, carried no visible weapon and wore a pink short-sleeved shirt. The six were seen talking to rebels, and quickly left after they realised they were being filmed.

  34. blog spread by :

  35. http://libyasos.blogspot.gr/2011/06/peaceful-protesters-from-benghazi-rip.html

    Rebels aka 'PEACEFUL PROTESTERS' from Benghazi burnt a man,cut off his head, arms and legs,t, and rip off his heart,bite it played with it, while cheering, in the middle of the day on a square in Benghazi ... this was before Gadaffi even started fighting with them..

  36. http://libyasos.blogspot.gr/2011/10/18-body-of-abdel-fattah-younes-libya.html

    The body of Abdel Fattah Younes, Libya

    1. 11.25pm: Is Younis positioning himself to take over?

      11.13pm: Former Gaddafi No.2, Abdul Fatah Younis being interviewed on Al Arabiya. Here's a rough translation of some of his comments, provided by @SultanAlQassemi:

      The Libyan people have suffered too long. We have so much oil, the people could have lived as in a 5 star hotel.

      I begged Gaddafi not to send planes, I called him. Now of course we don't speak, I have joined the revolution.

      Citizens collected weapons & brought them to me, we put them in a massive (airplane) hanger for safekeeping.

  37. The two most public executions, with hundreds of witnesses, allegedly happened in the early morning of Feb. 18 in the city of Al Bayda, and on the evening of Feb. 23 in the smaller city of Darna.

    In both cases, witnesses say, a mob lynched a dark-skinned soldier suspected of being an African mercenary.

    Paranoia about mercenaries remains strong among the rebels, despite assurances from human-rights groups that most of the fighters among the pro-Gadhafi forces are Libyan citizens. Rebels have frequently treated dark-skinned prisoners more harshly than men of Arab ancestry.

    From 18 FEB. One day after the revolt started in earnest.
    Amer Saad, a political activist from Derna, told al-Jazeera: "The protesters in al-Bayda have been able to seize control of the military airbase in the city and have executed 50 African mercenaries and two Libyan conspirators. Even in Derna today, a number of conspirators were executed. They were locked up in the holding cells of a police station because they resisted, and some died burning inside the building.

    shahat libya after facing struggles from soliders.mp4



  38. One of them sat in a wheelchair and seemed incapable of speaking for himself, babbling softly in confused sentences.

    A rebel gunman kissed him on the forehead, a gesture of affection.

    “The revolutionaries tried to hang him,” said a young attendant in a white doctor’s coat.

    “The rope broke. They thought he was dead, so they put him in the freezer. He is still alive, but his brain is not working.”


    smb, not the above mentioned in a freezer @ 0.51 , all dark skinned bodies
    Medical records confirmed that the man arrived at the hospital unconscious, showing signs of strangulation, but other details of his story were unclear.

    A day after his first contact with journalists, rebels transferred him to another location.

    Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at Human Rights Watch, said he is familiar with the man’s case.

    “It’s quite sensitive,” he said. “He is a witness to a mass execution.”

    Other such incidents have occurred since the beginning of the revolution, Mr. Bouckaert said.


  39. That distinction was made brutally obvious to doctors at the intensive care unit of Al Bayda’s main hospital on Feb. 17 when they admitted two men – one black, the other with the local olive-skinned complexion – who stood accused of fighting the rebels.

    A crowd gathered outside the hospital, calling for blood. Some armed rebels pushed their way into the ward.

    “They had guns and knives,” said Mahmoud Anass, 27, a resident on duty that night. “It was really scary. They wanted to kill the black soldier.”

    Doctors managed to hold off the enraged youths until a few hours after midnight, when the rebels dragged the two patients into the street.
    Libya. Return to the Stone Age. Benghazi. Hospital Doctors At Al-Jalaa.
    A cellphone video later circulated among residents showing a Christian cross tattooed on a black man. Locals pronounced this as proof that the hanged man, whom they called “John,” had been a non-Muslim outsider.

  40. Associated Press is reporting that the death toll is Benghazi may be much higher than the estimate from Human Rights Watch (which they had called "conservative").

    A doctor in the Libyan city of Benghazi says his hospital has seen the bodies of at least 200 protesters killed by Moammar Gadhafi's forces over the last few days.

    The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears reprisal.

    Witnesses told AP that a mixture of special commandos, foreign mercenaries and Gadhafi loyalists went after demonstrators on Saturday with knives, assault rifles and heavy-caliber weapons.


    @ 0.36 : Press?

    12.01pm Libya: Gadhafi loyalists went after demonstrators on Saturday with knives, assault rifles and heavy-caliber weapons. REALLY?

    knife of the white jacket man outside @1.21/ 1.22

  41. Something shocking from Syria:

    ✩ Syrian Commando ✩ ‏@syriancommando
    Post office workers in #Aleppo massacred and then thrown out of windows https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Su-vte9Iw9k #Syria is experiencing "American democracy"

    مدينة الباب تمثيل بجثث حفظ النظام في البريد
    (City of the door represent the bodies of the maintenance of order in the mail)
    Published on Aug 11, 2012 by syria8997

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